Chapter 1003: Fighting Tai Mountain Giant Again

Icy Death King was covered in ice crystals that were heavenly immortal ice. Its defense was definitely stronger than even tai mountain giant’s defense!

Icy Death King was anv elemental world soul pet. It controlled absolute ice type energy and the ice type techniques it cast are definitely extremely lethal for Mu Qingyi’s crown phoenix king. The appearance of this king of ice caused everyone in three palace to lament!

A type advantage appeared in such an important battle!

More importantly, Chu Mu relied on white nightmare which had fire type, which also was restricted!

Wu Kuang’s summon caused everyone to feel as if the battle was decided. The elders were all sighing, as they wanted Mo Ling to die, but the hope wasn’t high. Chu Fangchen and Mu Qingyi may even fall into danger.

Three palace people all got weaker in spirit while the soul alliance people couldn’t hold back their smiles. Seems like no matter how powerful goddess Mu was, she wouldn’t be able to change the outcome of this match. In fact, even protecting Chu Fangchen would be difficult.

“That’s why. Thankfully Xia Flower Master didn’t bet with Wu Kuang.” Eight Desolation Bing Liao realized and said.

The appearance of icy death king truly sealed the battle. Mu Qingyi’s crown phoenix king and Chu Fangchen’s white nightmare together may not even be the match of the icy death king and its absolute ice prowess!

Xia Zhixian glanced at Bing Liao. Did he really want her as a side wife of son of heaven?

Such a bet was a loss for her no matter how you looked at it. Xia Zhixian would never play such a stupid game with Wu Kuang. Let alone, in Xia Zhixian’s eyes, Wu Kuang was just a somewhat powerful yet frivolous disciple. She wasn’t interested in a man like that at all. Most importantly, Xia Zhixian wanted to know that without alliance master, would Wu Kuang still have his current strength?

The snow flew like countless blades through the sky. Icy Death King stepped forth mightily and lifted up its arm full of icy blades!

Immediately, all the ice and snow in fifty kilometers gathered quickly towards the icy death king!!

In the vast skies, the constantly gathering snowflakes were like bladed bats, covering the skies and flying to icy death king’s arm, quickly spiralling and expanding as they joined!

In a few moments time, icy death king’s had already had a whirlpool created by icy bats. The blades occasionally collided with each other, creating metallic clashes.

 Mu QIngyi saw the icy death king launch an assault ifrst and didn’t dare underestimate it. She jumped onto crown phoenix king and told it to cast sun phoenix shield!

The crown phoenix king flapped its wings, sending golden flames from its body ahead of it to create a massive sun shield.

At the same time, icy death king’s bladed bat army gathered together. The world covering aura seemed like a natural disaster that threatened to destroy everything in its path!


The burning phoenix shield blocked ahead. Chu Mu knew this technique wasn’t easy to block and ran behind the crown phoenix’s shield along iwth White NIghtmare.

However, though the flaming phoenix shield was incredibly hot, when the icy bat army fell down like a barrage of rain, the piercing coldness still made its way into their bones. If they dared to walk into the direct path of the icy bats, they would definitely be ripped into shreds!

The golden flames slowly extinguished under the barrage of ice. Without flames, the phoenix shield quickly lost its defensive power. If it were any other dominator rank, this phoenix shield could definitely block an attack. However, the damned type counter made it so the crown phoenix king had to conjure another flame protection to stop the icy bat army!

“Step on them!” End hero Mo Ling was full of resentment. Seeing Chu Mu and Mu QIngyi fall into such a passive position after Wu Kuang’s first attack, he laughed out loud and commanded tai mountain giant to lift its massive leg up and step on them as if an avalanche were unleashed upon them!

The tai mountain giant’s step created a rock type shockwave that sent crown phoenix king and White NIghtmare far away!

In this first exchange, the stronger and weaker was already clear and Wu Kuang smiled, pleased.

Without showing his strength, did they really think I, Wu Kuang, was easy to mess with?

“Kill it!” Wu Kuang said to icy death king.

Icy death king’s armor covered legs suddenly lifted off the ground. Below its feet, a blizzard appeared and it rode it towards the crown phoenix king and White NIghtmare.

With such an imposing manner, Wu Kuang wanted to end the battle as soon as possible!

Icy death king came again, causing crown phoenix to have to take flight into the skies!

Crown phoenix king’s main type is wing type. As long as it has enough flight space, it may get some type advantage back.

Of course, because its very blood was flames, any ice typue technique would cause double damage to it. This battle must be fought very carefully by Mu Qingyi.

“You deal with the kid well, at least don’t lose before I defeat Mu Qingyi.” Wu Kuang glanced at Mo Ling and humphed.

“Don’t worry, I won’t lose this time!” Mo Ling said.

Wu Kuang didn’t anticipate Mo Ling to defeat Chu Fangchen. After all, the white nightmare was still more than enough to defeat Mo Ling. However, Wu Kuang couldn’t really let white nightmare and crown phoenix king join forces or else his icy death king would have trouble winning. He had to split them apart!

After Wu Kuang finished warning him, he jumped onto Icy Death King’s shoulder and rode the powerful glacial storm into the skies.

After Wu Kuang chased crown phoenix king into the skies, Mo Ling’s eyes became vicious, as he stared at the young man that brought him shame!

“Make him and his white nightmare into mincemeat!” Mo Ling said to Tai Mountain giant!

Tai Mountain Giant stepped forth heavily and lifted both hands up high while letting out an angry roar!

The power of rock type gathered in tai mountain giant’s arms. Its palms swiftly conjured a massive mountain that was thrown towards the White NIghtmare!!

Such a mountain falling from the skies was an immense power. How could the ground withstand such a landing?


A massive sound reverberated through the space. Unable to dodge in time, White NIghtmare was smashed beneath the shattered mountain. The entire mountain caused the ground to collapse underneath it. However, the mountain itself was incredibly sturdy, not even sustaining a single crack. One could tell that it was formed from an incredibly dense rock energy crystal, meaning it was also hundreds of times heavier than normal mountains!!

The mountain landing created stifling pressure on everyone. The dominator rank technique caused all the spectators to realize just how weak they were!

However, everyone wanted to know whether the white nightmare, who didn't seem to have much defense, would be heavily wounded!

Everyone gazed at the massive mountain, Suddenly, a White NIghtmare flame sprouted from some of the cracks in the mountain!

“Gezhi~~ Gezhi~~~~~~~”

The mountain started making cracking sounds. From far away, one could see clearly that at the top, a lightning bold like route appeared that snapped the massive mountain into two!


With a large sound, people saw the White NIghtmare floating within the shattering rocks. The silver figure had used its brute force to shatter the entire mountain and float above the slowly collapsing structure. It gazed emotionlessly at tai mountain giant!!

“Give it some pressure!” Chu Mu said to white nightmare.

White Nightmare’s pupils flashed once, seeming incredibly demonic.

After chanting a strange incantation, White NIghtmare suddenly pushed its palm downwards!


Tai mountain giant couldn’t even react before its legs suddenly sank into the ground as if it got pushed downwards by some heavy force!

“What’s wrong?” End hero Mo Ling was surprised and glanced back. However, the moment he lowered his head, he felt his skull was abnormally heavy. He tripped and was nearly pressed into tai mountain giant’s shoulder by the strange force.

“It’s other type powers!” Mo Ling bit down and thought.

Mo Ling felt his body become incredibly heavy. Clearly, this was a gravity imposed upon them through spatial control. Such gravity was more evident the larger the organism was. No wonder it could cause his tai mountain giant to sink into the ground without being able to get back up with a simple gesture!

Changing gravity was something rock type could do as well. Tai mountain giant quickly cast a technique to change the dirt structure under its feet so tai mountain giant wouldn’t sink down.

Once the dirt was restructured, the gravity became weaker and tai mountain giant stepped forth to escape the gravity field.

“Explosive space!” Suddenly, a sound came through coldly.

Tai mountain giant had just escaped the gravity space when the region it stepped into blew up with energy, causing tai mountain giant to fly out and slam into the manmade mountain, collapsing it in the process…..

Tai mountain giant stood up slowly. On its shoulder, Mo Ling gazed frustrated at the unpredictable whtie nightmare.

Last time, Mo Ling wasn’t aware of the powerful techniques it had, and so lost in one fell swoop. Yet this time, after a few exchanges, Mo Ling couldn’t help but admit that his tai mountain giant indeed wasn’t this white nightmare’s match.However, Mo Ling couldn’t be stupid neough to only let White NIghtmare fight alone.

After falling into disadvantage, Mo Ling casted an incantation and summoned two more, bringing out the invincible emperor black winged devil bird and Thunder Roar!

“Heng, I don’t expect someone your age to have this many invincible and top tier emperor ranks!” Mo Ling said.

Seeing Mo Ling summon more, Prince Chao, Teng Lang, and Pang Yue all were more worried.

Chu Fangchen was an abnormal single control freak!

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