Chapter 99 - A Feud Of Blood, Kill! Kill! Kill! (Part 4)

Chapter 99 - A Feud Of Blood, Kill! Kill! Kill! (Part 4)

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Under the light of dusk, numerous figures dashed towards the Li Clan estate.

At this moment, almost everyone in Pine Mist City knew that Chen Xi had returned and charged into the Li Clan Estate by himself. The public that originally thought Chen Xi would die for sure had instead noticed the wave of miserably shrill cries and sounds of explosions that were like muffled thunder that continuously sounded out from the Li Clan Estate… The battle seemed to have never stopped for a moment.

What did this prove?

It proved that Chen Xi was still alive, and he was still fighting the entire Li Clan by himself!

The fact was extremely bizarre and extremely unbelievable, as it was common knowledge that Chen Xi was only a little apprentice that only knew how to craft talismans a year ago, and his cultivation was only at the Congenital Realm. The Li Clan could exterminate him by casually sending out an expert.

But now, a fellow like this had charged into the Li Clan by himself, yet not only did he not die, he was instead continuously fighting. How could this not cause surprise?

Could it be that this fellow obtained a great fortuitous encounter within the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain, and it caused his cultivation to advance by leaps and bounds within a year?

For the sake of proving the thoughts in their hearts, practically all the Violet Palace Realm cultivators in Pine Mist City had moved out; the General’s Estate, Pine Mist Institution, Skystar Institution, Redleaf institution…

They didn’t come to assist Chen Xi, but had instead come purely for the sake of satisfying their curiosity. After all, Chen Xi’s enemy was the Li Clan, and no one would be stupid enough to make an enemy out of the number one power in Pine Mist City, the Li Clan.

Not long after, the vicinity of 500km from the Li Clan was already occupied by the Violet Palace Realm cultivators from the various powers. For the sake of not causing a misunderstanding with the Li Clan, they hid themselves in the shadows and used this to indicate their intentions of not interfering.

However, when they saw the corpses, flesh, and internal organs that were scattered all over the Li Clan Estate, then saw the profuse blood rain of Li Ming’s corpse that was minced by the sword lights drifting down from midair, their faces were covered in shock.

Some people with acute eyesight were even able to vaguely guess Chen Xi’s cultivation based on Chen Xi’s attacks, and for a time, they were shocked speechless in their hearts.

Violet Palace Realm!

Sword Insight!

A movement technique that was exceedingly swift like the wind!

A top-grade yellow-rank flying sword!

How could he possibly possess such a terrifying strength and Magic Treasure in a year’s time? How did he do it? Could it be that he’d always been concealing his strength?

When they heard the Li Clan’s Patriarch, Li Yizhen’s, miserable and sorrowful howl, then heard Chen Xi admitting himself that he’d killed Li Huai, the hearts of the spectators fiercely twitched once again.

Li Huai, the eldest son of the Li Clan’s Patriarch, was an outstanding figure in the younger generation of the Pine Mist City who possessed a resounding reputation and was exceptionally dazzling. He was an outstanding figure that was even reputed to be the most outstanding genius in the Li Clan for a thousand years.

It was precisely such a favored genius that had actually died at the hands of Chen Xi…


Is this still a jinx?

A jinx whose strength rose explosively within a year, then comprehended Sword Insight, and possesses a top-grade yellow-rank Magic Treasure?

At this moment, no one dared look down on Chen Xi any longer; they even didn’t dare take him to be the talisman crafting apprentice from one year ago. As for the name of Jinx, all of them even took the initiative to choose to forget it.

In the cultivation world, strength was always the standard to measure everything like status, identity, honor… Nothing wasn’t related to one’s own strength. Even if it was in the sects, clans and institutions, if one wanted to obtain more resources, then one must always possess a strength equal to it. The reactions of all the spectators just happened to prove this.

It was at this moment that six figures pushed out six roiling waves of air in the sky atop the Li Clan Estate, and appeared by the side of Li Yizhen who was immersed in the pain of losing his sons.

The instant these six people appeared, their terrifying aura that was towering like a mountain suffused out with a bang, and even though there was a large distance separating them, the spectators still felt a heavy pressure.

The six elders that secluded themselves from society!

Good heavens! The six old monsters of the Li Clan have actually moved out all at once!

The spectators didn’t dare indulge in any more wild fantasies as they all gazed fixedly at the situation of the battle with unblinking eyes.

The Li Clan precisely relied on these six Violet Palace Realm elders to become the number one clan in Pine Mist City. Now, they’d all moved out and made an appearance in public, and an incident like this was difficult to come by in a hundred years. Who wouldn’t want to see exactly how strong their strengths were?

I wonder how many moves Chen Xi can withstand under the joint attacks of these six Li Clan elders?

Inexplicably, this thought surfaced within the hearts of everyone present in the vicinity.


Blood flowed like a river on the ground with severed limbs and remains soaking within. There were also some multicolored internal organs floating in it, and the pungent and dense smell of blood couldn’t even be dispersed by the wind.

They was the remains of numerous Li Clan disciples that had died miserably.

That was the Li Clan’s hope.

Presently, they’d all fallen in a pool of blood with miserable expressions, and when such a scene entered into the eyes of Li Fengtu and the other five elders, the gazes they shot at Chen Xi wished for nothing more than to skin and eat the culprit, Chen Xi, alive.

“You’re the leftover trash of the Chen Clan?” Li Fengtu’s voice revealed boundless coldness, and his gaze stared fixedly at Chen Xi with exposed killing intent.

Chen Xi didn’t answer him. Eight Netherezim Flying Swords suddenly appeared in his surroundings, they were like a shoal of fish that swam around him. Misty sword lights flickered unsteadily on them, and a strand of sharp and ghastly sword qi shot into the sky.

Eight top-grade yellow-rank flying swords!

The pupils of Li Fengtu and the other five elders constricted, as they were surprised and doubtful. They were able to utilize eight flying swords at the same time as well, but if they were all top-grade yellow-rank flying swords, then it was uncertain.

Cold lights appeared within Li Fengtu’s eyes as he said coldly, “No wonder you’re so fearless, so it turns out that you possess eight top-grade yellow-rank Magic Treasures.”

“Big Brother, kill him and seize these eight swords for the sake of avenging my Li Clan clansmen!”

“Kill? Wouldn’t that be letting him off too easily? We should skin him alive slice by slice, then extract his soul and cause him to be unable to be reborn forever!”

The other elders at the side spoke with cold voices, their words were filled with dense killing intent.

“All of you want to kill me, and I similarly want to annihilate your Li Clan.” Chen Xi said indifferently, “Since it’s like this, then it won’t end today until one of our sides is annihilated!”

Annihilate my Li Clan?

Li Fengtu and the others were all dumbstruck as they seemed to have never imagined that Chen Xi would be so audacious.

The instant they were dumbstruck, the eight Netherezim Flying Swords surrounding Chen Xi emitted dazzling light before shooting out to kill with a swish. The sword lights of ice condensed into a line, the eight swords forming eight lines, and they coordinated from the beginning until the end, crisscrossing together as they emitted fierce killing intent and flew straight towards Li Fengtu’s head.

The force of the sword was fierce and swift!

Swift like a bolt of lightning!

The first level of the Oblivionwind Flowinglight Sword Formation — Oblivionwind Instakill!

At this moment, faced with the joint forces of the six Violet Palace Realm elders, Chen Xi executed the Oblivionwind Flowinglight Sword Formation for the first time!

Even if this profound-rank sword formation was incomplete, it was still worth 400,000 kgs of spirit liquid in the Treasure Heaven Pavilion, and only a Golden Hall Realm cultivator was able to master this sword formation. This was because it was swift like the wind and flowing lights, peerlessly swift, fierce, and sharp!

After it was executed by Chen Xi, the trace of Wind Dao Insight contained within it caused its speed to be swift to the point it already couldn’t be described as stunning.

Swish! Hiss! Swish! Hiss!

Every time a sword light flashed by, an injury would appear, and the eight Netherezim Flying Swords left behind eight terrifying injuries on Li Fengtu’s body, causing fresh blood to gush out. If it wasn’t for him sensing danger and desperately dodging, this attack alone would have properly taken his aged life.

“You actually dare launch a sneak attack!? Attack!” Li Fengtu’s clothes were stained with blood and he was completely enraged. A flying sword had already appeared in his hand and he sliced in a revolving motion as it shot out explosively.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The other five elders swung their sleeves as well, and five dazzling flying sword shot out at almost the exact same instant.

Amongst the six Li Clan elders, the elder with the lowest cultivation was at the 7th star of the Violet Palace Realm as well. When they attacked together at this moment, the six flying swords were intertwined together with different trajectories, and they instantly locked all Chen Xi’s paths of retreat. Obviously, they’d trained in a joint formation attack as well.

Chen Xi sensed strong danger, and he abruptly urged two of the Netherezim Flying Swords to guard by his side and the other six to transform into six streams of flowing lights that moved to forcefully collide with the six approaching flying swords. A string of explosive sounds of iron colliding sounded out and circle after circle of ripples undulated out, sparks scattered all over the sky from the collision of the flying swords, like a meteor shower.

Six enormous bangs sounded out!

All 12 of the flying swords were blasted away.

The attack of the six Li Clan elders was actually only on par with Chen Xi!

The pupils of the numerous pairs of eyes in the distance that were spectating constricted when they saw this scene, and a wisp of shock that couldn’t be concealed flashed within their eyes.

Different to these cultivators that were spectating the battle, as the concerned parties, the six Li Clan elders felt it more directly, and their expressions all went grim when they saw Chen Xi wasn’t disadvantaged in the slightest when going one on six against them.


Blocking six flying swords with a single attack caused Chen Xi to feel a shortness of breath from the impact, and his vital energy and blood roiled. Chen Xi didn’t dare go head on with them again. He executed his Divine Windwing Flight and his figure swiftly became elusive. He seemed like a strand of wind that had fused into the sky and was fluttering about.

With his cultivation at the 5th star of the Violet Palace Realm, if he were to go head on with the joint forces of the six old goats of the Li Clan, he wouldn’t be able to do anything to them. However, if it was a one on one battle, Chen Xi was confident in crushing and killing any one of the six Li Clan elders.

After all, the first level of the Oblivionwind Flowinglight Sword Formation possessed the might to annihilate an ordinary Golden Hall Realm cultivator!

At this moment, Chen Xi wanted to look for an opportunity to annihilate these six people one by one.

“His movement technique is too swift, we should use the Minor Six-Direction Formation to kill him!” Li Fengtu shouted out explosively, then his figure turned to form a watertight defensive formation with the five nearby Li Clan Elders.

They stood back to back while facing all directions. When observed from afar, they were like an enormous man with six heads and twelve arms, they moved like the wind, turning and dodging agilely, and the six of them together were actually nimble as if they were a single person.




Amongst numerous roars, the six Li Clan elders controlled the six flying swords to slash towards Chen Xi who was like a gust of wind that swam in the sky.

For a time, the sky was filled with streams of sword lights that revolved and slashed, flickering with dazzling light as they moved about, and it seemed as if it would tear numerous rifts into the sky.

How marvelous was Chen Xi’s Divine Windwing Flight? So long as he wholeheartedly wanted to dodge, then not to mention these six flying swords, even if it was double this amount, he would still be able to easily dodge them.

However, Chen Xi’s intention to approach Li Fengtu and the others had instead become extremely difficult. This Minor Six-Direction Formation that was formed by the six of them was like a single person with six eyes, and it guarded against the surroundings without the slightest blind angle, causing any sneak attack to be unable to escape their sights.

“He’s actually able to force these six old fellows to execute the Minor Six-Direction Formation, Chen Xi is indeed too formidable.”

“Exactly, if it was a one on one battle, I’m afraid no one would be a match for Chen Xi… I’m truly unable to imagine how he cultivated to such an extent in a year. Using advanced by leaps and bounds isn’t sufficient to describe it.”

The crowd of spectators in the distance started discussing in low voices when they saw the battle that had fallen into a stalemate, and their words were already holding Chen Xi in extreme esteem.

In midair, Chen Xi had been moving about all along, and he floated like a strand of smoke yet swift like a bolt of lightning.

The six Li Clan elders knew that Chen Xi was looking for their weak point and intended to defeat them one at a time, yet they were helpless against it as Chen Xi’s movement technique was too bizarre, and it was swift to the point that it even surpassed the speed of their flying swords. No matter how they attacked, it would always be extremely nimbly dodged by him, and it was simply like he was formed from a myriad of wind.

It wasn’t a good plan for this to continue on.

Li Fengtu turned around and caught sight of Li Yizhen awakening, he had a flash of inspiration in his heart right away, and he shouted out explosively. “Yizhen! Swiftly turn on the Clan Guarding Grand Formation!”

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