Chapter 31 - Digging Your Own Grave

After saying her goodbyes, Gu Lingzhi left the administration office.

On the road back to her hostel, Yuan Zheng looked back reluctantly at the administrative office, causing Gu Lingzhi to ask him, “Who was that teacher? You seem to respect him a lot.”

Yuan Zheng gave Gu Lingzhi a look as if she was stupid and exclaimed, “Don’t you know who that master is?”

“Who?” Gu Lingzhi’s curiosity was piqued as there were not many people that could be called master in the Xia kingdom.

Yuan Zheng wore a look of complete admiration as he answered, “That was Master Mu Yang, one of the few demigods in the entire Xia Kingdom. I never thought that he would be the one to handle your registration. You are really lucky to have seen one of the legends on your first day at school.”

He was a demigod!

Gu Lingzhi’s mouth widened in surprise. It was no wonder that Mu Yang had given her a strange look after she finished testing for the level of her abilities. Her small actions must have seemed like a joke in the eyes of a demigod.

Instantly, Gu Lingzhi’s face reddened in embarrassment.

Fortunately, the temperament of that master was good and did not expose her on the spot. If he had, she would not have known what to say. She initially thought that whoever handled her registration into the school would at most be at the level of a Martial Lord. She never thought it would be someone so powerful. It was no wonder that the Royal School was someplace that any talented Martial Artist would want to enter. Any pointers given by a demigod would serve them for life.

It was also no wonder that the teacher’s appearance and his actual age seemed to be incompatible. The lives of a high-ranking Martial Artists were longer than most. It was even rumored that with a cultivation of a demigod, one could control the age of their physical body.

“You’ve also surprised me.” Without waiting for Gu Lingzhi to finish her thoughts regarding her small mishap, Yuan Zheng’s sentence pulled her back to reality.

“Why?” Could it be that Yuan Zheng had noticed how she tried to hide her true cultivation level?

It was said that only demigods and true gods could see a person’s true cultivation. Could it be that the technique she used to hide her true cultivation level from her Inheritance Space was easily discerned? She was on the verge of collapsing. She could easily hide her true cultivation in front of the Great Elder in the Gu Clan, why was it not working here?

Who knew that Yuan Zheng would give her the same pitiful look that Mu Yang had given her when she left his office?

“I cannot believe that you dared to choose so many classes when the semester is ending in two months. You really are a role model!”

Yuan Zheng then struck a thumbs up pose at Gu Lingzhi, showing his admiration.

“…Is there something wrong with choosing so many subjects?” All she did was select an Alchemy class and classes that corresponded to the Spiritual Roots that she had tested positively for. What was wrong with that?

“There’s nothing wrong,” Yuan Zheng rephrased before looking at Gu Lingzhi in sympathy, “Don’t you know for every subject that you choose, you will have to add additional points to your final target score at the end of the semester? You chose 4 subjects, so you’ll have to earn at least 240 points by the end of the semester if you wish to continue studying in the Royal School.”

What? Since when was there a rule like this?!

Gu Lingzhi’s vision suddenly turned black as she regretted her decision of revealing three of her Spiritual Roots. Though having only two Spiritual Roots would put her at the bottom of the school ranking system, it was certainly better than being expelled from the school for not achieving enough points. It was too late now. She would bear the consequences of the decisions that she had made.

It was almost as if Yuan Zheng did not think Gu Lingzhi’s expression was entertaining enough and added, “You didn’t know about the Royal School’s promotional criteria? I thought you did. If only you mentioned earlier that you didn’t, maybe I could have stopped you from choosing so many subjects.”

“But if I hadn’t chosen all those classes, how else would I learn the relevant things?” Gu Lingzhi maintained an unperturbed expression.

The sympathetic look that Yuan Zheng gave Gu Lingzhi deepened, “Don’t you know that the school does not force students to choose classes? You only have to select two subjects, and as long as you are doing well in those two classes, you can listen to any other class in school that you like, even if you did not select it.”

In other words, if students did not have the confidence of earning enough points, they could just choose two main subjects. They could then use any free time that they had to listen and learn other subjects without worrying about being dropped from the school. Unfortunately, Gu Lingzhi was naïve and foolish, choosing every subject she was eligible for as though she was undertaking a heroic feat. If other students who were already struggling with two subjects knew what she had done, they would be shocked and extremely dumbfounded.

“From what I know, there are no more than 20 students currently enrolled in 4 subjects as well. All of them are ranked within the top 50 students in the school’s Golden List,” Yuan Zheng added.

“….” Hearing Yuan Zheng’s words made Gu Lingzhi’s vision blur even more. The Royal School’s Golden List was a ranking system that the school had put up as a way to encourage students to do their best. Students were ranked according to their fighting abilities and talents, as well as several other attributes.

There was a total of a hundred spots on the Golden List and just earning a spot on the list was worth 30 points. The top 50 students would have 50 points as a reward, while the top 10 students were awarded up to 100 points.

From here onwards, it would be essential to understand the Royal School’s point system.

Points in the Royal School were extremely difficult to earn. For one subject, five points could be earned by achieving an A grade in a test, whereas ten points could be earned by achieving an A grade in the final examination. There was only a total of 4 tests in a year, and together with the final examinations, one could only earn a maximum of 30 points. The passing mark, however, was 60 points. If students did not manage to get 60 points within the year, they would be expelled.

Of course, examinations and tests were not the only way to earn points in the Royal School. Those that did not have enough points could earn points by competing in the various arenas around the school.

Every time a student won a battle, they would be able to gain one point from their opponents. Likewise, students would lose a point for every loss. This grading method allowed for developing students with various talents. It was an effective system that rewarded the winners.

Thinking back on what she knew about how to earn points, Gu Lingzhi died a little inside. Did she dig her own grave?

Even if she found someone to compete with every single day, she had to win 240 consecutive battles in order to obtain 240 points. Furthermore, there were not many students she could challenge since she had faked her cultivation level to be that of a Level Four Martial Student. This was not even considering the points she might lose if she lost at some of the battles.

Did this mean that her life at the Royal School would only last two months?

This was the first time Gu Lingzhi had felt so helpless after she was reborn.

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