Chapter 1005: Ancient Beast Soul Power

Two dominators! 

The entire crowd was stunned. No one expected Son of Heaven Wu Kuang to have two dominator rank soul pets! 

Indeed, even the strongest Hero Chief only had two dominator soul pets; yet, Wu Kuang had stepped into this realm too!!

If the strongest person, aside from the Alliance Master, had two genuine dominator rank soul pets, there would no longer be just a single strongest person! 

In this moment, all of the three great palace’s higher ups trembled. Another expert appeared with two dominator rank creatures. It was already hard for them to have experts that neared the dominator rank. Now, they were only filled with bitterness and helplessness; they didn’t know how to describe their emotions.

“Is it in the heavens that want our palaces to perish?” Old Hermit Jiang’s face was filled with anguish. 

“The Four Heroes and Wu Kuang. Even if Mu Qingyi is willing to help us, we’re still unable to oppose them…” 

Full of grief and bitterness, the three great palaces were in a depressed mood. 

Liu Binglan stood in the crowd and faintly felt that she had seen Son of Heaven’s second dominator rank soul pet somewhere before.

This was a beast king with an enormous horn that ostentatiously flaunted its pride. From the front of the armor on its forehead, the extremely sharp horn continuously extended upwards as if it was going to breakthrough the blue sky! 

Its flesh was filled with power. Its body was covered with countless dark colored ancient imprints. They were numerous and malevolent, as if countless poisonous centipedes were crawling on its body while its flesh would twitch! 

Its entire body exuded a stunningly powerful wildness, savagery and feeling of invincibility. Indeed, its horn that pierced the sky and wild beast aura that could smash the ground caused the soul pet trainers who had weak mental fortitude to pass out!

Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King! 

The emperor of horned beasts and the strongest creature among the beast type species!! 

After reaching the dominator rank, the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King would become even more savage and powerful. There was probably no soul pet that could compare to it in this aspect!

“So he still had another dominator rank soul pet.” Xia Zhixian stared at the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King and quietly muttered. 

Around Xia Zhixian, Bin Liao, the Dragon Absolute and the other Soul Alliance experts were all staring with fervor at this dominator rank soul pet! 

In this fight, Son of Heaven Wu Kuang already had the slight advantage. Although Mu Qingyi had summoned the White Tiger, the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King was visibly much stronger than the White Tiger!

He would not only be able to obtain a huge victory in this fight, but even Chu Fangchen and Mu Qingyi could perish! 

If these two people could be disposed of, the three great palaces would have nothing more to rely on. There was even a high chance that after the victor of this fight was decided, Soul Alliance could launch a full scale attack! 

“Hahaha, Young Lady Mu, if you have the mind to worry about that brat, it’s better if you worry about yourself!” Wu Kuang loudly laughed!

Mu Qingyi’s heart sank. She initially believed Wu Kuang was willing to challenge her because he had an ice type dominator. She never expected him to have two dominator rank soul pets!

Such strength was enough to laugh arrogantly over Wanxiang Realm. However, despite Mu Qingyi’s being shocked, she was moreso suspicious. 

According to her understanding of Wu Kuang, he should only have a single dominator. Where did the second one come from? Could the Alliance Master have gifted his disciple a xuan item? 

Xuan items were rare and valuable. The Alliance Master should have left it for himself to raise his own strength. Why would have so generously gifted it to his own disciple? 

Mu Qingyi couldn’t understand this. However, the two dominators were now charging at her, not giving her any more time to consider this. She quickly changed fighting tactics, having the White Tiger face the Icy Death King while the Crown Phoenix King faced the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King! 

When fighting like this, the Crown Phoenix King would be able to obtain a slight advantage. However, the White Tiger would be in extreme danger. Mu Qingyi couldn’t be certain that the White Tiger would last long under the Icy Death King’s attacks. 


The Fighting Heaven Horned Beast stepped up to the clouds and a beast light emerged from its horns. The aura that broke through the sky was probably capable of directly piercing any creature!

The Crown Phoenix King relied on its aerial advantage to dodge its attack. Its golden body suddenly flew into the distant horizon! 

Under the rays of the sun, the Crown Phoenix King happened to fly where the sun and the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King lined up! 

 The sun’s rays were blocked by the Crown Phoenix King and it abruptly opened its wings!!


The scorching sunlight disappeared after the phoenix gave its cry. All people could see when they looked up was a mass of darkness and the phoenix’s corona that covered the sun! 

“Phoenix Sun Scorch!” Mu Qingyi read out the name of a technique. 

Suddenly, the Crown Phoenix King’s golden flames were amplified by 50%, and the scorching golden flames surged down on the sunlight’s rays!!! 

The Fighting heaven Horned Beast King raised its head. The golden amplified sun struck its head; the enormous beast had no choice but to raise its arms above its head to block the golden surging flames! 

“Hu hu hu hu hu~~~~~”

As the flames swooped down, the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King was knocked from the sky to the ground. The golden flames were like a sun falling to the people, creating a stunning golden purgatory that covered the plains!!

“Hou hou hou!!!!”

After being burned, the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King let out an angry roar that transformed into a hurricane that blew away the ardent flames. 

However, during its process, its body was burned!

Seeing the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King wounded, Mu Qingyi became slightly relieved. 

It seemed that this Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King was only a normal pseudo emperor, a level lower than her Crown Phoenix King. This meant that there was still a chance of victory in this fight! 

The three great palaces saw that the Crown Phoenix King was visibly stronger, and also let out a sigh of relief. It seemed that this fight wasn’t over yet. 


Glancing at the three great palace members sighing in relief in the distance, a mocking smile rose on Wu Kuang’s face. 

“I’ll have you know what a true dominator is!” Son of Heaven Wu Kuang gave an order to the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King!


The Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King let out a bloodthirsty roar. The ancient imprints densely packing its body suddenly flashed with a dark light. It was as if an array was being opened. The ancient lines connected to form some ancient beast force that snaked up the vein-like imprints and condensed on the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King’s firmament horns! 

The addition of the ancient force on the horns unexpectedly cause an enormous horn soul shadow to appear! 

Mu Qingyi shockingly watched the horn soul shadow that practically reached her space. She had never seen this soul shadow technique before! 

Once the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King created its soul shadow, it became even more terrifying and savage. It practically dominated the entire space around it! 

Such a technique was stunning. The Fighting Heaven Horned Beast was already massive, towering over things like a mountain. However, the horn soul shadow created was three to four times larger than it! This spectacle had never been seen before. Witnessing right now brought everyone incomparable shock in their hearts! 

“This… could this be an Ancient Beast Soul Force…” the neutral faction Elder Tan raised his head and spoke in disbelief. 

“Old Tan, what is an Ancient Beast Soul Force?” numerous older soul pet trainer with extremely ample knowledge have never heard of this before and hastily inquired. 

“You should have heard of Elemental Ancient Willpower right?” said Tan De. 

“How could we not have heard of it? That is the perfect species technique for elemental soul pets.” 

“The Ancient Beast Soul Force is similar to the Elemental Ancient Willpower. However, it is much stronger than the Elemental Ancient Willpower. It is an extremely rare species technique among beast type soul pets. The very first Ancient Beast Soul Power was a technique similar to brute force that increased offensive power. Those techniques still appear on a few ancient beast type creature; however, that can only be considered the embryo of the Ancient Beast Soul Power. The most pure form of the Ancient Beast Soul Power is able to create something out of nothing. Just like the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King, it simulates the ancient power in the bloodline and transforms it into a substantive beast soul weapon. The offensive force created is several times higher!” 

Tan De stared closely at the illusory enormous horn soul shadow. He would unexpectedly be able to witness the ultimate beast type technique in his lifetime. Tan De felt extremely moved. He remembered back when he had stepped into the dominator realm, he had never seen this type of soul shadow power that could create something out of nothing. Now, as he was about to exit the soul pet stage, he was able to witness it. 

As Tan De explained the Ancient Beast Soul Power to the neutral faction, Old Hermit Jiang also explained the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King’s unique power to the three great palace’s experts. 

“It can amplify offensive power by over double its original amount… this Fighting Heaven horned Beast King is already a dominator. With double the offensive power, its strength will be raised by at least two levels!” after Senior Elder Shen heard this, he didn’t know what to say. 

“This is truly troublesome. I initially thought that the Crown Phoenix King, possessing flames, would be able to suppress the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King by itself…” Diagram Supreme Ke Yin’s face sank to its lowest point. 

He swept his gaze over the senior elders of the three great palace whose faces were extremely unsightly and even strange. 

“Your Majesty, how is this good?” a senior elder quietly asked.

“This information may not be true. It may be Soul Alliance intentionally bluffing.” said Diagram Supreme Ke Yin.

“But the information brought by Li Hong probably won’t be wrong. If we lose this duel, Soul Alliance really will rely on the appearance of Son of Heaven Wu Kuang and his two dominator rank soul pets.” 

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