Chapter 101: Demon Night Dream, Double Dream (1)

Chapter 101: Demon Night Dream, Double Dream (1)

Xia Guanghan used his soul remembrance, and he commanded his Heavenly Ghost Vine to point right at Chu Mu’s neck. The moment he commanded it, this incomparably sharp and heavenly vine would definitely pierce straight into Chu Mu’s throat!

Watching the sharp heavenly vine that could pierce Chu Mu’s neck at any time, Mo Xie immediately tensed up…...

“Give up resistance!” Xia Guanghan said again coldly to Mo Xie.

“Wuwu~~~~~~~~” Mo Xie’s pupils icily stared at Xia Guanghan, as if she was about to burn in the angriest flames.

“Fourth soul pact, rescind!” Chu Mu again chanted his incantation, and he looked blankly at Mo Xie, still making her out to be the deserted soul pet that only made him angry and embarrassed. He adamantly continued to chant the rescinding incantation.

“Wu~~~~~~” Mo Xie’s angry flames slowly died down, because she knew that if she resisted any more, Chu Mu would definitely be pierced through the neck and die.

Mo Xie’s pupils were full of sadness. Under the moonlight, two lines of tears slowly rolled down Mo Xie’s cheeks, glistening as they fell upon the blue forest in the sky.

The powerful mental pulse transmitted over again, and this time, Mo Xie didn’t resist anymore, but didn’t agree either…...

The soul pact rescinding and signing incantations were both slightly forceful. If the soul pet didn’t resist, then the soul pact incantation would succeed.

Mo Xie had already given up her resistance, so the soul pact incantation naturally succeeded!

It was like a heart artery, constantly connecting one with another organism in their life. Once this heart artery was severed, it was like losing a part of your own life. Though this process didn’t bring any pain to the soul pet trainer, the feeling of loss was like daggers in one’s heart…...


Mo Xie lifted her head up, and she let out a soul shivering fox call. This sound dismally echoed through the entire black sea of trees!

Once the soul pact rescindment succeeded, Chu Mu’s soul would be immediately harmed, and this wound was what immediately woke Chu Mu up!

The blue ocean of flowers slowly disappeared, and what appeared was a blue forest. The dazzling blue flower also slowly disappeared, and it was replaced by ropes of python like heavenly vines.

The figure of the perfect girl similarly dissipated, and what was displayed in front of Chu Mu was no longer his deserted first soul pet locked in Mo Xie’s tails, but rather Mo Xie, his fourth soul pact that had accompanied him over the past years.

A glistening twinkle was in front of Chu Mu. At this moment, Chu Mu could read only utmost sorrow within Mo Xie’s eyes. Even when they were no longer connected by heart, when they were no longer connected through emotions, this emotion still infected Chu Mu, making Chu Mu feel as if something was lodged in his throat!

“Fourth soul pact…...why was it the fourth soul pact……”

The fourth soul pact was only a very small part of Chu Mu’s soul, yet when this soul pact was rescinded, Chu Mu felt as if he had lost his entire soul…...

Being alone on an isolated island with a White Nightmare brought Chu Mu the most terrifying despair. Just when Chu Mu felt like he could never catch up to the growth of the White Nightmare and had to be consumed, the continuously mutating Mo Xie appeared on his fated path towards certain doom, causing Chu Mu to reignite with a hope for life.

His first soul pet’s lies and desertion, and his second soul pet’s greed and pressure made Chu Mu value Mo Xie’s loyalty and fidelity even more. Once he lost that, he lost not only a soul pet that could make him stronger and stronger, but his very life and soul.

Chu Mu wouldn’t throw away any random soul pet. Even if the soul pet could no longer catch up to his footsteps, Chu Mu believed that with continuous training and continuous fighting, even a servant rank soul pet could match a monarch rank.

And to Chu Mu, Mo Xie was no longer just a soul pet whose infinite potential could bring him glory. She was a companion throughout four years of fighting through blood and tear, connected by the soul in the most intimate way. Once they were separated, nothing mattered anymore.


“Wuwuwu~~~~” Mo Xie’s eyes slowly changed, becoming foreign and apathetic, yet Mo Xie still let out a gentle call right before their mental connection was completely severed.

When any soul pet became a masterless soul pet, they would quickly become unfamiliar with their owners, creating an utmost deep gap between them. Some soul pets would even slowly forget their memories of growing up with their soul pet trainer after the soul pact was removed…...

But, as Mo Xie’s last mental words reverberated through Chu Mu’s mental world, it caused Chu Mu’s eyes to brim with tears!

This call pulled Chu Mu out of his heart wrenching grief and reignited his undying belief under the pressure of a strong foe!


“Strength has no time component to it. At this moment, I can kill you. You are but a pitiful creature in my eyes. At some time, you would be able to kill me, and I would just be a pitiful creature in your eyes.” Xia Guanghan’s mouth corner slowly lifted, but the expression in his eyes was full of killing intent!

Xia Guanghan sent a command to his own soul pet. Since the soul pact was rescinded, how could Xia Guanghan still let Chu Mu live?!

The heavenly vine had already appeared in front of Chu Mu’s neck. With Xia Guanghan’s command, the heavenly vine immediately formed a razor sharp vine wood sword, violently piercing through Chu Mu’s neck!!

Crimson blood splattered out. The vine wood sword wasn’t obstructed by anything, going straight into the back of Chu Mu’s neck and out his adam’s apple!!

Facing such a bloody scene, Xia Guanghan’s expression didn’t even change in the slightest. To him, Chu Mu was just a fellow who took some effort to kill, but in the end, he was still like the others who opposed him: pierced in front of him and falling unwillingly into a pool of blood.

The blood was still running, dripping onto the blue branch knit ground. Xia Guanghan coldly looked at Chu Mu, who fell down after his throat was pierced. After confirming he was dead, he slowly lifted up the corner of his mouth, and he eyed the imprisoned Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox.

“So after a soul pact is rescinded, a soul pet could actually become this emotionless. Even after seeing one’s owner killed, they don’t have any emotion.” Xia Guanghan looked at the apathetic Mo Xie and slowly said.

As he spoke, six figures slowly walked up behind Xia Guanghan. These six figures were Xia Guanghan’s six Secret Killer Attendants subordinates. The appearance of the demon species group was very sudden. Once Xia Guanghan and his people were surrounded, they very difficulty killed their way out, but three of them had still died.

“You guys can die too!” Suddenly, Xia Guanghan said coldly.

A continuously mutating soul pet could make countless powerful people crazy. Xia Guanghan definitely wouldn’t let others know of this news, so he also naturally didn’t leave a single one of his Secret Killer Attendants alive!!

The Secret Killer Attendants all didn’t summon any soul pets. After all, the presence of too many soul pets would easily disturb the owner of this deep blue sky forest. Additionally, these people also didn’t expect their master to attempt to kill them, so none of them made any motion to defend themselves!!

“Chi!!! Chi!!! Chi!!!!!!!”

The heavenly vine had long since been hidden near the Secret Killer Attendants. With a command from Xia Guanghan, all the heavenly vines darted towards the remaining six Secret Killer Attendants!!!

Six Secret Killer Attendants, each penetrated by the throat. Crimson blood again splattered out in the moonlight as they died horribly…...

After dealing with everyone, Xia Guanghan’s smile was even wider. There was no one that could stop him from taking this continuously mutating soul pet anymore!

“It had only mutated into a commander rank, and it could already compete against monarch ranks. If it mutated again, wouldn’t it become even stronger?!” Xia Guanghan said.

Normally, Xia Guanghan could always remain calm, but this time, upon facing a continuously mutating and powerful Royal Flame Nine Tailed Demon Fox, Xia Guanghan’s heart was palpitating.

Losing his normal cool, Xia Guanghan decided to capture this continuously mutating soul pet immediately.

Xia Guanghan directly started chanting an incantation to remove his soul pact with his Ice Winged Tiger.

“Seventh soul pact, rescind!” Xia Guanghan had almost no hesitation before immediately starting to rescind his soul pact with the Ice Winged Tiger.

The Ice Winged Tiger was a soul pet that Xia Guanghan had obtained quite early on. This seventh phase soul pet’s talent was actually already at the peak of commander rank, yet it still didn’t fit Xia Guanghan’s standards. These years, he hadn’t trained it either, so it slowly couldn’t keep up with Xia Guanghan’s ambitions.

Thus, when he was about to get an even stronger soul pet, Xia Guanghan almost had no hesitation, immediately rescinding his soul pact with the Ice Winged Tiger with slow growth.

A mental pulse immediately transmitted into the Ice Winged Tiger’s brain. With Xia Guanghan’s current remembrance strength, the seventh phase commander rank Ice Winged Tiger could hardly resist.


Suddenly, a soul buzz caused Xia Guanghan’s soul to shake. He actually suffered an abnormally strong mental resistance from the Ice Winged Tiger!

Xia Guanghan furrowed his brows. His remembrance was very strong and, with one rescind, he should be able to remove the Ice Winged Tiger from his soul pet space. However, it didn’t succeed, and this felt very strange for Xia Guanghan.

Xia Guanghan again started chanting an incantation, and he strengthened his soul remembrance even more, no longer giving the Ice Winged Tiger a chance to resist!

Yet this time, Xia Guanghan’s soul pact incantation still failed!

The third time he chanted the soul pact rescinding incantation, it still failed.

“Idiotic thing, if you don’t leave now, I’ll kill you!” Xia Guanghan was finally angry. With a Royal Flame Nine Tailed Inferno Fox in front of him that could bring him the utmost glory and satisfy his ambition, what did an Ice Winged Tiger that had accompanied him for many years mean? Xia Guanghan was an unscrupulous person, even to his soul pets!

Xia Guanghan’s roar caused the Ice Winged Tiger’s resistance to distinctly lower! To a soul pet, a master’s abandonment and angry roar was the easiest way to hurt its pride!

The soul pact incantation was read again. This time, the Ice Winged Tiger didn’t resist, and Xia Guanghan, as he wished, rescinded his soul pact with the Ice Winged Tiger.

The soul wound brought by the soul pact rescindment immediately caused Xia Guanghan’s face to pale. However, Xia Guanghan didn’t mind this wound, because he had already brought the utmost precious Soul Healing Stamen. If he ingested the Soul Healing Stamen within a day, then Xia Guanghan would be able to immediately recover his seventh soul pact.

Bringing out the flask that held the Soul Healing Stamen from his ring, Xia Guanghan slowly opened it and was just about to eat this soul item, when he suddenly felt the scene in front of him starting to change strangely…...

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