Chapter 1014: Wanxiang Realm’s War

In the distant Eastern Region. 

A surging and rolling waterfall hung in the sky as clouds lingered around it. It seemed to fly down from above the sky, looking incomparably gorgeous!

The waterfall rang down from a steep cliff. Next to the rapid falling screen of water, a mighty and imposing palace sat there. It was ancient and reverent, seeming even more majestic under the falling snow!

Outside the palace, a middle aged man sat on the edge of the cliff. His determined and grave face seemed more pale!

This man’s eyes were extremely strange. His left eye was normal, but his right eye didn’t move at all. It was an eyeball without any life! 

“Dead… it unexpectedly died!” the man’s voice was low and terrifying. From his twitching face, it could be seen that he was trying his utmost to restrain his anger!! 

His left eye was filled with veins, but his right eye was like stagnant water. The man’s chest heaved and he took in deep breaths!!  

“Who!! Who killed my soul pet!!!”

Suddenly, the man abruptly stood up. His roar was like a wild beast’s, and his seething anger resembled a devil king from a world of chaos!!! 


Wanxiang Altar, Empress Concubine Palace.

Xia Zhixian stood underneath the pavilion and stared at the golden masked woman beside the bed who was holding a small golden pot and watering the plants growing on the windowsill. She seemed rather relaxed. 

“They declared war. This was unexpected.” the Empress Concubine stretched out her hand and felt the damp flower petals, slowly speaking. 

“Yes, Chu Fangchen ostensibly surpassed our estimations of his strength.” said Xia Zhixian. 

“No matter. However, my good adviser, could you truly not save the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King?” calmly asked the Empress Concubine.

Xia Zhixian was stunned before quickly kneeling. Somewhat frightened, she said: “I can’t hide anything from you!” 

“You’re playing with fire.” said the Empress Concubine. 

Xia Zhixian lowered her head, not daring to say anything. 

“You will be in charge of the middle class and lower class fights. Don’t lose too badly. You don’t need to worry about the rest.” the Empress Concubine said to Xia Zhixian. 

Xia Zhixian gave a bow before slowly retreating.


After the declaration of war, all of the countless big and small cities in Wanxiang Realm were in an uproar. Various letters were sent from city to city and legions that lay in ambush in certain locations would attack cities, mount a raid or defend when it was least expected. A few cities which clearly belonged to one faction seemingly instantly entered a state of war preparation and began to launch attacks on the nearest opposing city! 

The news of war spread level after level, filling the skies and the maps on the desks of the higher ups. On the densely cloistered cities, countless red indicators were drawn. As these cities fell or were captured, the expressions of the senior elders, elders and palace lords changed along with the indicators on the map. 

Chu Mu stood beside an enormous map and looked at Wanxiang Realm. He knew that each indicator on the map meant that the flames of war had filled the city and blood was running like a river. 

In this war that was about to engulf the entirety of Wanxiang Realm, Chu Mu knew he was helpless. He could only wait for information from the various places! 

The day had finally arrived where either Soul Alliance or the three great palaces would make one of them completely disappear from this map of the human realm! 

 “Chu Mu, do you have a low class dominator rank soul pet?” Liu Binglan walked up to Chu Mu and asked him a question. 

"Yes, but its phase is a bit low right now.” Chu Mu nodded his head. 

“The wars between the cities should last one to two years. The Alliance Master’s soul will also probably take one to two years to heal. You should take advantage of this time to raise the strength of your new soul pet. This way, we’ll have a higher chance of victory in our final fight.” said Liu Binglan. 

Chu Mu knew that his top priority was to raise his strength.

“I know. But I’m not too reassured to leave you guys in Wanxiang City.” said Chu MU. 

In Wanxiang City there was still hidden the most terrifying schemer: the defector woman. Chu Mu was certain that with her wild ambitions, she would definitely have something prepared. 

“After we declared war, all of the three great palace members retreated from Wanxiang Altar, treating it as a boundary. Our three great palaces occupies the western side while Soul Alliance occupies the east. Our western side is already prepared and anything that dares step within these boundaries, even a dominator rank, will be killed. This place is very safe.” Liu Binglan warmly smiled. 

“Then what if the Alliance Master comes…” Chu Mu was still not reassured. 

“Don’t worry. Although the Seven Great Holy Regions are not in the main Soul Palace, we can summon them at any time through the holy regions’ summoning arrays. Unless the Alliance Master wants both sides to lose, he will not attack us in these next one to two years.” said Liu Binglan. 

Chu Mu really didn’t know that Soul Palace’s Seven Diagram Saint Kings could be summoned to Wanxiang City through summoning arrays. If this was the case, he was much more relieved. 

It seemed that even without his emergence or Mu Qingyi’s assistance, the three great palaces would still be able to dependably occupy Wanxiang City. This meant that the three great palaces weren’t something Soul Alliance could topple so easily! 

“Mu Qingyi has a Growth Spring that can allow a soul pet’s phase to increase faster. Moreover, the eastern side also has a place called the Fox Temple. That place probably has a method to allow my Mo Xie to complete her forgiveness mutation. If any of them grow stronger, our chances of victory will be extremely high. Therefore, in the next one to two years, I plan on travelling to the eastern side to raise my strength and return as quickly as possible.” Chu Mu said to Liu Binglan. 

“Go, but don’t let anyone know of your whereabouts this time.” said Liu Binglan. 

If they knew of his whereabouts, Soul Alliance definitely would spend the highest price just to kill him. Therefore, he had to be careful. Moreover, if the Alliance Master found out that the person who killed his soul pet was wandering on the outside, he wouldn’t hesitate to come over and kill him. 

“Yes.” Chu Mu nodded his head. 

He had to travel, so he could only rely on the three great palaces for the war. 

There were several war geniuses in the three great places and they could ensure that the three great palaces would be undefeatable in the next two to three years. Thus he didn’t need to worry about this. 

His top priority was to increase his own strength!! 

“Soul Alliance Alliance Master, Ling Chan!” Chu Mu recited this name in his heart. 

It wasn’t long after Chu Mu had left Prison Island that he came to know of this person’s existence! 

It was because of him that Chu Mu had to conceal his identity and never allowed Mo Xie to truly reveal her continuous mutation ability. It was because of him that the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon had experienced the most arduous life. It was because of him that his father had fallen from the pride of a generation to a normal person and suffered the heartwrenching pain of his three great soul pest committing suicide! 

In the past, people had always told him that this person stood above the clouds and that in front of him, he was as small as an ant!

But now, Chu Mu knew that his strength was already near this person. Moreover, not long ago, he had even personally killed one of his soul pets!!

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