Vol 2 Chapter 9-2

Once inside the room, Zheng put Lori on the sofa. Her face had been turning red since outside on the platform. She closed her eyes as soon as she got into the room. As someone that just lost her virginity to Zheng, she immediately associated his actions with something, especially when Zheng put her on the sofa.

“Don’t, not here… inside the bedroom,” Lori said in a very light voice.

Unexpectedly, Zheng didn’t do anything weird. Instead he placed his head on her lap and just lay there without moving. Lori was surprised at first then after a while, she put her hands on his head silently.

Lori said in a low voice, “… I was worried about you, especially how you appeared in front of me… I was so scared.”


“Zheng, I am scared. Nana said you will come back after a day. And maybe one of us will suddenly disappear, just like the other woman she knew. Or perhaps we will both disappear… I am scared that I might not ever see you again. Even if I am going to die, I want to see you one last time…”

She paused, then continued in a light voice. “I’ve been thinking the whole day today, Zheng. If I didn’t die back then, then you wouldn’t be disappointed with reality, and wouldn’t have been given the YES and NO choice… you also wouldn’t have gotten injured like this. I was scared when I saw you came back soaked in blood, and every part of your body was injured. Zheng, I am really scared of losing you…” Lori couldn’t continue anymore. She held onto his head and started crying quietly.

Zheng felt tired. Aside from physical exhaustion, his heart was really tired. Struggling in that hopeless place, every step had to be carefully considered, every crisis he had to put his life on the line, up until that last fight of desperation. He had exhausted every little bit of his energy mentally. Once it was safe, he didn’t even want to move a bit. He just wanted to lie on Lori’s lap and rest.

“Won’t die… Lori, won’t die! All of us won’t die! I promised you, I will bring you back to the real world, to watch that Aurora, then cross the Pacific Ocean on a cruise, lie on the deck during midnight and count the stars, to see the statues at Easter Island, ponder all the secrets of mankind, then go listen to the pipe music of Scotland, and also pay tribute for the ancient civilizations under the Greek Pantheon, then we will go back to the Great Wall of China. We will walk up to Badaling holding hands… I will live no matter what! I haven’t done any of these I promised you… We will live no matter what!”

A whole night without words. Zheng was too tired. He slept peacefully holding onto Lori. The next morning at 10am, he slowly opened his eyes and saw Lori’s face right in front of him. She was still sleeping with her eyes closed, but it was like their hearts were linked, shortly after he opened his eyes, she woke up.

“Morning.” Lori yawned.

Zheng loved how she acted. In his memories, they sometime slept together when they were about eleven. When she just woke up, she would look so moe just like a cat. Before he realized it, he had already kissed her.

“That’s dirty! Doing this so early in the morning you pervert! You haven’t even rinsed your mouth! Get away, you lay on me for a whole night already…”

“Then… it wouldn’t matter if I lie a little longer…”

“No, pervert…”

By the time the two of them came out from their room, it was already 12pm. Zheng saw there were already a few people standing on the platform. Xuan, Zero and Jie stood in a circle, it seemed like they were discussing something. Considering Xuan’s ability, he realized something might have happened. He immediately grabbed Lori and ran over to them.

Xuan had changed to a new pair of glasses, dressed in black casual clothes. It looked normal but the cold and expressionless face gave Zheng a different feel.

Zero and Jie didn’t change much, they both changed to new clothes. When they saw Zheng come over, they nodded. Xuan was the first to speak. “Once Lan comes, I will let you know my analysis.”

Before Zheng could speak, Lori said with a blush, “Jie, where is Nana? Is she in the room?”

Jie laughed. “She’s making a fruit and cream platter with Lan. She had been talking about you since this morning.”

Lori pinched Zheng then hopped toward Jie’s room. Shortly after, Lan came out laughing.

Xuan saw that the five of them were all there then said, “I found three problems, first is human creation… according to the conditions, it seems like you can even create a god. Because it’s not limited to race, age, gender, ability, as long as you can imagine it, you can create anything. I tried it yesterday but there are actually hidden limitations… Arnold!”

Ten seconds later, a huge man of about 2.5 meters tall came out from Xuan’s room. He stood besides Xuan without moving. His face was emotionless and cold like Xuan’s.

“Originally I chose Alien and Licker, but God didn’t give me any response. It seems like living beings non-native to Earth are not available. So I chose human. Height maxed out at 2.5 meters, I didn’t test gender, it’s not relevant to combat ability. Age is set at 22 when a person’s physical ability is at their highest. Ability wise, I originally imagined an all powerful god, but God didn’t create any life. So I gradually decreased his ability. I also tested the genetic mutations and bloodlines you can exchange from God, none of those can be created. So I assume it can only use humans as a blueprint.”

“Then I imagined the limit of a human, and gradually reduced his ability. When he was about twice the physical fitness of a normal person, God created him. At the same time I also gave him the experience and personality of a special agent. Basically that’s it. Because he looked strong, I gave him the name Arnold…”

Zheng and Jie laughed secretly. Little did they think that Xuan would choose such a name.

“This is not the key point!”

Xuan continued calmly. “He can also get enhanced! I tried to let God give him a point of intelligence, and God actually did enhance him. Do you know what this means? It means that the being you create can definitely go into the horror movies! It only takes 500 points to create a fighter twice as strong as a normal person. Then the rewards from one movie can give you two such bodyguards. You were all wrong! The free human creation God gives you isn’t to create women for sex, it’s so you can protect your life, to give you a chance to create a bodyguard!”

“Why do so many people die in this world? Especially the physically weaker people that are more likely to die? I think it’s because a lot of people use the first 1000 points to enhance themselves, then use the free human creation for a woman. But what can you accomplish with 1000 points? Can it double your attributes? Why not make two loyal bodyguards instead! God actually gave you hints early on, how to survive when you are still weak. That’s bodyguards! Such is a mortal’s wisdom… the inferiority of human nature…”

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