Chapter 991 – Changes In The Situation

King Chu Jiang attacked. A casual slap of his was even swifter than lightning!

At this instant, there was no fear in Chen Xi’s heart, and he just thought in his heart with self-ridicule. After giving it all I had, my cultivation was still too weak, and I have no choice but to rely on the tiny cauldron’s strength in the end…

Exactly! At the instant that King Chu Jiang aroused killing intent in his heart, the tiny cauldron had awoken from its silence and decided to make a move.

But this sort of feeling of being helped caused Chen Xi to feel slightly low-spirited.

So what if he could move freely and look down upon everyone in the Mortal Dimension?

So what if he was peerless in the Earthly Immortal Realm?

He was inferior to an immortal in the end!

All of this caused Chen Xi to feel helpless and disgruntled, and it transformed into a firm and tenacious feeling that urged him to advance into the Heavenly Immortal Realm and arouse even greater persistence towards grasping even more formidable strength.

He understood a long time ago that no matter if it was spirit energy, True Essence, Immortal Energy, Heart Energy, physical strength, or combat strength, everything in the heavens and the earth could be summed up to a single word — strength!

Only by grasping strength could one gain a foothold in the world and decide one’s own fate!

It took a long time to be put in words, but it was actually only a moment. When King Chu Jiang’s slender and wide palm appeared above Chen Xi’s head, a terrifying fluctuation suddenly appeared out of thin air and directly blasted this hand away!

Chen Xi was stunned. He was aware since the beginning that he would be able to survive, yet he never imagined that the one who aided him wasn’t the tiny cauldron but someone else!

This was absolutely an unexpected event.

But King Chu Jiang obviously seemed to have expected it since the beginning. After his attack was obstruct, his figure moved smoothly like flowing water and returned unhurriedly to where he stood before, and then he raised his eyes and looked to the side as he said, “You’re finally unable to refrain from making a move?”

His voice was calm, yet it revealed a ridiculing tone.

Chen Xi raised his eyes to look over, and he saw that a mighty figure had suddenly appeared on the cliff. The old man was thin like a bamboo, wore black clothes, had a cold expression, and a flat and ancient aura, yet he emanated a frightening spirit of his own.

The Nether Spring Grand Emperor, Qi Shanhe!

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be stunned again when he recognized this person. He recalled the first time they met, and he was instantly shocked in his heart as he said to himself, Could it be that he expected such a scene would occur since the beginning?

Chen Xi clearly remembered that for some unknown reason, the Nether Spring Grand Emperor didn’t just not pursue the matter of him killing those disciples of the Nether Spring Hall that day, the Nether Spring Grand Emperor had even given him a Nether Spring Token. Moreover, the Nether Spring Grand Emperor said that he would save Chen Xi’s life if there was a need…

Now, the Nether Spring Grand Emperor had really appeared out of thin air and rescued him at a moment of imminent danger. This caused Chen Xi to have no choice but to suspect that everything he’d done all the way here hadn’t escaped the Nether Spring Grand Emperor’s eyes at all.

“You can’t kill him.” As soon as he made an appearance, a single sentence from the Nether Spring Grand Emperor made his stand clear.

“Oh? Because of his identity as the inheritor of the Netherworld Emperor?” King Chu Jiang spoke slowly. “Do you know the consequences of protecting him?”

“So long as you don’t tell anyone, then no one else in the world would be able to know.” Even though his voice was flat, yet every single word he said carried an energy that struck straight at the heart, and he was actually on par with King Chu Jiang as he stood in confrontation with King Chu Jiang from afar!

Obviously, his cultivation was at least at the Golden Immortal Realm.

Obtaining this knowledge caused Chen Xi to heave a sigh of relief in his heart. This is good as well. I don’t have to expose the tiny cauldron and can temporarily avoid any lethal threats.

“It’s possible to make this King not mention this matter, and this King will agree right now if you hand over the control of your Nether Spring Region.” King Chu Jiang chuckled.

The Nether Spring Grand Emperor frowned before he said indifferently, “If you’re able to free yourself from being affiliated to the Immortal Dimension, then you can feel free to take away my authority over the Nether Spring Region. I guarantee to not even frown.”

Two supreme experts of the Netherworld were in confrontation, and they seemed to be discussing conditions, yet in actuality, both of them weren’t willing to make the slightest concession.

Chen Xi seemed like a spectator inside, and he was utterly incapable of entering into the conversation. This sort of feeling of having his fate arranged like a chess piece was absolutely not pleasant.

“After all is said and done, you, Nether Spring Grand Emperor, refuse to give up. Or perhaps in all these past years, you’ve always been having wishful thoughts of recovering the former situation of the Netherworld and driving out the powers of the Immortal and Buddha Dimension from the Netherworld.” The expression of ridicule on King Chu Jiang’s face grew deeper and wasn’t concealed in the slightest as he raised his finger to point at Chen Xi. “Now that you’ve seen this little fellow, you think you’ve seen hope. Thus, you were unable to refrain from making an appearance, right?”

The Nether Spring Grand Emperor said, “As one of the three dimensions, the Netherworld was never a place that anyone could encroach on. No matter if it’s the Immortal or Buddha Dimension, any one of them controlling the Netherworld would be the misfortune of all the myriad of living beings in the three dimensions.”

When he spoke up to here, his thin face suddenly revealed an emotional expression. “Take a look at the current Netherworld. How chaotic is it? Order has collapsed everywhere! All of them shamelessly seek personal gain and the atmosphere is foul while the Netherhell exists only in name. How would black and white, good and evil in the three dimensions be differentiated? How would this place where the cycle of reincarnation resides allow all good living beings of the three dimensions to be rewarded and the evil to be punished?”

His voice was firm, yet the indignation and sorrow within it was impossible to conceal.

“Your intentions are good. Unfortunately, this is a development that can’t be resisted, and it isn’t something you or I can influence.” King Chu Jiang remained unmoved as he said indifferently, “Unless the Third Netherworld Emperor comes back to life. But this is already impossible. As for this little fellow? Hmph! His cultivation is insignificant like an ant, so this King shall advise you that it’s best to give up your thoughts of supporting him before it’s too late!”

The Nether Spring Grand Emperor shook his head and sighed. “No matter how slim the chances are, it’s still a form of hope in the end. It’s easier to accept than despair. After dragging out my life until now, my only wish is to leave behind a spark for the Netherworld, and he is worthy of this.”

Chen Xi listened silently to all of this, and he’d roughly understood everything.

Simply speaking, the current Netherworld was roughly divided into three forces. The Immortal Dimension, Buddha Dimension, and the local powers, whereas the Nether Spring Grand Emperor, Qi Shanhe, that controls the Nether Spring Region was undoubtedly the most extraordinary representative of the local powers.

Perhaps as far as the great figures of the Immortal and Buddha Dimension were concerned, the Nether Spring Grand Emperor’s strength was entirely insufficient to go against them, yet the Nether Spring Region had very ingeniously utilized the conflict between the Immortal and Buddha Dimensions to exist safely until now just like the River of Forgetfulness Region!

The reason he did this was for none other than to rebuild the order of the Netherworld. He desired to drive out the Immortal and Buddha Dimension’s forces from the Netherworld one day and recover the past situation where the Netherworld Emperor ruled the entire Netherworld.

As for King Chu Jiang, he was obviously a member of the Immortal Dimension’s forces.

“So in this way, you would die to protect this little fellow? Don’t forget that if you die, then the Nether Spring Region will become a place that the Buddha and Immortal Dimension will surely compete for, and it might even become a barrel of gunpowder that ignites war in the entire Netherworld.” King Chu Jiang’s expression was still relaxed and carefree.

“Killing me isn’t such an easy thing,” said the Nether Spring Grand Emperor with an indifferent tone.

As soon as he finished speaking, a murderous and terrifying imposing aura suddenly and instantly effused out from his body and enveloped the entirely of Myriad Flow Mountain.

“You intend to fight?” King Chu Jiang suddenly started laughing and sighed. “Actually, there’s no need to be so anxious. Did you not notice that this King didn’t strike a killing blow for so long just to draw you out? Otherwise, do you think this kid could have survived to ascend Myriad Flow Mountain?”

Chen Xi was horrified in his heart when he heard this, and he understood King Chu Jiang’s thoughts even more clearly.

The Nether Spring Grand Emperor was similarly stunned slightly, and he went silent for a moment before he suddenly raised his eyes and looked towards the distant sky before his expression became slightly gloomy. “Looks like you’ve been stalling.”

“HAHAHA!” King Chu Jiang couldn’t refrain himself from roaring with laughter, and he was extremely complacent. “Exactly. This King knew that it was impossible to kill you by myself, so this King notified King Qin Guang, King Song Di, King Bian Cheng, and King Tai Shan. Do you think you have any chances of winning against the joint forces of five Kings of Hell?”

“As far as this King is concerned, old goat Qi doesn’t have the slightest chance.”

“Exactly. Exactly.”

“If we’re able to get rid of old goat Qi today, then this trip wouldn’t be in vain.”

Right at this moment, a wave of conversation rumbled through the heavens and the earth.

After that, numerous mighty figures appeared on the cliff. They either possessed a handsome appearance, scholarly appearance, ferocious appearance, or indifferent appearance. Even though their appearances varied, yet their imposing auras were formidable and terrifying to the extreme and were on par with King Chu Jiang!

King Qin Guang, Du Ying!

King Song Di, Zhao Hengyun!

King Bian Cheng, Zhou Hun!

King Tai Shan, Cai Shentu!

Every single one of them was a King of Hell that was a supreme existence in the netherworld, and they’d actually arrived in unison. Their lineup was so formidable that it was sufficient to shake the entire Netherworld.

“I never imagined, I truly never imagined that you, Ji Kang, would actually be able to endure patiently until now for the sake of dealing with me. What great spirit!” As he swept those four Kings of Hell that soared over with this his icy cold gaze, the Nether Spring Grand Emperor’s expression had become extremely gloomy as he said coldly, “In this way, you’d already started to plan this trap since this kid entered the Sea of Misery?”

“Exactly. You, Qi Shanhe, have been hiding in the Nether Spring Region for so many years, and it caused us to be unable to make a move against you. Now that we’ve encountered a rare and superb opportunity, this King would probably regret it eternally if we miss this opportunity.” King Chu Jiang was frank and bluntly admitted everything.

This caused Chen Xi’s heart to go cold. He finally understood that the Nether Spring Grand Emperor had been secretly following by his side since the beginning, and his tracks had been detected by King Chu Jiang as soon as he entered the Sea of Misery. Moreover, he’d become bait that was used to hook the Nether Spring Grand Emperor!

No wonder he was actually able to endure patiently and not make a move after I killed so many of his subordinates. So it’s because of this… Chen Xi sighed in his heart. Even if he was unwilling to admit it, he had to admire King Chu Jiang’s careful planning and scheming.

“Actually, now that I speak about it. It’s absolutely a blessing from the heavens that we’re able to kill you here today.” King Chu Jiang grinned as he said, “In the past, this King had never imagined that with your identity as the Nether Spring Grand Emperor, you would actually be able to lower yourself to follow by the side of a little fellow.”

“Moreover, this little fellow is rather intriguing. He offended Bing Shitian from the Immortal Dimension, then came over to the Netherworld with the intention of rescuing a woman from my possession, yet this King incidentally uncovered his identity… All of these coincidences formed the situation before your eyes, so if this isn’t a blessing from the heavens, then what is it?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the other four Kings of Hell smiled without end, and the gazes they shot at the Nether Spring Grand Emperor and Chen Xi carried a wisp of pity and sympathy as if they were looking at two lambs that were waiting to be slaughtered. 

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