Chapter 1009: One vs Two

Chapter 1009: One vs Two 

“That is Chu Fangchen’s soul pet. It unexpectedly is near the dominator rank!” seeing the mighty Warbeast Mo Ye, Teng Lang and the others didn’t know what to say!

Chu Fangchen was someone who had climbed to a realm tens of thousands of people had been unable to reach; moreover, he made it look easy. All together, this made it seem like he would have a total of three dominator rank soul pets in the future!

“However, his Warbeast Mo Ye should only be as strong as Mu Qingyi. If the White Tiger still has fighting strength, perhaps they have a chance at victory, but purely relying on the Warbeast Mo Ye, the chance shouldn’t be very big.” said Shen Mo.

People began to quietly discuss; only Pang Yue stared at the Warbeast. For a while she didn’t say anything. Instead, she stared at her father, Pang Xing. 

Pang Xing was also in a state of shock, because this soul pet was the one that had defeated the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon in the Northern Barren Land before entering Soul Pet Palace’s Holy Region to train!

Pang Xing had publicized this matter among the three great palace’s higher ups. In his proud state, he initially thought they would soon obtain a powerful ally; he never expected that once this Warbeast Mo Ye appeared, it would immediately enter the holy region and be forgotten by the higher ups. 

Pang Xing wanted to say that the Warbeast Mo Ye was the Tianxia King Chu Mu’s soul pet, but after seeing this scene, he suddenly understood something and shut up! 

Pang Xing already had an answer in his heart. Clearly, this absolute genius, Chu Fangchen, that had emerged from Soul Palace, was the Tianxia King Chu Mu that had left a legend among the people when he transformed into a devil!! 

Once this news was spread, it would absolutely raise an upheaval! 

“Senior Elder Pang, this Warbeast Mo Ye…” an elder looked at Pang Xing and asked somewhat hesitantly. Clearly, he still remembered Pang Xing previously telling them about a powerful ally.

Pang Xing shook his head and said: “I’ve never seen it before.” 

After speaking, he turned his eyes to the fearless Warbeast Mo Ye.

Zhan Ye had taken a step forward, and was facing the two imposing dominator rank creatures.

This fight was one that Zhan Ye had to use to explain to Chu Mu. It had waited a long time for this day to arrive, so it had to completely reveal the fruits of its bitter training! 

“Jie jie~~~~~”

The White Nightmare slowly floated up to Zhan Ye and let out a laugh. It seemed to be welcoming back Zhan Ye. 

Zhan Ye threw a glance at this fellow, but let out a low roar. 

The White Nightmare understood it, but its face immediately displayed a trace of unwillingness! 

“White Nightmare, come back. Let Zhan Ye deal with them.” Chu Mu said to the White Nightmare. 

The White Nightmare unhappily flew back to Chu Mu. Now, it had become Zhan Ye alone against two dominator ranks!!

One versus two?? 

This made everyone stunned! 

Was Chu Fangchen crazy? He was going to let his Warbeast Mo Ye fight two dominator rank creatures? Regardless if it was the Icy Death King of Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King, neither was inferior to Mu Qingyi’s Crow Phoenix King. They were both genuine dominator rank creatures!! 

The difference in strength between a genuine dominator and a near dominator had been seen in the fight between the Icy Death King and the White Tiger. With this definite disparity in strength, a slight moment of inattentiveness would lead to its demise. 

In this situation, one against one was hard enough. Even if both of their physical strengths had been slightly exhausted, this Warbeast Mo Ye would die if it had to fight them! 

“Chu Fangchen, what are you doing?” nervously said Mu Qingyi. 

“Believing in my soul pet.” Chu Mu indifferently said. 

After speaking, Chu Mu narrowed his gaze, transforming it into killing intent that flew towards Wu Kuang’s soul pet. 

Zhan Ye understood Chu Mu’s intention, and unexpectedly launched the attack first. Its black figure flew across the snowy ground, charging at the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King first!!

“Overestimating your capabilities! I’ll kill your soul pet first then!” Wu Kuang sneered. A soul pet of this level dared to fantasize about taking his life. This was practically a joke!

The Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King took a heavy step forward. Its wild beast aura was released and the Ancient Beast Soul Force attached to its explosive arm muscles instantly doubled its strength!

The Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King’s cold and lonely eyes stared down at this weak Warbeast Mo Ye. The soul shadow wrapping around its arms transformed into an undefeatable weapon that smashed towards Zhan Ye!!

Zhan Ye took a step to the side in the air. Its black body transformed into an afterimage as it nimbly evaded the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King’s attack!

The black light on Zhan Ye’s claws flashed. Ancient imprints also congealed on its front limbs, causing its strength rise by several tenths. Afterwards, its sturdy claws swiped at the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King’s arm! 

The claws left several deep bloody wounds on the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King’s arm. However, this type of wound was nothing to the horned beast. The soul shadow on its arm quickly disappeared before congealing on its mighty horn - the strongest part of its body. It transformed into an enormous horned soul shadow that swept at Zhan Ye!

Zhan Ye knew that it would be unable to dodge and instead of retreating, it advanced. The ink armor spikes on its back appeared like rows of blades before shooting out of its back! 

The present ink armor spikes were no longer limited to hand-to-hand fights. At a certain distance, they would still be able to be used to attack and Zhan Ye was going to use this to retaliate against its opponent! 


The horned soul shadow landed on Zhan Ye, causing countless cracks to appear on its ink colored armor. 

“Chi!!!!!” Zhan Ye’s defense ignoring ink armor spikes pierced into the horned beast king’s abdomen. After being pierced by the dark energy, it let out an angry roar, and the defensive skin on its abdomen was quickly corroded!

“Hu hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~”

The moment the horned beast king’s soul shadow attack ended, a cold aura abruptly poured over while Zhan Ye was still defenseless. A shocking icy halberd descended from the heavens, shooting towards Zhan ye!

The icy halberd was enormous, and Zhan Ye’s body was like a tiny black insect in comparison to the blade of the halberd!

Zhan Ye naturally could not continue trading blows with the horned beast king. It turned into an ink colored afterimage as it attempted to dodge this technique!


When the heavenly icy halberd descended, a wave of ice was swept towards all sides. Within the icy wave was mixed countless frozen blades. Even if Zhan Ye dodged the main attack, it would still be left injury riddled by the icy blades in the ice wave. 

Zhan Ye didn’t stop running. Quickly, it pulled apart a distance with the two dominators and ran out of the range of the icy blade wave, landing in the snow. 

In the first confrontation, the Warbeast Mo Ye was left with many wounds. The three great palace’s people couldn’t help but sigh and shake their heads. In their hearts, the victor of this fight had already been decided. 

“There’s no point in struggling like this. Why not just give up? Chu Fangchen has another creature that is close to the dominator rank. Thus, there’s not necessarily a reason for us to fear Soul Alliance.” Diagram Supreme Ke Yin glanced at Liu Binglan as he spoke. 

Liu Binglan didn’t say anything. She merely quietly watched the Warbeast Mo Ye that didn’t seem to be anything special. 

Although she had never seen Chu Mu’s Warbeast Mo Ye fight, she vaguely remembered the Warbeast Mo Ye possessing an extremely powerful ability. As for what exactly it was, she would only find out as the fight continued. 

“Let’s believe in Chu Fangchen.” at this point, Senior Elder Pang Xing spoke up. 

Everyone looked at him confused. 

Senior Elder Pang realized what he said may have been harmful to Chu Mu and closed his mouth. However, he remembered back to when the Warbeast Mo Ye was still at the emperor rank when it challenged the Blood Barbarian Hidden Beast. He muttered in his heart: “What realm will it reach this time?” 

On the Icy Death King’s shoulder, the look of contempt on Wu Kuang’s face was even more entrenched. He had figured this Warbeast Mo Ye would be very powerful; it turned out to be just this. This Chu Fangchen really understood how to bluff!

“Kill it within a minute!” Wu Kuang ordered his soul pets! 

The Icy Death King floated above millions of snow petals. With its absolute control over the ice and snow, it sent a wave of calamity-level ice shower towards Zhan Ye’s location! 

The merciless icy snow transformed into a most terrifying wave of icy blades. Blade after blade couldn’t help but make the spectators tremble. It was as if these blades were raining down on them!

Amidst the icy snow blades, the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King continued to rely on its destructive soul shadow. It launched consecutive attacks. Instantly, the sky was filled with icy snow blades and a horned soul shadow. The terrifying power caused space to crack and turned the area Zhan Ye was in into a chaotic ground!!

Seeing Chu Mu’s Zhan Ye receive consecutive attacks, Mu Qingyi silently turned anxious for Chu Mu and glanced at him.

However, she discovered that he didn’t move at all during this process. In fact, his mouth even curved into a cold smile, as if he was mocking the enemy’s ignorance and stupidity!

Mu Qingyi didn’t know where Chu Mu’s confidence came from. Indeed, even her Crown Phoenix King was unable to stop the power of two dominators. If this Warbeast Mo Ye didn’t do something, it would be killed!

“Hou hou hou!!!!!!!”

Just as Mu Qingyi was extremely anxious and confused, the Warbeast Mo Ye lifted its head and let out a wild roar that rang through the chaos!

Immediately after, Mu Qingyi discovered an ink color that pierced out of the overlaying of techniques. It flew towards the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King!


The light of a death god flashed past and accurately streaked across the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King’s corroded abdomen. Instantly, a large amount of blood spurted out like water!!!

“Mou~~~~” the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King immediately let out a pained roar. Its body teetered and nearly fell to the ground! 

Seeing the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King wounded from the sudden attack, those people who thought the Warbeast Mo Ye would die were stunned!

Under the consecutive technique attacks of the two dominators, the Warbeast Mo Ye was still unexpectedly able to retaliate? Could those attacks have been ineffective on it? 

However, there were many wounds on the Warbeast Mo Ye’s body. Clearly, the attacks had all landed on it!!

Wu Kuang’s face was even more unsightly. In that one minute, not only had the opponent not died, but it had also launched a counterattack!! 

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