Chapter 1015: Go towards East Side

“Young master, young master truly is filled with fortune. Old Li always believed that you wouldn’t get defeated by the devil. There had to be a day where you would awaken your soul. See, everything was as I guessed, young master woke up, truly…….I…… I don’t’ know what to say……”

Old Li laid on Chu Mu’s leg, and sobbed into his pants while pestering him non-stop.

“Alright alright, wipe your nose off.” Chu Mu saw Old Li was like this, and smiled bittersweetly.

“Young master, you have to hear me finish speaking. I brought Zhan Ye towards Northern Barren World until the deepest part of northern forbidden realm…..” Old Li continued spewing without stopping.

Chu Mu’s face turned black. At first, when he saw Old Li run over and hug his leg sobbing, Chu Mu felt a warmth reach his heart. After all, this old man was his teacher on his journey as a soul pet trainer. Though his character and morals were questionable, it indeed was worthy of respect.

But now, however much Chu Mu respected the old fellow, he couldn’t stand the old man holding onto his leg and crying and talking for three hours!

“Speaking of which, Old Li, what level is soul alliance master’s strength around? Don’t tell me you don’t know either.” Chu Mu lifted Old Li up and onto the table. It looked like he had to throw out this pair of pants that Ye Qingzi had custom made for him…...

“Hei hei, young master, I didn’t tell you in the past because I was afraid you would lose motivation once you had an overly powerful goal. Now that young master is much stronger and also has the undefeatable Zhan Ye that I brought up, I can finally……” Old Li always had a lengthy introduction to any answer he gave.

Chu Mu had long since gotten used to this pace. When he heard Old Li say a load of useless talk, he acted like he heard nothing and started cleaning his nails, waiting for Old Li to get to the point.

“First, alliance master definitely didn’t break through spirit emperor realm!”

Hearing Old Li say that, Chu Mu immediately became serious again and asked, “He should have quite a few dominator rank soul pets, why did he not break through?”

“I can give young master an explanation about this after. Let’s talk about his strength first.” Old Li rubbed his silver mustache and half closed his eyes, “Since he didn’t break through spirit emperor, his soul pets are all under low class dominator rank. That means no matter how many dominator ranks he has, because his soul remembrance is always at ninth remembrance spirit emperor, his soul pets can’t have reached low class dominator rank.”

Old Li’s words caused Chu Mu to stare blankly!

If alliance master didn’t reach low class dominator rank, why the hell would he be afraid of him at all?

However, from Old Li’s gaze, Chu Mu knew that alliance master definitely wasn’t that simple. After all, if alliance master didn’t have low class dominator rank soul pets, then his five soul pets definitely couldn’t compare to seven sacred kings and soul palace would have the advantage in the war.

“Haha, young master you can tell.” Old Li laughed, “Of course the man isn’t that simple or else he wouldn’t be considered a God.”

“You remember the soul shadow of Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King right? This species technique effect doubles Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King’s power, raising its rank due to this……”

“You mean all of his soul pets are pseudo dominator rank, but due to techniques and many main types, they all can reach low class dominator rank?” Chu Mu said.

“En, it’s because of that. The Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King is alliance master’s secondary soul pet. I heard from some old fellows that in the last sealing mouth event, this Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King was still a young soul pet. This was also the reason Wu Kuang dared to bring it out, because it isn’t a soul pet that soul alliance is known for.” Old Li said.

“It may be low class dominator rank…..” Chu Mu got lost in thought. It sounded like to compete against alliance master, he still had to rely on seven sacred kings, because he still needed a while before he could reach the same level.

“Young master doesn’t have to worry. Your opponent is the other experts of soul alliance. As long as you can defeat them, its likely that you will win this war. Also, hero aide and hero chief haven’t shown their strength in a while. Mu QIngyi is a new generation expert and can at most go even against hero chief ten years ago, so young master shouldn’t underestimate the four heroes.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu nodded. After all, the more he improved, the better. While he still had room for improvement, he should at least make sure he tried his best.

“What should young master do next?” old Li asked.

“I’m going east to raise dead dream’s strength first.” Chu Mu said.

“En. Then young master has to be careful, and not show your tracks.” Old Li said.

“What, are you not coming with me?” Chu Mu stared and said.

“Hei hei, young master I Old Li know a lot and have a unique perspective about war, strategy, and situations. Female supreme wants me to be the strategist of this war and stay around……” Old Li said and laughed.

“Oh, that’s good.” Chu Mu knew Old Li had the ability. He was at least a two hundred year old monster, his experience and wisdom was something no one else could match!


The spring of growth was on the east side of wanxiang city, andwas around thirty kingdoms apart. This trip will be a rather long journey again.

This journey would only be three people, Chu Mu, his wife, and another beauty.

Chu Mu remembered when he used to go training alone all the time. There was a period of time he was with Ye Qingzi, but other than that, he was always alone. Now, with two female companions, he seemed to have luck with women.

Of course, Chu Mu didn’t have any thoughts. Even if he did, his wife was right beside him.

On the way, Chu Mu didn’t take many pauses, instead going directly towards Mu Qingyi’s growth fountain.

“The war on the east side broke out. Let’s not enter the city in case we get seen by soul alliance people, and our whereabouts are discovered.” Chu Mu said.

The east side cities, other than the neutral ones, were filled with smoke and war. Everytime Mu Qingyi saw the mountains of corpses in the battlefields, she would lightly sigh.

“Hopefully the war end soon.” Mu Qingyi said.

This was only the beginning of the battle and it was already filled with corpses. After this battle, human civilization’s strength will fall back countless years. If a forbidden realm empire struck then, humans will face a truly disastrous result!

The person able to end this war was in reality right beside Mu Qingyi. When she first saw him in snow city, Mu QIngyi didn’t even feel like the man was anything special. She never would have expected that today, the fate of human civilization laid on this man’s shoulders.

“Will the city with the growth fountain be affected by war?” Chu Mu asked.

Chu Mu was now worried that the growth fountain was destroyed. This meant that in a year or two, raising dead dream to a higher phase was too hard.

“I’m not sure. After I was framed by emperor concubine, the city that belonged to me probably was taken over by soul alliance. I remember that there is a ninth level kingdom capital near spring city, so I’m assuming the two cities are fighting for its control right now.” Mu Qingyi said.

“Is the spring water in the city too?” Ye Qingzi asked.

Mu Qingyi nodded, “It’s an underground palace under where I live. My home is probably undamaged, but its at the center of the city, and is probably surrounded by soul alliance members.

“This might prove to be troublesome. Your dominator rank soul pets are known to everyone. If you summon them in spring city, our whereabouts will be revealed.” Ye Qingzi said.

“No worries, we can deal with it even if we don’t summon. A ninth rank kingdom capital doesn't have that many experts.” Chu Mu said.

“We’re not too sure about this. Though its a ninth rank kingdom, spring city had a thousand year long history. The geography is the center of fifty or so kingdoms and is the hub of transportation and exchange. To a certain degree, its larger than some tenth rank kingdom capitals. People with top tier emperor ranks will exist, and more than one.” Mu Qingyi said.

“Perfect, we can train my other soul pets.” Chu Mu smiled.

Telling white nightmare to attack would be an overkill. Ning, devil tree, ghost monarch, and Qin didn’t fight much after the diagram valley and volcano. At the time, Chu Mu was also summoning them one at a time, so they didn’t get enough practice.

Ye Qingzi knew Chu Mu was looking for battles and couldn’t help but smile, “Most others get a headache when they’re met with obstacles. Why are you so excited, did the people in spring city trouble you in any way?”

“Haha, they’re just unlucky!” Chu Mu laughed.

The three of them didn’t stop much. Wiht crown phoenix king’s speed, it only too a month to near the spring city.

Once they were near the spring city, Mu Qingyi didn’t dare to keep her crown phoenix king out. Retracting it, she summoned her immortal ming bird and gave herself a pale white veil.

Ye Qingzi also switched to her purple robed dream beast and took out a purple veil for herself.

Chu Mu glanced at the color of the veils and was secretly impressed. How could women be this detail oriented, even matching their veil with their steeds?

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