Chapter 1013: Declaring War, Incompatible as Fire and Water

“If I save it, will there be any chance of easing the situation?” Ye Qingzi softly said to Liu Binglan.

Ye Qingzi knew that Chu Mu needed a bit of time to raise the phase and stage of his Dead Dream. This way, the three great palaces would have an even higher chance of victory against Soul Alliance. 

Liu Binglan glanced at Ye Qingzi before sweeping her eyes over the corpse. She didn’t respond to her question. Instead, she slowly walked forward in front of the entire faction and stared at Soul Alliance’s experts.

“Starting from today, I represent Soul Palace in declaring war on Soul Alliance! We will be incompatible as fire and water!” Liu Binglan’s words were like a glacier exploding on these plains, stunning the members from all three factions!

Declaring war!!

Just as everyone was afraid of the forthcoming Alliance Master’s anger, Soul Alliance’s Female Supreme declared war on Soul Alliance!!

How bold!!

Everyone stared with disbelief at the Female Supreme. Even the members from the three great palaces didn’t realize that she would choose to declare war at this occasion!! 

Chu Mu stared at Liu Binglan whose majesty was suppressing the crowd. He was initially a bit hesitant, but suddenly came to an understanding! 

Since they had already reached this point, they may as well fight!

In the present three great palaces, besides himself, those with dominator rank creatures were Liu Binglan, Chao Lengchuan, Li Hong as well as Mu Qingyi who chose to ally with them!

Such a lineup didn’t need to fear the Four Heroes of Soul Alliance. It could even be said that the three great palaces now had strength in the higher ups! 

As for Soul Alliance’s Alliance Master, if he wanted to come, Soul Palace probably wouldn’t hesitate to awaken the Seven Great Saint Kings and fight to the death!!

They would either win or perish! 

“Nightmare Emperor Jiang, will you listen to my command?” Chu Mu turned around, and glanced at Nightmare Palace’s Nightmare Emperor Jiang.

“Nightmare Palace takes Chu Fangchen as our Supreme!” Nightmare Emperor Jiang didn’t hesitate at all and resolutely spoke. 

The man in front of him had killed a thousand year old Nightmare and tidied up Nightmare Holy region that no one had dared try for a thousand years. He had provided Nightmare Palace a never ending stream of resources which would inevitably make them more prosperous. After seeing his soul pet so powerfully fight one versus two, Nightmare Emperor Jiang no longer had any objections in his heart. He would be absolutely loyal!!

“Ok! Starting from today, I represent Nightmare Palace in declaring war on Soul Alliance! We will be incompatible as fire and water!” Chu Mu pointed at Son of Heaven Wu Kuang and Xia Zhixian. His tone was imposing and his voice spread through the entire plains!

Soul Palace and Nightmare Palace had simultaneously declared war on Soul Alliance!!

Liu Binglan and Chu Mu’s choices reverberated in everyone’s ears for a long time. Soul Alliance had been taking joy in their disaster, but now their faces had turned ashen. 

They should have been the ones declaring war on the three great palaces. They never expected that the three great palaces would rely on the boost in morale after this fight to do so first!! 

With two of the palaces declaring war, how could Soul Pet Palace not do the same!

The day had finally arrived. Having to passively accept challenges was nowhere near as good as fighting to the very end like the Female Supreme and Chu Fangchen!! 

“Starting from today, I represent Soul Pet Palace in declaring war on Soul Alliance! We will be as incompatible as fire and water!!” Pang Xing stood up and represented the last faction!! 

Everyone knew that the three great palaces were in an alliance. Although the three declarations of war seemed superfluous, the meaning was completely different. 

The declarations of war meant that no matter which faction perished in this fight, the other factions would continue to fight Soul Alliance. A fight to the very end; as incompatible as fire and water!! 

“Wu Kuang, inform Alliance Master. If he is truly able to ignore the secular after reaching the peak, just like King Mu, he will still be the strongest human whom we respect and revere. However, if he plans on interfering with this war and retaliates against anyone, our Soul Palace’s Seven Saint Kings and Six Dawn Space masters will wait for his graces!!” Female Supreme Liu Binglan’s tone carried no traces of sentiment. Today, she possessed the highest influence of power in the three great palaces. Whether it was her status or strength, only she had the qualifications to say something like this! 

Declaring war had already caused the neutral faction and Soul Alliance to be stunned. Nobody expected female Majesty Liu Binglan to dare warn Soul Alliance. This required not only courage!!

Liu Binglan had said a total of two things, but Soul Alliance had been suppressed by her majesty of an expert surpassing the emperor rank. They could only look in reverence and fear at the abnormally cold woman. 

“So it turns out Her Majesty Female Supreme has already broken into the realm no person can enter. No wonder she dares to be so heroic. I hope that Her Majesty Female Supreme can truly take responsibility for her words!” finally, Xia Zhixian spoke up!

“Take Wu Kuang, this piece of trash that even had to use underhanded methods in a duel, and scram. Prepare to fight!” the courage had already been lit in Nightmare Emperor Jiang, and he spoke without any trace of politeness! 

Wu Kuang’s face was growing uglier and uglier. He was fiercely staring at Chu Mu, wanting nothing more than to rip him to pieces! 

Chu Mu couldn’t be bothered to look at this fellow right now. He had originally thought Son of Heaven Wu Kuang would be hard to deal with, but it turned out he was just a fox exploiting the tiger’s might. If Soul Alliance’s large group of experts hadn’t rushed over, Chu Mu wouldn’t have hesitated to kill him! 

Soul Alliance was ablaze with anger. They had initially occupied the advantage in the fight between the higher ups. However, now they had been suppressed to this state! 

The Desolates, Absolutes, Scars and Investigators were definitely stronger than the three great palace’s elders and senior elders. If they were to fight, they would slaughter them until not even a single chicken or dog remained. Instantly, the experts of these four ranks grew restless, wanting to declare war!!

“Hou hou hou!!!!!”

Suddenly, a wild and imposing roar engulfed the area, making everyone’s ears ring and causing them to feel as if their hearts were about to shatter!!

This was Zhan Ye’s roar. Presently, Zhan Ye was standing in between the two factions. Its abnormally cold eyes were staring at Soul Alliance’s experts that were about to summon soul pets!

When these experts saw this powerful warbeast, they seemed to be frozen and completely stunned. Not a single one dared step forward!

The bloody and inane fight from just now was still stuck in their minds. In the face of a one versus two, it had even managed to kill the Alliance Master’s powerful soul pet. There was nobody with the courage to continue fighting; they were even afraid that this fearless creature would charge at them and begin to slaughter! 

Wu Kuang genuinely wanted to order everyone to charge forward and kill Chu Fangchen, regardless of the cost. 

However, when he saw the Warbeast Mo Ye, he no longer dared too. He could only stare at Chu Mu with hatred. 

“Return to Wanxiang Altar!” a while later, Xia Zhixian calmly spoke. 

Compared to Wu Kuang’s gritting his teeth through anger and humiliation, Xia Zhixian was much more calm. Moreover, the reality was that the Desolations and Absolutes would only listen to Xia Zhixian, and not Son of Heaven Wu Kuang, especially after this huge defeat! 

Soul Alliance’s choice to retreat was something the three great palace’s hadn’t anticipated. A number of the senior elders and elders had already begun to chant, ready for them to start fighting. 

“Your Majesty, should we charge over?!” said Senior Elder Chao. 

Liu Binglan shook her head and said: “Hero Chief and Hero Aide are already heading over. Fighting will not necessarily end up in our favor. We should start in the other cities.” 

Mu Qingyi’s White Tiger was injured and the Crown Phoenix King didn’t have much fighting strength left. Chu Mu’s White Nightmare was also not in perfect condition. They would only be able to rely on Zhan Ye who had completed Broken Limb Rebirth five times as well as Liu Binglan’s soul pets. Fighting against Soul Alliance’s higher ups right now would be too negligent. Moreover, the three great palaces’ advantage lay in their middle class and lower class members. There was no need to start fighting because the rise of their higher ups would allow them to soon engage in a slaughter with them. They had to first expand their advantage in the middle and lower classes. 

“We’ll act according to our original plan. We’ll first swallow up the few kingdoms bordering Wanxiang Realm’s southern side and Tianxia Realm, before continuing step by step!” said Diagram Supreme Ke Yin.

They had naturally already prepared a strategy. A single sentence from today would inevitably leave the majority of cities in Wanxiang Realm in a bloodbath; a mix of water and fire! 

“We’ll speak after we return to the palaces.” Liu Binglan glanced at Diagram Supreme and indicated for everyone to return. 

The huge victory this time had caused the morale of the three great palaces’ higher ups to soar. While en route back, there were even a few neutral factions who pledged to stand on the side of the three great palaces when it was necessary. 

This news was undoubtedly worth celebrating for the three great palaces because clearly the neutral factions were greatly approving of the three great palaces’ strength! 

The three great palaces had been established for a thousand years and practically every expert had some connection with the three great palaces. Originally these people had thought the three great palaces would be struck with disaster in a fight with Soul Alliance. 

However, after this fight, there probably would be countless neutral members, who originally wanted to help the three great palaces but were also afraid of Soul Alliance, that would decide to stand on the three great palaces’ side. Therefore, their victory in this fight had huge implications! 

All of this was because of a world-shocking young man, Chu Fangchen!

He had won an unwinnable fight. With him here, would they also ultimately win this unwinnable war?!! 

En route back, Chu Mu could already feel that the assurance of the three great palaces’ higher ups towards him was genuine reverence and respect!! 


“Brother Chu, you are without equal under the heavens. This time, you were truly without equal under the heavens!!!” Teng Lang shouted with incomparable excitement next to Chu Mu!

“Do you still remember the two dreams that men have? If you tell me now that you will be able to realize them, I will definitely believe you! Speaking of which, how many times can your Warbeast Mo Ye use Broken Limb Rebirth? What’s the strongest realm it can reach? Is it even stronger than the Forgiven Fox Thunder Monarch? Also, also, are the other soul pets you have raised as strong as this Warbeast Mo Ye?” Teng Lang asked question after question, not leaving any room for Chao Lengchuan, Shen Mo, or Pang Yue to speak up. The other senior elders, shocked by the events today, even occasionally threw glances over because they also really wanted to know the answers to Teng Lang’s questions. 

Chu Mu gave a faint smile, appearing mysterious and unfathomable. He let these people guess for themselves. 

Chu Mu stopped paying attention to Teng Lang and instead used his hands to stroke the small Mo Xie on his shoulders. He then glanced at Zhan Ye, now beside him. He said: “In the future we will face even stronger opponents!” 

"Wu wu wu~~~~~”

“Hou hou~~~~~” the small Mo Xie and Zhan Ye let out cries at the same time. 

They were telling Chu Mu that they couldn’t wait anymore!! 

A smile rose on Chu Mu’s face. Now that Zhan Ye had returned with such power and the fact that the Alliance Master would be restricted by the Seven Saint Kings and Six Dawn Space Masters, didn’t that mean that the nightmare of some woman acting as a holier than thou goddess was about to arrive?!! 

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