Chapter 986 – Sink Into The Sea Of Misery

Long Huai swept the storage pouch with his gaze, and he couldn’t help but frown as he said, “Only forty nine? If I’m not wrong, the Misery Crystals of Oblivion you gathered with the yaksha guards in the past hundred years haven’t been handed over to our Lord, right?”

Yan Tu grunted coldly and said, “Do you think Misery Crystals of Oblivion are common things that can be casually obtained?”

Long Huai glanced at him, and then went silent as he turned around to look at the distant battlefield.


Right at this moment, Chen Xi killed the last yaksha guard while carrying Bei Ling on his back, causing blood to spray into the sky and draw out a horrifying arc in midair.

At this point, all one thousand and thirty two Earthly Immortal Realm experts under King Chu Jiang’s command had been annihilated. Blood dyed the Sea of Misery red and suffused it with a dense stench of blood that seemed impossible to disperse.

Chen Xi carried Bei Ling on his back as he walked in midair to arrive before the castle. His figure was tall, his clothes dyed red with blood, and his eyes that were deep like two abysses surged with battle intent.

After experiencing such a world shaking battle, he was actually completely unharmed, and even his vital energy and aura hadn’t weakened in the slightest. He was still steady like an ocean and revealed a frightening imposing aura.

“If I’m not wrong, I’ll be able to arrive smoothly at the other side of the Sea of Misery after I kill the two of you.” Chen Xi spoke with a murderous tone.

Even if they were clearly aware that Chen Xi hadn’t suffered any injury during the entire battle, when they saw him appear before them and stand in confrontation with them from afar while revealing peerless divine might and surging vital energy, the Yaksha King Yan Tu and Long Huai couldn’t help but sigh with admiration in their hearts.

This Earthly Immortal Realm expert from the Mortal Dimension is really extraordinary. No wonder he dared to enter the Netherworld by himself and make King Chu Jiang his enemy. Merely this courage of his impossible to attain.

Of course, even though they sighed with admiration in their hearts, they didn’t feel terror nor uneasiness. Because in their eyes, even if Chen Xi was able to survive until now, he would undoubtedly die in the next moment!

“Of course. Young Brother possesses a monstrous imposing aura and is invincible in the Earthly Immortal Realm. Even I and the Yaksha King acknowledge that we are no match for you.” Long Huai roared with laughter, and he sighed with emotion. “But killing us isn’t an easy thing, and it’s absolutely impossible to pass through this expanse of maritime space. I wonder if you believe it?”

As he looked at these two great figures under King Chu Jiang’s command and the confidence and contempt that filled the space between their brows, Chen Xi’s eyes couldn’t help but narrow slightly, and then he said calmly, “Then I’ll only know once I give it a try.”

“Right, you must give it a try because mere words can’t be taken as facts.” Long Huai grinned as he nodded, and then he stretched out his hand to point at the expanse of maritime space beneath Chen Xi’s feet as he said, “Please have a look. That’s the place you’ll be buried!”


As soon as his voice sounded out in the air, an extremely terrifying aura suddenly surged out from the sea water beneath Chen Xi’s feet. At that instant, it was like a primeval god that had been in deep slumber at the bottom of the sea for countless years had awoken.


In a mere instant, the sea in an area of 5,000km seemed as if it was boiling, and it overflowed with a bloody glow that was suffused with a horrifying sheen as it surged and converged towards the center.

If one looked down from the sky, one would notice that the entire surface of the sea had actually silently transformed into a peerlessly enormous vortex that was circulating madly.

Every single rotation created a force that seemed to carry the intention of causing the entire heavens and the earth to sink down. It pulled space into pieces, completely swallowed the clouds in an area of 5,000km, and it created expanse after expanse of spatial rifts and black holes.

This force was too terrifying. With Chen Xi’s strength and reaction speed, he’d just moved with the intention of teleporting away when he was forcefully held down and frozen in midair, and it was futile no matter how he struggled.

This is the energy of Oblivion, yet why is it so terrifying?

Wait, this is an ancient grand formation!

Chen Xi’s heart jerked. He didn’t have the time to recover from his shock when his figure was held tightly and dragged down uncontrollably into the Sea of Misery.


The bloody waves surged and drowned both him and Bei Ling who was on his back.

Long Huai couldn’t help but look up into the sky and roar with laughter when he saw this, and he was excited to the point his expression warped. “Look, this is the force of the Restriction of Oblivion. I, Long Huai, have guarded this place for three thousand years, and I’ve repaired it for an entire three thousand years! Now, I’ve finally activated it with the sacrifice of one thousand and thirty two Earthly Immortal Realm experts’ bodies!”

At this moment, Long Huai was like an old madman that had fallen into madness, and he shouted madly. “This is the masterpiece of the Third Netherworld Emperor, the supreme restriction that dragged the gods into oblivion! After countless years of time, it has finally re-emerged into the world. Has anyone in the entire Netherworld personally witnessed this brilliant scene that was bound to be remembered in the annals of history?”

The blood red waves surged while the expanse of maritime space transformed into a horrifying and enormous vortex. It rotated swiftly as it rumbled, and it formed a force of oblivion that was impossible to resist, causing this expanse of the heavens and the earth to warp and collapse.

This scene of destruction coupled with Long Huai’s mad cries caused the hearts of others to experience a powerful blow.

Even the Yaksha King, Yan Tu, had to admit that he was shocked by this scene. It was even to the extent that there was a moment where he couldn’t help but feel tiny and powerless like an ant.

When facing such a scene and the Restriction of Oblivion that had slaughtered countless great figures from the three dimensions all those years ago, could anyone not be moved and shocked?

“That’s enough! You should pay attention to whether it’s able to kill those two fellows! This Restriction of Oblivion is only able to bring forth ten percent of its actual might in the end.” After a short moment, Yan Tu recovered from his shock, and he couldn’t help but frown and remind in a cold voice when he saw Long Huai was still muttering to himself like a madman.

Long Huai was extremely displeased that his expression of the excitement in his heart was interrupted, and he glanced at Yan Tu with disdain before he said proudly, “Don’t worry. Not to mention an Earthly Immortal, even a Heavenly Immortal or Mysterious Immortal would find it impossible to escape!”

“Are you sure?” asked Yan Tu.

“I can’t be sure now. But with these Misery Crystals of Oblivion, they’ll perish without a doubt!” Long Huai chuckled as he withdrew a storage pouch and poured its contents into the Sea of Misery without the slightest hesitation, and then he muttered. “This is an opportunity that’s almost impossible to come by, an opportunity to witness the divine moment the Restriction of Oblivion is activated once more. Even though the number of Misery Crystals of Oblivion is slightly lacking, it’s sufficient to activate a force capable of annihilating a Mysterious Immortal Realm expert…”

“You’re…going to waste it just like that?” Yan Tu felt slightly pained because he’d led his subordinates to gather Misery Crystals of Oblivion for over a hundred years, yet they’d only gathered forty nine crystals. Now, Long Huai had actually tossed them all into the sea like trash, so how could his heart not hurt?

“What do you mean waste!?” Long Huai berated loudly. “More Misery Crystals of Oblivion can still be gathered, yet how many times can you witness the might of the Restriction of Oblivion in your entire lifetime?” 

Yan Tu was stunned and speechless, while his heart felt cold.

He had nothing left to say when facing an old madman like this, and he could only shoot his gaze towards the sea and mutter. “They should die this time, right? Right, even Mysterious Immortals would find it difficult to survive, let alone two Earthly Immortal Realm experts?”

“Wait calmly. The two of them will die without a doubt in less than ten minutes. At that time, we only have to work together and gather the Soul Cores of those subordinates of ours, and then everything would come to a perfect end.” The nearby Long Huai’s beard fluttered as he roared with laughter of extreme complacency. 



“That’s…” Wei Lan was terrified to the point her beautiful face turned pale, and she started shivering.

Earlier, that expanse of the sea had suddenly transformed into a heaven swallowing vortex, and it even collapsed the surrounding space and dragged it into the sea. If it wasn’t for them having been outside its scope, they would have probably been instantly buried in the sea.

Now, even though she was lucky to avoid calamity, she still felt extremely terrified after the event.

“The Restriction of Oblivion!” The old man in embroidered clothes spat out these four words lightly, and his tone was obscure. They were merely four words, yet they seemed extremely heavy, and he fell into a terrified state as soon as he finished speaking these four words.

“The Restriction of Oblivion? What’s the Restriction of Oblivion?” cried the nearby Wei Xiaofeng cried. He didn’t feel much panic or terror, and it conformed to an ancient saying, ‘an ignorant youth is fearless.’

The old man took a deep breath and exerted great effort to calm himself before he spoke slowly and told the pair of brother and sister everything he knew.

After they finished listening to what the old man had to say, Wei Lan was stunned on the spot, and she muttered. “So in this way, they’re bound to die this time?”

On the other hand, Wei Xiaofeng gritted his teeth and said, “The Restriction of Oblivion! The supreme restriction the Third Netherworld Emperor utilized to crush the gods of the three dimensions! But those subordinates of King Chu Jiang actually utilized it to deal with two Earthly Immortal Realm experts from the Mortal Dimension. Such methods are truly too despicable. Can these actions live up to the dazzling reputation of the grand formation? Dammit! Truly damnable!”

The old man laughed bitterly. He naturally noticed that the Restriction of Oblivion wasn’t complete, and its might wasn’t as terrifying as the legends. Not to mention those two experts from the Mortal Dimension had slaughtered an entire one thousand plus Earthly Immortal Realm experts. So how the despicableness of their actions be considered when utilizing this formation to deal with them?

“It’s such a pity for that peerless man and woman…” The old man sighed while dense pity arose in his heart. 


 Clouds rolled back and forth like waves while the mountain breeze blew atop Myriad Flow Mountain.

King Chu Jiang, Ji Kang, had his hands behind his back as he stood proudly at the peak of the mountain. His clothes fluttered while he gazed at the boundless Sea of Misery in the distance. His eyes reflected the alternation between the sun and moon, and they illuminated the heavens and the earth while penetrating through the world, causing everything to be unable to escape his gaze.

“How audacious of Long Huai.” After a short moment, Ji Kang muttered while his thin face revealed an emotional expression, and he seemed to feel admiration towards the Restriction of Oblivion as well.

“Those two pitiable little fellows were unable to step foot on Myriad Flow Mountain in the end. I even took them to be potential opponents, yet I’ve slightly overestimated them…” Ji Kang shook his head before he flicked his sleeve and left. He didn’t spare another glance at the distant sea, and he seemed to be slightly disinterested.

At the depths of Myriad Flow Mountain. Godcage Cave.

At this moment, Qing Xiuyi who silently sat cross-legged there similarly opened her pair of clear eyes in the darkness, and her eyes seemed to be able to see through the walls and the layers of space as they emanated an indescribable glow.

“You’ve come, yet why did you have to bring a woman along?” A faint and cold sigh sounded out in the darkness, and her voice carried a rare trace of complaint, yet it was mostly filled with gratification and happiness.

“The outcome has been determined? You, Ji Kang, seem to have spoken a bit too early…” After a short moment, Qing Xiuyi who pondered deeply for a long time closed her eyes once more, and everything returned to darkness again. 

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