Chapter 30 - Entering the School

Well, it seems like she had underestimated the people that were by the Third Prince’s side.

After walking for about half an hour, the two of them finally arrived at the administration office.

The administration office was a simple white building that was three stories high. Its white walls were similar to the walls surrounding the whole complex.

Yuan Zheng knocked on the door of the building.

A few seconds passed before the tightly shut door swung open inwards. A compassionate voice greeted the two of them.

“This is the lass from the Gu Clan? Please, come in.”

Gu Lingzhi was stunned, staring uncertainly at Yuan Zheng. Yet, Yuan Zheng had a look of excitement and deep emotion on his face. Without giving her a chance to ask any questions, he immediately headed inside.

“Master, I never expected that you would be the one in charge of Gu Lingzhi’s registration.”

From the expression on Yuan Zheng’s face, it was easy to see his admiration for this person.

Mu Yang nodded as he heard Yuan Zheng speak. He had a compassionate expression that did not seem to match his youthful looks. “It’s so rare that Rong Yuan has an interest in any lady. As his teacher, I ought to pay more attention.”

Saying this, he turned to look at Gu Lingzhi, a trace of interest in his eyes. “This is the Gu Lingzhi that has gotten Chiyang City restless in the past few days, isn’t it? Not bad, she’s a beautiful young lady.”

Gu Lingzhi was speechless for a moment, unsure of how to respond. The teacher in front of her completely exceeded all her imaginations. He looked to be roughly 25 years old with his handsome and sharp features, but he was at this moment staring intently at her. She steeled her courage and greeted, “Nice to meet you, Teacher, I am Gu Lingzhi”

Mu Yang’s eyes lit up.

“Not bad, you have a very nice voice too.”

“…” Gu Lingzhi was speechless. This teacher’s priorities seem to be a little off, didn’t it? Did she arrive at a registration office for a school or a beauty audition?

Gu Lingzhi was at a loss for words. However, the nervousness she felt earlier was completely gone.

Initially, she was also worried that her enrolment into the school would be problematic based on the fact that it happened outside of school hours, and that she might end up facing trouble because of certain stipulations. She did not expect to be greeted by such a warm and welcoming teacher. However, it was not really apt to describe this teacher as ‘warm and welcoming’ as well.

Although Mu Yang was extremely curious about Gu Lingzhi, he did not forget about the things he was supposed to do. After assessing Gu Lingzhi, he retrieved a black stone from the cabinet behind him, placing it upon the table. He motioned for Gu Lingzhi to place her hands upon the stone.

“Although Rong Yuan has already described your situation to me, the basic procedure still needs to be done. Don’t be nervous, this is just to test the nature of your Spiritual Roots, so that we can assign you to a district and sector.

Gu Lingzhi indicated her agreement and proceeded to place her hands on the testing stone.

A moment later, the black stone shone with red and green light, symbolizing the existence of fire and wood-based Spiritual Roots respectively.

Mu Yang nodded his head and was about to instruct Gu Lingzhi to let go of the stone, when all of a sudden, he noticed that the stone started shining with one more color – blue, which symbolized that she had a water-based Spiritual Root!

“Hmm? You actually possess three different types of Spiritual Roots?” Mu Yang exclaimed, in surprise. “I didn’t think that Rong Yuan would have really picked up a gem on this trip, finding someone who not only possess three types of Spiritual Roots but also has an aptitude for Alchemy. Even in the Royal School, you are already in a league of your own.”

Gu Lingzhi simply blushed and smiled.

Gu Lingzhi had a basic understanding of the Royal School before arriving. Based on what she knew, dual-natured Spiritual Roots were considered to be rather rare elsewhere, but in the Royal School, it was common and even considered to be inferior.

Since she was already here, she decided that she could not stay at the bottom, and thus decided to reveal the existence of another one of her Spiritual Roots. This way, neither would she be a pushover, nor would she stand out too much. Having all five Spiritual Roots was still her secret trump card, and she would not let anyone know about it unless it was absolutely necessary.

Following that, Mu Yang took out a dull, silver metal, indicating for Gu Lingzhi to use all her strength to strike it so that he could determine what Level and Grade she belonged to.

Gu Lingzhi thought about it and decided to control her strength, limiting it to the strength of a Level Three Martial Student. She left an imprint of a fist about 10cm deep into the metal, before retracting her fist.

“Hmm, Level Three Martial Student strength, is it?” Mu Yang rubbed his lower lip, amusement showing in his eyes.

He had long noticed that the young lady before him was hiding her strength. She had clearly reached the point where she could manifest her spiritual energy as energy balls outside her body, but only decided to show the strength of a Level Three Martial Student. Why is she being so cautious?

Thinking back to what he read in Gu Lingzhi’s biography, he could guess what she was thinking.

It was truly impressive that she knew the benefit of leaving herself with some hidden trump cards no matter what the situation was. Not many youngsters these days knew about the importance of having hidden trump cards and staying humble. How he wished that some of those arrogant people in the Royal School could learn from Gu Lingzhi what was meant by the phrase – ‘true experts hide their strength’.

Noticing Mu Yang’s gaze, Gu Lingzhi felt a little unnerved. Could it be that the person had detected her hiding her strength?

But she couldn’t help it, could she? It was unheard of for someone who was known as a wastrel to have advanced to a Level Four Martial Student in just two months. Ever since the Spirit Tribe disappeared from the face of the earth, this sort of cultivating speed was never seen again. She definitely did not want other people to look at her like she was a freak, so she had to hold back her strength.

Mu Yang noticed that Gu Lingzhi had some suspicions, but chose not to say anything. Instead, he just laughed and requested for her to refine some pills on the spot, making the highest-level Spiritual Medicine that she was capable of.

Thinking for a moment, Gu Lingzhi retrieved the ingredients for a Spirit Moulding Pill, which made sense for a person with triple-natured Spiritual Roots.

Not even an hour later, the smell of completed pills wafted out, indicating her success.

Mu Yang assessed the pills Gu Lingzhi had made in his hands, and after a short moment, announced with satisfaction, “Middle-grade Yellow Level. Well done! There’s no need to do anymore tests. Just fill in this form and you’re done.”

Gu Lingzhi retrieved the form from Mu Yang. Scanning through it briefly, she noted that it contained her basic information, as well as the courses she could choose.

She marked the boxes for Alchemy, wood-, fire-, and water-natured studies, indicating her interest for these areas, before handing the form back to Mu Yang.

Looking at the four fresh marks on the form, Mu Yang’s eyebrow twitched a little. He gave Gu Lingzhi a look of sympathy, before giving her an identification medallion.

“You can start finding your accommodations now. If there’s nothing else, you can begin attending classes tomorrow. There’s only two months left in this semester, currently, you have insufficient credits to promote. If you don’t wish to drop out, you’ll have to work hard in the next two months.”

Mu Yang turned back to the documents on the desk, resuming the work he was doing before.

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