Chapter 993 – The Emperor’s Might


King Qin Guang’s voice had just resounded when the gazes of the other Kings of Hell had shot onto Chen Xi’s hands in unison.

After that, their pupils constricted as they stared fixedly at it with disbelief.

A brush that was completely pitch black, jade like, and seemed to be made out of iron yet wasn’t iron. A white jade book that was completely icy cold, coiled by glowing mist, and emanated a strange aura that was vast like an ocean.

They were respectively held in his right and left hand.

One black, one white. They seemed to control Yin and Yang, and they contained clear and muddy and merged good and evil. They give others an indescribable feeling of terror.

“The Netherworld Register!”“The Condemn Evil Brush!”

“These are the treasures of the Third Netherworld Emperor. All those years ago, the gods and Buddhas of the world searched bitterly yet were unable to find it. How could it have appeared in the possession of this kid?” The expressions of King Chu Jiang and the others revealed shock as they cried out involuntarily with surprise, and their faces were covered in disbelief.

This was a Saint Artifact that was even more terrifying than the Netherworld Disk, the Stone of Past, Present, and Future, and the Mirror of Forgetfulness, and it was in the possession of the Third Netherworld Emperor. Not only did they contain the profundities related to ‘rebirth,’ they were even a pair of supreme weapons of slaughter.

Especially the Condemn Evil brush, it had slaughter countless gods and Buddhas all those years ago, allowing it to drink the blood of innumerable gods. Its possessed monstrous might and was matchless in the entire Netherworld!

After the Third Netherworld Emperor fell all those years ago, the gods and Buddhas of the world had exhausted innumerable painstaking efforts merely for the sake of these two Saint Artifacts, yet they returned empty handed in the end.

At that time, this matter had even caused the three dimensions to be shaken!

Yet now, these supreme divine treasures of the Netherworld that were filled with the color of legends had actually appeared in the possession of a young man from the Mortal Dimension, so how could this not be shocking?

Especially horrifying to King Chu Jiang and the others was that just a moment ago, this tiny ant from the mortal Dimension actually held the Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush and instantly destroyed their lethal attacks. Moreover, even the Myriad Flow Godcage Formation had fallen into silence!

It took a long time to describe, yet this string of events actually occurred in an extremely short period of time.

In the next moment, the gazes King Chu Jiang and the others shot at Chen Xi had recovered their calm. The appearance of the Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush had indeed exceeded their expectations, but the pressing matter at hand was to kill Chen Xi and the Nether Spring Grand Emperor.

As old figures that had cultivated for countless years and supreme figures in the Netherworld, it was impossible for King Chu Jiang and the others to fall into disorder because of this.

“Junior, quickly hand over the Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush, and I’ll spare your life!” King Qin Guang shouted with a stern voice. As he spoke, he probed Chen Xi with an attack. A Daoist book that was crimson red like blood flipped open in his hand, and an expanse of blood red radiance surged out from within it. Dense mist rose from it while it was suffused with the Laws of a Golden Immortal, and it smashed down at Chen Xi.

This was the attack of a Golden Immortal, and it was capable of shaking the sun and moon and obliterating the nine heavens!

If this was the Mortal Dimension, then this strike would surely suffer the confinement of the Laws of the Heaven Dao as soon as it was struck because this sort of might had already exceeded the constraints of the Mortal Dimension. So once it wasn’t restrained, it would surely cause an entire large world to fall into disorder.

When he saw this, Chen Xi just flicked his sleeve and didn’t even utilize the Condemn Evil Brush, yet the bloody glow collapsed and shattered inch by inch.

At the same time, King Qin Guang felt his hand shake before the crimson red Daoist book actually escaped his control, and it was dragged by a shapeless force to fall into Chen Xi’s hand.

This scene occurred in an instant, and it caused everyone present here to be shocked.

King Qin Guang was the First King of Hell that possessed an extraordinary cultivation and ferocious combat strength. He was even more formidable than King Chu Jiang. Yet now, the treasure in his possession was actually seized away with a single strike!

“The Netherworld’s Infinite Blood Book. All those years ago, I passed down this treasure to the First King of Hell, and every single King Qin Guang would possess this treasure, assume command over the Mirrored Table of Sin, and attend to the judgment of spirits. Yet now, it has been utilized by you to go against me…” An aged and low voice suddenly escaped Chen Xi’s lips, and it carried a wisp of sorrow and seemed to be recalling the past. “Unfortunately, a valuable pearl has been thrown into darkness, and it has been tarnished in the end. There’s no need for it anymore.”


As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Xi didn’t seem to move at all, yet that Immortal Artifact, the Netherworld’s Infinite Blood Book, that obviously surpassed ordinary Immortal Artifact shattered instantaneously, and it transformed into dust that vanished into nothingness.

Everyone was horrified while their pupils constricted, and the gazes they shot at Chen Xi carried a wisp of shock.

Even though the Netherworld’s Infinite Blood Book was inferior to the Stone of Past, Present, and Future, and the Mirror of Forgetfulness, it was the treasure that was passed down to the First Kings of Hell, and it had always been possessed by the King Qin Guang of each generation.

Such a precious treasure had actually been shattered easily at this moment, and it transformed into dust. How could this not shock all of them?

Especially when they heard that Chen Xi actually said the Netherworld’s Infinite Blood Book had come from him and was passed down to the First King of Hell by him, all of them felt their entire bodies tremble and seemed as if they’d been struck by lightning.

Could it be that he’s…the Third Netherworld Emperor!?

In the entire Netherworld, only a single person dared to speak in this way, and it was the Third Netherworld Emperor!

At this moment, no matter how great their cultivations in the Dao Heart was, or how shrewd they were, they were unable to restrain the tempestuous waves that surged in their hearts because this matter was too astonishing.

At the side, the Nether Spring Grand Emperor was similarly shocked to the extreme, but he felt even more excitement and delight. Because he’d finally confirmed that it was surely the Third Netherworld Emperor who’s taken control of Chen Xi’s body!

My god! He’s actually still alive!

At this instant, the Nether Spring Grand Emperor was slightly unable to restrain the feelings in his heart.

“Impossible! The Third Netherworld Emperor was crushed by the gods and Buddhas of the world a long time ago. How could he possibly have survived until now? Who exactly are you?” King Chu Jiang took a deep breath and spoke with a grim voice.

He’s exhausted a great deal of effort to plan this trap and had awaited the time to haul in the net with great difficulty, yet this scene threw his plans into disorder. So how could he accept it?

“Perhaps it has really been too long to the point that all of you haven’t just forgotten your duties, you’re unable to remember me as well…” Chen Xi spoke while his eyes were filled with an ancient and icy cold expression, and then he sighed. “Is it really so nice to be the slaves of the Immortal Dimension?”

As he spoke, he held the Condemn Evil Brush and casually flicked it in midair, causing a wisp of sharp light to flash.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the next moment, the treasured seal in King Chu Jiang’s hand, the treasured sword in King Song Di’s hand, the flag in King Tai Shan’s hand, and the bronze furnace in King Bian Cheng’s hand were slashed into two in unison, and then they emitted rumbling as they shattered and were completely destroyed.

This strike was like a strike from the gods, and it startled the universe and terrified the gods. It was filled with unfathomable profundities, and its lethality was terrifying to the limit. It shocked King Chu Jiang and the others to the point they were unable to recover from their shock before the treasures in their hands were completely destroyed!

They didn’t dare imagine if they would be able to be alive if this attack was directed towards them. This caused their expressions to become extremely unsightly, and they were filled with terror, frustration, and were slightly perplexed.

As Golden Immortals and supreme figures that commanded the winds and the clouds in the Netherworld, how could they have imagined that there would be a day where they would be so terrified and uneasy like ants?

“Spirit Control Treasured Seal, Mysterious Valley Soulsword, Sixgod Spirit Absorption Flag, Netherwave Annihilation Furnace… What a pity that all these treasures have been tarnished by the claws of the Immortal Dimension.” Amidst an emotional sigh, Chen Xi raised his eyes and looked at King Chu Jiang and the others, and his gaze was icy cold, deep, ancient, and suffused with strands of killing intent.

Being stared at by this gaze caused the bodies of King Chu Jiang and the others to stiffen while their souls palpitated with fear. They felt extreme terror that was simply no different than the fear they felt when facing an Immortal King.

“You can’t kill us!” King Chu Jiang was unable to restrain himself any longer, and he cried out loudly, “No one will be able to grasp the position of Kings of Hell once we perish. At that time, the entire Netherworld will fall into an upheaval and war. Could it be that you wish to watch such a scene occur?”

 At this moment, he didn’t seem like someone who was capable of devising strategies and giving out commands. He’d already been terrified by these unexpected events to the point his mind was shaken, so he didn’t have any other thoughts but the thought to survive.

“The Netherworld is already decaying. Perhaps only war will be able to rebuild the order of the Netherworld. So all of you have to die.” Chen Xi’s voice had already become utterly emotionless, and its calmness revealed a force that controlled life and death.

As soon as these words were spoken, the expressions of everyone turned pale, and only the Nether Spring Grand Emperor revealed an expression of deep contemplation.

“You want to kill us?! Absolutely impossible!” A wisp of resolution suddenly flashed past the face of King Tai Shan, and his figure flashed as he tore space apart with the intention of fleeing.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but shake his head when he saw this.

In the next moment, the Myriad Flow Godcage Formation that enveloped the entirety of Myriad Flow Mountain suddenly activated, and it formed layer upon layer of terrifying phenomena that lock down the surrounding space. Moreover, terrifying fluctuations even surged out from within it and collided fiercely with King Tai Shan.


The sound of bones breaking apart resounded. King Tai Shan seemed as if he was an insect that was grabbed by a shapeless hand, and he was completely covered in blood. Every single inch of his skin and flesh was collapsing, and his face had warped while he emitted waves of miserable and shrill cries.

“The sin has been planted. You’re like an ant in the boundless Sea of Misery that’s without a shore, so where can you escape?” Accompanying this aged and calm voice was a bang, and then King Tai Shan actually transformed into a ball of blood that rained down from the sky. He’s actually been crushed to death!

From the beginning until the end, he didn’t even have any room to struggle.

That was a Golden Immortal!

Yet now, he’d been easily annihilated like an ant, and if news of this scene were to be spread to the outside world, it would probably cause a mighty uproar.

“He’s actually…dead…” As they watched helplessly as King Tai Shan died before their very eyes, the scalps of King Chu Jiang and the others went numb while their souls almost left their bodies. A wisp of terror that couldn’t be concealed or restrained extended into their hearts, and then it was reflected on their faces.

Because they were very clearly aware that this was actual death, and there was no possibility of being reincarnated or reborn. From this moment onward, the current King Tai Shan, Cai Shentu, had been eternally obliterated from the world!


In the next moment, King Bian Cheng actually knelt on the ground and kowtowed as he cried out with sorrow. “This subordinate acknowledges his mistakes. I beg Grand Emperor to be benevolent and spare this subordinate from death. From today onward…”


He hadn’t finished speaking when a bloody mark had been slit open on his throat, and then his head left his body while blood sprayed from his neck.

“It’s impossible for karma to be redeemed by constant changes of the mind. Death is the greatest benevolence to you.” Chen Xi gently stroked the Condemn Evil Brush in his hand as he sighed lightly with emotion.

At this moment, only King Chu Jiang, King Qin Guang, and King Song Di remained, and their expressions were extremely gloomy and revealed despair.

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