Chapter 1024: Who was more elusive?

Little Hidden Dragon flapped its wings as its cyan scales started glowing with dazzling light!

Within the cyan light, little hidden dragon’s wings quickly expanded. Its young wings went from a few short inches to nearly twenty meters long!

The thick cyan scales covered its body. Little hidden dragon finished its transformation to its original form within the green light. It was no longer the plump little mini dragon but it was instead filled with power!!

The dragon species unique aura released, its wild aura mixed with some mysterious quality that made the god of prison island realize this young empyrean cyan hidden dragon seemed slightly different from its mother.


Little hidden dragon completed its transformation and roared towards the god of prison island!

That dragon roar almost caused the space to explode!!

The god of prison island stared at this dragon. He had truly misread it, not expecting this young dragon to be dominator rank already.

The god of prison island saw that little hidden dragon wasn’t any weaker than its mother, and became more serious.

Little hidden dragon still attacked first, its massive meaty wings flapping multiple times to send its body through the god of prison island’s cloud and its dragon horn radiated brightly!

Dragon horns were the sturdiest weapons of dragon species. As a wing type organism, god of prison island’s defense definitely wasn’t great, so it flapped its wings and caused its white body to strangely vanish amongst the clouds, causing little hidden dragon’s attack to lose its target.

The little hidden dragon didn’t care where the opponent was, and used its dragon horn to charge straight forward into the fog. Suddenly, a white heavenly snake whipped across into little hidden dragons’ body!


This attack caused little hidden dragon’s armor to split, and its skin to break!

Little hidden dragon’s body shook, and its cyan pupils glanced at the sky snake’s position, shooting out a beam of dragon breath!!


The dragon breath was like a thunderbolt, breaking through the sky covering clouds!

However, the dragon breath clearly didn’t hit the god of prison island because the scattered clouds didn’t have any trace of the god of prison island other than the last strands of the soft feathery tail!


Suddenly, heavenly snake appeared again and smacked into little hidden dragon when it was confused!

This hit landed on the same location. The already shattered dragon scale couldn’t defend against it, causing little hidden dragon to have its flesh split open.

Having been hit a second time, little hidden dragon was incredibly angry, constantly spinning its head to look for the hiding snake bird.

God of prison island’s sharp eyes were hidden in the fog, looking at the little hidden dragon with some mocking tones.

From god of prison island’s experience, it could tell that this little dragon wasn’t even ten. In comparison, it was like a newborn infant so even if it was dominator rank, its use of power and experience in battle was far from its own.

It was great that it didn’t have the best mood today. It’ll help empyrean cyan hidden dragon teach this disrespectful child of it a lesson and show its true strength to let the empyrean cyan hidden dragon know and back off so it wouldn’t constantly bothe rit.

The god of prison island always moved within the fog. The fog covered the entire sky, sometimes as light as silk, sometimes as thick as clouds. Every time little hidden dragon could only catch sight of the soft tail of the god of prison island, while every time it got attacked it would be by the heavenly snake tail in the form of a whip. It was like an adult disciplining a child with a whip.

Little hidden dragon had never met such an opponent in the past. When had it not gone directly against its opponent and destroyed them? Yet this time, its opponent was utterly elusive. Other than the first surprise attack succeeding, it never succeeded a single other time, not even touching a feather!

Empyrean cyan hidden dragon flapped its wings from afar watching. Bringing little hidden dragon over to fight the god of prison island wasn’t meant to test the little hidden dragon’s strength. To a certain extent, it was just to let the little hidden dragon lose once. This was beneficial to little hidden dragons’ growth in higher realms. At least little hidden dragon had to know that there were beings stronger than it!

Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon wasn’t stupid. It knew that the god of prison island hid a large part of its strength. It was like fog, not very argumentative, and didn’t like fighting. It was the exact opposite of the battle hungry species that was empyrean cyan hidden dragon.

Though it didn’t like fighting, it didn't mean the god of prison island was weak. The reason empyrean cyan hidden dragon kept coming to look for it and fight it meant that in its eyes, god of prison island was an expert truly worthy of respect!!

Thus, little hidden dragon getting whipped around like a child was something empyrean cyan hidden dragon expected. After all, little hidden dragon’s talent and types were powerful, but its fighting experience was lacking.


Little hidden dragon was furious. Having lived this many years, it had never seen such a shameless organism. It kept hiding in the clouds, and refusing to fight head on.

Of course, regarding its own sneak attack, little hidden dragon felt like that was justified, due to it getting belittled.

The heavenly snake was still weaving through the fog, elusive as ever. Occasionally, little hidden dragon could even feel the arrogant gaze of the Cloud Immortal Snake Tail Bird!


Finally, little hidden dragon couldn’t help it. It originally agreed with its mother to not use ghost type techniques!

However, clearly, without using ghost type, it wouldn’t even be able to touch its opponent’s feathers, and was only able to get whipped defenselessly!

With a wild roar, little hidden dragon became a strange ghostly blue. This glow caused little hidden dragon to become slightly translucent, and more spirited!!

Ghost dragon!

Little hidden dragon swiftly completed the soul merge. Its ghostly figure lost the wild nature of the empyrean cyan hidden dragon, and gained a mysterious quality!


The heavenly snake again appeared, and swung at the little hidden dragon!

The little hidden dragon’s figure instantly became ephemeral. The heavenly snake tail caused a deep distortion in the space, but didn’t cause any damage to the little hidden dragon!

Easily dodging the whip, little hidden dragon’s ghastly pupils started flashing a unique glow!

Ghost Eyes!

After casting ghost eyes, little hidden dragon no longer saw any object other than organisms’ souls!

Thus, no matter how much fog the god of prison island lifted up, how hidden it tried to be, little hidden dragon could always see it.


Finally, little hidden dragon found the god of prison island that used its tails’ floating direction to misdirect its foes.

After locking on, little hidden dragon strangely vanished!

God of prison island clearly was stunned. It was very confused as to what the ghostly blue glow was, and was even more confused as to how the little dragon avoided its attacks and vanished!

Just as the god of prison island was looking for little hidden dragon, in the blue, mirror-like sky above the clouds, a ghost slowly poked its head out upside down in the sky mirror!

The scene was as if the entire sky was a vast ocean and little hidden dragon was simply ducking its head into the deep sea!

Ghosts moved without any trace of sound, spatial vibration, or aura.

It was slowly sliding down, inching towards the god of prison island!

Ten Thousand Spectral Strikes!!

Over ten thousand spirits gathered around little hidden dragon like ancient runes dancing around it.

The power of ten thousand souls combined on little hidden dragon’s claws. When it was near enough, little hidden dragon suddenly accelerated and slammed its dragon claw down!!

God of prison island hadn’t expected little hidden dragon to have such a terrifying technique. When it felt the danger approach, it could only hurriedly flutter its wings to create a thin cloud shield!

Sadly, the cloud shield was very limited against ghost type damage. Piercing through it easily, the dragon claw slammed into the God of prison island’s back!

“Yao~~~~~” God of prison island let out a yelp, and fell straight down!

The God of prison island tried to open its wings to break its fall, yet its body was tightly restricted by the ten thousand ghosts from little hidden dragon’s claw, barely able to even open its wings. So, yet again it fell into the ocean, lifting up huge waves!!

The water nearly reached the clouds, displaying just how powerful the attack was.

Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon watched from afar. Seeing little hidden dragon cast its ghost type techniques, it could only shake its head helplessly.

This time, god of prison island didn’t fly out for a long time. Little hidden dragon stepped on the water and peeked in to see if the snake bird drowned itself.

However, just as it lowered its head, the God of prison island struck upwards angrily, slashing its wings right at little hidden dragon’s head!

How would little hidden dragon be scared of it now? The moment the god of prison island dashed out of the water, little hidden dragon’s body became dim. It instantly swapped with the ghostly shadow it had underwater, while the body above water became a fake image!

The god of prison island missed completely. Noticing the dragon could swim around strangely underwater, it angrily slammed its tail into the water!

The entire deep ocean instantly split, nearly reaching the bottom of the sea.

However, this attack also failed to hit little hidden dragon. It bizarrely swam out of the sea screen and seemed to intentionally ridicule the god of prison island, appearing in its vision before floating into the other body of water!

No organism could be more elusive than ghost type organisms!

Now, little hidden dragon was ready to start its erratic assault!

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