Chapter 992 – A Brush That Startled The Universe

At the peak of Myriad Flow Mountain, along with King Chu Jiang bluntly stating his plan, the atmosphere instantly froze and became deathly silent.

This trap used Chen Xi as bait, and its true objective was to hook the Nether Spring Grand Emperor and annihilate him.

For the sake of attaining this objective, King Chu Jiang had sacrificed numerous subordinates and endured patiently. Moreover, at the very beginning, he’d notified the other four Kings of Hell that were on the Immortal Dimension’s side with the intention of securing this trap with an absolute advantage.

All the scenes before their eyes displayed that it was time for the net of this trap to be hauled in, and the big and small fish in the net just have to be annihilated for the trap to be completed perfectly.

It was easy to imagine that once all of this came to an end, then the Nether Spring Region that lost the protection of the Nether Spring Grand Emperor would surely fall into the hands of the Immortal Dimension that was represented by King Chu Jiang.

At the same time, killing Chen Xi who was the inheritor of the Third Netherworld Emperor would allow them to obtain supreme Dao Arts like the Flare Godfist, Seven Moves of Judgment, and Heaven Suppression Scripture of Oblivion from him.

It was killing two birds with one stone.

It explained why King Chu Jiang who was so shrewd was unable to refrain himself from roaring with laughter at this moment. No matter who it was, that person would probably be extremely proud from seeing this scene.

Compared to this, the expression of the Nether Spring Grand Emperor was extremely gloomy while he remained silent.

Chen Xi was like that as well. When facing all the extraordinary and great figures present here, he didn’t have any sort of sense of existence at all. He was like a fish on the chopping block, and he seemed as if he was at the mercy of others.

“If I fight desperately and with my life on the line, then perhaps more than one of you will suffer injuries or even death.” Suddenly, the Nether Spring Grand Emperor spoke with an icy cold and resolute tone.

As he spoke, he pointed at Chen Xi and said, “Let him go and I’ll leave myself at your mercy. All of you can have the Nether Spring Region as well. This is my bottom line.” 

As soon as these words were spoken, Chen Xi was shocked and extremely moved.

He’d only happened to have met the Nether Spring Grand Emperor once in the past, yet now, the Nether Spring Grand Emperor intended to disregard his own life in exchange for Chen Xi’s life just because Chen Xi was the inheritor of the Third Nether Spring Emperor. How could Chen Xi not be moved by such broad-mindedness and boldness?

“Senior…” Chen Xi spoke.

“There’s no need to say anything.” The Nether Spring Grand Emperor waved his hand and spoke with extreme resolution and determination.

Chen Xi puckered his lips and kept silent while waves surged in his heart, and he was unable to calm down for a long time. He was unable to describe what sort of feeling he felt, yet he was very sure that at this moment, he owed the Nether Spring Grand Emperor a great debt.

If I’m lucky enough to survive, then I’ll surely live up to your expectations! Chen Xi gritted his teeth and decided.

“You actually didn’t hesitate to exchange your own life for a tiny ant from the Mortal Dimension. You truly deserve to be the Nether Spring Grand Emperor that controlled the Nether Spring Region for countless years. Such broad-mindedness and courage can truly be said to be capable of moving the world.” King Chu Jiang spoke in a light voice, and he didn’t conceal the ridicule in his voice as he said, “Unfortunately, you think too highly of your life. When this King set up this trap, this King took precautions against you taking desperate measures, so how could this King possibly allow your wish to be fulfilled?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the entirety of Myriad Flow Mountain was suddenly suffused with strands of muddy brilliance, and it dyed the entire world in the color sunset that revealed a sorrowful atmosphere.


At the same time, a myriad of waves charged out from the Sea of Misery that resided by the side of Myriad Flow Mountain, and these waves were like soaring dragons that actually dashed towards Myriad Flow Mountain from all directions.

They were like a formidable army!

Yet even more like a myriad of streams returning to their source!

In merely the time of a few breaths, it was like the stars had moved and the sun and moon were alternating. The scene in the surroundings of Myriad Flow Mountain had already changed completely.

The muddy waves surged while thunderclaps rumbled, and Myriad Flow Mountain that stood towering there seemed to have been enveloped by boundless muddy seawater. Besides the cliff, everywhere else was completely drowned by seawater.

Instantly, Chen Xi felt he’d been abandoned by the heavens and the earth, and he was confined by an indescribable and terrifying forcefield. Moreover, it seemed as if he was inside a cave where he had nowhere to run, and he’d become a prisoner.

“Myriad Flow Godcage Formation!” The Nether Spring Grand Emperor’s revealed a slightly grim expression while his gaze was suffused with disbelief and icy coldness.

“Exactly! It’s exactly that!” King Chu Jiang chuckled as he said, “With the Myriad Flow Mountain as foundation and the Sea of Misery as its source of strength, it’s capable of restraining the heavens and trapping the gods! This formation was personally set up by the Third Netherworld Emperor all those years ago. Unfortunately, during the battle against the gods all those years ago, this grand formation hadn’t been activated when the Third Netherworld Emperor had been crushed. Thus, it caused this formation to be unknown to the people of the world.”

“Isn’t it better like this? This old goat wholeheartedly intends to recover the path of the Third Netherworld Emperor, and he can die in peace within this Myriad Flow Godcage Formation.” The nearby King Qin Guang roared with laughter.

The nearby King Song Di, King Qin Shan, and King Bian Cheng couldn’t help but reveal smiles as well, and their gazes were filled with ridicule and pity because the Nether Spring Grand Emperor wholeheartedly intended to rebuild the Third Netherworld Emperor’s teachings, yet he was about to die within a grand formation set up by the Third Netherworld Emperor. How ironic was this?

The Nether Spring Grand Emperor understood the meaning behind their smiles, and his expression turned even gloomier. As he looked at all of this that had been set up meticulously for him, even if he’d decided to disregard his life and put it on the line, he couldn’t help but feel cold and sorrowful in his heart. The Third Netherworld Emperor had such great talent and bold vision. When he was in power, he ruled over the entire Netherworld, and neither gods and Buddhas or immortals and devils dared trespass into it. Yet now, the grand formation he left behind is being utilized by the dogs of the Immortal Dimension. How unfortunate is that!?

“Do it now so as to avoid any unforeseen events from occurring.” The nearby King Qin Guang reminded.

“Haha! Alright, I’ve already tasted the appetizer, and it’s time to enjoy the sumptuous feast.” King Chu Jiang roared with laughter.

In the next moment, these five Kings of Hell suddenly soared into the sky and took their positions in the position of the five elements. They either held a Daoist book, a treasured sword, a flag, or a bronze furnace. All of them were like gods that had descended into the world, and their bodies were coiled by Golden Immortal Laws Energy that emanated brilliant light that seized the radiance of the world.






It was a mere five words, yet they rumbled like the voice of the gods, and they carried enormous might as they let the lips of the five Kings of Hell. They seemed like orders given by the gods, and they deafened the ears and struck straight to the heart.

Suddenly, the boundless muddy seawater surged and transformed into layer after layer of phenomena that assaulted Chen Xi and the Nether Spring Grand Emperor.

The phenomena seemed to be material, and they formed the scenes of a sea of blood in purgatory, the six paths suppressing souls, the boundless Paramita, a myriad of devils being dragged into oblivion, the door of hell opening wide, spirits wreaking havoc…

Every single phenomenon contained an extremely terrifying fluctuation of strength as it crushed down. Merely its imposing aura caused Chen Xi to feel as if he’d fallen into an icy pit, and it aroused boundless despair in his heart.

“Young Brother, I’m sorry. I’m powerless to break through this formation.” The Nether Spring Grand Emperor’s sigh sounded out by Chen Xi’s ears, and it revealed a wisp of unwillingness and despair. This was the Myriad Flow Godcage Formation that was personally set up by the Third Netherworld Emperor. Now that it was controlled by five Kings of Hell, no one in the Netherworld was capable of escaping it.

Even though it was like this, the Nether Spring Grand Emperor’s thin and tall figure still stood before Chen Xi at this moment. “Now, I can only burn and sacrifice myself to give it my all”


At this moment, the layer upon layer of phenomena had already tore through the sky and pressed down. The blazing and terrifying glows were reflected on the Nether Spring Grand Emperor’s face that changed indeterminately, and there was only a wisp of firmness and resolution that couldn’t be moved.

Obviously, he’d decided to sacrifice himself and give it his all, even if he was like a mantis trying to stop a chariot.

King Chu Jiang and the others revealed expressions of disdain when they saw this. No wonder people call Qi Shanhe as old goat Qi. He possesses extreme courage yet is like an old goat that’s unable to discern the situation clearly. His death is nothing to be regretted!

“Allow me.” Right at this moment, a low and aged voice sounded out by the side of the Nether Spring Grand Emperor’s ears, and before he could react, a slender and large hand had appeared in his field of vision.

This hand was wide, firm, and seemed like a green pine tree that was rooted at the edge of a precipice.

There was a brush in this hand’s palm. It seemed to be made or iron yet wasn’t, seemed to be made of jade yet wasn’t as well. It was completely pitch black, and its black didn’t carry the slightest flaw. It was a type of black that was pure to the limit. The brush was icy cold and the words ‘Condemn Evil’ were written with vigorous strokes. As soon as he laid eyes on it, an indescribably terrifying killing intent assaulted his face, and it pierced his eyes to the point they hurt.

In an instant, the entire heavens and the earth returned to calm. The layer upon layer of phenomena had frozen in the air while even the peerless killing intent and terrifying fluctuation that surged in space seemed to have suffered lethal shock and vanished without a trace.

All of this was merely because of the presence of a single brush.

When he saw the appearance of that brush clearly and the two ancient words that were written with vigorous strokes, even with the Nether Spring Grand Emperor’s composure, he couldn’t help but be fiercely stunned. His heart rose and fell like a wave while his gaze erupted with an extremely excited expression.


“What happened?”

“Why did this happen?”

A wave of bewildered voices sounded out as King Chu Jiang and the others were caught slightly off guard and didn’t know what had happened.

But right after that, their gazes were drawn by a single person.

It was a tall figure that possessed a handsome appearance, and it was precisely Chen Xi. But at this moment, his bearing had changed greatly. As he stood casually before the Nether Spring Grand Emperor, he actually emanated an imposing aura of looking down upon the world and controlling the universe.

Especially his eyes, they were deep, experienced, and suffused with the aura of time. When one looked carefully at them, they seemed as if they didn’t contain any feelings, and there was only a feeling of indifference, calm, and mercilessness.

Compared to this, even the Nether Spring Grand Emperor had been cast into a shade, and he was like a tiny pearl that was unable to compete in brilliance with the moon.

When they met this gaze, the hearts of King Chu Jiang and the others jerked while they felt oppression that came from the soul. It was like they were subjects that had met the Emperor, and it aroused indescribable terror in their hearts.

Who exactly is this little fellow?

The expressions of everyone changed as they were clearly aware that it was Chen Xi that had caused all of this. But at this moment, he was like a completely different person and couldn’t be compared to before at all.

Because even if he possessed a strength of a peak sovereign at the Earthly Immortal Realm earlier, as far as they were concerned, he was still tiny like a fragile ant.

But now, he actually caused all of them who were supreme figures in the Netherworld and possessed cultivations at the Golden Immortal Realm to feel a trace of terror!

“That… That’s…” Right at this moment, King Qin Guang cried out involuntarily, and his gaze stared fixedly at Chen Xi’s hands. His eyes were stared wide open, and he seemed as if he’d been struck by lightning.

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