Book 2 Chapter 100 - Earth Fiend Dream Demon, Terrifying Dream Trap

Chapter 100: Earth Fiend Dream Demon, Terrifying Dream Trap

The loss of his first soul caused Chu Mu to endure much ridicule within Gangluo City. Maybe normally, Chu Mu could act more mature than children his age, but to any child with a great longing to be a soul pet trainer, with the most sincere soul pact becoming a lie, a betrayal, and ultimately ruining his life, it would be absolutely devastating!

Stepping back into the soul pet trainer realm, Chu Mu had already slowly forgotten this event. After four years of training, he also stepped into the top tier of young soul pet trainers. However, just when Chu Mu had gotten used to missing a soul and was able to compete against experts with three souls using only two souls, the abandoned soul pet actually appeared again before him.

Finally finding the lost soul was an excitement that couldn’t be kept down!!

“I beg of you, let me go……” The deserted angel let out its pitiful pleas, her two pure and beautiful pupils shining with the most unrefusable begging.

She had a perfect face. She was unclothed yet pure, and had an un-taintable body, in addition to a superior manner unlike anything mortal. Such an angel's pitiful pleas could pierce straight through the body and into the deepest part of one’s soul, causing one to do as she said without any guard against her.

If not for knowing her previously, Chu Mu would have definitely been tricked by her appearance. Yet, Chu Mu had already fallen for it once. Though he didn't know why the girl wanted to lie to him like this, lying was lying, and betraying was betraying. No matter how devastatingly beautiful she was, able to allure all living things, no matter how pure or holy her unblemished heart seemed, Chu Mu couldn’t trust her ever again!

“Don’t use such a laughable pretense to try and trick me and my youthfulness. I want to remove my contract with you.” Chu Mu didn’t leave any room for negotiation with her.

“I beg of you, don’t do this. I don’t want to remove my pact with you. I can swear I will never leave again, and that I will stay by you to protect you……” Her gorgeous pupils started welling up and sparkling tears fell down her perfect face.

Seeing this young girl’s tears, Chu Mu’s inner heart felt an unknown stir, especially when he thought of undoing his contract with her.

Maybe she really realized the shame of lying and betrayal, or maybe every man would be moved by a goddess-like woman such as her. Every time when Chu Mu wanted to chant the incantation that would hurt his soul, Chu Mu felt a heaviness on his heart, stopping him from doing it.

Yet, Chu Mu still had to undo the contract. She was the most unique girl soul pet of the soul pet world. She transcended the strict boundary between humans and soul pets. Such soul pet only appeared in the most ancient and tragically beautiful legends.

Yet, once she appeared, human-like soul pets would cause the entire world to go crazy, especially a perfect angel that was born in a sea of the purest flowers.

Not a single soul pet trainer would summon her onto the battlefield. Also, no one would make her stay in a soul pet space, so the best way was to remove their contract. This was paying only a year of soul damage to earn back the first soul he had lost for many years.

“First soul pact, second soul pact……” Chu Mu finally started to chant his spell. The first soul pact had to come back. Once it came back, Chu Mu could use his first soul to summon more soul pets to help him fight. Only then could he deal with Xia Guanghan…...

Xia Guanghan…...

For some reason, when he remembered Xia Guanghan, Chu Mu’s mind was attacked by a dizzying feeling, and the soul pact rescinding spell was suddenly broken…...




The Royal Flamed Nine Tail Inferno Fox Mo Xie’s eyes became sorrowful. Mo Xie and Chu Mu were connected mentally, so she could feel what Chu Mu was thinking. Yet, Mo Xie couldn’t stop Chu Mu from thinking it.

“Quiet, quiet, don’t disturb your owner’s beautiful dream……” A sound that reeked with disingenuity and coldness floated over.

“Wuwuwuwu~~~~~~~~” Mo Xie called without rest, wanting to awaken Chu Mu, because if Chu Mu didn’t wake up any sooner……”

“Fourth soul pact, rescind!”

Violently, a powerful and cold mental wave came into Mo Xie’s mind. It was a command from the owner of the soul pact. If this mental command were too strong, the soul pet couldn’t reject it, and was only able to accept it.

“Wuwuwuwu~~~~~~~” Mo Xie bit her teeth and relied on her tenacious mental strength to forcefully reject Chu Mu’s soul pact rescinding.

Mo Xie’s body started burning with the double royal flames of anger. The raging flames continuously burned within the deep blue sky forest. Yet, this flame couldn’t spread or even burn off the sky vines tightly bound on her.

The person controlling the sky vines to bind Mo Xie was Xia Guanghan. At this moment, Xia Guanghan stood right before Chu Mu. His soul remembrance had forcefully pierced into Chu Mu’s mental world, causing Chu Mu to be unable to awake from his dream.

Beside Xia Guanghan, there was a terrifying Earth Fiend Dream Demon. The Earth Fiend Dream Demon’s eyes constantly shifted in color. If the Dream Demon’s eyes changed color, it meant that it was currently creating dreams within a target’s conscious that would serve to reach its goal!

“Dream Trap!!”

In reality, all the way back to when Chu Mu felt the stimulation of the sleeping pollen and wanted to sleep, Chu Mu had already stepped into Xia Guanghan’s eighth phase Dream Demon’s terrifying Dream Trap.

The Black Wood Demon Warriors didn’t exist; it was only a soul pet that Chu Mu imagined could protect this demon world.

The magnificent, many styled, and astoundingly blue flower sea was also not real. What Chu Mu saw was only a distant memory hidden in his inner mind that was dug up by the Earth Fiend Dream Demon…...

This girl that could only be described with perfection from head to toe was also just a shadow from Chu Mu’s memories!

These memories had long been buried in the deepest parts of Chu Mu’s heart, and he never easily opened it up. Yet, after unknowingly stumbling into the Earth Fiend Dream Demon’s Dream Trap, Chu Mu slowly walked back into this unbearable memory of his…...

The perfect girl, as if the highest angel, having the most perfect face, most perfect body, most perfect quality- this was Chu Mu’s first soul pet. She was almost no different to a human, yet she could sign a soul pet contract with a human. The young Chu Mu didn’t know why she chose to sign a soul pact with him, but afterward, she deceived Chu Mu and occupied Chu Mu’s first soul by choosing to abandon him.

The scariest thing was that it wasn’t completely false, but Chu Mu was instead completely confused by the Earth Fiend Dream Demon. He thought Mo Xie, who was binded by Xia Guanghan, was his first soul pet, so when he cast his incantation, he thought he said “First soul pact, rescind!”, but in reality he said “Fourth soul pact, rescind!”

Chu Mu’s first and second soul pacts were taken by the perfect girl. For his third soul pact, Xia Guanghan forced him to sign with a White Nightmare. His fourth soul pact was the soul pact between him and Mo Xie!

Xia Guanghan definitely wasn’t an easy opponent. He had already guessed that Chu Mu’s reason for entering the deep blue sky forest was to suppress his soul pets with a stronger aura.

Indeed, this move restricted Xia Guanghan greatly. Xia Guanghan couldn’t summon his eighth phase monarch rank soul pet or ninth phase commander rank soul pet, yet Chu Mu still underestimated the scariness of Xia Guanghan’s Earth Fiend Dream Demon

The Earth Fiend Dream Demon had a very strong ability to hide its own aura, and it was able to approach enemies without being detected. Also, as long as it kept its distance, it wouldn’t easily be detected by more powerful soul pets.

The Earth Fiend Dream Demon was an eighth phase monarch rank, and was very easily able to startle the owner of this blue sky forest. The Earth Fiend Dream Demon could therefore only stay in its hidden state and lay down a hard to detect Dream Trap, causing Chu Mu, who had already stepped into the territory of the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor, to fall prey to it.

Xia Guanghan wouldn’t kill Chu Mu that easily. Also, if he killed Chu Mu, Chu Mu’s soul mark would still be within the soul pet. For at least a year, Mo Xie wouldn’t be able to sign a soul pact with any human.

However, if Chu Mu rescinded the soul pact, with the help of soul items that could remove the original owner’s aura within the soul pet’s soul, he could successfully sign a soul pact without having to wait a long year…...

And the moment Chu Mu rescinded his soul pact with the Nine Tailed Inferno Fox, Xia Guanghan would kill Chu Mu without any mercy.

This time Xia Guanghan was fully prepared. His soul pacts were already full, so if he wanted another soul pet space, he would need two more remembrances. With Xia Guanghan’s current level, raising two remembrances was very hard.

So this time, he was putting down a fortune, bringing the Soul Healing Stamen he had spent a fortune on over. Once he found Chu Mu’s Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox, he would decisively rescind his soul pact with his Ice Winged Tiger and use the incredibly rare Soul Healing Stamen to immediately recover his soul pact. Then, he would forcefully sign a soul pact with the Royal Flame Nine Tailed Inferno Fox.

A continuously mutating soul pet. As long as he brought it up successfully, even beyond Nightmare Palace and looking at the entire world, there wouldn’t be many opponents for Xia Guanghan.

At this time, the world’s rarest soul pet was about to fall into his hands and Xia Guanghan’s face unleashed an unsuppressable smile.


“Fourth soul pact, rescind!” Chu Mu cast his incantation again. This voice was ice cold, yet it was a command that was hard to resist.

“Wu~~~~~” Mo Xie’s body had already been completely confined, so she was only able to bite her teeth against Chu Mu’s mental command…...

“If you resist any more, I’ll kill him!” Xia Guanghan coldly glanced at the tenaciously resisting Mo Xie and said in a frigid tone towards Mo Xie.

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