Chapter 1008: It’s Already a King, Zhan Ye

Last words?

What was Chu Fangchen about to do, was he about to kill son of heaven Wu Kuang?

Putting aside whether he could kill son of heaven Wu Kuang, his power alone wasn’t matched by anyone other than soul alliance master. How could Chu Fangchen ensure Wu Kuang’s words were his last?

“Chu Fangchen, don’t be impulsive…..” Mu Qingyi glanced at the cold man and felt killing aura spread out.

She grabbed Chu Mu’s arm and shook her head seriously.

Once the silver devil man appeared, it would definitely lift up a massive commotion through the human realm. Chu Fangchen definitely couldn’t become the devil man while so many people were watching!

“He’s intentionally aggravating you. If we continue fighting, the goal will be to kill you!” Mu Qingyi said.

“I know.” Chu Mu nodded.

“Then you still…..’ Mu Qingyi hesitated.

“If he wants to fight and wants to die, then I’ll grant his wish.” Chu Mu said coldly.

Mu QIngyi heard Chu Mu and was even more worried.

After she retracted white tiger, no one could deal with the icy death king. This fight was meaningless now unless he became the silver devil man…...

“Mo Ling’s tai mountain giant, can you deal with it and take revenge for your evernight emperor?” Chu Mu said calmly to Mu QIngyi.

“Now’s not the time to take revenge…..”

“Can you do it?” Chu Mu didn’t allow Mu Qingyi to continue and interrupted by asking again.

Mu Qingyi paused and looked into Chu Mu’s firm gaze, as if nothing could change it.

“Yes, but…..” Mu Qingyi nodded. Facing just an end hero Mo Ling, she had more than enough!

“That’s enough. As long as you take revenge for your evernight emperor, Wu Kuang’s soul pet I will handle.” Chu Mu said.

“You really want to become devil man under so many people’s eyes…..” Mu Qingyi knew she couldn’t change the man’s resolve and could only watch him with complicated eyes.

Chu Mu’s stern face showed a rare smile and said, “I’m a soul pet trainer.”

After speaking, Chu Mu turned around and gazed at Wanxiang City’s position, his expression instantly changing!

Mu Qingyi didn’t understand Chu Mu’s actions, and glanced over at where Chu Mu was looking but noticed that, where the damaged mountains were, a black and mighty figure leaped across the entire mountain range and ran extremely fast towards them!!

“That’s……” Mu Qingyi’s gaze became perplexed!

It was a black battle tiger, with a similar appearance to her white tiger. They both had powerful and explosive bodies. However, it was different from the black and shining armor that covered its entire body!

Powerful, Wild, Steadfast!

This was the feeling Mu Qingyi got form this black figure!

The black fighting tiger was very quick and immediately appeared in front of the spectating three palace people. With one leap, it easily passed through everyone and leaped straight into the barrier the neutral faction set up!


The barrier was easily shattered by the powerful tiger, as if no power could stop its running!

“You still have the time to look left and right... die!” End hero Mo Ling gave Tai Mountain Giant a command as Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi both had their attentions on the battle tiger!

Tai mountain giant’s two fists lifted up into the sky as it kneeled down and it slammed its arms into the ground!!

“Beng!!! Beng!!! Beng!!!!!!!”

The ground shattered, and out of the cracks darted a giant rock dragon, roaring and dashing towards Mu Qingyi and Chu Fangchen!


The black battle tiger dashed towards them in an angry roar, suddenly speeding up. A black flash went through Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi. As it ran towards the rock dragon, it became a black shattering battle axe that slammed into the rock dragon!

The massive dragon seemed fierce, but what shocked everyone was the powerful rock technique shattered without any resistance when it touched the black battle ax from the tiger!

The rock dragon disappeared halfway through, yet the battle axe’s strength didn’t diminish in the slightest. It continued forth and sent the massive and unprepared tai mountain giant flying back!


Tai mountain giant fell down and lifted up a huge wave of dust.

Seeing the thousand meter tall turbid air, the spectators all stared in shock!

In this battle, Tai Mountain Giant’s strength was the weakest of the dominator ranks, but was still formidable in all of human realm. Yet, this mysterious organism knocked it down in such a dominating fashion!


The black battle tiger stood proudly on the ground and let out an even more imposing roar at the tai mountain giant as if to warn it.

Tai Mountain Giant won’t be able to get up in a short. And End Hero Mo Ling, who nearly died from being crushed under the tai mountain giant, was furious.

After the attack, the black battle tiger didn’t continue and instead stepped towards Chu Mu.

At first, it was walking, but it slowly sped up until it broke into a full out sprint, unable to wait any longer!

Chu Mu stood in place. Seeing this familiar black figure run towards him, his cold pupils instantly melted with warmth.

On a similar plain that was covered in greens, Chu Mu watched as it ran far away determined, not turning its head around at all.

It didn’t turn its head around because it was afraid once it turned its head around, it wouldn’t have the courage to leave anymore. Its heart was incredibly firm, yet its resolution would still get shattered by this farewell. It couldn’t look back, so it could only look forward into the distance!

Chu Mu’s last impression of Zhan Ye was this back image; one where it was trying its absolute hardest to not turn around, determined and silent, as it left.

Today, again on a plain, covered in snow, this black figure was still determined and steadfast, but today it was much stronger than it was!

Though its armor was so bright people didn’t dare look at it, Chu Mu could see countless battle scars, as if it was hundredfold steel that constantly gained wounds and healed up to become the armor it was today.

Its claws were shrouded by countless dead lives, beaming from the blood of its enemies.

Its black eyes were always emotionless and silent. Through this outer layer, Chu Mu saw deep within its pupils a character of its soul, a dignity of becoming a king!

It was the dignity hidden in its heart that couldn’t be infringed. Once touched, this organism will explode like a volcano!

Chu Mu took a deep breath but no matter how he tried repressing it, he couldn’t control the most sincere emotions he was feeling in his heart!

Seeing the running Zhan Ye, Chu Mu seemed to see the centipede abyss, the tired figure sitting upon the mountain of corpses. At that moment, Chu Mu saw an undefeatable soul of a king. And in a few years time apart, it had truly become a king!!!

It was back, Zhan Ye was back!

From the moment he became a devil, Chu Mu thought he would never see it become a true king.

Now, he finally saw it. It was the king that could be beaten but could never lose!!

Chu Mu half-kneeled. At this height, he could be face to face with Zhan Ye. Extending his arms, he rubbed its cheeks and ears.

Zhan Ye stood before Chu Mu, lowering its proud head and laid its cold forehead against Chu Mu’s.

The black battle tiger with its head lowered and the kneeling man touched foreheads. This may be a completely normal friendly gesture between soul pets and their trainers, but it revealed a truly sincere and genuine emotion between them. There was no need for anyone else to understand it. As long as the soul pet and the trainer felt the emotions in this simple gesture, it could reveal the story belonging uniquely to them…….

Tens of thousands of people saw this scene, yet only Ye Qingzi, Liu Binglan, and Elder Liu could understand why Chu Mu, after undergoing a switch between devil and human, was crying from joy; the bitterness and unyielding experiences they each went through were immeasurable!

Mu QIngzi stood right beside Chu Mu. Without even explaining, Mu Qingyi knew that the Mo ye that knocked back the tai mountain giant was Chu Mu’s lost soul pet.

And this was the first time Mu Qingyi saw this secretive man show such a genuine feeling. At this moment, she believed Chu Mu.

He was a soul pet trainer, one that used his sincere soul to rewrite his fate!


“Chu Fangchen, this is your soul pet?” Wu Kuang stared down and his disdainful eyes shined with a hint of jealousy!

Clearly, this was a nearly dominator rank organism. Having two soul pets like that at such a young age was indeed a huge threat!

“Yes, it is your grim reaper.” Chu Mu slowly stood up, his clear eyes becoming cold and piercing!

“Hahahaha, Chu Fangchen, good one. Your soul pet at most matches Mu Qingyi’s white tiger. Against others, it’s more than enough, but your opponent is I, Wu Kuang!”

“Chu Fangchen, no matter how powerful you are, you will be a stepping stone of mine that I shatter. I want to see how you use a Mo Ye to make my words my last. If you can’t do it, you have to watch as I step over you with your girl!” Wu Kuang laughed and didn’t even try to hide his arrogant attitude!

Chu Mu gazed at Wu Kuang coldly. If he wanted to fight then Chu Mu would fight. Chu Mu wouldn’t say even an extra word.

Aside Chu Mu was Zhan ye’s black pupils similarly apathetic. Its gaze was locked onto Wu Kuang’s icy death king!

“You can deal with it, right?” Chu Mu looked at Zhan Ye and asked calmly.

Zhan ye didn’t respond and simply walked forth, choosing to use its actions to tell Chu Mu!

Near dominator rank?

Zhan Ye’s aura was near dominator rank, so what its true strength was, even Chu Mu couldn't estimate!

But one thing was for sure- Wu Kuang’s two dominator ranks were going to die a horrible death!

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