Chapter 990 – Identity Uncovered

Chen Xi had once felt this sort of feeling from his Senior Sister Li Yang, and it was like he’d become a prisoner that was exiled by the Heaven Dao and abandoned outside the world. It was extremely uncomfortable.

This caused his soul to tremble abruptly and be suppressed to the point of being on the verge of collapsing. Moreover, the vital energy and Immortal Energy in his body felt as if it was on the verge of escaping his control.

But right at this moment, Chen Xi made a move. He didn’t hesitate in the slightest nor did he think at all because if he still didn’t make a move, then he would be completely suppressed by this imposing aura in the next moment. At that time, not to mention making a move, it would probably be impossible for him to even take his own life.


His figure flashed through the sky as he bent his elbow and clenched his fist, and then he suddenly executed a punch, causing a bright red and blazing path illuminated by fire to sprawl out and lead to Paramita.

Ji Kang’s eyes lit up when he saw the path illuminated by fire, and he said while seeming to be lost in thought, “Perfect in the Paramita Dao Insight and the Flare Godfist. Even the Nether Spring Grand Emperor, Ji Shanhe, is unable to grasp such a Dao Art.”

Amidst his calm and composed tone, he flicked his sleeve lightly, causing the mountain breeze to be aroused before the world transformed into layer after layer of foam that completely dispersed the blazing punch into nothingness. It was done casually and in a relaxed manner as if he was easily putting out a strand of candlelight.

Chen Xi puckered his lips tightly while his eyes blazed flames, and his battle intent surged.

Chen Xi didn’t hesitate in the slightest to execute a second punch.

Instantly, thousands of paths illuminated by fire soared through the sky and wove together like a flaming net that covered the sky, and the Paramita was everywhere while flames illuminated the entire sky.

Unfortunately, King Chu Jiang didn’t move and merely raised his hand to completely disperse all of these attacks.

“You intend to go against this King with these little insignificant tricks?” King Chu Jiang spoke indifferently. His figure was lone and lofty like a mountain, and even though his voice didn’t carry a ridiculing tone, yet his bearing of looking down upon all living beings as ants was the greatest disdain and indifference.

Chen Xi remained silent. At this moment, he was like a hard, stubborn, and obstinate rock. He remained indifferent to everything in the surroundings, and he only focused on the battle.

The Flare Godfist was unsuccessful in its attack, so he withdrew the Talisman Armament and executed the Seven Moves of Judgment.


The pitch black and lusterless Talisman Armament’s sharpness remained concealed, and it carried a merciless and murderous imposing aura as it tore through the sky and slashed down like a blade of the heavens.

Yin Yang Division!

This sword strike was the first move of the Seven Moves of Judgment, and it stressed upon being swift and fierce, peerlessly swift and fierce. As soon as this strike was executed the omnipresent aura of King Chu Jiang actually had a small gap torn open on it.

This scene caused King Chu Jiang to be rather surprised. “The energy of Judgment from the Punishment Bureau? That old geezer Cui Zhenkong made extraordinary efforts for countless years yet was unable to grasp it until now. However, it was obtained by a little fellow from the Mortal Dimension like you. This has really exceeded this King’s expectations.”

Even though he spoke in this way, his actions weren’t slow in the slightest. His hands pressed down in midair, causing the heavens and the earth to seem as if it had transformed into a millstone, and a muffled bang resounded as the sword qi that slashed down was shattered inch by inch like a piece of paper.

Chen Xi suffered backlash from this, causing his figure to stagger back before suddenly spitting out a mouthful of blood as his countenance turned pale.

He wiped off the bloodstains on the corners of his mouth while remaining stubborn as before, and he held his sword as he charged over once more.

World Judgment, Evil Annihilation, Good and Evil Judgment, Right and Wrong Discernment, Laws Exist In Everything… This supreme Dao Art that he inherited from the Netherworld Register was repeatedly slashed out by Chen Xi.

The sword qi flashed horizontally and vertically, and it was like the murderous and merciless blade of judgment. Every single strike was capable of obliterating 50,000km of landscape and crushing any expert of the same cultivation!

However, King Chu Jiang stood on the spot when facing all of this, and his figure hadn’t moved a single step from the beginning. He just waved his hands and extremely easily crushed all these layers upon layers of attacks.

It wasn’t that the Seven Moves of Judgment weren’t formidable, and it was instead because the gap between their cultivations was too huge. One of them was at the eighth level of the Earthly Immortal Realm while the other was a true Golden Immortal. One was on the ground while the other in the heavens. So how could they be compared against each other?

This sort of scene was no different to an ant trying to shake a large tree or tossing an egg against a rock.

But Chen Xi remained completely indifferent towards all of this. He charged all along the way in a persistent, stubborn, ruthless, and immovable manner, and he didn’t become dispirited in the slightest.

In next to no time, he was completely bathed in blood, and the dark red blood dripped and flowed to the ground, painting a horrifying scene.

These weren’t injuries intentionally caused by King Chu Jiang, and they were instead caused by the force of the backlash he suffered from charging ceaselessly. This obviously displayed how terrifying King Chu Jiang was.

He didn’t move, yet completely suppressed Chen Xi.

If he were to take the initiative to make a move, then the outcome would probably be decided in an instant.

But strangely, King Chu Jiang didn’t act in this way, and he was like a cat teasing a mouse and wasn’t anxious to kill Chen Xi. On the other hand, he seemed as if he wanted to see how this little fellow from the Mortal Dimension killed himself.


Before long, Chen Xi’s moves changed once more. He withdrew the Talisman Armament and suddenly formed an ancient seal with his hand. At that instant, a terrifying tearing force crushed and shattered space, causing space to transform into a fluttering chaotic flow.

Bury the heavens, the seal of Oblivion!

This was one of the three profound techniques within the Heaven Suppression Scripture of Oblivion, and it formed a seal with the energy of Oblivion to shake the heavens and the earth with the intention of burying and pulling the entire world into oblivion!

At this moment, King Chu Jiang’s eyes erupted with strands of brilliant bolts of lightning. “It really is like that. No wonder you were able to control the Restriction of Oblivion. This King finally understands!”


At this moment, Chen Xi’s palm formed a seal that smashed down at King Chu Jiang. However, King Chu Jiang actually didn’t move at all, and he seemed as if he’d been shocked and revealed a wisp of curiosity.

Chen Xi would naturally not hesitate in the slightest when facing this scene, and his palm tore through the sky as it slapped fiercely towards King Chu Jiang.

However, in the next moment, he noticed that the situation was far from good because King Chu Jiang’s body was like an bottomless ocean that completely dissolved the might of this attack.

Most horrifying to him was that he clearly noticed that the energy of Oblivion was actually contained within King Chu Jiang’s body, and it had even been condensed into the energy of the Laws!


King Chu Jiang inhaled and exhaled while his body was like an ocean that surged abruptly, and then Chen Xi felt his figure shake as he staggered back and was blasted flying, causing him to spit out another mouthful of blood.

At this moment, Chen Xi was completely covered in blood, and his countenance was ghastly pale. Even if he possessed the Dark Parasol Sapling to replenish his Immortal Energy, the heavy injuries his body had suffered were so severe that he was slightly unable to endure it. He felt burning pain while his vital energy and body faintly showed signs of collapse.

This is a Golden Immortal? It really isn’t something that I can go against now… Chen Xi panted heavily for breath. His eyes were crimson red like a trapped beast that was in a hopeless situation, yet he wasn’t dispirited in the slightest in his heart, and he’d understood a fact clearly through the hopeless battle from before.

“Continue or this King will kill you right away!” When he saw Chen Xi not moving, King Chu Jiang who’d always been composed and indifferent actually became slightly impatient, and he spoke in a low voice that revealed an indisputable and ordering tone.

“Looks like even though you’ve condensed the profundities of Oblivion in the energy of the Laws, yet you don’t possess a cultivation technique that’s capable of completely bringing forth its might.

Chen Xi guessed King Chu Jiang’s thoughts in a mere instant, and a wisp of dense ridicule couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth.

“Exactly. I’ve resided at the coast of the Sea of Misery for countless years and comprehended the profundities of Oblivion all day and night. Unfortunately, besides the Heaven Suppression Scripture of Oblivion, there isn’t another cultivation technique capable of bringing forth the entire might of the profundities of Oblivion.” King Chu Jiang answered frankly and in a composed manner, and he stared at Chen Xi with a brilliant gaze as he said, “On the other hand, a tiny ant from the Mortal Dimension like you has actually mastered this cultivation technique, and it causes even this King to feel slight envy.”

Chen Xi puckered his lips and went silent for a short moment when he heard King Chu jiang expose his cultivation technique, and then he said, “Could it be that you haven’t made a move all this time because you wanted to confirm this?”

“Even though your cultivation is low, yet you aren’t stupid.” King Chu Jian said indifferently, “No matter if it’s the Dao Insights of Paramita and Judgment or Oblivion, it isn’t surprising to this King that you’ve grasped it. Because in the Netherworld, the Nether Spring Grand Emperor has grasped the Paramita Dao Insight, the Punishment Bureau grasped the Judgment Dao Insight, and this King has grasped the Dao Insight of Oblivion.”He paused for a moment and continued. “The thing that truly aroused this King’s interest was the Dao Arts you executed. The Flare Godfist, Seven Moves of Judgment, and the Heaven Suppression Scripture of Oblivion. In the entire Netherworld, there has only been a single person capable of executing all these three supreme inheritances at the same time, and it was the Third Netherworld Emperor from all those years ago!”

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as his heart became slightly heavy. Just as I expected, he seems to have guessed some things.

“If this King isn’t wrong.” King Chu Jiang suddenly raised his head while his gaze was like a bolt of lightning that locked coldly onto Chen Xi. “You’re probably the inheritor of the Third Netherworld Emperor!”

Chen Xi thought for a moment and said calmly, “More or less.”

King Chu Jiang didn’t reveal a shred of excitement when he saw Chen Xi admitted it, and he said with interest instead, “Before you die, can you tell this King how you hid yourself from the detection of the gods and Buddhas in the world to survive until now?”

Chen Xi understood what King Chu Jiang meant. As the inheritor of the Third Netherworld Emperor, he was absolutely a taboo of taboos, and it was utterly impossible for him to escape the annihilation of the gods and Buddhas of the world.

But his situation was slightly special. According to what his senior sister, Li Yang, had said, his fate had been concealed from the moment he obtained a River Diagram fragment, and he’d become a variant in the eyes of the Heaven Dao. So he naturally didn’t have to worry about being noticed by the gods and Buddhas of the world.

Of course, Chen Xi didn’t intend to tell King Chu Jiang all of this. He raised his eyes and looked directly at King Chu Jiang as he said calmly, “I haven’t died, so there’s no need for you to know that.”

King Chu Jiang was stunned, and then he said with a chuckle, “What? You still won’t accept your fate at a time like this?” 

Chen Xi puckered his lips and kept silent, and only his gaze was calm and stubborn as before.

Wind could blow away a large piece of paper, yet it was unable to blow away a butterfly because the energy of life was embodied by refusal to submit!

“Since it’s like this, then this King can only kill you first before searching your soul for the things this King requires.” King Chu Jiang laughed while his voice was icy cold and emotionless, and it revealed a supreme aura of absolute power.

“Then bring it on.” Chen Xi answered calmly and every single word of his was spoken resolutely.

King Chu Jiang roared with laughter when he heard this, and it shook through the surroundings. His figure that had always been standing on the spot had finally moved at this moment, and in the next instant, a slender and wide hand had passed through space to arrive above Chen Xi’s head before it slapped down.

It was unbelievably swift! 

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