Chapter 1029: Ten Thousand Year Curse!

The old man was stunned, and stared with curiosity at Chu Mu. 

As for the old grandmother, she stared at Chu Mu, indistinctly feeling that Chu Mu was a bit familiar. She asked: “Who is Chu Tianmang to you?”

“My father.” earnestly said Chu Mu.

The old grandmother’s body trembled, and her pupils emerged from their deep-set nature as they stared closely at Chu Mu.

“You… you truly are Tianmang’s child?” the old grandmother’s hand lightly trembled. 

Chu Mu nodded his head. He remembered Old Soul Teacher De telling him that his father had three hidden experts as masters. 

The blind old man in Xiangrong City was one of them. He was a true intelligent man, worthy of respect, who was an expert once upon a time! 

As for the old husband and wife who lived secluded in the Eastern Wild Forest, clearly they had relations with his father. There was a high chance they could be one of his masters. 

The old grandmother opened the barrier, inviting the five people into the wooden hut. 

The wooden hut was incomparably simple. If it wasn’t located in the extremely dangerous Eastern Wild Forest, Chu Mu would feel as if he was entering an extremely impoverished mountain forest house that was extremely destitute. 

Chu Mu first introduced himself and gave his identity. 

The old grandmother told them their surnames without mentioning their names; nonetheless, she gave their titles.

The old grandmother’s title was from the previous generation and Chu Mu’s generation wouldn’t know of it.

Nonetheless, Mu Qingyi seemed to have some relation with these two old people.

“So you are Mu King’s descendant. The current Mu Family is probably incomparable to before, right?” said Old Han. 

Mu Qingyi lightly nodded her head. 

“This isn’t strength. Your Mu Family has always risen with women, but declined with men. Haha….” Old Han laughed and with a single sentence, illustrated the reason behind the Mu Family’s decline.  

This made Mu Qingyi quite embarrassed. In reality, the Mu Family did rise with women but declined with men. At her father’s generation, he was the only child and his aunts either died or were married off. The current generation of the Mu Family only had Mu Qingyi. Moreover, she was a woman, meaning that a small careless mistake and she would take her husband’s surname and the Mu Family would pretty much end. 

“What about this woman? Her body exudes a soul aura. She should be a highly proficient soul teacher, right?’ asked Old Wen. 

“She is my wife, Ye Qingzi. She is Ying Rong’s disciple. This is her older brother, Ye Wansheng. He is also Ying Rong’s disciple.” introduced Chu Mu.

Chu Mu knew that the two old people weren’t able to talk about Chu Tianmang’s matters with other people present. Chu Mu could only restrain his thoughts. 

“Oh, Ying Rong… the person from outside the cloud gates.” Old Wen nodded her head and said: “No wonder she learned a good soul method.” 

“What are the cloud gates?” asked Chu Mu, confused. Just now when they had been arguing, he had heard of the cloud gates.

“It is a passage. We can’t tell you the specifics since only the people who have been there know about it . However, there is a restriction placed there that prevents normal people from walking through. Your father walked across and brought a person back; that person was Ying Rong. In reality, the cloud gates can be considered a border. The master of the border does not let those inside the border to cross, and it was because of this that your father angered the Alliance Master.” said Old Wen. 

At this point, Old Han glared at her, wanting her to close her mouth. 

From the veiled meanings behind the words and expressions of the two of them, Chu Mu could sense that this wasn’t simply a matter of cloud gates. 

He could see that these two old fellows were a bit afraid of the Alliance Master. If they had also participated in the Sealed Mouth Event, then they would also have used their souls to take an oath like others with intelligence. 

“What about that girl?” Old Wen changed the topic. Presumably she was searching for an opportunity to speak alone with Chu Mu.

“Shen Yue. She is NIghtmare Palace’s Princess, Shen Qiu’s daughter.” said Chu Mu.

“Shen Qiu?” Old Wen and Old Han looked at each other, blankly. They clearly had not heard of this person. 

Shen Yue had an awkward expression, and suddenly felt that her mighty Nightmare Palace princess identity was nothing significant. These two old monsters truly didn’t know the experts of this generation. 

At this point, Ye Wansheng moved up to Shen Yue’s ear and quietly said: “In the future when other people introduce you, just use “Ye Wansheng’s wife” to describe yourself. The people who hear this will definitely be extremely shocked and then respect you.” 

Shen Yue’s face instantly turned red, and she muttered something. 

However, quickly, Ye Wansheng added a sentence: “Because I, Ye Wansheng, am Tianxia King Chu Mu’s, big brother in law!

After they heard a few stories of the two old fellows, the five others were extremely shocked because many things taken as history by others were mentioned in the nonsensical talk of these old people. Moreover, the genuine reality was inconceivable.   

The two old fellows clearly hadn’t had anyone visit them in a long while, and didn’t stop talking until night fell and everyone began to prepare dinner. 

In front of the bonfire, after eating dinner, the five people began to listen to the stories of the two elders again. Occasionally, they would stare at this wife and husband that argued in front of them. 

“Their feelings for each other are truly great.” Ye Qingzi rested against Chu Mu’s shoulder and smiled as she watched this pair of husband and wife argue, flushed with anger, over the past. 

“In the future, we can find a nice place to live in seclusion and live such a shameless lifestyle.” Chu Mu softly said in Ye Qingzi’s ear. 

Ye Qingzi took out her small hand and pinched Chu Mu. Feigning anger she said: “You don’t know how to say anything else?” 

"Wu wu wu~~~~~ Wu wu wu~~~~~~~”

As they were flirting, a serene cry suddenly rang out from the pitch black mountain forest. It made everyone feel as if a child was crying. 

At this moment, the small Mo Xie, whose lips were greasy while gnawing on roast meat, raised her head. She looked at the direction of the cry, and climbed up to the top of a tree with her roast meat.

“It seems to be the shout of a demon fox.” Ye Qingzi looked up. 

Chu Mu nodded his head. This indeed was a demon fox’s cry. When the small Mo Xie gave a cry, her voice was pretty much the same, but wasn’t as sharp. 

A moment later, the small Mo Xie jumped down from the top of the tree as her claws were still picking away at the delicious roast meat… 

Chu Mu bitterly laughed and helped this greedy small fellow hold her delicacy. He asked: “What’s the matter? Is it someone from your species?” 

The small Mo Xie nodded her head and let out a “wu wu” cry. 

Chu Mu wasn’t able to translate in time before Old Han, who had stopped arguing, said: “Some demon fox group is about to hold a meeting.” 

When demon foxes were mentioned, Chu Mu remembered that they had come here to find the Fox Temple. The two old people had lived secluded here for many years and probably knew where the Fox Temple was. 

“Fox Temple? Where did you hear this phrase from?” Old Han was stunned. 

“I learned about it from the guardian of the demon realm, the Forgiven Fox Thunder Monarch.” responded Chu Mu. 

“Demon realm? What demon realm? Tell me the exact location.” Old Han’s expression turned serious. 

Chu Mu looked at Mu Qingyi and she answered for him: “Past the western side of the heavenly mountains and up north is a forbidden region…” 

“You’re talking about the Thunder Calamity Space? What did you guys go there for?” Old Han immediately figured it out.

Mu Qingyi gave a rough explanation of the phoenix rebirth; however, Old Han creasued his brows, as he seemed to be dissatisfied with Chu MU and the others entering the Thunder Calamity Space. 

“Remember, if you ever go there again, you absolutely cannot charge in; especially given the diagram valley you mentioned just now. Who told you that as long as you don’t summon a dominator rank soul pet, you wouldn’t awaken the sealed creatures in the diagram valley? If you were to have stepped onto a certain node on the diagram array, you would have been buried there regardless of how many dominator ranks you have!” Old Han seriously said. 

Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi looked at each other. Clearly, they had no idea the diagram valley was that dangerous! 

“Stop fear-mongering. There are only a few of those nodes. The chances of you stepping on them are about as high as the chances of you stepping on a trap on the road.” kindly said Old Wen. Her words made Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi sigh in relief. 

“But regardless, you shouldn’t randomly enter.” warned Old Han. 

“Why is it called the Thunder Calamity Space? Why is it special?” Chu Mu was very curious towards this. 

“Since you have a Seven Sins Fox, you should know that the Seven Sins Fox are a cursed creature. They need to undergo a thousand generations of atonement. If each Sin Fox births its next generation on average every ten years, the curse will last ten thousand years!” 

Ten thousand years!! 

How terrifying of a curse was this!? How powerful did it have to be to shackle a species for this long?! 

“Shouldn’t… shouldn’t this just be a legend?” softly asked Mu Qingyi.

“Legend? There are many things written in books that are only legends. But the Seven Sins Fox curse is real!” earnestly said Old Han. 

Today, the two of them had spoken many truths. Moreover, they had given evidence, making the five listeners believe that their 100 year version of history was the closest to the truth.    

Now when they were talking about the Seven Sins Fox curse, the five of them all subconsciously grew serious. A mysterious shock instantly burst out of their heart! 

“As for why the Seven Sins Fox was cursed, I’m not sure. However, the best proof of the Seven Sins Fox’s first ancestor being cursed is the Thunder Calamity Space. In truth, the Thunder Calamity Space is called the Fox Temple.” said Old Han.

“So you’re saying that the diagram valley is actually an enormous curse diagram?” Mu Qingyi came to an abrupt understanding, and let out a shocked voice! 

The scale and magnitude of the diagram valley was still imprinted in Mu Qingyi’s head. It was hard to imagine what terrifying power would be released after the diagram was opened! 

Old Han nodded his head and said: “That is the Forgiven Fox Thunder Monarch’s curse. The Forgiven Fox Thunder Monarch you are speaking of allegedly obtaining forgiveness in the Eastern Wild Forest is completely false. The forgiveness definitely comes from that Forgiven Fox innately being the thousandth generation. It was because it lived too close to the curse that it had always been restrained. When it actually did leave that place, its strength was naturally released. This had nothing to do with coming to the Eastern Wild Forest.” 

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