Chapter 1028: The Hermit in Eastern Wild Forest.

Eastern Wild Forest was like a massive forest maze. The deeper they went, the worse they were at finding their directions.

Everyone had walked to the resting spring, and was resting here to try to recuperate and figure out where to go next.

The resting spring was a specialty of eastern wild forest. The human experts that walked into the deep parts of eastern wild forest had to first find these resting springs.

Eastern Wild Forest had ten resting springs all split up into different locations. When one lost their direction, one just had to follow the spring water down a path to know how to leave.

The spring was clear and trickled lightly. When little dead dream saw the spring water, it dived right in, and started gulping.

“Ah, I’m so thirsty, if I knew earlier, I would have brought more water. Who knew that even the dew could be poisonous.” Ye Wansheng saw the spring water and was planning on taking a huge gulp. However, just as he put his head down, he jolted backwards and yelped out in pain.

“You little thing, how dare you zap me!” Ye Wansheng stared embarrassed and angrily at the mischievous little dead dream, leaping towards it to take his revenge.

LIttle dead dream was finished drinking anyways so it flapped its wings quickly onto Chu Mu’s shoulder as it laughed.

“You deserve the punishment. If you put your stinking mouth down for a drink, how would we drink after?” Shen Yue gave him a stare.

“The spring is massive, even if some saliva gets in, it’ll get so diluted it won't matter.” Ye Wansheng said righteously.

After he said that, Mu Qingyi was going to drink from the spring but instead hesitated and pulled out water she brought within her spatial ring and sipped on it aside. Ye Qingzi still brought her compression bottle, over to gather some to put into her spatial ring. Making medicine with this spring water had much less impurities and could save a few steps.

Chu Mu pulled open his map to look at the densely packed contour lines and find the next destination.

Every time Chu Mu read books or looked at the map, little Mo Xie would peek her head over. Regardless of whether she understood anything at all, she would act like she knew, show a thoughtful expression, and then scratch her paws over it randomly.

“Stop messing around.” Chu Mu pushed aside her paw and traced a path with his finger, “We’ll pass through a tribe here that’s probably good for dead dream to train in. Afterward, the ranks are higher so we’ll let dead dream try to fight beyond its power level. This should help it grow faster.

Chu Mu had always fought beyond his rank in the past. This method came with danger, but only in danger could one’s potential be truly revealed…...

After a slight adjustment, the five of them continued to the note in the tribe.

Dead dream was already fourth phase, and its strength was rising rapidly. Even against tenth phase monarchs, it could easily handle it.

According to Chu Mu’s estimate, little dead dream could fight against emperor ranks at fifth phase. To think back, when little Mo Xie was fifth phase, she was still fighting with Chu Mu on prison island!

Mu QIngyi’s evernight emperor was fourth phase when she got it. Now it was sixth phase, yet little dead dream’s strength was comparable to it. As for Ye Wansheng’s empress heavenly thunder snake, though it was keeping up in phases, it was falling behind in strength. Presumably, as they progressed in phase, this gap would only become more and more obvious.


Very quickly another month passed by. Training within the forest tribe, little dead dream slowly reached fifth phase, and was near emperor rank.

In the following half month, emperor rank organisms appeared rather frequently in eastern wild forest, so Chu Mu told dead dream to attempt challenging beyond its rank.

Dead dream was a reincarnated organism. It flowed with the blood of fighters, and inherited the fighting experience of old dead dream. In challenging fights, dead dream utilized its dead lightning, and could almost always challenge organisms a rank higher. 

“Chu Mu, where did you get this soul pet from, why is it this powerful. It’s only fifth phase, yet it can destroy emperor ranks like they’re just dogs!” Ye Wansheng said with a face full of jealousy as it chased after the emperor rank organism’s little dead dream.

Emperor ranks were naturally hegemons of a region in the forest. Usually, these hegemons always enjoyed their vasts territories in peace.

Yet today, these emperors completely lost their self esteem, getting destroyed by a young soul pet. At first, they were getting destroyed one on one, yet after they ganged up to attack it, they were still getting destroyed. These forest hegemons were completely electrified long ago, yet still couldn’t do much about the young soul pet!

“Yeah, you never said where you got the dead dream. If you told us, we would go and catch one as well.” Shen Yue’s eyes started blinking. Shen Yue now knew that Chu Fangchen was tianxia king Chu Mu. This was all thanks to Ye Wansheng leaking his stunning talent.

Chu Mu was mystified. Ye Qingzi was so normal, understanding, and a good wife. How did she have such an unreliable brother? Shen Yue seemed abnormal now too, from being with Ye Wansheng for too long. Was she treating dead dream like a common fierce wolf, able to easily find and capture?

“There’s a wooden hut ahead.” Chu Mu didn’t bother to reply to their question, and pointed at the forest ahead and said.

The four looked over and indeed discovered that there was a treehouse in the densely packed branches. It was quite elegant and intricate, looking like it was human made.

“Strange, why is there someone living here?” Mu Qingyi said.

Ye Qingzi looked at the wooden room, and her eyes lit up. She turned to Chu Mu and said, “Last time when I came with your mom, she mentioned that there was a hermit expert here that she wanted to visit, but she couldn’t find him and so she gave up. I think this tree house is probably his living place.”

“That lucky?” Chu Mu lifted an eyebrow. The forest was this big, and Liu Binglan couldn’t find them, yet he ran into them out of chance.

Ye Qingzi rolled her eyes at Chu Mu. Her snow white finger made a mark on the map and she continued, “This place is where your mom drew a few signs. One of them has to be where he lives, so if we follow them, we thought we could find him eventually.”

“Alright, let’s go over and check it out. Not sure which expert it is, daring to retire in such a dangerous place.” Chu Mu said.

The wooden hut didn’t have any barriers around it so the five of them easily got to the bottom of the wooden huts.


Right as they were about to ask something, the sound of something falling and breaking came from within.

“Your so annoying! If you have this time to waste, go use it on those monsters. The thing now might as well be treating me like a thief. The moment I step into its territory, it leads a group of subordinates out at me. It’s not as easy as you make it to be!” An old man’s voice came from within the wooden hut!

“I knew you were useless, how could you not even accomplish such a simple task!” Quickly following that, an old lady’s voice sounded.

“I’m useless? Don’t you know Xiao Ling is my disciple!” Old man’s voice’s tone changed in anger!

The five of them looked at each other when they heard the commotion. Ye Wansheng turned to Chu Mu and asked, “Xiao Ling sounds familiar.”

Chu Mu nodded and thought the same, so he turned to Mu Qingyi.

Chu Mu felt that she probably knew who Xiao Ling was, yet when he turned around he saw Mu Qingyi looking slightly shocked!

“Xiao Ling is King Xiao!” Mu QIngyi reminded everyone.

“.....” Everyone was shocked.

Tianxia City had a realm throne selection every ten years. Before Chu Mu was Li Hong, and before him was Xiao Ling!

Lady Xiao was King Xiao’s remarried wife, but legend says that King Xiao had already passed away. At least, no one in this era has seen King Xiao appear anymore.

King Xiao was definitely a top tier character a few eras ago. Even the hero level experts probably have to call him an elder. Yet, the wooden house’s old man said he was King Xiao’s teacher. That truly was a shocking seniority!!

“Heng, I don’t know who Xiao Ling is, probably just a young kid you tricked when you were still young. If you truly are powerful, you shouldn’t have let my foster grandkid become like that!” Old woman didn’t give up at all!

“What!! If I didn’t go up, you think that Chu kid could live? I told him again and again in good will that Heavenly Mountain Cloud Gate was a huge restriction. If he wanted to walk through it once himself, it was whatever. He even brought a person back. Now? One’s dead, one’s crippled.” Old man said angrily, his tone turning shriller!

Hearing this, Chu Mu went silent as the others’ gazes fell on him.

“Chu Mu, are they talking about your father?” Ye QIngzi asked in a small voice.

Chu Mu shook his head. He wasn’t sure, but the easiest way to verify it was to walk up and ask.

Only when Chu Mu leaked forward did he realize the wooden house had a barrier that blocked him outside.

Touching the barrier alerted the old men within the room. The old man and lady both stopped bickering and humphed, “Who is it, state your identity in five seconds or die!”

After speaking, a grey haired couple walked out of the house, standing on the tree vine steps as they looked down upon the five uninvited guests.

“Elder, we come to visit by our elders, we don’t mean to trouble you.” Ye Qingzi saw that they were hostile and quickly said.

“Who’s your elder?” The old man said.

“Female supreme Liu Binglan.”

“Binglan? That little girl?” Old lady’s face immediately lit up with surprise.

The old lady quickly gave old man a glance, “Retract your ugly look, don’t scare the kids.”

Old man was clearly more vigilant, wanting to verify their identities before relaxing completely.

“Old mister, the man named Chu you guys were discussing, was he called Chu Tianmang?” Chu Mu looked up at the grey haired couple and asked very sincerely.

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