Chapter 1004: Another Dominator Rank

“This is even more trouble.” Chao Lengchuan was secretly worried for Chu Mu. 

Chao Lengchuan, Shen Mo, Teng Lang, and Pang Yue had been with Chu Mu day and night for over a year, and never seen him every summon a second soul pet.

Initially, people thought Chu Mu’s soul was still wounded and couldn’t summon his soul pet. However, after a year, no matter what wound it was, it should have healed. Thus, everyone guessed that Chu Mu probably released his soul pets.

Once they were higher rank, occasionally they would notice breeding situations, but letting multiple soul pets go away for many years was never seen.

What caused them to be really speechless was, even if he wanted to let a few soul pets go, he shouldn’t let four soul pets go at once. How could he, a spirit emperor, run around like a spirit disciple and roam the world with just single control!

Yet, one control clearly was an issue now. Mo Ling already summoned two main soul pets of invincible emperor rank, yet he still had two more soul pets and could even switch soul pets out. A Tai Mountain giant and four top tier emperor ranks/invincible emperor ranks was definitely enough to compete against whit nightmare!

On the battlefield, Chu Mu was always extremely calm. Seeing the opponent summon other soul pets, they decisively backed off and pulled further from the battle, avoiding directly getting hit by Mo Ling’s soul pets.

Mo ling’s summoning didn’t stop. After double summoning, he did it again to bring out two more main soul pets.

In a moment, Mo Ling already had five soul pets appearing around tai Mountain Giant, overbearing.

“Hahaha, you really only have one soul!!” Mo Ling saw Chu Mu didn’t even try to summon and laughed out loud.

“I like beating more with less.” Chu Mu was calm, maybe even casual.

Chu Mu being so casual caused three palaces to worry for him even more.

“Beating more with less…… can’t he take it more seriously? If he has more trump cards, he should use them now or else he’s in trouble!” Pang Yue said.

“Ugh, the truth is he indeed is a spirit disciple with a dominator rank!” Teng Lang said in a low whisper.

Mo Ling didn’t think Chu Mu truly wanted to use less to beat more. Clearly, he could only summon one soul pet, or he didn’t have enough top tier emperor rank soul pets, and summoning others was meaningless.

“Sounds like this time I can take revenge for myself!” Mo Ling laughed.

The command was given and the four soul pets with tai mountain giant as lead killed their way towards the white devil!

The white nightmare’s attitude was truly to try to beat more with less. This challenging fight was finally exciting enough for it, able to truly bring out all its fighting passion!


Instead of backing off, white devil advanced. Everywhere its devil phantom passed by, silver white flames sprouted out like the color of snow.

Snow had a cold that seeped into one’s bones, but devil flames had a coldness that pierced straight to one’s soul. White devil’s devil flames morphed into whips that raged forth like flaming pythons writhing violently.

The black wing devil bird was the closest to the whip. This wing type organism didn’t even get to use a technique before getting slammed into the ground by a swing of the devil python.

On the ground, the Thunder Roar was incredibly confident. It actually used its thick thunder claws to grab the devil whip. However, this sturdy organism clearly overestimated its paw’s thickness. The devil flames immediately dashed into its soul and started burning it.

“Hou!!!!!!” Thunder roar roared out in pain, but relying on its determination, it held on and pulled, trying to pull white devil out of the skies.

White devil loved going head to head against others. Seeing the thunder roar so barbaric, it also yelled out and pulled its arms back, instead bringing the thunder roar’s massive beast body into the sky!

“Evil slash!” Chu Mu couldn’t let white devil do everything itself, and immediately commanded whtie devil to cast a technique.

White devil wanted to compete in pure strength against that arrogant but slow organism, but Chu Mu gave a command. It grudgingly followed Chu Mu’s orders and threw the whip away, instead slashing its two arms down as dark blades towards the thunder roar!

The evil slash flew through the sky. The thunder roar couldn’t even defend itself. The evil slash flew through its shoulder and two bloody arms flew off the thunder roar’s body.

“Attack.” Mo Ling saw his soul pet was wounded and his pride quickly disappeared, his mouth corner twitching anxiously.

Tai mountain giant, under the cover of its two partners, finally found a suitable attack opportunity. It lifted its huge fist and slammed it straight towards the white devil!


With a huge sound, white devil’s location blew up under the fist’s power. The fist’s impact was like a small meteor splitting, sending out a terrifying shockwave that sent the white devil flying!

Quickly following, Mo Ling’s other two elemental main soul pets finished their techniques and cast ice beams and wind scythes as white devil flew backwards.

Ice beam flew through the distance in an instant, slashing into the imbalanced body. The wind scythe was massive and cut the white devil into the ground too!

Seeing the white devil finally wounded, Mo Ling smiled.

It looked like white devil was strong but definitely not match for his five soul pets!

“Indeed, still a disadvantage. There’s trouble now!” Elder Teng furrowed his brow and his face turned stern.

Nightmare Emperor Jiang said angrily, “Heng, if Chu Fangchen’s white nightmare stepped into dominator rank, Mo Ling’s five soul pets would turn into corpses within minutes!”

It wasn’t clear. Chu Mu was going one versus five and was clearly very restricted.

Mu qingyi’s crown phoenix king was heavily countered by icy death king. Even though it was using its air advantage, it was still losing exchanges constantly. If she couldn’t find any other way, this battle will snowball in the opponent's favor. Crown phoenix king and white devil will not have a chance in that case.

In the sky, golden flames showed that Mu QIngyi was still rather calm. She looked down and specially checked on Chu Mu’s side.

 "He can’t win either?” Mu Qingyi thought.

If Chu Fangchen lost, Mu Qingyi truly couldn’t win. After all, Mo Ling’s Tai Mountain giant wasn’t just a decoration.

Now, Mu Qingyi didn’t dare to save her strength and chanted an incantation.

An ice diagram appeared and let out a deafening roar. Afterwards, the handsome white tiger leaped out, bringing with it an icy aura that collided with the icy death king’s!

Clearly, the icy death king was definitely better at controlling ice type than white tiger. After all, white tiger’s ice was a sub type while its main type was beast type!

With crown phoenix king and white tiger, she finally had enough to battle the icy death king!

However, Wu Kuang who knew Mu Qingyi had a powerful white tiger, only smiled and said, “I thought you thought your white tiger was too bad at controlling ice to summon in front of my icy death king…..”

Mu Qingyi obviously didn’t think that. The reason she allowed crown phoenix king to fight for so long against the icy death king was because she wanted to know just how large the difference between crown phoenix king and icy death king with the type disadvantage. Now that Mu QIngyi knew, she knew how to defeat the icy death king.

Of course, Mu QIngyi couldn't’ just worry about her own fight. She had to give a helping hand to Chu Mu.

After summoning the white tiger, Mu Qingyi summoned her nine colored phoenix and thunder sword winged tiger to help Chu Mu.

The nine colored phoenix’s power was higher than Immortal Ming bird, so restricting one or two of Mo Ling’s main soul pets shouldn’t be a problem. Thunder sword winged tiger could fight one main soul pet too. This way, Chu Fangchen could handle the pressure of five soul pets.

“Lady Mu, you have confidence. Do you really think you don’t need to go all out to fight me?” Son of heaven Wu Kuang saw Mu Qingyi’s gesture and laughed.

If Mu Qingyi hated someone, she felt that even speaking half a sentence was disgusting so Mu Qingyi never replied.

Wu Kuang again didn’t get a response. The entire time, he was simply talking to himself. The feeling of being utterly ignored caused the son of heaven to feel very uncomfortable!

Alliance master disciple was an identity that allowed him to stand above all of human realm. No one dared to be disrespectful to him. This Mu Qingyi was just trying to stay clean by relying on her strength. No wonder emperor concubine wanted to get rid of her. This person was truly ignorant!

Wu Kuang laughed on the inside. He didn’t want to waste time within the battle. White tiger’s appearance definitely didn’t mean Mu Qingyi could flip the situation around. Instead, it caused her to fall into imminent defeat because Wu Kuang had a trump card!

A chant started and Wu Kuang acted like he was summoning a soul pet!

“Go die!” Wu Kuang was in reality saying that over and over again as he released a seal that unleashed the alliance master’s soul pet!

Under such a situation, no one could tell that Wu Kuang was fake summoning. When everyone looked up and saw the dark seal in the sky, they didn’t even have time to figure out what summoning diagram it was when a sky shattering aura fell upon everyone’s hearts.

Many of the lower remembrance soul pet trainers spectating from afar fainted instantly!

With a large clump of spectators falling over unconscious, all the three palace, soul alliance, and neutral party members stared in shock!

What soul pet was son of heaven Wu Kuang summoning, powerful enough to have an aura that spanned near hundred kilometers!!

“Another……another dominator rank!!”

Some elder yelled out while everyone was experiencing the pressure, instantly silencing the crowd with astonishment!

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