Chapter 1002: Icy Death King

The violent wind whistled and urged the snow flowers along. Fields of view were all hazy. 

Wu Kuang looked at Mu Qingyi who was only wearing a neither thin nor thick robe and a trace of playfulness flahsed through his eyes: “Isn’t Young Lady Mu cold dressed like that?” 

As he spoke, he began to examine Mu Qingyi’s figure. Under the dancing snow, the simple yet elegantly dressed Mu Qingyi’s figure she was proud of was accentuated. Especially under such a simple piece of clothing in the winter, when her robe fluttered in the wind, it couldn’t help but make people fantasize about the magnificent allure underneath the glossy clothing. 

As Wu Kuang spoke, Mo Ling was also examining Mu Qingyi. Indeed, he had already had desires towards her. Unfortunately, his strength was inferior to her’s, and trying to take this woman for himself was harder than climbing the heavens itself. Thus in the past, he hadn’t dared asked for this trouble. 

Towards the Son of Heaven’s undisguised lecherous gazes, Mu Qingyi was as calm as an ice sculpture. Her eyes contained a bit of contempt towards him; clearly this Wu Kuang was not a good fellow!

Subconsciously, Mu Qingyi began to compare the adjacent Chu Mu with Wu Kuang. When compared, she preferred Chu Mu’s calm even in front of breathtaking beauties. As for Wu Kuang who looked extremely frivolous, he was actually both careless and restless!  

Mu Qingyi ignored Wu Kuang’s intentional teases. However, she did glance at Chu Mu, wanting to know what his reaction was. Back in Wanxiang Altar, Wu Kuang had clearly wanted to approach Ye Qingzi, but had been met with Chu Mu’s evil actions and words. His face had even been broken. Now that Wu Kuang was acting immorally towards her, shouldn’t this man also show something too? 

Unfortunately, Chu Mu made Mu Qingyi disappointed. He just stood there like an ice sculpture… 

“Truly no elegance.” Mu Qingyi muttered somewhat unhappily. 

Unless he intentionally wanted to provoke the enemy before a fight, Chu Mu normally wouldn’t talk nonsense. As for Mu Qingyi’s thoughts, how would Chu Mu understand them? 

Chu Mu didn’t notice, but Wu Kuang noticed Mu Qingyi’s small actions. The rumors were that War Goddess Mu Qingyi and Soul Palace’s Chu Fangchen didn’t have an ordinary relationship; now, he was even sure that there was something adulterous going on between the two of them. 

Wu Kuang was indeed charming. However, he had never obtained a woman of Mu Qingyi, Xia Zhixian, and Ye Qingzi’s level. Seeing Mu Qingyi ostensibly with feelings towards this brat, jealousy quickly rose in his heart. He glared at Chu Mu. 

“Hmph, aren’t you just someone with a White Nightmare nearing the dominator rank? Me trampling you to death will be as easy as flipping my hand. Today I’ll waste you then take all of your woman away with me.” silently said Wu Kuang in his heart! 

Imagining him holding a beauty in either arm and then watching this Chu Fangchen, who didn’t even care about him, crawl in the snow like a dead dog, Wu Kuang’s mood turned happy. 


This duel would ultimately be adjudicated by an experienced neutral faction member. 

Since both sides were ready, the old adjudicator began to read out the rules. 

The reality was that rules had no meaning here. All four members had surpassed the emperor rank and their method of fighting wouldn’t be restrained by some worldly rules. This included the proviso about nor harming the lives of any of the members. 

Normally, a duel required both sides to simultaneously summon soul pets. However, this time, the fight this time was a contest between dominator ranks. Emperor rank soul pets would have extremely little use and could very well be instakilled. Therefore, the adjudicator merely said the words “the fight begins”, skipping the summoning stage.

After the adjudicator gave his instructions, Chu Mu was the first to chant an incantation. 

Silver white devil flames jumped out under Chu Mu legs, slowly igniting his entire body. When the imposing devil flames covered his entire body, Chu Mu took a slow step back. The devil flames covering his body transformed into a reflection of himself that continued to burn in the air...

His originally stoic face, in the ostentatious devil flames, opened evilly phantomic eyes before cracking a sinister and dark smile! 

The silver white devil flames exuded a bone chilling cold in the violent snowstorm, causing the spectating soul pet trainers to tremble. 

“This is the White Nightmare that inherited the Nightmare Ancestor’s power!!” 

“The devil flame is still a unique silver white color. Back then, its Worldly Devil Swords were astonishing, and nearly killed Mo Ling’s Titan Giant!” 

“Yes. This White Nightmare is close to the dominator rank.” 

Seeing Chu Mu summon the White Nightmare, numerous soul pet trainers that hadn’t seen the White Nightmare before began to exclaim. 

Surpassing the emperor rank was a qualitative leap. This was a step that many soul pet trainers who believed they were abnormally talented still hadn’t reached even after growing white hair. However, the man standing in the snowstorm battlefield in front of them was only so young and had already stepped into a realm they would be unable to their entire lives. This made these older generation members feel bitter! 

“Just this White Nightmare?” Wu Kuang glanced at Mo Ling and indifferently laughed, “You lost to this White Nightmare. It seems that your Fourth Hero position..” 

Mo Ling’s expression changed and he hastily said: “His White Nightmare isn’t simple. Its techniques are extremely terrifying.” 

Purely in terms of fighting ability, the Tai Mountain Giant was probably equivalent to the White nightmare. However, Mo Ling had lost to its dominator rank techniques which its Tai Mountain Giant was unable to use. 

“Don’t bother explaining. Summon your soul pets. I’ll give you another chance to deal with him.” said Wu Kuang. 

Mo Ling nodded his head and didn’t dare say anything. He quickly chanted, summoning his Tai Mountain Giant. 

Mo LIng knew that his Tai Mountain Giant probably wasn’t the opponent of Chu Fangchen’s White Nightmare. However, in this dual person duel, there was no limitation on the number of soul pets. He had already planned on having his other four soul pets deal with Chu Fangchen. He didn’t believe that the power of Chu Fangchen’s other soul pets was stronger than his own.

After finishing the incantation, a surge of power suddenly arose in the snowy ground. A towering Tai Mountain Giant split the earth and appeared like a towering mountain on the snowy white ground. 

The Tai Mountain Giant was towering down, carrying an insufferable arrogance. However, when this mountain-like giant saw the silver white colored devil flame creature cracking an evil smile, a trace of anger and fear flickered in its large eyes!

In that fight, the third devil sword had caused it to take a step into hell. Ultimately, it had been saved by the Empress Concubine. 

The pain from the devil sword piercing its heart still left a slight lingering pain in its chest and head. Now that it had to face this terrifying devil flaming Nightmare again, it truly wasn’t able to maintain its arrogance! 

“I must wash away the humiliation with blood!” Mo Ling grit his teeth and spoke savagely. 

If they were fighting alone, perhaps the Tai Mountain Giant wasn’t the White Nightmare’s opponent. However, in this duel, Wu Kuang had brought one of the Alliance Master’s soul pets. He would definitely retrieve his reputation! 

Mu Qingyi saw both people summon their soul pets. Everyone knew what her soul pets were and Wu Kuang had probably collected information on her before this fight. Therefore, there was nothing to hide. 

Mu Qingyi chanted an incantation and a golden light began to proliferate. Scorching hot tongues of flame began to dance in the several kilometers around Mu Qingyi! 

The ardent flame easily transformed the pure white snow into water that evaporated into the air. 

Under the golden illumination, the torrential flames’ aura precluded the spectators from feeling the biting cold; in fact, the lashing flames were so hot that they couldn’t feel anything.

It was impossible to stare directly at the golden light. The Crown Phoenix King’s flaming body gradually appeared, hovering high above Mu Qingyi, accentuating her beauty and grandeur!

Wu Kuang used his hand to cover the dazzling light. When the Crown Phoenix King had carried out its execution by fire a few days ago, he had realized that this dominator rank soul pet wasn’t easy to deal with. Now that the Crown Phoenix King was staring at him with hostility, the might and power it carried told him that the information he had gathered earlier was unable to describe exactly how powerful the Crown Phoenix King was!

The appearance of the Crown Phoenix King stunned the entire crowd. Among them, numerous people had already witnessed the Crown Phoenix King use techniques; however, each time they did, they would still feel shock in their hearts!

“Can Son of Heaven Wu Kuang truly deal with this unparalleled fire type phoenix?” 

“Indeed. This is the highest ranking soul pet in our human realm!” 

Discussions rang out. A dominator rank fight was rare, so presumably the soul pet trainers this time would be able to enjoy an incomparable shocking feast for their eyes! 

Mu Qingyi had summoned her Crown Phoenix King so Wu Kuang, despite his arrogance, couldn’t just stand there alone after the opponent had summoned her dominator rank soul pet. 

His mouth curved into a smile and he adeptly began to chant. 

A frosty aura slowly proliferated. An icy energy faintly began to suppress the Crown Phoenix King’s scorching hot energy… 

When the Crown Phoenix King appeared, a golden light illuminated a huge area of space, causing the area of ten kilometers of light to no longer snow. However, when Wu Kuang summoned his soul pet, the icy snow once more descended from the sky. The biting winter aura once more engulfed the plains battlefield! 

The earth froze over once more. In front of Wu Kuang, an enormous icy snow summoning array appeared. A creature covered in an ice king armor quietly emerged in the center of the battlefield! 

This was the Icy Death Devil with absolute icy snow power that after reaching the dominator rank, became the Icy Death King!! 

Its appearance caused the snowstorm to fly even more violently, even turning it into substantive attacks that lashed at the sky and earth!!

The stare from its eyes was capable of freezing anything it looked at. Any creature would thus die in its absolute ice! 

“This… this is an ice type dominator…” seeing Wu Kuang summon his soul pet, Mu Qingyi immediately creased her eyebrows and her heart also went cold! 

“This is a bit of trouble.” Chu Mu couldn’t help but rub his temples. 

An ice type dominator rank was undoubtedly fatal pressure on the Crown Phoenix King. 

Moreover, Chu Mu’s White Nightmare had the secondary fire attribute, making it probably very hard for it to fight the Icy Death King head on. While Mu Qingyi’s White Tiger was also an ice type creature, it ultimately hadn’t reached the dominator rank… 

“No wonder Wu Kuang was so confident. This is going to put us on the defensive.” said Mu Qingyi.

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