Vol 2 Chapter 9-1

Vol 2: Chapter 9-1.

The repair process took two hours. Zheng’s repairs took the longest, everyone else’s finished after an hour. As his repair finished, the beam suddenly changed from sunlight color to a green light. Zheng kind of understood that this was God repairing his genetics.

He still couldn’t explain what condition he was in after unlocking the genetic constraint. In that state, a lot of information rushed into his brain. Even though he could only reach this state during combat, it was still terrific. At least he survived after unlocking it. If he could reach this state under any circumstance, like when he was thinking, deducing, and coming up with plans… anyhow, when he can reach that state anytime he wanted, then he would become an almighty human.

From midair, Zheng looked below. Jie was laughing the loudest. He held his wife in his arms and laughed. “Shit, that was a close call but we also made a huge profit. 1000 points from the basic reward, 500 points from each Alien, 1000 points and a rank D reward from completing the mission. You have to take risks for profits but with so many points I am OK with it. Haha!”

Xuan also checked his rewards from God then said, “Body repair cost 107 points. Does it cost so much normally?”

Jie shook his head. “Repairing a part of your body doesn’t cost much, like if you lost an arm or a leg and need to repair them, that is cheap. But if your life is in danger and you don’t know where to repair, you will need to use the whole body repair function. It will repair every little problem that you have and adds up to a lot of points. You have it easy with just over a hundred points. I used over two hundred points this time.”

Lan looked bitter. “My repair cost over four hundred points. I only have about 1600 points left. And this also included that 100 points from giving an explanation to newbies. It takes too many points for repair. The only good thing is that rank D reward.”

Jie laughed and said, “Be content with it. Movies like this where God changed the plot usually end in a wipe. But we had five people survive. Do you really think it’s that easy to get the rewards? Thank Zheng, otherwise we would be inside the Queen’s stomach right now.”

The mention of the word Queen turned their face pale. But they survived after all, this was the most important thing. Zheng then closed his eyes and connected to God. A big list of rewards was listed in his brain: 1000 basic points, 1000 points from killing two Aliens, 3000 points from killing the Queen, 1000 points and a rank D reward for the mission. Other than these, there was also the line ‘Breaking the genetic limit’… Though aside from those words, there was no explanation.

That was 6000 bucks, no, 6000 points, and the reward was also good stuff. Zheng got excited from it. But when he looked at the amount of points he had, he was dazed. Only 4170 points left. He remembered having 276 points left from the last time. That meant his body repair cost over two thousand points. This made him laugh bitterly. You can imagine how critical his injuries were. He felt lucky that God could still save him from that.

Anyway, being alive and having four thousand points made him feel fulfilled. He disconnected from God and enjoyed the healing process inside the green light. It took over an hour before he was lowered to the ground.

Once on the ground, Jie gave him a big hug, then Lori jumped onto him crying. She immediately bit on his shoulder, tears dripping onto his body.

She cared too much for her love and went through both extreme sadness and happiness in this moment. Plus she was only a fifteen year old girl. You can’t expect a high school girl to get over issues concerning death so easily.

Lan originally held out her arms as if she was going to run to him, but when she saw Zheng and Lori’s faces, she put down her hands and stood aside with a smile.

Jie laughed. “Okay, okay. At least pay attention to where you are if you want to make out. Haha. Everyone, I will take my leave now. If you have anything to say, wait til tomorrow morning. The trial this time was too dangerous. I will have my wife make you guys a big meal tomorrow…” Then he picked up his woman and ran to his room.

Zheng shook his head and said, “You know how to activate your room right? Use your imagination to design the room. Other people can’t get in it without your permission. Oh right, about the points… wait til tomorrow, we will discuss how to use those points. If we had heavy firearms in this movie then we wouldn’t have had so many casualties. Xuan is definitely better than me in this field. We will discuss how to deal with future movies tomorrow.”

Then he picked up Lori just like Jie did and ran toward his room laughing. Xuan’s voice suddenly came from behind.

“Thank you… for this time.”

“You don’t have to thank me, if you didn’t save me with your gun at the last moment, we would have all been dead… So are we still allies? Haha…”

Zheng replied without turning his head around. Then he walked into his room laughing. Only three people were left in the platform, Xuan, Zero, plus Lan who had been staring at his back…

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