Chapter 113 - Yang Lengcang

Chapter 113: Yang Lengcang

“Little Ye, pin down that centipede and the Hairy Umbra Monster!” Chu Mu jumped off the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s body, letting it fight to its heart’s content.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast had already noticed the Thousand Legged Poisonous Centipede poisoning the atmosphere. Its black pupils closely stared at the squirming items on the white natural silk, and it let out a provocative yell!

Yang Zheng naturally wouldn’t let the Night Thunder Dream Beast launch an attack. He promptly had his two soul pets meet it head on!

The Night Thunder Dream Beast gracefully stepped onto the cloud threads, as its black and white feathered body quickly appeared in front of the Thousand Legged Poisonous Centipede.

The Thousand Legged Poisonous Centipede was only at the fourth phase first stage while the Night Thunder Dream Beast had already reached the fifth phase first stage- there was an entire phase discrepancy between their strengths. The Thousand Legged Poisonous Centipede’s poison attribute was not very effective towards the heavy dark type attribute Night Thunder Dream Beast. A single attack of the Night Thunder Dream Beast contained a tyrannical violent lightning, and it electrocuted the Thousand Legged Poisonous Centipede into a scorched black color. The Thousand Legged Poisonous Centipede had no choice but to flee behind the Hairy Umbra Monster.

Yang Zheng’s most difficult soul pet to deal with was the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast. Currently, there was still fire burning its body and soul, so Yang Zheng didn’t dare to recall it. Moreover, Chu Mu wouldn’t give Yang Zheng a chance to do so!

“Mo Xie, Death Assault!”  

Chu Mu decreed his order, and the fire covering Mo Xie’s body rushed forth as her gorgeous six tails violently separated!

Mo Xie’s speed was much faster than that of the sturdy Blood Winged Trioptic Beast. Death Assault’s effect increased speed by one factor. It looked like a beautiful pillar of fire that swept through the air!

“Swift Lightning Ray!”

Yang Zheng strenuously chanted the lightning soul technique. A silver arc of lightning formed between his hands, and it proceeded to travel from his hands while splitting into two arcs in the air as it shot towards Mo Xie!

Mo Xie was in the midst of jumping when the quick and violent lightning bolt swept through the air. Suddenly, her four flaming paws sprang up!

Her graceful and strong body lightly sprang up into the air, like her flaming paws had just touched the ground. The jumping Mo Xie was able to slant her body and change her falling trajectory into a fine arc. She nimbly dodged the two lightning rays!

Illusion Evil Flame Claw!!!

The moment she landed in front of the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast, Mo Xie’s body abruptly split into two. Immediately, the two distinct sets of flaming six tailed demonic aura wantonly swept through the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast. The striking Evil Flame Claw tore through the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast’s two blood colored wings!!

The final stage of Illusion no longer created a mere illusion. Rather, it could form an actual attack, causing two sources of damage!

The Illusion Evil Flame Claw and true Evil Flame Claw interweaved, and the burnt black Blood Winged Trioptic Beast’s wings were instantly torn off. The terrifying Demon Fire Evil Flame rapidly entered its body through the flesh, instantly igniting the pieces of flesh inside the beast’s body!

Yang Zheng had already jumped off the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast’s body. As its body and soul burned to nothing, his face became extremely pale, and it was already beginning to contort together!

The Blood Winged Trioptic Beast was Yang Zheng’s strongest soul pet. Without this Commander Rank soul pet, Yang Zheng wasn’t very different from the majority of other soul pet trainers. As he watched his Blood Winged Trioptic Beast, which was more valuable than his life, burn to death, he felt more suffering than if his own body was burning!

“I’ve already said that none of your Yang Family will leave this prison island alive!” An ostensibly demonic and merciless smile filled with elation appeared on Chu Mu’s Face. Immediately, he ordered Mo Xie to attack Yang Zheng!

Having suffered a grievous wound on his third soul, Yang Zheng’s anger had already spread to his throat. Yet, facing this fierce Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox, he had no choice but to forcibly recall the Thousand Legged Poisonous Centipede into his soul pet space. Immediately, he summoned his fifth phase sixth stage Rare Blood Beast!

The Rare Blood Beast was at the Warrior Rank, while the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox had strength that could rival a Commander Rank Soul Pet. Even when Mo Xie was still at the fourth phase seventh stage, it was enough to contend against the rare Blood Beast. Now, Mo Xie had already reached the fifth phase seventh stage!!


Almost as if she was teleporting, Mo Xie seemed to instantly appear in front of the Rare Blood Beast. Like an assassin who took pleasure in his art, her sharp claws didn’t use any technique, as it easily sliced apart the Rare Blood Beast’s fifth stage defensive skin!

A few consecutive blinks, and a plethora of wounds opened up on the Rare Blood Beast’s body as it wasn’t even able to use any techniques!

Watching his own fifth phase Rare Blood Beast getting devastated, Yang Zheng was so angry he couldn’t speak. He used a mental transmission to indignantly yell at the Rare Blood Beast.

“Wild Transformation!”

Using the stimulation of the blood and wounds, the Rare Blood Beast’s eyes promptly turned red, and a bloody smell puffed out of its nose. Clearly it had entered a Wild Transformation state!

Wild Transformation could perhaps be described as a signatory technique of Rare Blood Beasts. It caused the soul pet’s strength, speed, and savage instinct to substantially increase. It was an extremely tyrannical soul pet technique!

“Mo Xie, Evil Stare!”

Chu Mu saw the Rare Blood Beast’s eyes turn red, and he immediately recognized that it was going to enter the Wild Transformation state. Immediately after, he ordered Mo Xie to use the demonic technique- Evil Stare!

If the Rare Blood Beast was to have already entered the Wild Transformation state, Evil Stare wouldn’t have any effect. However, the Rare Blood Beast was not able to instantly enter Wild Transformation. At the moment, as long as one made it afraid, its Wild Transformation would fail!

Regardless of stage or rank, Mo Xie was still higher than the Rare Blood Beast. Under the Evil Stare’s effect, the Rare Blood Beast’s originally bodacious eyes gradually became filled with an unsettling fear. Let alone attempting Wild Transformation, it most likely now found it extremely hard to even fight!

Once the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast perished, Yang Zheng didn’t have any other soul pet that could resist the powerful Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox. The only thing summoning the rest of his soul pets would do was exhaust some of the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox’s physical strength. Once Yang Zheng’s soul power ran out, he would not be able to summon any more soul pets, and he would be greeted by death!

In the white jungle, a blood colored figure appeared, waving its enormous wings as it flew over!

This was a Blood Winged Trioptic Beast. However, this Blood Winged Trioptic Beast’s physical body was slightly larger than Yang Zheng’s. A pair of fleshy wings spread opened to a wingspan of 5 meters. Like a pebbles on a rock, its muscles and flesh were completely revealed, displaying a completely terrifying feeling of strength!

Standing on top of this Blood Winged Trioptic Beast was a man wearing a blood colored robe. The man’s eyes surveyed the shocking surroundings and an expression of shock also appeared on his face!

“Yang He?”

The blood color robed man flew to the enormous chrysalis location and immediately located the stupefied Yang He randomly yelling.

The man’s eyebrows creased and quickly discovered that Yang He had been affected by an illusion technique. Immediately, he chanted an incantation and used a powerful mental soul technique to pull Yang He back to reality!

“Senior Yang Lengcang, what are you doing here…” After he had fully awoken, the expression on Yang He’s face promptly shifted. It changed to an eminently subservient expression with a hint of fear. Even in front of Yang Zheng, Yang He had never exhibited such reverence and timidity. Clearly, this Yang Lengcang wasn’t a normal person!

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