Chapter 28 - Tianfeng Wei

Gu Lingzhi did not expect that Tianfeng Wei would shift the topic to her in such a short instance. As she was at a loss for words, Rong Yuan said, “Well, we’ll have to wait for both of them to hone their skills further before knowing.”

Seeing that Rong Yuan did not say anything in Gu Lingzhi’s favor, Tianfeng Wei flashed a brilliant smile.

“Rong Yuan, you haven’t been in the capital for a while, so perhaps you don’t know. Half a month ago, Beicheng Haoyue successfully made a low-grade Black Level Qi Replenishing Pill. Being able to advance to a Black Level Alchemist before 20 years old, even Elder Bi is full of praises for her - he even says that she has the potential to become a Heaven Level Alchemist!”

Tianfeng Wei saw Rong Yuan’s eyebrows raise and knew that she had successfully piqued his interest. She then eyed Gu Lingzhi and said, “Beicheng Haoyue’s talent at Alchemy is extremely rare and can only be witnessed once every few decades. It would be impossible for that lady from the Gu Clan to outdo her.”

Hearing Tianfeng Wei’s words, Gu Lingzhi realized that the Third Prince’s fiancée did not seem to like her very much.

But why would that be? This was their very first meeting after all.

“It seems like you didn’t understand what I was trying to say. I said that it is unclear who would win and who would lose, it can only be determined when they have both honed their skills a bit more. Isn’t it unfair of you to be comparing someone who has only started practicing Alchemy for a couple of days with someone who has been doing it for years?” Rong Yuan said while leaning against the carriage. In his eyes, there was already a hint of displeasure at Tianfeng Wei.

No matter what it was, Gu Lingzhi was someone he had brought. He did not expect that he would immediately be put in a spot by his fiancée the moment he entered the city, which he felt was disrespectful. Rong Yuan did not like it when someone questioned his vision for talent.

“Rong Yuan, what you say is true, but even for a genius like Beicheng Haoyue, she has to meet the school’s requirements before qualifying. The First Mistress of the Gu Clan has been known as a wastrel for ten years, and now she is going in without having to take the entry examinations. I’m afraid that when the school knows about this, there will be some people who will try to find justice for Beicheng Haoyue. I was just being concerned for her…” Tianfeng Wei said, sounding as though she was being wronged.

If it was not for her experiences in her previous life with people who had secretly plotted against her behind her back, Gu Lingzhi might have been fooled by Tianfeng Wei. All she could do was sigh at the fact that there were too many people with nothing better to do in this world, as she replied, “Thank you Miss Tianfeng for your concern, I will take care.”

Gu Lingzhi’s words of gratitude only caused Rong Yuan’s displeasure to grow. Seeing that Tianfeng Wei had no intention of getting out of the way, he decisively jumped off the carriage. He took out a medallion the size of a fist and handed it over to Gu Lingzhi.

“I still have some things to settle. Go ahead with Yuan Zheng and report to the school. Show this medallion to the teachers there, and they will help you with enrolment.”

“Mm, I will,” Gu Lingzhi replied as she accepted the medallion. She assumed that the Third Prince was going to spend some time with his fiancée, and thus added, “If Your Highness is busy, please go ahead with your matters, I can handle this myself.”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Rong Yuan frowned as he said this. “Since I was the one who brought you here, I need to make sure you are settled in properly. Go ahead first, I’ll be right there.”

Rong Yuan closed the door of the carriage and exchanged a few words with Yuan Zheng before dragging Tianfeng Wei along with him, her face filled with pleasant surprise. He brought her to a tea shop along the street near the carriage.

Was the Third Prince going to treat her to some afternoon tea?

Tianfeng Wei’s heart was filled with anticipation at the thought. Ever since their engagement was announced, the Third Prince had never once made a move to ask her out.

“Rong Yuan, I heard that the candied pears from this tea shop are delicious, let’s…”

“When did I say that I was going to eat with you?” Rong Yuan interrupted while he sat down. Although he had plastered on a charming smile that could make any girl’s heart flutter, his words were the complete opposite.

“Then… what did you bring me here?” Tianfeng Wei bit her lip nervously, as a sudden realization seemed to dawn on her.

“Oh, about that,” the smile on Rong Yuan’s face instantly disappeared, “Other than you, no one knows how our engagement came about. If you do not wish for our engagement to be annulled, you had better make sure that something like today does not happen again. After all, my mother still wishes for you to be her daughter-in-law.”

Rong Yuan immediately got up and left the establishment, without even staying behind to see how Tianfeng Wei had reacted to his words.

The engagement between him and Tianfeng Wei was entirely his mother’s idea. Before this, he had no real opinion about this engagement – in fact, he was happy to use it as an excuse to ward away other women who were trying to suck up to him. That was why, to some extent, he was happy to put up with Tianfeng Wei.

Yet, Tianfeng Wei had only become clingier recently, showing up before him every now and then. Furthermore, she had said some mean words to Gu Lingzhi today needlessly, making him frustrated. He began wondering if the engagement with Tianfeng Wei was a mistake.

Meanwhile, Tianfeng Wei watched as Rong Yuan’s figure walked away, and a vicious look appeared in her eyes. With one quick motion, she swept the utensils on the table fiercely onto the ground.

“Isn’t she just a wastrel? What’s so good about her? How dare he speak up for someone like her!”

The clamour that came from the cutlery falling onto the ground made the servants waiting outside the door jump with fright. They figured that their mistress must have fought with the Third Prince again, and they silently exchanged glances, not daring to make a sound. No one wanted to be the unfortunate fellow whom their mistress vented her anger on.

“Young Mistress, don’t be angry. Even if Gu Lingzhi tried to seduce the Third Prince, you are ultimately his fiancée. Once the feeling of novelty wears off, wouldn’t he still return to your side?”

These words were spoken by Cai Wei, who was standing behind Tianfeng Wei, her body bent slightly forward. She was the only one who dared to speak to Tianfeng Wei even when her mistress was throwing a tantrum, as she had grown up by Tianfeng Wei’s side.

News had long since spread about how Gu Lingzhi had awakened her Spiritual Roots as well as her invitation from the Third Prince to study in the Royal School had spread long before Gu Lingzhi and the Third Prince had returned to the city.

This caused the women in the capital who were fond of the Third Prince to be surprised and shocked at the same time.

According to the rumours before this incident, Gu Lingzhi was known as a wastrel through and through. Even if she had awakened her Spiritual Roots, she was still a wastrel. Two Master Alchemists who had taught her had complained non-stop about how they had never seen anyone so stupid, that she could not even master the fundamentals even after half a month of teaching.

How did a wastrel like her manage to catch the eye of the Third Prince?

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