Book 2 Chapter 10 - Luo Region Nightmare Prince, Yang Luosen

Chapter 10: Luo Region Nightmare Prince, Yang Luosen

Sitting in the bath tub and feeling the steaming water slide across his skin was indeed an enjoyable feeling, especially since there was a very aromatic scent in the water……

It’s been about four years since he’s enjoyed this feeling of being served. Surviving on the island, isolated and dangerous, with only death as company caused his nerves to be constantly taut. Once there was a chance to let down his guard after being constantly on the edge, it was an immediate relief, as if he was completely released.

Four years, with nothing but survival, through nothing but battles. Such a life would finally end today, and he could even return to the home he left for four years. Such emotion was truly hard to describe with words.

If possible, Chu Mu wanted to leave right now towards Gangluo City, stand in front of his father, and tell him that he was still alive!!

His mind wandered everywhere. In the enveloping steamy water and flower scent, Chu Mu thought about a lot of things while looking at the decorated ceiling. As if he were an age old wanderer, the sadness within his eyes was something the two servants would never be able to read.

“Sister Ting Yu, what is he doing?” The servant girl Qing He, who was adding hot water to the tub, asked in a very low whisper.

Ting Yu shook her head, sneaking a glance at Chu Mu, who was enjoying time alone. Without knowing why, Ting Yu felt that this man was different from the previous caveman. The loneliness and disappointment under the severe mask he held released a mysterious and unique quality, causing Ting Yu to be indescribably curious- curious about the story behind those black pupils.

“Just now, I heard others say that another genius has come from Nightmare Palace. This person, at the age of eighteen, has broken Xia Guanghan’s, or Boss Xia’s, own record as the youngest King of Prison Island at the age of twenty one. In less than half a day, this person’s name had already spread to all the big figures’ ears.” Seeing that Chu Mu was still in deep thought, Qing He started conversing with Ting Yu again in whispers.

“Is it him?” Ting Yu said with surprise, looking again at Chu Mu’s determined face.

In reality, after taking a shower, Chu Mu had already changed greatly, slowly revealing a pressingly heroic appearance. If he shaved off his straggly facial hair, he would definitely be a confident and handsome teen.

“I think so. Those sisters that came with us must be regretting everything now. If he can be as strong as Xia Guanghan, then after ten years, maybe we can become like sister Feng Xiang as well…...So, what is the King of Prison Island again?” Qing He said.

“......” Ting Yu was speechless. Seeing that this girl was so excited, as if she married a good man, Ting Yu thought that she knew what the King of Prison Island meant.

Ting Yu came from Eternal Ocean, the same place where Prison Island was, so naturally she knew of Prison Island as well. Explaining immediately, she said,”The Prison Island is an island of death. Every three years they imprison three thousand people on the island and let only one live……”

“Ah? That scary?” Qing He said with surprise as she opened her small mouth, staring in disbelief at the apathetic looking Chu Mu. She then pointed her finger at Chu Mu and said in a softer voice, “Then he…...”

“Yes, it is very likely that he just came back from Prison Island alive…...” Ting Yu nodded.

In reality, Ting Yu herself was shocked as well. If this caveman-like teen was really that King of Prison Island, then she really did follow the right person this time. It was unthinkable as to just how high a position this man could obtain after he broke Xia Guanghan’s honorable record.

“Approximately how far is it from Luo Region?” Chu Mu opened his mouth and asked.

“Ah?” Both girls were startled, not expecting that the statue-like Chu Mu would suddenly talk.

“If…...if you hire a flying horse, it would take maybe two months…...” Qing He regained her senses and responded to Chu Mu.

“Oh, with your seventh level title, you should be able to directly use Nightmare Palace’s Gale Colts, meaning that you should be able to make the trip in one month.” Ting Yu added.

“Gale Colt?” Chu Mu didn’t expect this.

Gale Colts were commander rank soul pets. Though they weren’t strong fighters, they had surprising stamina, making it a very high tier long distance travelling soul pet. Chu Mu didn’t expect that the seventh level title would have this much power within Nightmare Palace, enough power to be able to use Gale Colts.

Chu Mu didn’t plan on staying in Nightmare Palace for too long. After figuring out the things at hand, he would go directly to Gangluo City.

Inner Nightmare Palace

“An eighteen year old King of Prison Island? Xia Guanghan’s subordinates are indeed talented individuals!” Inside the hall of a palace, a man wearing a royal blue robe stroked his beard and said gradually.

In front of this noble man was Su Yu, who was half kneeled on the ground.

“Father, this guy is extremely arrogant, even humiliating me, your child, in public. You can’t let him off too easily!” Su Yu tattletold with an expression of grievance.

The Blue Nightmare Palace master’s expression shifted, and he glared at Su Yu, “You call yourself Nightmare Palace’s Number One Egotist, yet you come crying when you lose. You’ve truly lost all of my face. Heng, I told you before that there are countless experts within the teens of Nightmare Palace. This Nightmare Palace Number One Egotist is but the flattery of the mediocre. If any one of those real Nightmare Princes returned, they could beat the living daylights out of you!”

“Father, I’ve tried hard already.” Su Yu’s face reddened with embarrassment from the lecture, as he was barely able to muster the words to defend himself.

“You’ve tried? You have the heart to say that you’ve tried? I won’t even mention anyone else, let’s just talk about that King of Prison Island, Chu Mu. He, at the age of fifteen, walked into an island full of slaughtering and survived for three years!”

“Now look at yourself, what were you doing when you were fifteen? You were in tears, begging for me to give you a Blue Nightmare. Look now, your fifth phase third stage Blue Nightmare couldn’t even beat his Ice Air Fairy. Think about it yourself- what can you use to compete against him?” The Blue Nightmare Palace master’s scolding was unceasing. If Su Yu wasn’t his only son, he probably would’ve slapped him to death already.

“But…...I…...I just wasn’t used to such fighting, if you let me adjust…...” Su Yu continued to defend himself.

“Okay, okay, stop making yourself sound good. I’m understanding now exactly what you can do. Remember in the future to grow a few more heads[1. Means to think things through]. Don’t just call yourself the Number One Egotist frequently!” The Blue Nightmare Palace master said.

“But, father, are you just letting this go? He almost killed me…...” Su Yu gritted his teeth and said. Chu Mu’s arrogant manner was something he wouldn’t forget.

The palace master was also having a headache over this. After a while he sighed and said, “I will help you vent your anger, but this fellow’s reputation has probably spread already, meaning he’ll receive attention from those in the Inner Palace. We can’t mess with him openly. I heard that that kid was tasked to go to Luo Region by Xia Guanghan. The Luo Region Nightmare Prince is a subordinate of mine, I’ll let him deal with this.”

“Luo Region Nightmare Prince!! Father, can it be that you mean…...” Su Yu’s eyes immediately flickered.

“Yes, its him, Yang Luosen!” Mentioning Yang Luosen, even the aloof Blue Nightmare Palace master showed signs of satisfaction, clearly very appreciative of this Yang Luosen’s skill.

“His skill is ranked top ten within the Nightmare Princes. I even heard that he recently got a perfect commander rank soul pet, causing his skill to rapidly increase. If he deals with this, then that kid…...hehe…...” Su Yu smiled.

Yang Luosen’s reputation had been widespread within Nightmare Palace for a long time, being famous even in the entire realm of youths.

He once beat many youths of the big four aristocratic clans, undoubtedly entering the top tier of youth experts. His position was hard to affect. Many people guessed that this youth’s power wasn’t as simple as what was shown on the outside, because he still hadn’t challenged anyone with more fame than himself. If he went and challenged others, he might not even lose!

“How could I just watch as Xia Guanghan gains another sharp tool?” the palace owner smiled sinisterly as well.

Fame was important to any soul pet trainer, including Nightmare Palace experts. Fame was uncorrelated to title and position, but strongly correlated with skill and strength. It was an invisible halo of glory, built through the events a soul pet trainer had taken on, or the people he had defeated.

Chu Mu’s greatest halo of glory was becoming the King of Prison Island at the age of eighteen, as well as defeating the Number One Egotist in Nightmare Palace.

Of course, the latter was insignificant when compared to the former, because the real experts in Nightmare Palace didn’t usually stay within the Palace, choosing instead to voyage everywhere to constantly become stronger.

The night that Chu Mu appeared in Nightmare Palace, Chu Mu’s halo of glory spread everywhere. Many sighs were evoked in deep palaces, exclaiming that “another genius had emerged out of nowhere”.

Additionally, the youth experts within Nightmare Palace that had some fame were all eager for action. If they could defeat an eighteen year old King of Prison Island, then their own fame would also increase heftily. Thus, already, many experts wanted to fight this eighteen year old Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince!

A decent sized commotion was set off within Nightmare Palace, yet Chu Mu was still under the gentle care of the two servant girls, sleeping tightly in a soft and large bed.

For so many years, Chu Mu had slept either on the grass, in a cave, or under a tree. Now that he could finally sleep on a bed, he indeed felt incredible!

After Chu Mu tidied himself up and went to bed, Ting Yu and Qing He also let out a huge breath. This was because Chu Mu, aside from showering to tidy himself and sleeping, didn’t take advantage of the two beautiful servant girls. They didn’t have to withstand the torment of a beast that just came back from prison.

But, at the same time, as Chu Mu was cleaning himself up, the two girls’ expressions were constantly changing because they never would have thought that the caveman was so handsome. Especially those bright and lively eyes, when they didn’t reveal the killing intent behind them, they were deep and gorgeous, like stars in a night sky. When the slightly immature and little Qing He made eye contact with Chu Mu, she couldn’t help but blush deeply…...

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