Chapter 27 - The Third Prince’s Fiance

When he looked at the smile on Gu Lingzhi’s face, his heart started to hurt for some reason.

Since he invited Gu Lingzhi to the Royal School, Rong Yuan had naturally investigated her personal history in order to better understand the kind of person she was. The secret report that he received was in-depth and recorded the life that Gu Lingzhi had lived for the past fifteen years.

Lin Yue-er saw Gu Lingzhi as the daughter of her enemy and gave her a hard time throughout the years. It was hard for him to imagine how under those circumstances, Gu Lingzhi had tolerated the injustice and cautiously pretended to be a cowardly wastrel. Furthermore, despite the hatred in her heart, Gu Lingzhi’s eyes were still bright and untainted.

Gu Lingzhi must have been really happy to be able to leave the Gu Clan, seeing as she was smiling so widely, as if she had put down a heavy burden.

“You are going to study at the Royal School soon. Are you looking forward to it?”

Still revelling in her ability to take revenge without hurting anybody, she paused for a moment upon hearing his words, and then she nodded.

“Who wouldn’t look forward to studying at the Royal School?”

It was also at this time that Gu Lingzhi noticed that Rong Yuan was holding a fox. It was the size of a palm, and its fur was silvery white.

She did not expect the Third Prince to like furry things.

Rong Yuan followed her gaze and looked at the fox in his arms. He smiled and gently pinched the fox’s ear, “I’ve spent a lot of effort trying to catch this. Do you want to hold it?”

Aren’t girls usually fond of furry things like these? If not, his mother would not have made him search far and wide for this creature. 

Not waiting for a response from Gu Lingzhi, Rong Yuan placed the fox in her arms.

Gu Lingzhi did not expect this and jumped in surprise. Looking down at the fox, she saw that the fox had a ring attached to one of its front claws.

Most animals in this world were ferocious; sometimes they may look cute and small, but they could be very dangerous. In order to domesticate this fox, the ring was used to seal all its powers.

Pets who were bound by this ring could never take it off unless they became reached the level of a Demigod. Until then, they were just animals who could not attack their masters.

It was obvious that the fox’s powers were fully suppressed. Its golden eyes looked tired, which made it seem docile and pitiful.

“Is this… the Wind Fox?”

The silvery white fur and golden eyes were unique to the Wind Fox. She could not help but feel curious about how such a small creature could have such great powers.

Demon beasts were also split into seven different levels to deal with the seven levels of Martial Artists.

A Level Five demon beast had powers on par with a Martial Sage. Fortunately, this Wind Fox had not matured yet and thus its powers were only equivalent to that of a Level Four beast. Otherwise, the Third Prince may not have been able to catch it.

“Yes, it is,” Rong Yuan smiled and said, “Don’t be mistaken. It may be small but it is deadly. If I hadn’t prepared a trap beforehand, it would’ve escaped.”

The Third Prince had gotten information that he would be hunting a Level Four demon beast, but it turned out to be a Level Five beast. At this thought, his eyes darkened.

The Wind Fox was a Level Four beast, according to his mother. However, when he found the Wind Fox, it was evidently a Level Five Wind Fox that was injured.

Whoever his mother had gotten information from was unreliable and suspicious.

The Gu Clan was located at the south of the Xia Kingdom and was a few hundred miles away from the capital. It was not considered far with a Scarlet Wind Horse that was good for long-distance travel.

Four days later, they reached the outskirts of the capital, Chiyang City. There were long queues of people waiting to go into the city in front of them. They used the carriage lane and reached the city gates not long after.

The guards at the gates seemed to recognize Yuan Zheng. Upon seeing him, they immediately let the carriage in. In the capital, no one would be brave enough to feign their identity as that of His Highness, the Third Prince.

This was what the capital looks like…

Gu Lingzhi stuck her head out of the carriage, looking curiously at the new environment she was in.

It seems that… other than the grandeur, there was not much of a difference compared to Tai-an City.

“The Royal School is located in the northern region of the city, near the Red Leaf Hill. We’ll reach it in about an hour,” Rong Yuan explained, thinking that Gu Lingzhi was itching to see the Royal School. A few moments later, he heard Yuan Zheng’s voice and then the carriage stopped.

“Lady Tianfeng, why are you blocking the Third Prince’s way?”

Rong Yuan furrowed his eyebrows at Yuan Zheng’s words and a look of annoyance crossed his face.

“I am the Third Prince’s fiancée, what is so unreasonable about wanting to see him?”

The voice was arrogant and crisp - Gu Lingzhi immediately knew her identity.

She was Tianfeng Wei of the Tianfeng Clan, the most prestigious clan of the Four Great Clans. At the young age of seventeen, she was already a Level Eight Martial Student and the Third Prince’s fiancée.

Right when she wanted to know more about Tianfeng Wei, the door to the carriage suddenly opened. The face that appeared behind the door was sharp and elegant.

“Rong Yuan, you’ve been away for so long, did you miss me?” Tianfeng Wei asked coquettishly. Her flirtatious behaviour left even Gu Lingzhi at a loss for words.

The Third Prince was so fortunate to have a fiancée who was so beautiful. No wonder there were rumors that he never interacted with women and there were never any scandals about him. If it were up to her, she could not bear to upset such a sweet and delicate woman.

Rong Yuan took a glance at Tianfeng Wei and laughed weakly, “I have only been away for a month. A month isn’t even enough to learn a new skill for a Martial Artist. If you miss me in this short period of time, I think I am better off alone.”

The true intention behind his words were hard to decipher, but Tianfeng Wei’s face darkened slightly.

“Rong Yuan, is this the wastrel from the Gu Clan that everyone talks about? I heard she has finally awakened her wood and fire-based Spiritual Roots. I wonder what the outcome would be if she went against Beicheng Haoyue?”

In order to prevent Rong Yuan from mocking her again, Tianfeng Wei shifted the topic to Gu Lingzhi and examined her thoroughly.

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