Chapter 114 - Emerging from the Pupa, Ancient Soul Pet

Chapter 114: Emerging from the Pupa, Ancient Soul Pet

“What happened? Where’s Yang Zheng?” said the indifferent man called Yang Lengcang.

“We.. we encountered that Chu Family brat on this prisoner island. He repeatedly disrupted our work… Senior Yang Zheng is already chasing after him…” Yang He stuttered a bit as he talked.

In terms of the most terrifying person in the Yang Family, it wasn’t the Yang Family’s family master’s eldest son, Yang Mancan. It also wasn’t the second son of the family master, Yang Mantian. Instead, it was the second family master’s second son, Yang Lengcang. His strength was definitely within the top ten of the Yang Family. Moreover, his personality was solemn and gloomy; no one had  ever seemed to have seen him laugh before.

Yang Lengcang’s coldness was known throughout the entire Wangluo City. This fellow would use any means necessary to accomplish a task, and he had a cold rock for a heart!

Of course, Yang Lengcang’s tyrannical strength was still what made the soul pet trainers of Wangluo City revere him. Yang Lengcang was a ninth remembrance Soul Master.

Different from the majority of Soul Masters though, Yang Lengcang’s three Soul Master Level soul pets were all of the Commander Rank. Furthermore, his Soul Soldier level soul pets had rather shocking fighting strengths. A few Commander Rank soul pets of soul pet trainers were perhaps not even his Warrior Rank soul pets’ opponents.

The Blood Winged Trioptic Beast that Yang Lengcang was currently controlling had already reached the sixth stage fourth phase. Its innate talent was slightly higher than Yang Zheng’s Blood Winged Trioptic Beast.

A sixth phase fourth stage Commander Rank soul pet had terrifying strength. However, this wasn’t even Yang Lengcang’s strongest soul pet.

Yang Lengcang still had a sixth phase eighth stage Terror Wolf!

The Terror Wolf was a completely black-colored High Class Commander Rank soul pet. Like the Dire Wolf, it was also a wolf species. Nonetheless, its fighting power was much higher than a Dire Wolf’s. Perhaps Yang Zheng’s fifth phase ninth stage Blood Winged Trioptic Beast could not even resist for three minutes in front of Yang Lengcang’s Terror Wolf, before being torn into pieces!

Aside from this, Yang Lengcan also had a seventh phase fourth stage Rare Blood Beast.

By raising a Warrior Rank soul pet to the seventh phase fourth stage, its fighting strength had to be as good as sixth phase Commander Rank’s. Even though it was only a Warrior Rank, it could not be underestimated!

“You’re telling me that brat has an Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox? Further, it’s strength can rival a Commander Rank soul pet?” asked Yang Lengcang.

“Yes, Senior Yang Lengcang. Moreover, he also has a Night Thunder Dream Beast that is approximately at the fifth phase. Its fighting doesn’t seem to be weak.” Yang He hastily urged the Blood Winged Duoptic Beast carrying Yang Lengcang towards the enormous pupa.

“Truly a piece of trash. A brat struggling on death’s door is capable of forcing you two to such an extent!” said Yang Lengcang.

Yang He lowered his head and ostensibly held a smiling face as he said: “Senior Yang Zheng should be able to take care of it. However, since Senior Yang Lengcang has come, you probably don’t even have to summon your main soul pet to easily defeat that brat.”

The two people steered their blood beasts over to the enormous pupa. Quickly, they saw a large cloud of burning black smoke.

“Perhaps Senior Yang Zheng has already finished…” Yang He looked at the chaotic battlefield and was going redeem some of Yang Zheng’s face.

However, just this instant, from high above, rang out a trembling shout:

“Yang Lengcang, quickly save me!!!”

Yang He’s words immediately stopped. Yang Lengcang’s reaction was very quick and he promptly steered his sixth phase fourth stage Blood Winged Trioptic Beast upwards!!

“Blood Fiend Hurricane!”

Yang Lengcang instantly commanded his Blood Wing Trioptic Beast, and it abruptly waved its two powerful wings as the frequency grew extremely quick!

The blood colored hurricane began to wantonly fly upwards. Suddenly, an over twenty meter tall and powerful hurricane appeared and landed between Yang Zheng and Mo Xie who was chasing after him!

“Mo Xie, retreat!”

Chu Mu became aware of the Blood Fiend Hurricane’s power, and he instantly ordered Mo Xie to renounce her chase.

Mo Xie’s body was already in the midst of pouncing towards the Blood Fiend Hurricane. Nonetheless, the Evil Flame on her four paws suddenly sprang up as she began treading on air, flitting past the edge of the Blood Fiend Hurricane. Hastily, she used the interweaving silk to return to Chu Mu’s side.

“Yang Lengcang, you… you’ve truly come at the perfect time. Quickly, help me kill that brat. He… he has already slaughtered my Blood Winged Trioptic beast!” Yang Zheng steered his Cyan Bird as he flusteredly descended next to Yang Lengcang.

The Cyan Bird’s body was covered with injuries. When it flew down, it staggered along. Yang Zheng’s body was even more burnt and he was in an extremely miserable state.

“You’ve truly completely lost face for our Yang Family. A brat who barely managed to live has even beat you up into this state!” Yang Lengcang unrestrainedly criticized.

Yang Zheng was clearly rather afraid of Yang Lengcang, and he didn’t even retort at all to Yang Lengcang’s words. Instead, he put all his resentment onto Chu Mu.

Yang Lengcang lifted his head and his gaze arrogantly fell on Chu Mu high above on the cloudy silk. Chu Mu’s facial expression was the same as before, but his eyes revealed even more killing intent.

In truth, Yang Lengcang could disregard Chu Mu, but he knew that he couldn’t let this brat develop any more.

He was only 18 years old, but had reached the Soul Master rank. He controlled a Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox, possessed a Night Thunder Dream Beast, and could defeat Yang Zheng despite having lost a soul. If he were to give Chu Mu a few more years, he would definitely become a huge danger to his Yang Family!

Actually, Yang Lengcang had never thought that this completely neglected brat had unexpectedly raised his strength to such a level in a short three or four years!

Chu Mu locked his gaze with Yang Lengcang’s. Chu Mu recognized Yang Lengcang; this fellow’s strength was terrifying. Chu Mu never thought that this fellow would appear on Prison Island and, knowing that he wasn’t his opponent, Chu Mu decisively recalled Mo Xie, choosing to retreat.

“Thinking of escaping? If I want to kill someone, he or she is not going to escape!” Yang Lengcang immediately sensed Chu Mu’s intention and promptly urged his sixth phase fourth stage Blood Winged Trioptic Beast to chase.

Yang Lengcang’s Blood Winged Trioptic Beast’s flying speed was extremely quick. Although its wingspan had reached five meters, it nimbly transversed through the cloudy silk, growing closer to Chu Mu bit after bit.

Blood Fiend Hurricane!!!


The powerful and terrifying Blood Fiend Hurricane swept forth again. This blood-colored hurricane violently engulfed everything up to ten meters around it. Like a blood-colored whip, it frantically hurtled towards Chu Mu and the Night Thunder Dream Beast.

Suffering from the Blood Fiend Hurricane’s effects, the Night Thunder Dream Beasts’s speed was immediately affected.

Chu Mu’s heart clenched and he once more swept his gaze of the sixth phase Blood Winged Trioptic Beast growing closer.

How could Chu Mu not understand Yang Lengcang’s strength. If he wasn’t able to open a gap in distance from Yang Lengcang, then this time it would truly be hard to escape from this calamity.

“Devil Tree Battle Soldier!” Chu Mu clenched his teeth. He was not afraid of death, but instead unreconciled to die on Prisoner Island. Therefore, even while knowing it would be hard to resist, Chu Mu would not easily give up!!

“Devil Tree Battle Soldier, Nature Power- Root Net…” said Chu Mu.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier nodded its head and its two muscly arms covered in tree bark suddenly spread open. Instantly, numerous roots extended from its stomach. The roots quickly grew long and rapidly formed an enormous root net!

The root net unceasingly expanded, becoming ten meters wide and fell down from above!

“It can’t even stand one blow.” Yang Lengcang unexpectedly completely disregarded the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s Root Net and urged his Blood Winged Trioptic Beast to charge upwards!

The root net instantly enveloped the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast, but it only managed to slightly reduce this powerful soul pet’s speed. Quickly, the sturdy Root Net was torn to pieces!

“Return!” Chu Mu promptly chanted an incantation and recalled the Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

“O!!” The low intelligence Devil Tree Battle Soldier, however, didn’t listen to its master’s order. Instead, it let out a howl and refused Chu Mu’s recall...

“Ao!!! Ao!!”

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier was also connected to Chu Mu’s mind and spirit. Currently, Chu Mu didn’t have enough soul power to summon the Ice Air Fairy or Mo Xie to do battle. If he were to recall it, the only protection Chu Mu would have left was the Night Thunder Dream Beast.


Chu Mu’s heart sank as he watched the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s obstinate yet slightly clumsy figure. In his two black and indifferent pupils, there appeared a sliver of sorrow...

“Ao!!” The Devil Tree Battle Soldier let out a wild howl, brandished its fists and launched itself at the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast.

Chu Mu turned his head and didn’t look back at the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. He urged the Night Thunder Dream Beast on as it ran to the very peak of the enormous pupa…

Chu Mu heard the sound of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body being smashed to pieces. However, the soul link he had with the Devil Tree was not severed.

The vitality of plant kingdom soul pets was more tenacious than elemental kingdom soul pets. Apparently, Yang Lengcang felt it was too much beneath his dignity to kill a tenacious wood type soul pet.

“By abandoning a Devil Tree Battle Soldier you think you can escape? Too naive!” Yang Lengcang had suddenly appeared in front of Chu Mu.

Standing under the Blood Fiend Wind at the peak of the pupa, Chu Mu could feel the stench permeate into his body, and he couldn’t help but shudder!

The blood-colored shadow engulfed Chu Mu, and the biting cold Blood Fiend wind hit him in the face!

From above, Yang Lengcan overlooked Chu Mu, who was sitting on the Night Thunder Dream Beast. A cold smile appeared on his face.

To Yang Lengcang, killing someone with potential was the most fascinating thing because he could lessen potential threats toward him!

“Where else can you flee to?” Yang Lengcan had already chanted an incantation. Suddenly, an even more terrifying aura swept through!!

The evil aura of the sixth phase eighth stage Terror Wolf appeared in front of Chu Mu and the Night Thunder Dream Beast, blocking off their escape route. Moreover, behind Chu Mu stood the seventh phase Rare Blood Beast!

“Yang Lengcang, don’t kill him so fast. Let him summon his Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox. Otherwise, we will have to wait for his soul pet space to naturally disappear before it appears.” Yang Zheng and Yang He had already arrived, and Yang Zheng was hastily trying to remind Yang Lengcang.

“I know already!” Yang Lengcang coldly said.

Chu Mu’s movements were even quicker. Rapidly, he chanted an incantation and recalled the Night Thunder Dream Beast back into his soul pet space. His gaze swept over the three Yang Family members in front of him, and a demonic smile appeared on his face.

“You can still smile! Tch, after I steal your soul pet, you will definitely taste the feeling of wanting to die!! ” Yang Zheng coldly said!

“Precisely. You absolutely cannot let him off lightly. He made us waste all that time.” Yang He immediately agreed.

“It seems that Heaven’s Will is to destroy the Chu Family. If you hadn’t encountered me, perhaps you would be able to contend against me in the future. Only, it’s too bad…” Yang Lengcang’s cold and gloomy face revealed a rather abhorrent and arrogant expression.

“However, you don’t need to be worried. Your family clan members already think you’re dead. You’ve just lived an extra three years…”

Chu Mu stared at Yang Lengcang’s false facade, but his expression didn’t change. Many years of killing had already caused Chu Mu to maintain his calm, even in the face of death.

“Could it be that you think that I brought you here just to let you enjoy the scenery?” Chu Mu looked at the of false facade of Yang Lengcang before looking at Yang Zheng, who was full of indignance. He then slowly began speaking.

“Then I have to thank you. You’ve brought us to such a treasure house.” Yang Zheng immediately began laughing. Evidently, he felt that everything was over already.

“You don’t need to thank me. You guys can go to hell first and prepare for a reunion there for your Yang Family members. Moreover, you have the honor of being killed by an ancient and powerful creature!!”

The moment Chu Mu’s voice faded, a strange aura suddenly discharged from the enormous pupa under their feet!!!

The enormous pupa was covered in white silk and was eminently thick. Originally, when it was wrapped, it was only in a half solid state, but currently, it had completely solidified. Nonetheless, just as the surroundings became deathly silent as its aura was discharged, the outer layers of the pupa began to peel off!!!

One large piece after another, like the white rocks of a mountain breaking, the pieces smashed into the vast white forest!!!

“Beng!! Beng!!!”

When the solid white shell frantically smashed onto the ground, the entire humongous pupa began to violently shake. Fissure after fissure of earthquake-like cracks appeared on the mountain-like pupa!

As if it felt that the shell was peeling off too slowly, a terrifying energy suddenly exploded forth from within the enormous pupa. A shock wave coursed through the pupa as even more cracks appeared on its exterior. It seemed like it was about to explode!!!

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