Chapter 1022: Random Islands, Big and Small Enormous Dragons

Mu Qingyi didn’t understand much about the half devil transformation. She had only heard about it from the news that came from Tianxia City. It was only after the appearance of two half devils that engaged in a shocking battle, did she truly understand what a half devil meant. 

When she saw the silver devil, Mu Qingyi only figured it was some special creature. If it wasn’t because Chu Mu had shown himself to her during the duel, Mu Qingyi wouldn’t have linked the devil with Chu Mu.

After knowing Chu MU’s real name, she abruptly realized that the silver devil was the half devil!

It was very hard to believe. Mu Qingyi never would have realized that the person in front of her had already shocked the heavens, and left a legendary story in another realm! 

Mu Qingyi was feeling even more unfamiliar with Chu Mu now. Back when she had met him in Snow City, she had only thought he was some young man with incredible potential. But the more she got to know her, or perhaps the more layers she unravelled from this fellow, the more she discovered layers that were wrapped around him were even thicker and mysterious, constantly making her feel in disbelief. 

“Then… then the rumours that Chu Mu had transformed into a devil were false?” Mu Qingyi looked at Chu Mu, who looked like a normal human and spoke. 

“I did actually transform into a devil. The rumors were true. Only, I managed to wake up later using the Monument Tears. When I encountered you, I was en route to the Monument Tears.” said Chu Mu.

Mu Qingyi was stunned. She couldn’t help but remember the scene when she first saw the silver devil. That devil had been covered in devil flames and its arrogant eyes contained no traces of emotions. It was evil and domineering, with unfathomable strength. 

After fighting against the silver devil, she had been unable to forget the powerful figure that had invoked fear in her, nor had she ever imagined this unforgettable devil was actually beside her. This also made her feel that she this man was deep and immeasurable. 

“Then… when we went to the Universe Ice Gates…” Mu Qingyi’s body suddenly went cold. She had travelled alone in the Universe Ice Gates with this Nightmare!  

“I was already awake then. It really was to train then, and it was you who decided to join our group for no reason.” Chu Mu decisively decided to lie and not tell her his true intentions. 

If Chu Mu said he had planned on killing her, Mu Qingyi probably wouldn’t forgive him. 

“Fine. As for the dragon Ye Wansheng just mentioned, could it be a Cyan Empyrean Hidden Dragon?” Mu Qingyi continued to ask. 

Mu Qingyi had personally experienced the silver devil’s strength. It was definitely above her Crown Phoenix King. Moreover, now that the White Nightmare’s strength had risen again, this meant that if Chu Fangchen, in his half devil state, wanted to get rid of the two dominator rank soul pets from the duel, it would be extremely easy. 

Then all together, he had the low class dominator rank Dead Dream, the Warbeast Mo Ye whose strength rivalled the thunder monarch after its strength fully erupted, the powerful Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon of legends, and his own devil transformation. Didn’t that mean he had four dominator ranks?!! 

“The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon isn’t my soul pet. My relationship with it is just good. The dragon Ye Wansheng is speaking of is its descendant that I signed a soul pact with.” said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu’s words caused Mu Qingyi to let out a slight sigh of relief. It turned out that the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon hadn’t signed a soul pact with Chu Mu. If that was also his soul pet, wouldn’t he be the second god of the human realm? 

Speaking of the Little Hidden Dragon, Chu Mu began to miss that small fellow. Indeed, he had witnessed it break out of its shell and had carried it with him as it grew up from a baby. When they had gone separate ways, the Little Hidden Dragon still wasn’t at the tenth phase. He wasn’t sure whether its last phase of training had been complete yet. If it was, its specter attribute was probably its main attribute now. 

Mu Qingyi saw Chu Mu somewhat absent minded now, and guessed that he was probably reminiscing his separated soul pet and didn’t ask anything else. 


In the distant Eternal Ocean.

Random foggy islands filled the deep blue sea. From the air, it looked as if something had shattered a blue colored mirror...

In the hazy fog, hazily, an enormous cyan colored pair of wings could be seen soaring through. Following it was a stunning dragon tail that trailed an arc through the air as it disappeared in the cloud ocean. 

The habiting ground of the dragon species was very well chosen. They had to build their nest on a spirit source. This would allow them to live longer from the nurturing of spirit energy over a long period of time. Their strength would be able to rise faster and stronger.

These random islands were all spirit sources that formed a natural circulation, gradually gathering at the very center island.

Due to this, the very center of the islands was the most ample spirit source grounds. The creatures that habited this natural treasure ground, even if they were emperors, allowed them to constantly maintain full fighting strength even if they didn’t eat or drink.

Humans or other soul pets could not be found on the unique island. The only thing living here was the dragon species with extremely high requirements as to habitats. They could rely on their natural abilities to find these habitats high in fengshui and live for a long time there. 

The center island was about two to three kilometers in diameter. Originally, it was habited by two ocean emperors. The surrounding islands were the ocean emperors’ subordinates, forming a high-end tribe system.

However, those two ocean emperors had been now moved to adjacent small islands, and this island had become the territory of two great dragons!

The two ocean emperors had attempted to call upon their people to launch a rebellion and retake back their cultivation treasure ground. Unfortunately, the two great dragons were extremely fierce and the two ocean emperors could only swallow their intents to kill.

The two ocean emperors had found numerous helpers in addition to their own near dominator rank strength to face the two dragons.

Yet, as the two ocean emperors were planning their strategy with their comrades, the bigger dragon had suddenly wanted them to swap pointers with the smaller dragon. 

The two ocean emperors wanted to understand the smaller dragon's strength, so decided to swap pointers with it.

However, much to their chagrin, the smaller dragon had relied on its unparalleled three main attributes in the emperor rank to easily defeat the higher ranked two ocean emperors.

It was fine that they couldn’t defeat the bigger dragon, but even the smaller dragon had easily destroyed them. The two ocean emperors’ pride had been thoroughly wounded. Indeed, they had bitterly trained for several hundred years to finally break through the emperor rank and into a realm that allowed them to rule the ocean region. Yet, the result of this fight was humiliating. 

As for retaking back their territory, the two ocean emperors completely dispelled anymore thoughts of this. They were silently rejoicing that they had swapped pointers first; otherwise, the number of deaths that would ensue would equal the number of people they had recruited. 

Without anymore ideas, the two ocean emperors could only obediently reside on the adjacent islands. This was also good in a sense because at least the two ocean emperors wouldn’t need to worry of other ocean domain empires coming here to take over their territory. 

It was the afternoon when the warm sunlight was shining on the sandy shore. Two enormous ocean emperors were lying down, comfortably taking a nap.

Since they couldn’t take back the island, they would enjoy themselves and live life well. 

The two ocean emperors’ snoring sounds were like thunder that shook and destroyed the adjacent forest. By the time these two enormous creatures woke up, the forest would probably be a complete mess. 

As they were sleeping, a shadow suddenly appeared in the sky, covering the two ocean emperors.

The two ocean emperors flipped their bodies over until they reached the sunlight and continued to snore like thunder. However, the shadow continued to follow them.

The two ocean emperors were not happy. It didn’t matter if the big dragons bullied them, but why were the damn clouds now causing them trouble? Thus, they got up and planned on blowing whatever cloud it was away.

However, the moment they opened their eyes, they abruptly discovered a cyan colored figure floating in the air, arrogantly staring at them.

The two ocean emperors jumped up in fright, hastily lowering their heads and demonstrating respect.

It was no wonder the ocean wind just now had been so chilly. It had come from the beating wings of the bigger dragon! 

“Ao~~~~~~~~” the enormous dragon beat its wings and roared at the two ocean emperors. 

When the two ocean emperors heard that the big and small enormous dragons were going on a far away excursion, their dark and gloomy state of heart instantly vanished and they rapidly nodded their heads!

However, the bigger dragon’s subsequent words made the two ocean emperors question whether they had heard incorrectly. 

The bigger dragon had occupied their territory for so many years, and was unexpectedly going to return it to them?

The bigger dragon repeated its words before the two ocean emperors finally confirmed it and they were over the moon! 

However, before the two ocean emperors could tell it their thanks, the bigger dragon had already beat its wings and shot into the air, flying towards the eastern side of the ocean domain. 

The two enormous dragons had truly left, and the two ocean emperors once more had their treasured land. However, the two ocean emperors were extremely puzzled as to where these two dragons were going that they were willing to let go of such a great place.

In the opinion of the two ocean emperors, it was very normal for the smaller dragon to go off wandering since it was still young and full of strength. The bigger dragon should have stayed and spent its last years here...

In their eyes, the big and small enormous dragons were naturally the mother and son duo of the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon and the Little Hidden Dragon. 

The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon lineage was split into males and females. However, when a female Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon couldn’t find a mate, it could use split reproduction. But the creature it split off wouldn’t be an Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon but a lower ranking Cyan Hidden Dragon. 

The Little Hidden Dragon was the product of its mother's split reproduction. However, after undergoing the Jade Spring Holy Blood baptism, to a certain extent it had inherited its mother’s bloodline. Indeed, the female Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon would normally find the most suitable candidate from its split off descendants to inherit its bloodline that would gradually transform it into a true Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon

Of course, if it had an offspring with a male partner, the offspring would be an Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon. 

When the Little Hidden Dragon was initially born, it could be considered a Cyan Hidden Dragon and Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon hybrid. After Chu Mu’s training, its attributes had even surpassed the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s. Now, after the past few years of the Little Hidden Dragon’s mother guiding and passing on its inheritance, the Little hidden Dragon had fully integrated into the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s lineage. When it didn’t use its specter attribute, it was a genuine Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon!  

“Wu wu~~~~” the Little Hidden Dragon lay on its mother’s head, not understanding why it would give the fengshui treasured land back to those ugly ocean beasts. Were they not going to return there?

The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon didn’t explain, but used its mental voice to tell the Little Hidden Dragon that they were going to Prison Island, which was close to the human continent. 

The Little Hidden Dragon knew why they were going to Prison Island. There was a powerful dominator rank creature that lived there. If it managed to defeat it, its mother would finally be completely convinced at the fruits of its training! 

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