Chapter 987 – Heaven Suppression Scripture Of Oblivion


Chen Xi felt as if his body was clamped by iron pincers, and he fell forcefully towards the depths of the Sea of Misery. The sea water surged while the peerlessly powerful dragging force shook his entire body to the point his vital blood roiled.




He’d fallen an unknown depth into the Sea of Misery. When Chen Xi’s consciousness was shaken to the point of being dazed, he suddenly felt his entire body stop for a moment before instantly freezing on the spot.


Due to the change of extreme swift descent to an extremely fast stop, the terrifying shock he suffered caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

Fortunately, I’ve already hidden Bei Ling within the Buddha’s Pagoda. Otherwise, merely this moment would be something she would probably be unable to endure… Before Chen Xi could heave a sigh of relief, he felt a terrifying pressure surge over, and it was like a myriad of mountains pressing down onto him, causing the skin and bones in his entire body to emit waves of cracking sounds from its inability to bear the heavy pressure.

Shit! Isn’t this might too terrifying? It’s violent like an ocean and condensed like a mountain, and it even carries a force that intends to crush and drag down my soul… Chen Xi was horrified, and he couldn’t care about anything else as he urged his Immortal Energy with all his might, causing it to flow through his entire body before he suddenly exerted his strength with the intention of escaping this terrifying and strange forcefield. 

Unexpectedly, the restraint of this pressure grew tighter every single time he aroused his Immortal Energy. Moreover, there were even strands of strange and warped talisman markings that surged over and tightly coiled layer upon layer around him like shackles.

This strange and warped talisman markings were suffused with a muddy and obscure color. They actually carried a type of terrifying crushing force that invaded the soul, and they seemed like millstones that intended to completely crush his soul into powder!


Pain that touched the soul. It was difficult to describe. At that instant, Chen Xi felt as if his soul was on the verge of dispersal, and his body was about to sink here forever!

When looked at from afar, Chen Xi was like a tiny insect that had been glued to the extremely muddy sea water, and he struggled ceaselessly yet was unable to escape at all. Moreover, strands of dark red marks of blood were squeezed out from his pores instead while blood flowed from his seven apertures, causing him to seem extremely terrifying.

This was the might of the Restriction of Oblivion. When it was personally set up by the Third Netherworld Emperor in this expanse of the sea all those years ago, it had killed and sent countless gods and Buddhas of the three dimensions into oblivion, and it was called the burial site of the gods. Its reputation was absolutely not unearned.

Even though it was already terribly damaged and only capable of exerting ten percent of its strength, its might was sufficient to drag down Mysterious Immortals and crush their bodies and souls!

Dammit! Is this the might of Oblivion? Chen Xi tried his best to calm down and carefully sense the terrifying energy that surged over from all directions, and he started deducing madly in his mind while not daring to slack off in the slightest.

Because he was clearly aware that if this situation were to continue, then it would be long before he would perish!



The Sea of Misery is used as the foundation and the profundities of Oblivion are completely fused into an ancient restriction. No wonder it possesses such a terrifying might. If I want to escape, then the pressing matter at hand is to find the flaw of this ancient restriction…

Flat? Wait! This restriction is merged into one with the Sea of Misery and fused with the forces of nature. It’s completely perfect and flawless. Even if I search for a flaw with the Eye of Divine Truth, how could I possibly escape with my current strength?

Once he calmed down, Chen Xi seemed as if he’d transformed into another person, and his soul that had attained extraordinary heights started circulating its might of deduction. Instantly, a myriad of thoughts had flashed through his mind.

Perhaps I can only start with the energy of Oblivion. With my cultivation in the Dao of Talismans and the Dao Insight of Oblivion that I’ve comprehended, this seems to have become my one and only choice… In next to no time, Chen Xi had decided. He forcefully endured the intense pain of his soul and body that were on the verge of collapse, and he calmed his heart as he sensed the energy of oblivion that surged over from all directions.

On the other hand, those strands of strange, warped, and obscure talisman markings had become the first target he had to counter.

Chen Xi wasn’t wrong. These obscure and muddy talisman markings were the core of the Restriction of Oblivion, and they were the foundation that formed the restriction.

This sort of talisman marking completely displayed the pathway of circulation of the energy of oblivion. It was a method of utilizing it, a skill, and it was profound, obscure, and unfathomable.

The reason the restriction’s might was so terrifying was because it was emanated through the circulation of this sort of talisman markings.

If it was at a normal time, then merely comprehending this ancient restriction would probably allow me to comprehend a method to utilize the Oblivion Dao Insight. Unfortunately, time isn’t with me. At this moment, I must completely comprehend it as soon as possible to obtain a chance at surviving… In the next moment, Chen Xi’s entire soul circulated madly, and it was like an octopus with a myriad of tentacles that stretched towards those strange and warped talisman markings to sense them carefully.

If there is no guidance, the Sea of Misery is boundless. If there is no suppression, then where would the path to the other side be?

Oblivion, the sins of the body and soul are dragged into oblivion. All evil is suppressed and eliminated. The order of the heavens and the earth returns to the cycle of reincarnation…

With Oblivion at the foundation, all ages will be in peace, all things will be in order, and no living being would violate the order of the world…

In next to no time, numerous comprehensions surged into his mind like a rumbling tide, and it was powerful and vast.


Chen Xi who was comprehending in meditation was completely unaware that a terrifying energy of Oblivion surged over and activated the might of the Restriction of Oblivion, causing it to transform into a strange fluctuation that shot towards him…

It was the might of the forty nine Misery Crystals of Oblivion that were tossed into the sea by Long Huai, and they intended to eliminate Chen Xi!

This energy was extremely special. It seemed to be omnipresent, and it was shapeless as it relied on the muddy seawater to envelop down towards Chen Xi.

The greater the sound, the softer it became!

The greater the form, the more imperceptible it became!

When strength arrived at a limit, it would instead seem to be extremely calm and silent.

This scene was just like that.

Chen Xi didn’t notice at all that this energy had already suffused his entire body!

However, before this energy was able to erupt with a terrifying might that was capable of annihilating all things, an unexpected event occurred abruptly.


The Netherworld Register within the Buddha’s Pagoda glowed, and it opened up page by page until the fourth before row after row of extremely blurry and ancient words appeared. As soon as they appeared, the glowed brightly and every single one of these words were actually suffused with a terrifying devouring force.


The energy of annihilation that came from the Restriction of Oblivion hadn’t even exerted its might when it was directly absorbed by the Netherworld Register before being poured into the row after row of blurry words on the fourth page.

In an instant, Chen Xi’s entire body trembled while a peerlessly enormous amount of profound words suddenly surged into Chen Xi’s mind, causing him to be stunned on the spot. The Heaven Suppression Scripture of Oblivion?

This was surprisingly a terrifying Dao Art that explained the ultimate profundities of oblivion!

In the next moment, Chen Xi seemed as if he’d been possessed. His figure swayed lightly, and he actually moved like a fish and easily escaped the restraint of the terrifying restriction.

Bury the heavens, the seal of Oblivion!

The Sea of Misery carries a myriad of streams, the sea of Oblivion!

The gods and Buddhas are damned, the Restriction of Oblivion!

These were the profundities contained with the Heaven Suppression Scripture of Oblivion, and they were completely revealed in these three moves, and they surpassed nature and contained boundless profundities!


Chen Xi’s backbone straightened as he practiced these three moves in the depths of the surging Sea of Misery. Every single move he made carried the energy of Oblivion, and it drew the surrounding seawater to transform into numerous vortexes that spread towards the surroundings…

At this instant, the Restriction of Oblivion actually seemed as if it didn’t exist, and it wasn’t able to affect Chen Xi in the slightest any longer! 


Above the Sea of Misery and before the castle.

The expanse of maritime space still contained numerous vortexes that rotated madly and created the energy of oblivion that tore at the heavens and the earth, and it crushed and shattered space into numerous blackholes.

“It has already been ten minutes. Why is there still no movement?” Yan Tu counted the time for a moment, and then he couldn’t help but frown.

“Wait patiently. This is the Restriction of Oblivion that was set up by the Third Netherworld Emperor after all, and its might is unfathomable and extraordinary. How could it possibly be judged by me?” Long Huai glanced at Yan Tu, and then said proudly, “But it’s actually very simple to confirm is those two fellows have perished.”

As he spoke, he stretched out his hand and gestured, causing a bronze mirror to appear in his hand. The surface of the mirror flickered with a green glow, and it droned before it condensed a screen of light.

The screen of light flowed before the scene of an expanse of muddy seawater appeared.

“King Yan Tu, take a look. The core of the Restriction of Oblivion that contains countless restrictions is reflected on this screen of light. Once one falls into it, even an immortal would be unable to survive!” Long Huai pointed towards the screen of light in midair and spoke with confidence and assurance.

“Hmm? Why is there nothing besides an expanse of muddy seawater? Old madman, you wouldn’t be fooling me, right?” Yan Tu sized it up for a moment before speaking with displeasure.

Muddy water surged, and it was a blurry and warped sight on the screen of light. Not a single clear scene could be noticed on the screen of light.

Long Huai was stunned when he saw this, and then he muttered. “It shouldn’t be like this. This is a Floatinglight Heart Reflector. There’s one main and one auxiliary part. The other part has been hidden within the Restriction of Oblivion by me, and they completely reflect the scene that appears on each other’s surface. Moreover, even gods are unable to notice a trace of it. Why is it like this?”

As he spoke, he gritted his teeth before biting open the tip of his tongue, and then he suddenly spat out a mouthful of Blood Essence onto the bronze mirror. After that, his fingers fluttered about repeatedly before a droning sounded out, and then the screen of light flashed and started roiling without end.

In next to no time, a scene that was clear down to the slightest detail appeared.

But when they saw all of this clearly, the pupils of both Long Huai and Yan Tu constricted while their mouths gaped wide open, and they stood there flabbergasted.

In the screen of light, seawater surged while waves roiled, and they could faintly see a tall figure moving about while actually practicing a Dao Art!

“You damnable old madman! Is this the Restriction of Oblivion you spoke about? It can’t even kill a little fellow at the Earthly Immortal Realm, yet you said even a Mysterious Immortal would find it difficult to survive?” Yan Tu’s face sank as he gnashed his teeth and said, “What about those forty nine fucking Misery Crystals of Oblivion of mine? What the fuck happened to them?”

“This… This…” Long Huai remained completely indifferent to all of this. He stared fixedly at the screen of light while he was shocked to the point his entire body trembled without end, and he almost didn’t dare believe his eyes.

“No, I’ve studied this formation for three thousand years, so how could it possibly not possess even a bit of strength? Impossible! Absolutely impossible!” Long Huai’s face was warped and insane as he roared madly.

As he spoke, he suddenly flashed up into midair before he swiftly executed numerous profound seals and struck them into the vast Sea of Misery.

“Flesh incinerate with these Soul Core as sacrifice! Restriction of Oblivion, fucking obliterate those damnable bastards for me!” Long Huai howled with a grim voice, and he’d gone completely insane.

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