Chapter 988 – Wiped Out

Yan Tu was greatly alarmed, and he cried out involuntarily. “Old madman! What’re you doing!? Could it be that you intend to sacrifice the Soul Cores of all those subordinates?”

Earlier, Long Huai had said that those one thousand and thirty two Earthly Immortal Realm subordinates that were killed by Chen Xi and Bei Ling hadn’t truly perished. Their bodies had been sacrificed to the Restriction of Oblivion while their Soul Cores were left behind, and they would be able to be reborn with a secret technique after Chen Xi and Bei Ling were killed.

Yet now, based on the current circumstances, Long Huai actually intended to sacrifice the Soul Cores of all these one thousand and thirty two subordinates, so how could Yan Tu not be shocked?

“Hmph! They’re just some subordinates. So long as we can annihilate those two people, what’s there to pity?” Long Huai stood proudly in midair while he roared madly with a warped expression, and he seemed as if he’d lost his mind.

“Old madman! My Lord will absolutely not let you off for doing this!” Yan Tu was angered to the point of stamping with rage, and then he flashed into midair and arrived by Long Huai’s side with the intention of stopping Long Huai.

“Haha! You’re too late! It’s all too late! That kid is dead! King Yan Tu, if you don’t leave now, then don’t blame me for not warning you if you’re swept into it.” Long Huai roared with laughter as he turned around and returned to the castle.

“You…” Yan Tu’s eyes almost emitted flames, yet he was instantly shocked when he saw the terrifying scene on the Sea of Misery, and he turned around and fled.

The vortex that the maritime space had transformed into had already completely changed in appearance. An extremely dense glow of blood shot into the sky, and it was gorgeous and bloody as it dyed the entire heavens and the earth dark red.

At the same time, a terrifying fluctuation swept out towards the surroundings like a tide, and it seemed like a shapeless arm was stretching out towards the Sea of Misery with the intention of dragging the world into the seawater and pulling it into oblivion!

“Retreat! Retreat quickly!”

“Dammit! Why did it become so terrifying?”

In the distance, a wave of shocked and furious howls suddenly sounded out on the Wei Clan fleet, and then the entire fleet retreated explosively like an arrow that had left the bowstring. They retreated for an entire 300km before they avoided the scope of the fluctuations.

But even then, it terrified Wei Lan, Wei Xiaofeng, the old man, and the others to the point their faces turned pale. Moreover, their entire bodies were drenched in cold sweat, and they seemed as if they’d taken a trip through the gates of hell.

“That Restriction of Oblivion is so terrifying! Even an immortal or god in the heavens would probably find it difficult to survive, right?” Wei Lan spoke with a trembling voice, and even her teeth were shivering.

“Dammit! Those subordinates of King Chu Jiang are truly damnable! They even affected us as well. If I become accomplished in my cultivation in the future, then I’ll surely slaughter my way to their doors!” Wei Xiaofei gritted his teeth and was furious to the limit.

“Based on these circumstances, those two will probably be unable to survive…” The old man muttered from the side and sighed.

“That damnable bastard from the Mortal Dimension. If he still doesn’t die now, then I can just slit my own throat! HAHAHA!!!” Long Huai roared with laughter while his bear fluttered, and he carried an extremely arrogant bearing.

“Hmph! You should think about how you’ll report this to our Lord!” The nearby Yan Tu spoke coldly.

Right at this moment, a wisp of a golden radiance that shot up 30km in the sky suddenly appeared at the center of the blood colored sea that had transformed into vortexes. It was like the first ray of sunlight that tore through the darkness at dawn, and it was extremely blazing, dazzling, and resplendent.

At the same time, an icy cold and indifferent voice suddenly resounded in the heavens and the earth. “I’m sorry but it looks like you’ll have to slit your own throat this time!”

The smile on Long Huai’s face froze instantaneously, and he seemed like a duck that had its neck choked as his eyes almost fell out from their sockets.

Yan Tu who stood by his side wasn’t much better. His pupils had dilated while he revealed an expression of disbelief, and he seemed as if he’d seen a ghost.

Suddenly, the vortexes that covered the expanse of maritime space vanished without a trace as the surface of the sea returned to calm. Only the gorgeous blood red seawater that completely covered the surface of the muddy sea was suffused with a horrifying glow.

It was even to the extent that the raging gales, violent thunder, warped lightning… Everything had vanished at this moment, and only a deathly silent atmosphere remained.

Amidst this deathly silent atmosphere, a tall figure walked up while carried by waves and floated in midair. His long hair fluttered while his handsome face was covered in an icy cold and indifferent expression.

This figure was naturally Chen Xi!

But unlike before, he seemed to have transformed into the owner of the Sea of Misery at this moment. His backbone was like a pillar that held up the heavens while his eyes seemed to reflect the secrets of the heavens, and it was a terrifying sight. Everywhere his footsteps arrived, the airflow, dust, order, and everything in the heavens and the earth returned to an orderly and calm state.

When they saw him stand beneath the sky while completely unharmed, Wei Lan, Wei Xiaofeng, and the old man on the Wei Clan fleet cried out involuntarily and were shocked speechless.

If it wasn’t for their perception still being present, they would have almost thought that they were dreaming!

“You… You… You…” On the distant castle, Long Huai repeated a string of the word ‘you,’ yet he was shocked to the point of being unable to mutter a complete sentence.

Who could have imagined that an grand formation that was set up by the Third Netherworld Emperor all those years ago, an ancient restriction that had dragged countless gods and Buddhas into oblivion would actually be unable to trap an expert at the Earthly Immortal Realm?

This simply destroyed all of Long Huai’s prior knowledge, and it caused him to be utterly unable to accept this reality!

The nearby Yaksha King, Yan Tu, was similarly shocked. But compared to Long Huai, he quickly recovered from his shock because he was very well aware that since this young man from the Mortal Dimension was able to escape from the Restriction of Oblivion, it was sufficient to prove how terrifying the young man’s strength was.

“Old madman! What’re you staring blankly there for? Quickly kill this kid!” Yan Tu howled as the wings behind his back flapped, and he tore through space as he charged violently at Chen Xi.

As a king of the yaksha clan, his combat experience could be said to be abundant to the extreme. Moreover, since he was able to survive until now after following King Chu Jiang to battle for three thousand years, he was bound to absolutely not be someone an ordinary peak sovereign at the Earthly Immortal Realm could compare to.

However, right when he made a move, Chen Xi moved as well.

Chen Xi only lightly gestured with his hand, and with him as the center, a shapeless forcefield suddenly surged over from all directions. The Sea of Misery roiled as numerous black holes and vortexes sunk open on it.


When Yan Tu’s figure had just stuck out from space and arrived before Chen Xi, he hadn’t even made a move when he felt his figure stagger before suddenly falling towards the seawater beneath him.

It felt as if numerous pairs of strong and terrifying hands had stretched out of the surface of the sea and grabbed onto his body, and it intended to crush him within the sea and drag him into oblivion.

Shit! Yan Tu muttered in his heart before his face suddenly turned grim. He swung the blood colored halberd in his hand, and his figure shook and was about to struggle free from this pulling force.

Unfortunately, he’d obviously underestimated how terrifying this shapeless force was. No matter how he struggled, he was actually unable to escape, and he was instead dragged deeper and deeper into it. He was like an insect that had fallen into a spider’s web, and he seemed to be in an extremely sorry state.

“Dammit! This is the energy of oblivion! How could a lowly human like you grasp it!?” Yan Tu roared loudly while his face warped, and he flapped his wings repeatedly.

“I forgot to tell you, I haven’t just grasped the Dao Insight of Oblivion, I’ve even gained control of this Restriction of Oblivion.” Amidst his calm and indifferent voice, Chen Xi flicked his sleeve, causing the sea in an area of 5,000km to surge abruptly before transforming into a terrifying vortex that rotated madly.

Space collapsed while the heavens and the earth fell into chaos, and the might of the Restriction of Oblivion had actually emerged once more into the world! 

“This is impossible! This is the ancient grand formation set up by the Third Netherworld Emperor all those years ago. How could it possible be controlled by you? It’s impossible! Absolutely impossible…” Yan Tu was shocked and furious as he howled repeatedly with a voice that revealed dense astonishment and terror. He didn’t dare believe that this fellow from the Mortal Dimension would be able to take over the control of the Restriction of Oblivion in such a short period of time.

After all, Long Huai had spent three thousand years of time to bring forth only ten percent of the might of the Restriction of Oblivion!


His voice hadn’t finished resounding out when a strand of terrifying energy of oblivion carried surging seawater as it completely drowned Yan Tu in the next moment.

The seawater roiled while the vortexes rotated, yet there wasn’t another sound from Yan Tu, and he seemed as if he’d been sent to hell and had perished.

Such a scene shocked everyone that witnessed it.

Especially on the Wei Clan fleet. When they saw that the peak sovereign, Yaksha King, that had followed King Chu Jiang in battle for countless years was actually crushed with a wave of the hand by Chen Xi and was dragged into oblivion beneath the Sea of Misery, all of their bodies trembled while they were shocked to the point their scalps went numb, and they gasped without end.

On the other hand, Long Huai’s face turned pale with fright, and his mouth shivered as he muttered. “This is actually real. You’ve actually really gained control of the Restriction of Oblivion. Could it be that…you’re the inheritor of the Third Netherworld Emperor?”

As he finished speaking, his voice couldn’t help but start to tremble.

But right after that, he shook his head repeatedly. “Impossible. If it was like that, then how could you have possibly survived until now? The mantle of the Netherworld Emperor is a taboo in the three dimensions!”

“Are you done? If you are, then taste the might of the Restriction of Oblivion,” said Chen Xi indifferently.


His voice had just finished resounding out when the Sea of Misery started seething, and then it shot into the sky as if it intended to drown the sky. 

It surged out and had completely drowned Long Huai and the castle beneath his feet before he could even react.

“Damnable Bastard! Do you think you’ll be able to rescue that woman like this? You’ll die for sure with King Chu Jiang holding down the fort on Myriad Flow Mountain!!” Long Huai’s sharp and extremely resentful voice sounded out from within the muddy water. In the next moment, all of this returned to the bottom of the sea along with the surging seawater, and then it vanished without a trace.

At this point, the final line of defense that King Chu Jiang set up had collapsed completely, and it was wiped out!

At this moment, the seawater surged and roiled before returning to its calm state from before. Only Chen Xi still stood all alone in midair like an immovable mountain.

“I never expected that you would actually still be alive. It really exceeded this King’s expectations. Come, this King is waiting for you on Myriad Flow Mountain. If you don’t arrive in three days of time, then that woman will be sent into the eighteen levels of hell!” Right amidst this deathly silent atmosphere, a cold, indifferent, and low voice rumbled as it descended from the extreme distance. It was like a thunderclap that reverberated through the heavens and the earth as it awed the hearts of all.

Chen Xi suddenly raised his head, and his gaze was deep and flowed with strands of lightning arcs. He seemed to be able to see through the void and gaze at the distant Myriad Flow Mountain that resided on the other side of the Sea of Misery.

“King Chu Jiang? The day I arrive will be the time of your death!” Chen Xi spoke with a calm voice, and he seemed to be talking to himself, yet it revealed a murderous energy that was beyond question.

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