Chapter 1023: King of Prison Island

Between the clouds and the seas, the massive empyrean cyan hidden dragon flew steadily yet swiftly. Its powerful body was mirrored in the deep seas.

Between its dragon horns, little hidden dragon was laying there comfortably as if it took a nap. Opening its mouth sleepily, it yawned and slowly opened its bleary eyes to glance at the ocean below. It glanced curiously at a group of unknown organisms that were flying over the deep seas.

Little Hidden Dragon, in reality, could fly as well and wouldn’t even be much slower than empyrean cyan  hidden dragon, but this fellow still had the mental state of a child, wanting to lay around.

After flying for a while, the sea slowly gained more islands. This to a certain degree meant they were nearing a large swathe of land.

“Ao~~~~~~” Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon let out a low roar and told little hidden dragon to look down.

Little hidden dragon jumped to the side and stared with its round eyes at the island full of weapons.

Is this where the god of prison island lived? Little hidden dragon glanced around curiously, feeling the spirit aura escaping from the island.

These islands also had very thick spirit aura but it was still much weaker than the other island.

Little hidden dragon was looking at prison island.

Nightmare palace’s prison island was just an outer extension from the massive island. The islands themselves extended inwards greatly, creating a massive island tribe which the god of prison island dominated.

Nightmare palace had some documents related to the prison island. It started with an unknown creature of great power that an elder discovered when training in eternal ocean a long time ago.

Afterwards, many frequent seafarers suggested that it may be an organism beyond emperor rank.

However, one thing was for sure; god of prison island wasn’t a native of this location. Intead, it fell on prison island at some time in the past and never left, hiding deep within these islands.

The god of prison island rarely showed itself and would never attack human territory or other species’ empires. By Nightmare palace’s documents’ descriptions, it was a mysterious beast that never appears, but it was powerful!

Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon wanted little hidden dragon to have the god of prison island as its final training opponent naturally because their fight way back never had a conclusive end.

This time, Empyrean Cyan HIdden Dragon brought little hidden dragon to bring an end to the battle many years ago.


Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon glanced down at the massive island and let out a taunting roar!

Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon believed that the god of prison island felt it approach already. What caused the empyrean cyan hidden dragon to feel uncomfortable was that this “god” didn’t seem to want to fight with them. The last time it came, it didn’t appear!

This dragon roar caused the entire island to shake. The beasts hidden within were all frightened away as if a calamity was about to strike!

The dragon’s roar echoed through the island, but god of prison island never appeared, causing empyrean cyan hidden dragon to be very unhappy.

If this guy didn’t want to appear, Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon just wouldn’t leave and keep roaring. It didn’t believe the god of prison island could ignore it and continue sleeping forever!


The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon continued to roar. Its dominator rank sound wave caused the entire ocean to start rolling. The coast near the ocean would probably face a huge tsunami in the future!!

“Wuwuwu~~~~ Aowu~~~~~” Little hidden dragon laid on empyrean cyan hidden dragon and started roaring as well. However, in its mini state, it wasn’t threatening at all. It was calling out like a small wolf, simply wanting to have some fun.

The ocean waves were nearly twenty meters high now. If it continued to roar, the prison island was threatening to get flooded.

The roars caused the entire prison island to go into chaos. Even the organisms in the sea were hiding in the sea, not daring to come out of the water!



Suddenly, a lightning-like roar came from within the island!!

It looked like the god of prison island finally couldn’t stand the trouble of this massive dragon and was about to appear!

The fog swirled together. God of prison island seemed to be able to control the clouds. Everytime it appeared, the entire sky’s clouds would come towards it!

Its rainbow colored long tail was barely visible within the fog. God of prison island flapped its wings as it went into the skies towards the empyrean cyan hidden dragon, using its own calls to symbolize its anger and warning.

Little hidden dragon heard Chu Mu talk about this god of prison island that had once fought its mom. Looking closely at it, it wanted to see what type of  organism the god of prison island was.

Through the clouds, little hidden dragon tilted its head. It had no idea what species it was. At least in the past with Chu Mu, it had never seen such an organism.

Prison island god, in reality, was a wing type mixed blood between dragon and phoenix.

Proper phoenix birds were like Mu Qingyi’s Nine Colored Phoenix. The bloodline of the god of prison island had half the blood of the rare species Cloud Immortal Bird!

The appearance of the Cloud Immortal Bird was similar to the Ming Immortal Bird, having a coat of snow white feathers. Its head had a special cloud crown, causing it to look even more dignified.

The god of prison island’s body was seventy percent similar to a Cloud Immortal bird. The sign that it was a mixed blood organism was its special tail!

The god of prison island had many tails, and they were very different from most bird species’ organisms’ ribbon like tails. It was special because its tail wasn’t made of soft feathers, but was instead a snake tail nearly three times as lengthy as its body!

This was something the nightmare palace documents mentioned before; the god of prison island was likely a white heavenly dragon!

In reality, this was god of prison island’s main tail. The person who thought it was a white heavenly dragon must have only seen this tail.

When god of prison island first flew over Chu Mu, he didn't notice this main tail, and instead saw all the floating ribbon like bird tails.

That meant the god of prison island was a wing type soul pet, and its snake tail was its most powerful weapon! In the initial fight, most of empyrean cyan hidden dragon’s wounds were caused by the tail.

The Cloud Immortal Snake Tail Bird was very angry right now. It was about to go into hibernation and break through in strength. It had just found its state when the damned dragon roar caused it to lose concentration.

Cloud Immortal Snake Tail Bird wanted to ignore this battle hungry dragon, yet it didn’t expect the fellow to just sit here and not leave. This caused it to be unable to continue training and forced it to fly up nagirly!

Initially, cloud immortal snake tail dragon left halfway after fighting not because it was afraid of empyrean cyan hidden dragon. It just didn’t want to make too big of a scene and alert some people.

Additionally, Cloud Immortal Snake Tail Bird had no grudge against this dragon, so there was no point making it life or death. It didn’t think that this empyrean cyan hidden dragon would take advantage of it and think it was easy to bully, roaring a few times every time it passed by!


The Cloud Immortal Snake Tail Bird glared at the empyrean cyan hidden dragon. Today, it was much different than before. The Cloud Immortal Snake Tail Bird could tell that though the dragon seemed powerful, it was already in its late years and wasn’t its opponent at all. Today, the Cloud Immortal Snake Tail Bird wanted to give this delusional big guy a lesson lest it kept coming to annoy it!

“Ao~~~~~~~~” Seeing the bird finally come out, empyrean cyan hidden dragon opened its dragon mouth and revealed a maw full of teeth.

With a shake of its head, it threw little hidden dragon forwards into battle!

“Aowu~~~~~” little hidden dragon saw an opponent so powerful and immediately called out excitedly, flapping its wings none stop!

The Cloud Immortal Snake Tail Bird instead stared wide eyed at this little dragon. Did the dragon expect it to fight this little baby that probably wasn’t even ten…...

What kind of joke was this Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon playing- did this little guy even stop drinking milk?

Little hidden dragon of course saw the disdainful and belittling look in the god of prison island’s eyes.

Mo Xie, as the little dragon’s maid, had taught little hidden dragon that it should stay within in its mini state and retract its aura to stay cute. Only when its opponents relaxed their guard could it attack. This way, it could get a surprise attack on any opponent!

Little Hidden Dragon had learned this trick well, so it kept its mini state usually. Seeing the god of prison island look at it with an unconcerned gaze, its round eyes immediately flashed cunningly. It quickly sped up, and its small body suddenly became a cyan blur that flew straight into the Cloud Immortal Snake Tail Bird!

Just when the Cloud Immortal Snake Tail Bird was wondering what mental illness Empyrean Cyan hidden dragon had, it noticed the little dragon explode with terrifying speed towards it, shocking it and prompting it to quickly flap its wings to get higher!

Sadly, the god of prison island was still a little slow. The cyan glow flew into the god of prison island’s body. The god of prison island let out a pained call and was sent flying. Its body made an arc through the sky as it fell into the ocean, creating a huge wave!

“Wuwuwu~~~~~” Little hidden dragon smiled happily, and turned around to show off to its mom.

The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon shook its head. The little dragon was a dominator rank organism, it might as well fight fair and square…… who taught it such tricks!


A thunderous roar sounded. Within the ocean, the white body of the god of prison island dashed out of the water and flew into the skies!

At this moment, god of prison island clearly adjusted and was staring furiously at the little hidden dragon. It had never seen such a crafty little thing!!

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