Chapter 1001: If You Want Someone to Die, It Will Be Difficult

In the three days before the duel, all of Wanxiang City had heard of the news. 

The repercussions of this duel was far greater than Chu Mu and Mo Ling’s fight. Not only would these two people appear, but the arisen Mu Qingyi and the mysterious Son of Heaven would also appear. Presumably, more people would want to find out what powerful soul pets these two experts who already stood in the dominator rank possessed! 

The entire Wanxiang City was in a hubbub over this. There were even people spreading rumors that the first fight could break out between the two factions because of this. The winner and loser could directly affect which of the two factions controlled Wanxiang Realm! 

Regardless of the rumors, the importance of this duel was far greater than any fight in the past!

Soul Alliance and the three great palaces were both preparing for this fight, setting up defenses beforehand. 

Only, as everyone was busy and nervous, the crux of the matter, Chu Mu himself, was languidly accompanying his wife in the forest outside the city, talking and laughing, extremely in love with each other. His happy and content manner was completely unlike a person who was about to face a fierce battle. 

Outside the city, Chu Mu naturally had to train the small Dead Dream, who was a very good fighter. Moreover, as a nirvana phoenix, it seemed to inherit a few of the fighting skills of the dark Dead Dream; its fighting experience could even be described as ample. In the past, when Chu Mu had trained the Little Hidden Dragon, he had to teach it one step at a time, while also imbuing it with knowledge. However, the Dark Lightning Dead Dream was an innate small monster at fighting. While it was in the first phase, it had already challenged all of the hegemons in the forest outside the city. Now, when these hegemons saw Dead Dream, they would all hide, no longer daring to act tyrannical in the forest outside the city. In fact, Dead Dream felt that the phase and stage and ranks of the soul pets here were a bit low. They didn’t provide enough stimulus. 

In the three days that Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi flirted with each other, the Dead Dream rose from the first stage to the first phase seventh stage. 

This speed of growth was slightly slow. Once the duel was finished, Chu Mu would immediately head over to the eastern side and retrieve the Growth Spring. Indeed, the conflict between Soul Alliance and the three great palaces was growing increasingly deep. It was said that just a little while ago in another city, a senior elder had perished. 


Freezing snow was wantonly dancing in the biting wind. Normally in a winter like this, the average person would be unwilling to come out of the house unless there was a special occasion. 

Today, there was a huge snowstorm. By noon, the ground and sky was covered in a boundless snowstorm that showed no signs of slowing down. The snow continuously whipped into the trees outside the city… 

The eastern side of Wanxiang City had a plain. On the plain were several trees, but they had begun to sag under the heavy snow. 

The thick snow could probably even engulf a person. The whistling wind and dancing snowflakes weaved through the air, covering everything in a boundless white!

It was a snowy scenery with only one color; a quiet alluring beauty of the season, making people yearn for nature. Simultaneously, the color, intensity and ferocity of the moving scenery filled people with reverence towards nature!

At noontime on this plain of heavy wind and snow, there were countless soul pet trainers gathered here. 

The wind and snow greatly affected the low ranking soul pet trainers; but as their ranks rose, the snow and wind would just become decoration. Soul pet trainers learned how to take advantage of the environment they were in to fight, unless the environment was extremely dangerous… 

The three great palaces, Soul Alliance and the neutral faction. The Wanxiang City of present had visibly been divided into three. 

Of course, the neutral faction was composed of countless scattered and small factions. In the future, they would inevitably be swallowed up by Soul Alliance and the three great palaces. 

“Son of Heaven, they’ve arrived.” Mo Ling quietly spoke in Wu Kuang’s ear. 

The present Wu Kuang had completely degraded into Wu Kuang’s attendant. His lowly and reverent attitude was a bit artificial! 

“Only she has come. The other person is someone who is destined to die by arriving here.” laughed Wu Kuang.     

Very unexpectedly, Chu Fangchen had appeared. This put Wu Kuang in a good mood. He was truly afraid that Chu Fangchen would choose to run away. If that happened, then he would have exposed his strength for no reason! 

“That person is Chu Fangchen?” Hero Support Xia Zhixian quietly stood to the side. Her flirtatious and pretty eyes were sizing up Chu Fangchen, whose reputation had most recently been surging. 

“Could you be interested in him?” Wu Kuang raised his eyebrows as he spoke. 

“Son of Heaven must be joking. This Chu Fangchen emerged in Snow City and swept through the heavens; after, he defeated Zhu Chao in Soul City and a year ago he nearly caused our Fourth Hero to lose his favorite pet…” Xia Zhixian warmly and elegantly laughed. Her warm town seemed to be almost praising him. 

Son of Heaven Wu Kuang felt a bit uncomfortable listening to that. He indifferently said: “Could Flower Master Xia really think that today he will be able to obtain a huge victory like in the past? Then do you dare make a bet with me?” 

“Make a bet?” Xia Zhixian didn’t know what Wu Kuang meant. 

“You can bet on Chu Fangchen and Mu Qingyi winning. If that happens, I will gift an incomplete flower type xuan item from my master to Flower Master Xia.” Wu Kuang wore a confident smile as he spoke.

“An incomplete xuan item?” Xia Zhixian’s eyes lit up. 

A xuan item couldn’t just be found anywhere. Back then, the Empress Concubine had expended a huge amount in Xiangrong City just to obtain the xuan item. Who would have predicted the silver devil stealing it away. It was because of this that the Empress Concubine was unwilling to eat for a long while. 

Although Wu Kuang was only speaking of an incomplete xuan item, as long as the method to restore and fix this item could be found, it would be a true xuan item that could create a dominator rank soul pet! 

How could Xia Zhixian not be moved for this item? 

However, Xia Zhixian wasn’t some young lady who could be easily enticed. She put on a bit smile and asked: “And if I lose?” 

Wu Kuang also laughed. However, his eyes were filled with a bit of desire and he didn’t cover it up: “Flower Master Xia can use your body. I’m sure that the reason why Flower Master Xia hasn’t been able to find Mr. Right after such a long time is only because I, Wu Kuang, haven’t appeared before you yet. After today, Flower Master Xia will no longer have to be alone.” 

Wu Kuang’s words caused Fourth Hero Mo Ling, Eight Desolations Ju Que, Dragon Absolute Wen Luo, and other Scar and Investigator experts to all let out a sigh. Only Son of Heaven Wu Kuang would dare to flirt with Flower Hero Xia Zhixian. If it were anyone else, they would meet a splendid death under Xia Zhixian’ elegant and refined smiling face! 

“Let’s forget it then. The winner of this fight has already been decided. What’s the point in making a bet?” Xia Zhixian faintly laughed, tactfully declining the bait Wu Kuang had thrown at her. 

Xia Zhixian’s ability to talk was very skillful. She had both declined while also indicating that Wu Kuang would inevitably win. This made Wu Kuang still comfortable with what he was hearing. Thus, he continued to flirt: “The truth is that I am always generous to women. It doesn’t matter who wins or loses this bet, Flower Master Xia will still obtain the item you want.” 

Xia Zhixian laughed but didn’t say anything. She didn’t believe that a mere incomplete xuan item was worth her own body. 


There naturally was a huge group of experts cheering on Soul Alliances side. The three great palaces didn’t lack experts either and imperceptibly, this transformed into a contest between the two big factions. 

Last time, Fourth Hero Mo Ling had suffered a great defeat, severely affecting Soul Alliance’s morale. This time, Son of Heaven Wu Kuang had appeared. Naturally he wanted to wash away the humiliation and deliver everyone from the three great palaces the shadow of a defeat they would be unable to forget! 

On the other side, Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi had already walked into the fighting barrier. 

The destruction power of dominator rank soul pets was nothing to be trifled with. A single technique was destructive and if it flew directly at Wanxiang City, the explosion of energy afterwards would kill a huge amount of people. Therefore, the neutral faction had to do a good job of constructing the barrier.

Of course, the barrier was only a safety measure. Whether it could actually stop a dominator rank technique was hard to say. Therefore, the location of the fight was to occur as far away from the city as possible. Moreover, 50 kilometers away from the city, a large group of earth type soul pet trainers erected a man made mountain that would block energy. 

This had all been prepared starting three days ago. 

“Chu Fangchen, do you see the woman in the yellow windbreaker standing in Soul Alliance’s faction?” Mu Qingyi quietly spoke to Chu Mu. 

“You mean the one who looks pretty good?” Chu Mu swept his eyes across and discovered a woman wearing a yellow windbreaker there. Her charm and mature beauty was particularly outstanding. That happened to be Flower Hero Xia Zhixian! 

“You use that kind of method to differentiate women?” Mu Qingyi didn’t expect Chu Mu to describe her like that, and couldn’t help but mutter. 

“Haha, it was only what I thought after taking a glance.” casually said Chu Mu.

“That person is Xia Zhixian. If she happens to fight with Son of Heaven Wu Kuang, we won’t have any chance of victory.” said Mu Qingyi.     

“Yes, I witnessed her supporting abilities in Xiangrong City. Eight Desolation Bin Liao’s strength shouldn’t be much stronger than the Poison Desolation, but after her support, he was able to fight a dominator rank soul pet head on.” Chu Mu nodded his head. 

Part of the reason Xia Zhixian had appeared here was to protect Fourth Hero Mo Ling. With her present, it would be hard for their side to die. 

“It seems that killing Mo Ling this time will be hard.” Mu Qingyi was a bit disappointed. 

“We have Qingzi. Your and my soul pets will not be in any life threatening danger.” said Chu Mu.

Even if Ye Qingzi wasn’t as strong as Xia Zhixian, she was also a soul teacher and combining her supporting soul pets and her soul methods, it would be difficult to die in her hands. Especially in this fight, where the difference in strength wasn’t too big. 

In this type of situation, unless one side could make the other instantly die, the moment one side’s life was in danger, that side’s experts would immediately appear and prevent any more. Immediately after, a soul teacher or support soul pet trainer would have time to save that side. With Ye Qingzi and Xia Zhixian’s abilities, as long as they were still breathing, they would be able to be saved…  

As he spoke, Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi had already reached the center of the battlefield. 

At this point, Fourth Hero Mo Ling and Son of Heaven Wu Kuang walked over. The two of them looked at each other with no fear in their eyes. In fact, a bit of giddiness could be seen in their eyes. 

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