Chapter 1007: Done saying your last words?

Mu Qingyi was still suspicious, but seeing Chu Mu ‘s unfazed face, she started being skeptical as to whether she was just seeing things.

Mu Qingyi knew what was wrong, and first gave a command to white tiger and crown phoenix king.

White tiger and crown phoenix darted forth at the same time and cast techniques towards the icy death king and Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King, giving them another heavy injury to handle.

“I saw a silver devil flame…..” Mu Qingyi stared tightly at Chu Mu.

Mu Qingyi wanted an explanation. She wanted Chu Mu to tell her that what she saw was just a hallucination, and that he simply used a powerful soul technique.

Chu Mu knew that Mu Qingyi definitely saw the devilized form of his. The devil flame sea and the visual obstruction space blocked everyone’s view, but Mu Qingyi wouldnt be affected by it too much.

“I’ll explain in the future.” Chu Mu knew that if he lied right now, Mu Qingyi would be even more suspicious. If she knew, it wouldn’t matter. He had been with this woman for a while and Chu Mu felt that she was trustworthy.

Mu Qingyi was about to say something but stopped, showing even more disbelief!

He didn’t deny it!

This meant that the silver devil man she saw was real. This man that she spent nearly two years around was actually the silver devil man that injured her in the first place!!

However, was he human or devil, and why could he switch between the two so easily?

If he were the devil man, why would he have the soul pact powers of a soul pet trainer, and if not, what was this power?

Many feelings flowed into Mu QIngyi’s mind as the confusion overwhelmed her. Her gaze changed from shock and disbelief slowly to complicated and aloof.

All along, this man seemed mysterious and impenetrable to Mu Qingyi. However, no matter how she guessed, she never would have thought that under this man’s appearance, there was a powerful, evil devil!


A huge shock sounded out, and caused the nearby space to shake, pulling Mu Qingyi from her thoughts back to the present. She turned around and found that tai mountain giant had since some time appeared outside the visual obstruction space and gathered its massive fist into a punch towards her!

Mu Qingyi’s heart shook; her momentary daze caused her to forget the tai mountain giant!

White tiger and crown phoenix king already chased icy death king and Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King. Mu QIngyi dind’t even have time to cast an incantation, let alone call them back.

“White Nightmare!” Chu Mu saw things weren’t going well and immediately commanded white nightmare to block it. Since the visual obstruction space already shattered, Chu Mu didn’t dare use his half devil powers.


White Nightmare was just about to cast displacement specter when suddenly Mo Ling’s three soul pets broke through the obstruction space and appeared aside White Nightmare and Mu Qingyi.

White Nightmare was just about to cast a defensive technique when it was interrupted by the three main soul pets. Its movement clearly slowed down. It was this lethal stop that caused Tai Mountain giant’s punch to get even closer. The shadow of death fell upon Chu Mu and ye QIngzi!

Seeing the massive fist about to fall, Chu Mu didn’t dare hesitate anymore. He used a displacement specter and moved before Mu Qingyi.

Mu Qingyi was just about to do something when she saw Chu Mu appear against her. Before she could react, the man’s arms suddenly hugged her.

The lingering evil aura mixed with his masculine scent fell into Mu Qingyi. While Mu Qingyi was panicking, she suddenly felt that the lethal mountain fist suddenly lost its destructive powers, as if she fell into a place of absolute safety…...


The massive sound almost shattered her eardrums. Mu Qingyi felt the arms around her hug tighter. Within the violent rock type energy, her soul and body constantly wavered, causing her to be dizzied…...

The devil flame sea instantly extinguished. Within the massive rock type energy, two figures flew backwards. When they fell, they made a deep gouge within the snow ground!

The three palace people all saw this and their hearts started beating frenziedly.

The most lethal thing in a battle was if a soul pet trainer got directly attacked by a soul pet. At this moment, Chu Fangchen and Mu Qingyi clearly were hit by the tai mountain giant’s fist. If they had no defensive measures, they were definitely dead!

Seeing the two deeply wounded figures, Liu Binglan tightened her fist. As long as Mo Ling dared to chase after the defenseless Chu Mu and Mu QIngyi, she would shatter Mo Ling’s tai Mountain Giant without hesitation!

“Qingzi, get ready to heal them.” Liu Binglan said to Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi was indeed worried; however, she wasn’t worried for Chu Mu, she was worried for Mu QIngyi.

Ye Qingzi knew Chu Mu’s abilities well. He nearly had the defense of a low class dominator rank, so such an attack from tai mountian giant would at most send him flying and give him a few scratches, but it wouldn’t wound him.

Mu Qingyi, on the other hand, was a very defenseless soul pet trainer. The shock from the fist was enough to shatter Mu QIngyi’s organs. Ye QIngzi wasn’t sure how much Chu Mu could protect her.

Ye QIngzi knew this, but others didn’t. Seeing Chu Mu and Mu QIngyi both wounded, their hearts were held in suspense.

Looks like they still coudn’t beat son of heaven Wu Kuang and Mo Ling!

At the end of the gouge, Chu Mu helped Mu QIngyi stand up slowly. His silver eyes stared at the tai mountain giant as a flash of anger appeared within them.

Chu Mu retracted his gaze and looked at the disheveled Mu Qingyi and asked, “Are you alright?”

Mu Qingyi’s ears were still ringing and she hadn’t fully regained her consciousness. After a moment, she slowly recovered and her pupils gazed at the nearly undamaged Chu mu.

Just now, Chu Mu blocked almost all of the blow. She simply hid in his embrace. However, this man seemed completely fine while she was still hurting from the shock alone…..

“I’m …...I’m fine” Mu Qingyi was a ninth remembrance soul emperor after all. Chu Mu helped her block most of the damage, but the remaining couldn’t cause much of threat to her.

As they spoke, crown phoenix king was already above Chu Mu and Mu QIngyi to ensure they wouldn’t directly get hit.

“Your white tiger……” Chu Mu looked up at the heavily wounded white tiger, full of injuries from the icy death king, and reminded Mu Qingyi.

Its strength was one or two ranks lower. White tiger being able to stay around for this long should be its limit. Any longer and white tiger may be killed.

Mu Qingyi knew that white tiger had done its best and cast an incantation to retract it.

From afar, Wu Kuang saw white tiger disappear and first was stunned. However, he quickly realized what had happened and laughed out loud, his arrogant and shrill laughter spiralling dwon from the skies and into Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi’s ears!

“You guys aren’t much!” Wu Kuang jumped onto the icy death king’s body. Riding this massive ice devil on the ground, he gazed down upon the grounded Chu Mu and Ye QIngzi.

Chu Mu glanced at icy death king but didn’t mind the fool.

“What did you just say, our battle determines the main attack of soul alliance?” Chu Mu asked Mu Qingyi using mental voice.

Mental communication was much faster and smoother than vocal. An instant was enough to convey one’s thoughts.

Mu Qingyi heard it from one of the elders. Originally, she thought chu Mu was told already so she told Chu Mu the basics.

Chu Mu furrowed his brows. Though he was still watching White Nightmare get caught by tai mountain giant, he was thinking about the reliability of this message.

“Chu Fanghcen, I told you, anywhere I may be, you have to go around!” Icy Death King Wu Kuang laughed mockingly.

“Of course, I’ll try to appear around Ye Qingzi. Then, I wouldn’t have to stay far away from your girl, you would have to stay far away from mine.” Wu Kuang said again.

This voice was as shrill as possible, almost allowing everyone to hear!

Such a naked threat caused everyone to fall into discussion. Everyone’s gaze fell on ye QIngzi.

“Oh, oh, I forgot, lady Mu too. These two are both rare beauties. How could you fall into this trash’s hands? I originally wanted to kill you today. However, I thought about it and realized that killing you will lose me fun. I want to make you into a useless man and force you to watch as I hug your woman and walk over your face, hahahah!” Wu Kuang’s words spread out again, falling to everyone’s ears!

After saying that, the entire stadium erupted. What sort of grudge did Wu Kuang and Chu Fangchen have, daring to say such a thing in public!!

“This Wu Kuang, he’s too arrogant!!” Teng Lang yelled.

“I want to rip his mouth open!!” Pang Yue bit down and said.

“Sister, don’t worry, this guy won’t have a good outcome. If he dares to come, even three palaces will definitely rip him apart!” Teng Lang said angrily.

Ye Qingzi’s expression didn’t change much as she still maintained her calm. This caused the angered three palace members to praise her. Chu Fangchen’s fiancee truly was too calm and collected, not even caring about such an ill-willed tease?

Ye QIngzi went with Ye Wansheng through many journeys and had heard many ugly phrased alley talks. She knew how to treat all enemy’s cruel words as simply dog barks.

Of course, most importantly, Ye Qingzi knew clearly that Wu Kuang wasn’t saying this completely out of arrogance. His true method was to anger Chu Mu to continue fighting, so he had a chance to kill them.

Ye Qingzi definitely knew Chu Mu though to this, so she kept watching Chu Mu.

Facing such words, Chu Mu didn’t become angry like everyone expected. Instead, he just stood there, his expression incredibly cold!

After a while, Chu Mu gazed at Wu Kuang and said some cold words.

“Done saying your last words?”

Last words!!

The two short words caused the entire stadium to go silent aside from Wu Kuang’s twitching facial muscles!!

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