Chapter 994 – The Sunset Of Terminus

Exactly how terrifying was the Condemn Evil Brush?

It was obvious from this single strike that annihilated King Bian Cheng into nothingness that this supreme weapon of slaughter’s true strength might only be able to be brought out by its owner.

The expressions of King Chu Jiang and the last two Kings of Hell that remained was ashen, and they were dejected and terrified. They could confirm from the might of the Condemn Evil brush that it was undoubtedly the Third Netherworld Emperor.

Moreover, if they weren’t wrong, he was a strand of consciousness that was left in the possession of that little fellow from the Mortal Dimension.

But even then, it was sufficient to make them feel terrified and despair.

Who was the Third Netherworld Emperor?

All those years ago, he’d battled the gods and Buddhas of the world by himself, and he’d crushed countless gods and Buddhas beneath the Sea of Misery. He was a supreme expert that caused the expressions of the people of the three dimensions to turn pale just from mentioning his name!

Even if it was merely a strand of consciousness, such a great figure who possessed extraordinary ability and reigned supreme through the ages was capable of easily annihilating them.

King Tai Shan and King Bian Chen that had perished right before their eyes were once living examples!

Compared to them, the Nether Spring Grand Emperor was extremely excited, and he was brimming with spirit and energy. He seemed to have seen the entire Netherworld return once more to a state of unity and order under the control of the Third Netherworld Emperor.

“Condemn Evil, Netherworld… Could it be that all of this was caused by the lack of leadership?” Chen Xi lowered his head and muttered with a low and bleak tone. Amidst this silent atmosphere, his voice was suffused with a unique sad an emotional feeling.

“Unfortunately, all of this wasn’t my intention.”

“Order is naturally something that is shapeless and circulates in the universe. Gods are unable to violate it, and the Immortals and Buddhas are unable to meddle in it. In this way, black and white will be used as an example, good and bad will have an end, clear and muddy will be distinguished clearly. Everything would be in order, and all beings would be under its jurisdiction…”

Everyone was stunned as they heard the emotional sighs spoken by the aged voice, and they were slightly at a loss for what to do.

They were naturally unable to understand that this was the objective the Third Netherworld Emperor had pursued throughout his entire lifetime. He wanted to transfer the order in the cycle of reincarnation to the myriad of worlds in the universe, and he wanted to allow all the living beings in the myriad of worlds to belong under the jurisdiction of a type of systematic order!

Unfortunately, it was precisely because this objective was too grand that it touched the limits the gods and Buddhas of the world could tolerate, and he suffered calamity in the end.

Even though they didn’t understand, King Chu Jiang and the others were clearly aware that if they still didn’t make a move, then they would probably perish here today.

But the reason they felt powerless and conflicted was because of this as well.

King Tai Shan had intended to flee, yet he was crushed by the Myriad Flow Godcage Formation in the end.

King Bian Cheng knelt down and begged for mercy, yet he was still unable to escape being judged and killed by the Condemn Evil Brush.

So they couldn’t flee or beg for mercy. There was only a single path that lay before them now, and it was to give it their all and fight to the death.


They were up against the Third Netherworld Emperor! If they were to fight with their lives on the line, wouldn’t they be no different than ants who were trying to shake a tree, wouldn’t it be no different than courting death?

At this instant, King Chu Jiang and the others felt almost exactly like how Chen Xi felt earlier. They felt their opponent was impossible to shake, and they felt powerless.

The only difference was that Chen Xi had the protection of the tiny cauldron, so he didn’t feel dejection and despair.

On the other hand, King Chu Jiang and the others didn’t have such luck.

So they had no choice but to make this move even if they were clearly aware of all of this.

Without informing each other or any discussion, it was practically like tacit understanding as King Chu Jiang, King Qin Guang, and King Song Di attacked ferociously.


Three Golden Immortal Realm experts made a move and attacked desperately with all their might. In an instant, the entire area above the cliff was enveloped by extremely dense and seething Golden Immortal Laws Energy, and it surged like an ocean and was vast like an abyss while it emanated boundless blazing light that was capable of shaking the world!

Chen Xi’s figure remained still like a rock when facing this, and he seemed as if he was on the other side. No matter how monstrous those attacks were, they were actually unable to touch him at all, let alone harm him.

He seemed to have left the scope of the three dimensions and the five elements.

But King Chu Jiang and the others seemed to have expected this since the beginning, and they gritted their teeth as they attacked forcefully. They were mighty like scorching suns in the sky, and they intended to tear the Myriad Flow Godcage Formation to break open a path to survival.

Only in this way would they be able to obtain a chance at survival.

“Qi Shanhe?” Chen Xi seemed to stop paying attention to all of this, and he turned around instead before his deep and ancient gaze descended onto the nearby Nether Spring Grand Emperor.

“It is this disciple.” The Nether Spring Grand Emperor cupped his hands while his cold and thin face actually revealed a wisp of pleasant surprise, and then it was replaced by a devoted and fervent expression.

An innumerable years ago, Qi Shanhe was still a disciple of the Nether Spring Hall at that time. He was a young man that was full of spirit, and he looked down proudly at his peers and was considered a peerless figure with extraordinary natural talent in the younger generation. It was precisely because of this that he once had the fortune to meet the Third Netherworld Emperor with his Master.

Of course, he merely met the Third Netherworld Emperor. At that time, not to mention himself, even his master was no different than an ordinary person in the eyes of the Netherworld Emperor, so the Netherworld Emperor would naturally not pay much attention to Qi Shanhe.

But Qi Shanhe had never imagined that after so long, the Third Netherworld Emperor would actually still remember the name of a nobody like him!

How could he not be pleasantly surprised by this?

If the people of the outside world knew Qi Shanhe’s thoughts, it would surely cause all their jaws to drop because if the Nether Spring Grand Emperor was a nobody, then what were they?

Of course, when it was in comparison to the Third Netherworld Emperor, it was very easy to be accepted by others.

Because compared to the Third Netherworld Emperor, no matter if it was the Nether Spring Grand Emperor, the Master of Granny Meng Hall, the Governor of the City of the Wronged, the Grand Ministers of the Six Paths of Hell, or the Ten Kings of Hell, all of them were juniors to the Third Netherworld Emperor, so it was logical for them to call themselves nobodies.

“I’ll temporarily leave these treasures in your care.” Chen Xi spoke as he passed the Condemn Evil Brush and Netherworld Register to the Nether Spring Grand Emperor.

The Nether Spring Grand Emperor felt his mind drone, and he was almost dazed. He didn’t dare believe this was happening, causing him to actually become bewildered. When such an appearance appeared on an old senior that had lived for countless years, it obviously showed how great the shock he received was.

“The kid will be heading to the Immortal Dimension in the end. That place won’t tolerate the existence of these two treasures.” Chen Xi sighed and actually revealed a wisp of helplessness.

Even though it was spoken from Chen Xi’s mouth, yet the Nether Spring Grand Emperor was aware that the person before him had become the Third Netherworld Emperor now, whereas the ‘kid’ he spoke of was surely Chen Xi.

“You…can ask him to stay in the Netherworld.” The Nether Spring Grand Emperor took a deep breath and spoke in a low voice.

“Me?” A wisp of a complicated expression arose on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth. “No one can interfere in his path, and even if I keep him here by force, Oracle Mountain won’t allow it.”

The Nether Spring Grand Emperor was shocked. The Oracle Mountain! That’s one of the most mysterious sects in the three dimensions!

He was very clearly aware that the Third Netherworld Emperor had once discussed the Dao for ten days with the Master of Oracle Mountain, Fu Xi. Even though the outcome wasn’t announced publicly, it had become story that was passed throughout the three dimensions.

But he’d never imagined that this fellow who came from the Mortal Dimension was actually related to Oracle Mountain. For a time, he was speechless and was at a loss for what to say.

“Don’t worry, disciple will give my all in order to help Chen Xi take good care of these two treasures.” He took a deep breath once more before the Nether Spring Grand Emperor spoke solemnly.

Earlier, the Netherworld Emperor had said that he would temporarily leave the treasures in the Nether Spring Grand Emperor’s care, so the Nether Spring Grand Emperor was naturally able to discern the meaning behind these words.

Comparatively speaking, Chen Xi was the true heir of the Netherworld Emperor, whereas no matter how highly he thought of himself, the Nether Spring Grand Emperor was clearly aware that he was unable to replace Chen Xi.

Chen Xi nodded and didn’t say anything further before raising his head to look towards the side.

Over there, King Chu Jiang and the others were like madmen as they continued to blast the Myriad Flow Godcage Formation with all their might. Unfortunately, up until now, they were even unable to break open a slight crack on it.

The Nether Spring Grand Emperor’s gaze couldn’t help but be suffused with a wisp of pity when he saw this because they were arrogant and haughty earlier yet were now in panic like stray dogs. It was pitiful, truly pitiful!


Right at this moment, Chen Xi stretched out his hand and made a light pulling gesture in midair, and his movements were smooth like flowing water and otherworldly.

But along with this casual movement, a wisp of dense color of sunset effused out. It was like the curtains to time had been drawn, like the end of the universe, and it revealed a boundless aura of sorrow, helplessness, and powerlessness to turn the tides.

The Dao Insight of Terminus — the Sunset of the Gods!

The sunset was the descending of the curtains, it was the end.

After sunset was eternal silence and darkness, and the daybreak in the next moment would usher in a new era.

The Nether Spring Grand Emperor’s pupils dilated while he revealed extreme shock. He seemed to have never expected that he would actually be lucky enough in his lifetime to witness this legendary profundity that was a taboo!

All those years ago, it was precisely because the Dao Insight of Terminus formed the core profundities of the Laws of Samsara that it aroused the killing intent of all the gods and Buddhas of the world, and they stopped at nothing to crush the Third Netherworld Emperor.

From then onward, the profundities of Terminus had become a taboo in the entire three dimensions, and no one was able to see it again!

At the other side, the bodies of King Chu Jiang, King Qin Guang, and King Song Di froze, and they stopped moving and were completely stunned on the spot like clay statues.



After countless years, it has actually emerged once more into the world!

But in the next moment, they couldn’t be bothered to be shocked because this strike that contained the Dao Insight of Terminus was coming towards them…

“NO!!!” Mad and unwilling howls resounded as King Chu Jiang and the others were like madmen as they burned with the flames of the Laws, and they charged with all they had. But all of this was futile before the sunset of terminus.

In the next instant, their bodies were covered in the color of sunset, and then the bodies of these three Golden Immortals actually silently vanished into nothingness!

It was like the day being gradually swallowed by the night. From the beginning until the end, they didn’t make the slightest sound, nor did any bloody scenes appear. But it was precisely because of this that it was even more horrifying and terrifying.

The Nether Spring Grand Emperor was still unable to recover from his shock even after the curtains to all of this had been drawn.

So he naturally didn’t notice that Chen Xi who stood by his side had lost the supreme imposing aura of controlling and looking down upon everything in the world, and Chen Xi had recovered to his composed and extraordinary appearance from before.

At this moment, Chen Xi’s mind had fallen into a type of strange state of comprehension. He was able to clearly sense that a strand of flames was burning in his sea of consciousness, and it was translucent like amber and revealed the color of sunset.

Chen Xi knew that this was the Dao Insight of Terminus, and it was the final present that strand of the Third Netherworld Emperor’s consciousness left behind before it vanished.

To comprehend, or not to comprehend.

It all depended on a single thought of his. 

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