Chapter 985 – The Restriction Of Oblivion

Bei Ling’s consciousness became slightly hazy.

Up until this point in the battle, she’d already forgotten the time, forgotten the world, forgotten the enemies around her…

Only a single thought remained in her heart — I can’t be a burden to Chen Xi.

Blood started to taint her body while her arms started to become slightly sluggish from over exhaustion of strength, and every single time she moved her hand, it felt like an ordinary person moving a millstone with bare hands.

There were many times when she wanted to give up, and there were many times where she couldn’t refrain from wanting to seek help from the nearby Chen Xi.

But in the end, she gritted her teeth and endured everything, and because she used too much force, strands of dark red blood flowed from the corners of her mouth, yet she seemed as if she didn’t notice it at all.

This battle was too arduous!

Since Bei Ling started cultivating until now, she’d never felt this sort of feeling where she had to grit her teeth and hold on bitterly because her strength and mind was on the verge of collapse.

She even asked herself why she was doing this.

Every single moment, Chen Xi’s figure would float into appearance within her heart, and she knew that was the reason she persisted and had no choice but to persist.

At the bottom of it all, it was because she truly didn’t want to be a burden to Chen Xi!

Yet, would he be able to understand all of this?

Bei Ling raised her eyes, her field of vision was completely hazy while only miserable and furious cries and the violet sound of battle remained by her ear, yet she wasn’t able to capture a glimpse of that familiar figure!

This caused a wisp of hesitation to suddenly surge into her heart, and it seemed as if she’d been instantly abandoned by the world. This sort of feeling even caused her to have a moment where she forgot the exhaustion and powerlessness she felt.

Where…is he?

Bei Ling really wanted to see that figure once more, and so long as she was able to take a single glance of him, she firmly believed that she would be able to gather even more strength and would surely be able to persist for another period of time…

Unfortunately, all of this seemed to have become an extravagant hope.


At the instant that dazed moment appeared in Bei Ling’s mind, a bright pitch black blade tore through the sky towards her, and its sharp, piercing, and murderous blade light caused her eyes to hurt. But when she intended to raise her hand and deal with it, she was actually unable to arouse another trace of energy.

I’m still going to die…in the end… A wisp of powerlessness appeared on the corners of her mouth, but at the same time, a wisp of resolution burned in her eyes.

Even if she died, she wanted to help Chen Xi deal with an enemy!

As for perishing, was it anything worth mentioning?

However, right at this moment, a strong arm suddenly held her waist and embraced her. At the same time, a familiar voice sounded out by her ear. “Idiot! Did you forget my instructions?!”

The voice carried undisguised anger.

But Bei Ling started smiling instead because she’d discerned the undisguised concern in this voice, and this was sufficient to her.

It was even to the extent that she couldn’t help but think that she would be without regrets if she died at this moment, right?

After that, she felt herself lying on Chen Xi’s back. His back couldn’t be considered to be broad, yet it allowed her to feel extremely steady and at ease.

Thus, she finally couldn’t refrain from closing her eyes and falling asleep.

At the corners of her pale cherry lips was a wisp of a smile.

The was the embodiment of her happiness.


She’s truly a stupid woman… Chen Xi muttered as he shook his head. In the next moment, his figure flashed as he launched a slaughter once more.

But his movements had obviously become much more careful because he was deeply afraid of disturbing that woman on his back that caused him to be angry.

The battle was still going on.

Slaughter, blood, and shrill cries dyed this place into a bloody purgatory.

The enemies were surging and charging over fearlessly. Every single one of their faces were covered in rage, savage, and warped expressions. At the same time, there was also a wisp of terror, fear, frustration, and exhaustion that couldn’t be restrained from suffusing their hearts.

Up until this point in the battle, more than half of their companions had fallen, whereas the last bits of energy in their bodies were almost completely exhausted. However, the young man that they faced seemed like an immovable mountain that couldn’t be surmounted, and it planted despair in their hearts.

Does he not know exhaustion?

Where did he get so much energy from?

Could it be that he’s really impossible to defeat?

Numerous questions surged into their minds, and it was like a venomous snake that bit at their will and fighting spirit. This sort of feeling caused them to be furious to the limit and terrified to the extreme.

For a time, their expressions were covered in frustration, and it was like they were facing a monster that could never be measured by convention.

But no matter what they thought, Chen Xi was still in battle, and he was calm, murderous, and composed. He was like a reaper of souls, and every single attack would surely take a life away.

His cold and indifferent bearing, and his merciless and fierce methods of slaughter were playing out the transformation from life to death and the collision of blood and flames. It was horrifying and sufficient to terrify the world! 


“Is he about to win?” Wei Lan muttered. Even she didn’t notice that her voice was slightly trembling, and it was shock that came after extreme nervousness and excitement that came after extreme shock. It was impossible for her to restrain.

“Not yet.” The old man’s lips were dry as he gulped down a mouthful of saliva with great difficulty. He was actually unwilling to deny Wei Lan’s thoughts, but reality was reality in the end. At this moment, he was unable to deceive himself and everyone else.

On the battlefield, only a mere scattered hundred plus people from the thousand plus subordinates of King Chu Jiang remained. But one could not forget that there were still two great figures on the extremely distant castle that hadn’t made a move yet!

It was even to the extent that there was a Golden Immortal holding down the fort on Myriad Flow Mountain.

At this moment, how could he possibly speak rashly of the outcome?

“But in my heart, they’ve already won!” The nearby Wei Xiaofeng clenched his fists tightly while his young face revealed a sense of fervor and veneration. “Because they’re the true experts that fought an army by themselves while never conceding! Who could dare say that they’re the side that lost?”

Wei Lan and the old man were stunned when they heard this, and then they glanced at each other while a wisp of dense relief couldn’t help but surge into their hearts. This kid has finally grown up!

Perhaps this it the benefit of leaving the clan and wandering the world.

Staying in the clan at all times like a flower in a greenhouse and being favored at all times would cause one to forever be unable to become successful. Only by wandering the world would one obtain abundant experience and have one’s horizons broadened, and this would develop one’s mind and bearing!

At that time, one would have truly grown up and matured. 


On the castle, Yan Tu’s expression was extremely heavy and gloomy. The distant battlefield was reflected in his dark red eyes, and a ball of killing intent was surging and seething in his chest.

“All of them will be annihilated in less than fifteen minutes! Elder Long Huai, how much longer do you intend to wait!?” Yan Tu spoke coldly, and his voice seemed as if it was squeezed out from the gaps in his teeth.

“Soon. Only a little bit more.” Long Huai remained expressionless as he answered in an indifferent tone.

“A little bit? How much is a little bit?” Yan Tu couldn’t restrain the rage in his heart when he saw Long Huai like this, and he said, “An entire one thousand and thirty two Earthly Immortal Realm experts have died right before your eyes. How can you bear it?”

Long Huai frowned and glanced at him with displeasure before he said, “It’s only a few subordinates. If they died, then they died. Why be so furious? Not to mention that they haven’t truly perished!”

“Hmm? They haven’t truly perished?” Yan Tu was stunned while a bright light flashed in his eyes, and he said anxiously, “What do you mean?”

Long Huai looked towards the distant sky while the corners of his mouth revealed a wisp of a secretive smile once again, and then he pointed at the distant sea and said, “Commander Yan Tu, could it be that you’ve forgotten that this place was the final battlefield between the Third Netherworld Emperor and the gods of the world all those years ago? And it’s called the burial site of the gods?”

Yan Tu frowned and said, “You still have the time to beat around the bush? Speak frankly!”

Long Huai smiled and didn’t mind at all, and he said, “Since you know of the Ancient Devilslay Formation, then you’ve naturally heard of the Restriction of Oblivion, right?”

Yan Tu was stunned, and then he seemed to have thought of something, causing a wisp of astonishment to flash in his eyes as he said, “That terrifying restriction the Third Netherworld Emperor set up all those years ago to crush the gods and Buddhas of the world?”

“Exactly!” Long Huai smiled proudly. “Even though the Third Netherworld Emperor was annihilated all those years ago, the Restriction of Oblivion that he set up himself crushed countless great figures of the three dimensions!”

Yan Tu was stunned because he’d heard that as soon as the Restriction of Oblivion was activated all those years ago, the blood of gods tainted the sky while the entire Sea of Misery was dyed in the dense color of blood that didn’t disperse for over ten thousand years!

This obviously showed how terrifying the might of this formation was. It was entirely capable of being compared to the Immortal Annihilation Sword Formation, Prime Bloodevil Grand Formation, the Myriad Buddha Heaven Incineration Devil Suppression Formation, and various other terrifying grand formations of the primeval times!

“Could it be that…you…” Yan Tu was surprised and bewildered.

“Exactly. The Restriction of Oblivion that has vanished in the annals of time will be activated once more in a short moment!” Long Huai’s gaze was brilliant and revealed a wisp of fervor, and then he sighed before he shook his head and said, “Unfortunately, even though the ruins of the Restriction of Oblivion is still here, it’s in a terrible state. After I repaired it for many years and coupled with the sacrifice of these thousand plus subordinates, it’s still merely capable of exerting ten percent of its might.”

“Sacrificing these subordinates…” Yan Tu’s pupils constricted. He finally came to an understanding, and his face couldn’t help but turn grim. “You old goat! You planned this since the beginning and intended to rely on them to kill all these subordinates of ours?”

“How could I have possibly thought in this way?” Long Huai couldn’t help but be even more displeased when he saw Yan Tu still didn’t come to an understanding after he’d spoke to such an extent, and he grunted as he said, “My plan is very simple. It couldn’t be any better if we were able to rely on these subordinates to kill these two people, and if they couldn’t, then it wouldn’t be too late to activate the Restriction of Oblivion.”

“But so long as the both of us make a move, there would be utterly no need to sacrifice so many subordinates!” Yan Tu’s anger still hadn’t dispersed.

“Commander Yan Tu!” Long Huai said with a grim voice, “Do you really not understand, or are you an idiot? The Restriction of Oblivion takes the energy of the body as sacrifice, whereas the Soul Cores of those fallen subordinates will be revived in the grand formation! So who said that they’ve perished?”

Yan Tu was stunned while the rage on his face dispersed completely because he knew that he’d misunderstood Long Huai. But he still grunted coldly and said, “You old goat! You’re so scheming, so who could have possibly guessed what you were planning?”

“Then shut your mouth obediently and just listen to my command.” Long Huai glared at Yan Tu before he seemed to have noticed something, and his expression suddenly became solemn as he looked towards the distant battlefield and said, “The battle is about to end. Quickly! Hand over all the Misery Crystals of Oblivion in your possession to me!”

Yan Tu was stunned. But he recalled the scenes of being berated by Long Huai earlier, so he forcefully restrained the questions in his heart and obediently handed over a storage pouch.

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