Chapter 1: *Title Hidden*

Chapter 1: *Title Hidden*

“Ao Huo!!”

A vigorous stunning roar, like a clap of thunder rolling through the sky, rumbled forth from inside the enormous pupa!!

The noise pierced through the heaven and earth and the entire infected white colored forest began to collapse. It terrifyingly continued to spread far into the distance and in a short while, the entire area had transformed into ground covered by white natural silk!!!

Standing on the peeling pupa that was violently shaking, even though Chu Mu knew that the small cyan bug would be extremely stunning once it emerged from chrysalis, he had absolutely no idea that such a shocking scene would occur.

In the past he had seen in books a few soul pets that were so strong they were like legends. These soul pets could change the color of the heavens and earth, causing wind and cloud to surge like the tide.

Chu Mu had always believed those were but legends and could not happen in reality.

However, when he saw the horizon transform into a strange cyan color, this thought was completely shattered. He felt as if he had been dropped into a dreamland full of visual shock!!

Prisoner Island’s skies were completely covered by this strange cloud, and it was extremely difficult to see the blue sky. Nevertheless, just as the pupa was broken, a gorgeous, sun-like cyan light was released. The year long clouds that circled in the sky had completely disappeared. and Prisoner Island’s sky was thoroughly filled with an ostentatious cyan color!!!Yang He, Yang Zheng, and Yang Lengcang were all stunned by this scene; their faces had already turned as white as paper. Unlike Chu Mu, the three of them could feel the powerful ancient angry message rushing out from within the enormous pupa. This mental message caused them to feel as if they were being looked at by a creature whom they could never defeat. Their hearts trembled with wave after wave of fear!

“Hou Hou!!!”

“Ao Wu!!”


It was as powerful as the sixth phase fourth stage Blood Winged Trioptic Beast, as malevolent and fierce as the sixth phase eighth stage Terror Wolf and arrogant as the seventh phase Rare Blood Beast. All three of Yang Lengcang’s soul pets combined could be used to describe a single powerful soul pet.

However, at this moment, each one of them was cowering in fear, trembling all over, and their continuous shouts were all weak and submissive!

“Ao Huo!!”

The heaven and earth shaking, palpitating noise rang out once more!!!

This time, another crack appeared on the entire gigantic, mountain-like pupa. When the crack split apart, the immense “heart” composed of millions of cloud silk completely collapsed, and the entire pupa began to give way!!

“Hong Long Long!!!”

An enormous sound reverberated throughout the jungle’s floor, and the floor began to frighteningly sink downwards!

“Ao Huo!!”

A cyan light suddenly blossomed out from between the countless cracks within the enormous cocoon!

In the ostentatious radiance, Chu Mu, who had fallen to the ground, faintly saw an enormous creature fly out from within the cyan light as it thoroughly broke free from the cocoon’s restriction...

As if a frenzied devil was released from the depths of Tartarus and a heavenly creature was breaking free from an ancient seal, in one bound, the creature struck the heavens!

Everything was taken into perspective. Chu Mu felt as if he was in the most awe-inspiring dream world!!

A little cyan bu was an Ancient Bug Type soul pet that transformed the weather and dimmed the very sun. If he didn’t personally witness it and if it wasn’t for the familiar mental message reverberating in Chu Mu’s mind, Chu Mu would not have believed that any of it was real!

“Innards of a God, Cyan Light Filling the Heavens, an ancient soul, Undying Battle Insect, Immortal Hidden Dragon!”

His gaze was already lifeless. In this instant, the deceitful and arrogant Yang Lengcang was like the most ignorant and negligible ant. He could only look upwards at the enormous cyan colored creature’s body covering the blazing sun!

Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon!

A soul pet’s name filled with a wild aura instantly appeared within Yang Lengcang’s mind.

Four years ago, Yang Lengcang had walked to the far away Tianxia City and coincidentally learned of an extremely astonishing piece of information. The Soul Alliance had lost an ancient soul pet, and its whereabouts were unknown!

Yang Lengcang remembered that it was an ancient bug type soul pet, and possessed an extremely rare transformation ability. After fleeing from the Soul Alliance, it had reportedly transformed into an extremely unremarkable creature and fled to a very distant place. It was impossible to find.

At the time, Yang Lengcang had only felt shock. Out of curiosity, he began attempting to understand this soul pet far out of his reach.

Moreover, he happened to remember the description of this soul pet’s transformation.

“Innards of a God, Cyan Light Filling the Heavens, an ancient soul, Undying Battle Insect, Immortal Hidden Dragon!”

Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon: Demon Kingdom - Bug type (Beast type) - Bug species (Dragon Species) - Hidden Dragon subspecies Cyan Hidden Dragon! This was what he knew!

Yang Lengcang stood next to Chu Mu not far away from the chaotic solid white shell. In the midst of rumbling sounds, Chu Mu was able to hear his absent minded speech.

Dragon species!!

A long time ago, Chu Mu had been told that no matter the soul pet, as long as it had the word Dragon in its title, it was undefeatable!!

Chu Mu had no idea what a Hidden Dragon was, but as long as it had the blood lineage of a dragon, it was undoubtedly inconceivably strong!

Its enormous cyan wings had already covered the scorching sun’s radiance, shrouding everything below in a shadow that was capable of shattering one’s heart!!

“Ao Huo!!”

A terrifying howl abruptly swept down from above. The tide-like breath unexpectedly proceeded to topple over the entire forest!!!


Two enormous feet stepped onto the white, sinking earth. Once again, the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s strength caused the earth to tremble!!

Even if one were to raise his head, he or she would only be able to see a bright cyan, clearly protruding, full of strength and difficult to destroy Hidden Dragon Fighting Carapace!

“Ao Huo!!”

Suddenly, a formidable dragon claw immediately smashed downwards. As if it were swatting a fly, the sixth phase fourth stage Blood Winged Trioptic Beast was slapped out of the air and proceeded to smash into the ground.

Instantly, blood and flesh splattered everywhere. The Blood Winged Trioptic Beast’s defense that had already reached the seventh stage was simply incapable of resisting the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s Hidden Dragon Destruction Claw!

“Ao Wu”

The Terror Wolf instantly grew aware of its surroundings and let out a sound. Trembling, it begged its master to recall it back into the soul pet space.

However, Yang Lengcang was trying to bear the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s mental suppression, and he simply could not chant even half an incantation!

“Hong Hong!!”

Two consecutive claws smashed down, and the sixth phase eighth stage Dire Wolf didn’t live for much longer before being ground into minced meat by the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon.

In front of absolute power, any sort of thinking had no meaning!

Blow after blow rained down. Without the need for techniques, the three Yang Family Members’ soul pets were crushed to death. The three people remaining, who weren’t even able to chant incantations, could only stand there like corpses without souls. They stood there, waiting, for the god-like Hidden Dragon to pronounce their death sentence!

Only, just as the three were suffering from the extreme fear of impending death, the terrifying Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon retracted its powerful aura. Proudly, it stood beside the much smaller Chu Mu.

“Are you letting me kill them?” asked Chu Mu. He tilted his head, but was still unable to see the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s head. Its shadow covered Chu Mu’s body, making him feel enormous pressure.

“Ao Wu!!!” The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon gave Chu Mu an affirmative message.

“Little Fellow…” Chu Mu was about to say something when he discovered that calling it “Little Fellow” was extremely extremely inappropriate.

Inside, the depths of Chu Mu’s heart was violent churning. When he was very young, Chu Mu had heard his father narrate various soul pet legends. This caused Chu Mu to possess a unique adoration for soul pets.

However, Chu Mu never thought that there would be a day when he could personally witness a creature from his father’s story appear before him. Furthermore, it was at such a close range, conversed with him, and he had even spent a long time feeding it. He had taken its transformed hidden figure to be an unremarkably small creature…

Chu Mu chanted an incantation, and used the most basic Rapid Freeze.

Such a soul technique was something even Yang He could easily resist. However, at this moment, it had become their attack of death!

The frosty cold quickly covered their three bodies. When the three of their faces had been frozen solid, one could see the fear in their eyes, along with their complex emotions. None of them would have thought that they would encounter a Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon and they didn’t understand why such a powerful creature would listen to the orders of an eighteen year old youth.

Seeing their three loathsome bodies being slowly crushed by him, Chu Mu didn’t feel much elation from obtaining revenge. He was still stuck in a dream-like state from the shock of the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon.


Mo Xie seemed to have known that the small fellow had fully awaken and immediately let out her voice from within Chu Mu’s mind. She seemed to be greeting the enormous Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon.


The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s mental strength was exceptionally terrifying. Even though it was transmitting its voice within Chu Mu’s mind, it could still control its voice to sound like the familiar voice as it conversed with Mo Xie.

Quickly, Mo Xie and the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon used a language that Chu Mu could not understand at all.

Feeling the two messages being exchanged in his mind, for some reason, Chu Mu faintly felt that Mo Xie and the small cyan bug seemed to have always been familiar with one another…

“Ao Wu!!!”

“Ao Wu!!”

Suddenly, the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon stopped its communication with Mo Xie and abruptly lifted its head, roaring at the sky!!

Although Chu Mu could not comprehend the words of these powerful soul pets, Chu Mu felt that an indignant mood had manifested within the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon.



Just as Chu Mu was trying to comprehend this, an extremely palpitating bird cry suddenly emerged from the cyan colored horizon!

This bird cry was full of powerful, intimidating strength. Even though they were far away, Chu Mu could still feel his internal organs unceasingly tremble!!

An exceptionally strong aura abruptly pressed down from the sky and instantly, Chu Mu felt that it was hard to breath!!

“Could it be… Could it be that mysterious unknown creature from three years ago when I entered the island?!!”

Chu Mu’s state of mind hadn’t yet settled before another surging tide was set off in his heart!!

Chu Mu had always remembered that within the furthest depths of the island lay a powerful soul pet that had never been sensed by others. It was a mysterious existence that seemed to have surpassed everything!!

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