Chapter 1016: Ambushing Spring City

Chu Mu didn’t need a veil or mask. When he left, Old Li had already disguised his face so that no one could recognize him.

The appearance he donned was what Chu Mu usually used with the Chu Chen identity. Tianxia Realm was millions of kilometers away, so there was no chance anyone would know him. After all, changing to a different face would cause Ye Qingzi to feel uncomfortable when they tried to be intimate.


After they reached spring city, the three discovered that spring city was unexpectedly peaceful.

“Strange, did the two sides agree not to fight?” Chu Mu looked far away at the silent city, and was silently curious.

Most of the cities they passed by were either at war or were preparing for it. En route, they could often see resources being funneled into key cities. Yet, when they reached this important spring city, there seemed to be no sound and was utterly unusual.

“There’s no fighting here, meaning spring city must have attacked the neighboring city owned by three palace and three palaces is currently defending.” Mu Qingyi said.    

“I remember Elder Chao seemed to say that this city was rather important.” Chu Mu said.

“Look, the side of the mountain.” Ye Qingzi pointed downwards.

It was already dawn. In the shadows of the mountainside, one could see something slowly moving nearer towards spring city.

“Ambush?” Chu Mu’s eyes lit up.

Spring City’s was already under soul alliance’s control. This group of armies hidden on the side of the mountain had to be three palace’s people and, judging by the looks of it, it should be nightmare palace’s army!

“This mountain has a short path towards the underground river. Along the underground river is a natural lake that reaches the center of the city. This secret is something only people of Mu family know.” Mu QIngyi said.

“Then maybe someone in your family chose to stand with Nightmare Palace and told them about this tunnel.” Chu Mu said.

“En, this indeed is the best way to take down spring city and judging by this situation, spring city’s large army should be surrounding three palace’s city right now.

“Let’s go down, we should enter spring city.” Chu Mu said.


Along the mountain, nightmare palace and soul pet palace’s army had three thousand people dressed in black. They all rode their demon and dark type soul pets sneakily through the forest.

This team of three thousand was lead by the vice city master of Wu Fang City, elder of Nightmare Palace Shen kun.

Shen Kun was elder Shen’s brother in law, a top tier emperor rank expert that anchored Wu Fang City.

They originally wanted to take down spring city in one go, but soul alliance’s hidden troops within spring city were much more than they expected. They lost when they attacked and had to face their pounce back, causing Wu Fang City to fall into danger.

They were almost certain they would lose when a special man appeared, and stopped the army’s assault temporarily, giving Wu Fang City time to catch their breath.

Quickly following, a strategist from Mu family gave the city master a plot to let them infiltrate the city and take it down while the city was empty on the inside to take it back.

City master loved the stratagem, and immediately told their three thousand elites to make their way over!

His niece also came along. In a short few years, her strength rose greatly and with the current shortage of experts, Shen Kun brought her along to increase their chances.

“Niece, can that man really block off Demon Absolute and the other experts of soul alliance? I’m afraid that after we take down the city, Wu Fang City will lose already.” Shen Kun was still worried.

Shen Kun’s army was full of elites. If they took the city and defended, soul alliance would have trouble taking the city once they came back.

“Don’t worry, he’s very powerful. He fought against Chu Fangchen before!” Shen Kun’s niece said.

“Fought against Chu Fangchen? Is that real?” Shen Kun and the other officers all stared stunned.

No one in three palaces didn’t know Chu Fnagchen’s name now. The snow city battle and soul city battle had spread his name far and wide. After the battle with Mo Ling and the shocking two dominator rank battle, everyone saw him as a true legend, and the strongest member of all of three palaces!!

A person who dueled against Chu Fangchen, even if it were in the past, could definitely still dominate emperor rank. With a person like that, it would be impossible for soul alliance to break through the city’s defense!

“The man was so young, niece Yue, don’t try to lie to an old man like me.” Shen Kun was still skeptical.

“It’s true!” Shen Kun’s niece said.

“Then we have hope for this war.” Shen Kun said.

As they spoke, they suddenly pointed into the sky and said precautiously, “Elder, there are two unknown soul pets swiftly approaching here!”

Shen Kun’s expression changed and he shouted, “Oh no, we’ve been discovered!”

Shen Kun looked up, and saw two incredibly powerful organisms come down from the skies!!

“Top…… top tier emperor rank!!”

“It’s two top tier emperor ranks!!”

Shen Kun and the other officers all were stunned. Though their team was elite, two top tier emperor ranks will definitely cause them to fall into a tough fight. Most importantly, their location would be completely revealed.

“Elder, one of them is a soul palace Immortal Ming Bird!” A keen-eyed officer quickly said to the elder.

Shen Kun saw the Immortal Ming Bird land and slightly calmed down, but he didn’t drop his vigilance for a single second!

“Don’t panic everyone, we’re here to help you.” Mu Qingyi looked at the thirty armies all ready to fight and quickly shouted.

Speaking was useless. Three palaces definitely couldn’t trust a foreign power so Chu Mu pulled out his tenth level commander rank decree, and threw it to the person that seemed to be the leader.

Shen Kun immediately caught the secondary decree, and found that it was the unforgeable title decree, and became much more relaxed.

After the two powerful organisms landed amongst the army, the soldiers were even more shocked!

The people riding the top tier emperor rank were two pretty women- one elegant, while the other was noble, dazzling everyone with their beauty!

“You are….” Shen Kun looked at the man and two women and couldn’t figure out when three palace had such a combination of powerful experts.

Aside from Shen Kun, his niece stared at Ye Qingzi in her purple veil and recognized her after a moment, “You…… you’re Ye……”

Ye Qingzi reacted very quickly and interrupted her, “Shen Yue, why are you here!”

After speaking, Ye Qingzi immediately told Shen Yue with her mental voice to not reveal her identity.

Shen Yue wasn’t stupid and stopped mid-sentence. She instead just turned around and told Shen Kun that the three were absolutely trustworthy, and they need not be alert.

After dispelling Shen Kun’s doubt, Shen Yun glanced at Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi.

Chu Mu already disguised his face so naturally, Shen Yue couldn’t recognize him. Instead, she was just secretly curious as to why Ye Qingzi was together with a strange man.

As for the other woman shrouded in a noble aura, Shen Yue didn't recognize either but was surprised at her seemingly transcendental aura.

When Shen Yue looked over the two of them, CHu Mu also recognized the woman; it was Shen Mo’s sister Shen Yue.

When they opened soul city, Shen Yue followed Ye Wansheng everywhere they went. He didn’t expect to meet her here.

This caused Chu Mu to feel a little miffed; He was just saying how the chances he mes someone familiar was near zero, yet here he was, meeting someone he knew!

“Where’s my brother?” Ye Qingzi asked. Since Shen Yue was here, Ye Wansheng definitely wasn’t far away.

“He’s in Wufang city helping them defend.” Shen Yue said.

Ye Qingzi nodded. She was confident in Ye Wansheng. He reached high class emperor rank a while ago, so with his training speed, there was no reason why he didn’t reach top tier emperor rank already unless he wasted all his time on Shen Yue.

“You guys are friends of Ye Wansheng and are also here to help three palaces? If we can get the help of you, we can’t thank you enough!!” Shen Kun figured out the relationship and quickly said politely.

They came with two top tier emperor ranks. Anyone could tell they were very special, so how could Shen Kun not be polite?

Chu Mu was worried about his identity. If Shen Kun gave him an identity already, he could just accept it

“We wanted to grab something from spring city, and take down the city along the way.” Chu Mus aid.

The officers and leaders heard ChuMu and their faces stiffened.

“Did he just say take the city down along the way, along the way…..” The officer muttered.

“If I had two top tier emperor ranks, I would say that too!” A younger officer said.

“But do you? Look at the two beauties by his side. I can guarantee that their faces are otherworldly!” A third officer chimed in.

“Uh…, probably not ever in this lifetime!” The young officer laughed bitterly.

What a joke, most of the people here didn’t even have emperor rank soul pets, let alone top tier emperor ranks.

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