Chapter 1026: Burial in the Sky (1)

The dragon horn pierced through the body, causing Prison Island’s god to let out a pained cry!

Prison Island’s god’s defense wasn’t very strong, and this attack had seriously wounded it!

However, Prison Island’s god’s perseverance was astonishing. Even after receiving such a serious attack, it was still able to launch a counterattack. 

Its two wings transformed into two white blades. The Little Hidden Dragon’s horn had yet to pull out when the two white blades flashed and slashed the Little Hidden Dragon’s shoulder armor!

The outer layer dragon scales on the Little Hidden Dragon were severely damaged, and the white blades had delivered it quite large damage. Fortunately, it possessed a main insect attribute, making its life force much more tenacious than Prison Island’s god. This kind of attack would at most prevent it from using its arms for a short while. 

“Ao!!!!!!!” the Little Hidden Dragon let out a roar and threw its head back, throwing off Prison Island’s god from its dragon horn. Simultaneously, it created a cyan colored dragon light in its throat!

Prison Island’s god had an even quicker reaction. The moment it was thrown off, it used its tail to grab the Little Hidden Dragon’s throat before pulling down. Instantly, the Little Hidden Dragon’s dragon light was spat towards the ocean. 

Prison Island’s god naturally wouldn’t dare fight close ranged against a formidable dragon. After adeptly counteracting the Little Hidden Dragon’s attack, it loosened its tail, and quickly beating its wings, pulling away from the Little Hidden Dragon. 

The Little Hidden Dragon wasn’t going to let it off easy. It also beat its wings filled with strength, its body transforming into a spectral light that pursued straight after it. 

Both its arms temporarily could not be used, so it relied on dragon lights. This time, it attached the strength of ten thousand souls, causing ten thousand savage and ghostly dead souls to wind around the dragon light!!

In the ghostly forest, the cyan colored dragon light transformed into a wave of light. The ten thousand ghostly dead souls winded around the light wave like a storm that terrifyingly attacked Prison Island’s god!!

Prison Island’s god was indeed much stronger in terms of fighting abilities, but with three main attributes, the Little Hidden Dragon was stronger. If this practically undodgeable attack were to hit Prison Island’s god, it would lose the ability to continue fighting! 

Watching the spectral blue colored small dragon that wasn’t even ten years old, Prison Island’s god knew that this time it was going to lose.

Winning or losing wasn’t important to Prison Island’s god. In fact, Prison Island’s god felt satisfied to have met such a unique opponent. At least this fight had made it forget the many years of loneliness and to focus solely on this fight!


An even more forceful dragon cry suddenly rang out. Prison Island’s god was planning on receiving the devastating strike when suddenly, an enormous cyan colored figure appeared in front of it and used its large wings to wrap it up.

“Weng weng~~~~~~~~”

The dragon light’s oscillating and dead soul-devouring landed on the enormous cyan figure. Prison Island’s god could even feel the Little Hidden Dragon’s attack pierce through. If this attack had directly landed on its body, it probably wouldn’t even have the strength to fly again. 

Of course, what made it even more surprised was the enormous cyan figure in front of it. It never expected that the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon would block this devastating attack for it!

The dragon light only caused signs of cracks to appear on the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s armor. However, the strength of ten thousand souls was abnormally terrifying, dealing immense damage to its already bruised and battered soul!

“Wu wu wu~~~” when the Little Hidden Dragon saw that its technique hit its own mother, it suddenly let out a whimpering cry and hastily flew over. It controlled the dead souls that had a devouring ability and dispersed them from the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon.

The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon had a sturdy body; thus, although the Little Hidden Dragon’s attack was formidable, an occasional attack from it wouldn’t be a particularly large hindrance.  

When the Little Hidden Dragon saw that the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon was fine, it calmed down and let out a cry, unable to understand why it would fly over and block this technique.

The Little Hidden Dragon’s question was also Prison Island’s god’s question. However, from the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s eyes, Prison Island’s god was able to come to an approximate understanding. 

The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon had done this because it didn’t want Prison Island’s god’s life to be in danger. Indeed, if this attack had struck Prison Island’s god, it would be left with a wound that would be difficult to heal. And if a dominator rank creature was heavily wounded, it would be surrounded and attacked by several emperor rank creatures, meaning that its death would not be far off.

The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon just wanted a winner and loser to be determined in this fight, but didn’t want one side to die. Moreover, the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon believed that if Prison Island’s god was the one with the advantage, it would have been merciful to the Little Hidden Dragon.

“Yao~~~~~~~~~” Prison Island’s god beat its wings, and hovered next to the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon as it let out a cry.

The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon nodded its head, revealing a trace of gratification in its eyes.

Prison Island’s god was naturally speaking about the Little Hidden Dragon. Its strength had made it extremely shocked since it wasn’t even ten years old!

The life of a dragon was extremely long and an emperor rank dragon could live for about 500 years. A dominator rank dragon’s normal life span was 1000 years. Therefore, how strong would this small dragon with over 900 years left to live grow? Even Prison Island’s god found it hard to imagine. 

“Ao~~~~~~~” the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon used a mental voice to communicate with Prison Island’s god.

When Prison Island’s god finished hearing what the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon had said, its eyes slightly changed. It heavenly shook its head, visibly not consenting to the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s request.

The Little Hidden Dragon had already transformed into its mini state and like a child, it laid on its mother’s head. With eyes full of curiosity, it watched the two elders mentally communicate, not knowing what they were talking about. 

The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon and Prison Island’s god communicated for a long time before the latter finally nodded its head with reluctance, seemingly agreeing to the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s request. 

Seeing Prison Island’s god agree, the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon seemed to be liberated of a heavy burden. It grabbed the Little Hidden Dragon, and took it off its head and placed it on Prison Island’s god’s back.  

The Little Hidden Dragon’s eyes were full of bewilderment, not understanding what the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon was doing. It could only blink its eyes and look at its mother.

“Hu~~~~~~” the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon slowly moved its head over and placed its mouth on the Little Hidden Dragon’s head, telling it that it was going to go to a very far off place. In the future, Prison Island’s god would look after it. 

In terms of strength, the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon was extremely reassured with the Little Hidden Dragon. However, its intelligence was like a child’s. If it didn’t understand the way of survival, there was still a chance it could die prematurely. Therefore, it had to ensure the Little Hidden Dragon had someone to watch over it. At least, to watch over it until its intelligence matured.

As for the one to watch over it, the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon hoped for it to be Prison Island’s god.

Prison Island’s god was an elder, and the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon was certain that it had its own splendor in the past and once controlled the skies that spanned thousands of kilometers - an absolute king! 

Now that it had gotten old, its strength was far from the past; therefore, it chose to quietly enjoy the rest of its life on this remote island. However, it was intelligent and a genuine old king that deserved respect. The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon was certain that if it looked after the Little Hidden Dragon, the latter would be able to learn a lot and have a better time surviving in this world.    

“Wu ao~~ wu wu~~” the Little Hidden Dragon asked where its mother was flying.

The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon didn’t respond. Instead, it told the Little Hidden Dragon to be modest and studious and after learning these skills, to go out and train. By no means should it rely on its powerful attributes and talent to be arrogant and conceited. 

The Little Hidden Dragon continuously cried out. Clearly, it was unwilling to let the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon leave. This was the same feeling as a ten year old child watching his mother leave for a very long time. 

“Ao~~~~” the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon told the Little Hidden Dragon that as a dragon itself, it had to have a powerful heart. It couldn’t always be like a child that relied on its elders. 

Chu Mu had said the same thing to the Little Hidden Dragon. From its very first fight all the way to when the difficulty rose and it challenged those stronger than it, the Little Hidden Dragon would always overly rely on others. When it encountered powerful opponents it chose to flee, and had Mo Xie and its other bigger brothers and sisters come and help it. 

With the same words echoing in its ears, the Little Hidden Dragon knew that it had to become more staunch. Once the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon finished speaking, it repeatedly nodded its head, allowing its mother to leave. 

The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon used its mouth again to touch the Little Hidden Dragon’s head. A trace of unwillingness flashed through the corner of its eyes, but it quickly turned around and beat its wings… 

The cyan colored figure caused a wave of air to arise as it instantly shot up to the clouds. It seemed as if it was going to fly up to a higher sky.

Prison Island’s god watched the aged and worldly Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon leave. Its eyes gradually grew sad. 

In reality, the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon hadn’t entered its old age yet. In fact, to dragons, it should have been in its prime. However, it was truly older than normal it because its soul, that had been ravaged and ruined, had already stepped into its last years.

When the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon had just left and flown straight up to a higher heaven, it had been prepared to launch a spirited fight against the sky, its heart filled with hotbloodedness… 

Prison Island’s god knew that this was probably going to be the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s last fight. A fight against the heavens!!

Wing type creatures had an explicit conception of the sky in which they soared; moreover, they split the sky into three levels!

The first level of the sky was one in which wing type creatures could freely soar through while ground creatures could look up at. It was vast and endless, filled with a blue beauty! 

The second level of the sky was filled with a biting cold. It was a completely black aerial region that lay above the blue sky. Wing type creatures had to have powerful bodies and willpower in order to fly up there!

The third layer of the sky was the vast galaxy that they could forever look at but never reach. Until now, no wing type creature had entered the third layer of the sky and brought the mystery and vast expanse from there to the creatures on this world.

Although the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon wasn’t a wing type creature, it was also a hegemon of the skies. They also had a fanatic infatuation with the sky. If they were unable to fly, they would rather just rot away and die that have to live on the ground. 

To them, the skies were the most holy pure land…

This also meant that numerous nomadic dragons that were unable to return to the Dragon Abyss would choose the skies as their most holy burial ground!

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TL: Pure land in this sense refers to Amitabha Buddha’s Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss