Chapter 989 – King Chu Jiang’s Might

Chen Xi stood above the muddy Sea of Misery for a long time and contemplated deeply before forcefully enduring the pressing impulse in his heart, and he didn’t instantly head towards Myriad Flow Mountain on the other side of the Sea of Misery.

There were three more days.

He had to rest and recuperate properly.

The numerous bloody battles he’d experienced since entering the Sea of Misery this time allowed him to obtain great benefit. Especially when he was within the Restriction of Oblivion, he’d unexpectedly obtained the Heaven Suppression Scripture of Oblivion, and then fused with the energy from the forty nine Misery Crystals of Oblivion to break through into the Perfection Realm in the Oblivion Dao Insight in one go!

It was precisely by relying on this that he was able to control the Restriction of Oblivion and easily annihilate the Yaksha King, Yan Tu, and Long Huai.

Unfortunately, the Restriction of Oblivion was extremely damaged, and if it wasn’t for Long Huai sacrificing the Soul Cores of a thousand and thirty two Earthly Immortal Realm experts, it would be utterly incapable of bringing forth much of its might.

Up until this point in time, this supreme restriction that was personally set up by the Third Netherworld Emperor had already completely collapsed and was impossible to repair.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel regretful. Because if the Restriction of Oblivion could be repaired, then he would be entirely capable of relying on it to go against King Chu Jiang, and it was even to the extent he was extremely confident in being able to crush King Chu Jiang here.

Paramita, Judgment, Oblivion… Unfortunately, even though I’ve grasped numerous profundities, yet I’m helpless that my cultivation is too low in the end. If I go against that King Chu Jiang, I probably have to rely on the assistance of the tiny cauldron. Chen Xi pondered deeply for a long time and couldn’t refrain from asking in the end. “Senior, that King Chu Jiang possesses a cultivation at the Golden Immortal Realm. If you make a move against him, how confident are you in defeating him?”

The tiny cauldron was silent for a moment before it said, “If I was at my prime, then it would be as easy as blowing off dust. But now, I don’t have the slightest bit of confidence.”

Chen Xi was stunned.

Before he could speak, the tiny cauldron continued. “But if it’s rescuing you and that woman of yours from him, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

“You’re unable to kill him?” Chen Xi was slightly disappointed.

“The ten kings of hell are either linked to the Immortal Dimension or the Buddha Dimension, and their statuses are even greater than Golden Immortals, so they can’t be underestimated.” The tiny cauldron answered before suddenly saying something strange. “But there might be a different favorable turn in the matter. We’ll act according to circumstances. According to my deduction, our journey to the Myriad Flow Mountain this time will probably not be peaceful…”

As soon as it finished speaking, the tiny cauldron fell once more into silence.

Chen Xi was extremely shocked. He was only concerned about whether King Chu Jiang could be killed, and he didn’t have the slightest interest towards any sort of favorable turn in the situation.

Nevermind, I have to depend on myself for all of this in the end! Chen Xi took a deep breath after a short while, and his gaze recovered its clearness and firmness. He directly sat cross-legged in midair before starting to meditate in silence.

Now, after he grasped the profundities of Oblivion to perfection, his natural feeling of familiarity to the Sea of Misery was like returning to the embrace of his mother’s womb, and he didn’t have to worry about any danger at all.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Right when Chen Xi sat down cross-legged in meditation, the Wei Clan’s fleet flew over. But they didn’t approach Chen Xi and took a large circle around him instead.

On the treasured vessels, Wei Lan, Wei Xiaofeng, the old man in an embroidered robe, and all the Wei Clan servants bowed in unison at this moment, and they silently bowed towards the tall figure in the distance to display their gratitude and respect.

Because they were clearly aware that their ability to traverse the Impassable Maritime Space this time couldn’t have done without Chen Xi’s assistance.

“Let’s set out!” Wei Lan glanced at that figure from afar before she took a deep breath, and then commanded the fleet to continue forward.

“Big Sister, I want to one day become an existence that never accepts defeat just like that senior!” The nearby Wei Xiaofeng clenched his fists together tightly while his face was covered in a firm expression.

Wei Lan and the old man glanced at each other while they felt extremely gratified in their hearts. When an immature youth started to pursue his own objectives, then he wasn’t far from maturity. 


Two days later.

Chen Xi woke up from his meditation, and he took a deep breath while his deep and profound gaze was suffused with an oppressive imposing aura.

In these past two days, he’d already adjusted his state of mind, vital energy, and cultivation to a peak state, and it was completely clear like the blue sky and without the slightest ripple.

He stood up and thought for a moment before finally deciding not to disturb  Bei Ling that was still in a deep level of meditation.

The fierce battle from a few days back was naturally nothing to him, yet it was the most arduous and dangerous battle Bei Ling had experienced in her entire lifetime.

At that time, she’d given it her all and squeezed out the last shred of strength in her entire body. But it could be predicted that after she experienced such an extraordinary tempering, her cultivation and combat strength would surely undergo a tremendous change.

So it was better not to disturb her cultivation at this moment. If she stayed in the Buddha’s Pagoda, then so long as Chen Xi was alive, her life wouldn’t be in danger.


Without the slightest delay, Chen Xi’s entire body fused into space in the next moment, and he’d vanished without a trace.

The other side of the Sea of Misery was the area belonging to the Kings of Hell Region. It was boundlessly vast and filled with abundant resources, and merely its coastline rose and fell endlessly without an end in sight.

The most striking amongst this was undoubtedly Myriad Flow Mountain.

This lofty and precipitous mountain range was like a peak that led into the sky. It lay and rose and fell along the coastline, and it was black as ink. No matter how the boundless ages washed through it, it remained unmoving and emanated a lofty and solemn aura that caused others to feel tiny in their hearts.

According to legend, the Myriad Flow Mountain was the point of convergence of all the streams in the Kings of Hell Region, and the myriad of streams surged into the Sea of Misery through it. All those years ago when the Third Netherworld Emperor was still in power, he’d once ascended to the peak of Myriad Flow Mountain and looked at the boundless Sea of Misery from afar before sighing with emotion that the myriad of flows converged to their origins, just like the world uniting into one.

Now, the Myriad Flow Mountain had become the residence of the Second King of Hell, King Chu Jiang, and it was one of the 10 great sacred grounds of the Kings of Hell Region. Moreover, its status was even higher than the Six Paths of Hell.

The sky was clear while clouds and mist started rising, and the piercingly cold mountain breeze whistled through Myriad Flow Mountain and added a cold and murderous aura to it.

When Chen Xi arrived here, he only sized up the mountain briefly before directly flashing towards the peak of Myriad Flow Mountain.

During this process, he didn’t encounter any obstruction, nor did he bump into any restrictions. The entirety of Myriad Flow Mountain seemed to be extremely silent, deathly silent.

But the more it was like this, the more it caused Chen Xi’s expression to be serious.

He knew were clearly that all of this that wasn’t defended in the slightest clearly and silently displayed how formidable, confident, and arrogant the owner of this place was, and he utterly disdained to utilize any schemes or tricks to deal with Chen Xi.

In other words, King Chu Jiang was prepared to crush him in an open manner!

Chen Xi faced all of this with silence while his figure didn’t hesitate in the slightest, and he arrived at the peak of Myriad Flow Mountain after a short moment.

There was only a lone and steep jagged cliff here, and it was coiled by a sea of clouds while it emanated a solitary feeling.

A tall and lone figure stood on the cliff.

He wore an emperor’s crown, dark and deep black clothes, and had a thin face. He possessed a mighty posture and kept his hands behind his back as he stood there casually, yet he emanated a unique composed, lofty, and mighty imposing aura.

At first glance, Chen Xi was clearly aware that this person was King Chu Jiang, Ji Kang, and it could only be King Chu Jiang because the imposing aura of an emperor that controlled the heavens and the earth and commanded the universe couldn’t be faked at all.


At the instant Chen Xi’s figure appeared, Ji Kang raised his eyes and seemed to have expected Chen Xi would come, and his calm and indifferent gaze swept over.

What sort of gaze was this?

It reflected everything in the world, the alternation between the sun, moon, and stars, and it contained the entire world and formed a myriad of unfathomable profundities!

At the instant he was swept by this gaze, Chen Xi’s soul felt oppressed, and he felt his entire body was completely see through, causing him to have no more secrets at all.

This sort of feeling caused his heart to go cold, and he was even more clearly aware of how terrifying Ji Kang was.

A Golden Immortal!

This was a true Golden Immortal and not a mere clone like Bing Shitian was, so the pressure and might he emanated was naturally like the difference between the heavens and the earth.

If Bing Shitian’s clone was compared to an enormous piece of wood that exceeded the scope of the Mortal Dimension, then King Chu Jiang, Ji Kang, was an enormous tree that covered the heavens and was rooted in the Immortal Dimension and Netherworld together.

Chen Xi stood there while the Immortal Energy in his entire body rumbled and circulated to the limit while he took extreme precautions. Only in this way was he able to disperse the terrifying and deterring force that was omnipresent.

“You’re really not bad. No wonder you were able to kill a clone of Bing Shitian’s. If it was an ordinary Earthly Immortal, the person would surely kneel and submit upon meeting me, and he wouldn’t be to arouse the intent to resist at all.” King Chu Jiang spoke indifferently. “But as far as this King is concerned, an Earthly Immortal is only an Earthly Immortal in the end, and you can’t withstand a single blow. If you intend to rescue that Qing Xiuyi, then you won’t have the slightest chance of success.”

His voice was flat and didn’t contain an oppressive might at all. But amidst this calmness was a strand of heavy and condensed force that was emitted naturally. It was like a god declaring his order, and it caused others to not dare arouse the intention to go against it.

Chen Xi puckered his lips before he said, “But I really want to try and see exactly how it feels to kill a Golden Immortal with my own two hands.”

King Chu Jiang shook his head and remained indifferent as he said, “Since you struggled free from the Restriction of Oblivion, this King knew that merely words would absolutely be unable to change your intentions. But this is good as well. Even though my subordinates were useless, they served me for many years in the end. So killing you will just happen to allow me to take revenge for them.”

When he spoke up to here, Ji Kang raised his eyes and shot his gaze at Chen Xi before he said, “Qing Xiuyi is being kept in Godcage Cave at the center of Myriad Flow Mountain. If you want to rescue her, then pass through this King first.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he didn’t make any movements, yet a terrifying aura suddenly stretched out. The aura disturbed the workings of the heavens, shook the clouds into chaos, and caused the heavens and the earth to show signs of being on the verge of collapse.

At this instant, Ji Kang seemed to have transformed into a god of the worlds, and he controlled the heavens and the earth and merged it into his own vital energy, causing him to emanate a supreme and immovable imposing aura.

Before him, the heavens, the earth, and everything in the world seemed to have become tiny and powerless ants. They could only submit and not go against him!

Instantly, Chen Xi felt that heavens, the earth, and everything in the world seemed to have abandoned him, exiled him, and rejected him from the Grand Dao! 

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