Chapter 1011: Stepping on Two Corpses (2)

“Did you not notice this Mo Ye’s strength is increasing?” Old mister Tan De said.

No one noticed before Tan De mentioned it, but upon closer inspection, everyone was shocked!

The Mo Ye indeed was getting more and more powerful!!

This increase in power definitely wasn’t the limited effects of Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation. It was an increase in all facets of strength, including power, defense, speed, and life force…...

The strength increase was very evident after the second broken limb rebirth. Its strength was likely that of a normal dominator rank now!!

Nearly dominator rank to normal pseudo dominator rank was about a rank in difference, but the difference in strength was still very evident. At least, everyone could tell that black battle tiger’s strength was clearly stronger than Mu Qingyi’s white tiger!!

After being attacked this many times against two nearly undefeatable dominator rank organisms, not only did the Mo Ye not lose, but it became dominator rank- how surprising was this!!

A moment ago, countless people were feeling sad about this crazy Mo ye. They thought that the raw fighting method would only cause this Mo Ye to die quicker.

However, who would still think this Mo Ye was looking for death?

Its black armor was dyed with burning blood. Facing two dominator rank organisms, Zhan Ye seemed to start burning its life, and put its proud soul at the forefront of battle!

Chu Mu had seen Zhan Ye fight with his life against its enemies many times, but never has it been this without restraint!

Zhan Ye was releasing his power completely. It once lived in a forest as a weakling, barely surviving. Now that it was dominator rank, it wanted to release all its power without restraint in front of the man that made it powerful!

In the past, Chu Mu had never seen Zhan Ye like so!


Without taking any defensive measures and dodging, Zhan Ye’s wounds stacked on very quickly. The time between each broken limb rebirth was much shorter than usual too.

However, this didn’t affect its brave stinging heart growth. By the fourth broken limb rebirth, Zhan Ye’s strength was already near the icy death king. Every attack could leave a heavy mark on the icy death king!

Wu Kuang’s icy death king was getting more and more beaten up. As an elemental world soul pet, it needed a certain amount of chant time at first. However, against this crazy soul pet, Icy Death King couldn't even finish a single powerful incantation.

As for the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King with a soul shadow, Zhan Ye didn’t even look at it despite its powerful ancient beast soul powers. Even though it was nearly killed by the soul shadow, the wild beast would get back up and stare right back at the icy death king!

Zhan Ye’s lack of fear and death caused Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King to seem like a clown. Other than knocking it away and providing some obstruction, it couldn't do anything else. This caused the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King to feel slightly scared of the unkillable Zhan Ye. At least, it had never seen much an oppressive and crazy enemy!

Zhan Ye’ s bloodthirsty berserk transformation had long since disappeared, but it was still red from the blood on its body. Its blood red body pierced through the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King’s defenses and, using the beast’s stamping power, it became a blood red arrow that darted straight for the icy death king!!

Seeing this nightmarish red shadow come again, Wu Kuang’s face turned steel green!!


Wu Kuang hadn’t had the chance to give Icy Death King a command when the blood red beast stabbed right through the clearly shattered heavenly ice armor of the icy death king!

Icy death king flew backwards a few thousand meters before finally dealing with the force. When it lowered its head, it suddenly noticed that the crazy Mo Ye was still pinned to its chest!


Zhan Ye let out a bloodthirsty roar. The claws it stabbed into the armor ripped towards the sides, threatening to rip the icy death king into two with raw force!!

The icy death king’s chest plate started screeching. As Zhan Ye was using more and more force, Icy Death King’s chest groaned like a collapsing iceberg. Its chest was ripped apart, revealing the internal ice of the icy death king!


Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King was furious. Seeing Zhan Ye about to rip ice death king’s chest, it also turned red eyed and morphed its soul shadow to its strongest offensive form, the horn, and charged towards Zhan Ye!!!

Soul shadow’s aura was massive. It brought with it a destructive power as it charged towards Zhan Ye hanging off icy death king’s chest!!

Wu Kuang saw this and clenched his jaws, not telling icy death king dodge!

Zhan Ye’s Mo ye clearly had broken limb rebirth. However, as long as it could deal lethal damage in one blow, it couldn’t use broken limb rebirth again!

“Kill it!” Wu Kuang’s rage was burning through his entire body. As long as it could get rid of Mo ye, it was acceptable for icy death king to get wounded!

Wu Kuang gave icy death king a command. Icy Death King’s internal ice crystal suddenly welled out of its body, becoming a freezing force that tried to stop Zhan ye!

Zhan Ye felt the arrival of both the powers. Suddenly, Zhan ye gave up the chance to heavily damage icy death king and pulled its claws out to leap upwards!

Zhan Ye that had been ignoring attacks the entire battle suddenly chose to dodge this time. Seeing the bloody figure dart into the sky, Wu Kuang was stunned.

“Stop!!” Wu Kuang suddenly realized he fell for the trap. When he lowered his head, he saw the massive soul shadow horn slam right into the icy death king’s body!!

Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King wasn’t Wu Kuang’s soul pet, so Wu Kuang couldn’t tell it to stop immediately!


Two horns, four tips, they pierced through icy death king’s ripped chest and went straight into icy death king’s chest!


Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King’s painful roar jolted all the shocked spectators. Very quickly, they found the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King’s horn gain a thick layer of ice, becoming a frozen horn!

This ice effect was supposed to freeze Zhan Ye, causing it to brittle before killing it in one blow. However, because these two dominator ranks didn’t both belong to him, the lack of communication not only caused the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King to heavily injure Icy Death King, it also caused Icy Death King to freeze the beast king’s horn!


Suddenly, a tiger roar came from the skies. While the two dominator ranks hurt each other, Zhan ye became a massive axe that was surrounded by beast type, bug type, and dark type energy!!

The vast axe fell down with a speed that seemed to split the entire world into two!


The axe split shockingly down on the two dominator rank organisms!

There was no dazzling gleam, only the purest of power!



After the heavy axe hit, two sounds rang out. The first sound was the horn of Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King getting snapped in two!

The second sound as icy death king’s chest becoming countless shards as it collapsed!!

The shocking scene caused the entire plain to go silent. The only sound reverberating through were those two, along with the rapid palpitation of everyone’s hearts!

How shocking of a scene was this? One of the two dominator ranks lost its strongest weapon, while the other shattered and was possibly dead!!!

The battle situation changed instantly, yet who was willing to believe this change!

Icy death king, Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King. These were two poewrful soul pets that equated to the strongest person in human realm aside from alliance master!

Yet, they were heavily wounded, wounded by a Mo Ye that wasn’t even at dominator rank!!!

Powerful life force, continuous broken limb rebirth, and steady power growth allowed the weak Mo Ye to step them below its feet. How shocking and unbelievable was this true king of soul pets!!

Such a wild, unruly, powerful king belonged to the young man in the battlefield. With just the white nightmare, the young man was already amongst the strongest. Now, it was truly at the tip of humanity!!

Mu Qingyi was beside Chu Mu through all this. While battling Mo Ling, her attention was firmly on Chu Mu’s Mo Ye, and the shock never faded from her face!

Owning Dead Dream allowed this man to look down upon everyone. Mu Qingyi already put his future potential beyond anything people could imagine. Now, with the returning soul pet that wasn’t any weaker than the forgiven fox thunder monarch, her heart was shaking from his power!!

Mu Qingyi’s mind was wavering. First, the silver devil man merged with Chu Fangchen, and soon following that, his returned soul pet put on a startling act…..

This person was completely mysterious. Mu Qingyi originally thought that after figuring out his true identity, she finally knew him well, but Zhan Ye’s appearance again overthrew her preconceptions.

At this moment, Mu Qingyi realized something!

He was a spirit emperor but only had one soul. Even with the Mo Ye, it was only two. What were the other three soul pets then?

Were they as powerful as this battle tiger? If so, wouldn’t that mean this man had the power to compete against “that person”?

The person that stood at the forefront of humanity like a godking, looking down upon the world!

In the past, Mu Qingyi never would have imagined someone being able to compete against that person, nor did she believe anyone could surpass him…...

However, for some reason, Mu QIngyi now believed Chu Fangchen would be the person to surpass him!!

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