Chapter 984 – Peerless Amongst Earthly Immortals

Come, kill along with me!

There words were spoken flatly and calmly, yet they were like a lit barrel of gunpowder that instantly lit up the battle intent in Bei Ling’s heart!

It may be a million, yet we’ll walk forward!

In the next instant, the both of them had charged over in unison.

Wu~ Wu~ Wu~

A wave of an ancient sound of the horn resounded in the sky. Right when the two of them had just made a move, the thousand plus Earthly Immortal Realm experts on the third line of defense started to make a move.




Exquisite iron armor and surging imposing auras converged together, and they were like a black cloud that instantly covered the heavens and the earth, while their shouts were like thunder and imposing aura was like a collapsing mountain or torrent. They charged through space and caused a myriad of strands of baleful auras to charge into the sky.

The scene at that instant was like the doors to hell had been opened, and the devils who were ready to emerge a long time had charged out with a rumble. Thousands of various attacks covered the heavens and the earth like a thunderstorm and lightning that danced wildly in the entire sky as it enveloped down towards this area of the sea.

It was over one thousand Earthly Immortal Experts!

A terrifying force that could instantly sweep through a minor world!

Merely their imposing aura was sufficient to cause others to feel terrified!

This was a true war!

Chen Xi’s figure stopped momentarily, and then he was like an ancient turtle that was descending into the sea. A myriad of divine radiances coiled around his entire body while Chen Xi stepped forward in the sky while maintain a ramrod straight posture, and no matter how ferocious the killing intent that assaulted his face was, he still remained unmoving.

His hair fluttered while his face was composed, and only his eyes blazed with surging flames. Moreover, his battle intent billowed and seemed to intend to incinerate the heavens and the earth.

The nearby Bei Ling’s body was completely enveloped in dark blue colored flames. Her clothes and hair fluttered while her expression remained cold as ice. At this moment, she’d forgotten the concept of life and death, and she only wanted to fight alongside the man by her side to her heart’s content!


The myriad of divine radiances that coiled around Chen Xi’s body suddenly started seething violently, and then they transformed into countless dense talisman markings that suffused Chen Xi’s entire body and emanated a wave of the tune of the Grand Dao.

When looked at from afar, his tall figure was bathed in an ocean of talisman markings while his entire body was covered in the aura of the Grand Dao, and his soaring and extraordinary appearance was an unforgettable sight.


When the surging enemy forces appearance and the various Dao Arts and magic treasures that covered the heavens and the earth sprayed down, Chen Xi moved. He bent his elbow and clenched his fist, and then it carried a blazing glow as it smashed out.

In the next moment, a path illuminated by fire sprawled out, and it was like a long ray of light that blazed with flames and blood as it connected the heavens and the earth and illuminated the world!

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Under the focused gazes of Wei Lan, Wei Xiaofeng, and the old man in an embroidered robe, the path illuminated by fire smashed easily through the black mass of enemies that charged over like the tide and tore a hole open in their ranks!

Everywhere it passed, all attacks collapsed, all magic treasures shattered, and it crushed through everything with overwhelming might.

Subsequently, a wave of miserable and shrill cries resounded. All the Earthly Immortal Realm experts that charged at the front were actually unable to resist the charge of the path illuminated by fire, and they were either heavily injured and fell to the sea or were incinerated in midair!

There were some that were lucky enough to avoid the path illuminated by fire, yet were affected by the terrifying might of the first strike, causing them to seem as if they’d fallen into the eye of a storm as they swayed in midair and let out shrill howls.

Flare Godfist!

It led directly to the other side!

This fist skill was inherited from the Third Netherworld Emperor, and it was merged with the Paramita Dao Insight at the Perfection Realm. When Chen Xi who’d attained the ‘Extreme Realm’ in the Earthly Immortal Realm executed it, it could be said to be like a scorching sun that melted everything in its path, and it carried a terrifying soul binding energy as it charged forward. Who could be a match for it?

Merely a single punch caused over thirty Earthly Immortal Realm experts to perish!

This punch also caused the assault of his enemies to show a trace of disorder, yet it quickly vanished without a trace. After this, the experts subordinate to King Chu Jiang became much more careful, and they stopped swarming forward and chose to encircle him from all directions.

“That should have been done since the beginning, otherwise, all of you wouldn’t have the slightest chance…” Chen Xi muttered while the battle intent in his chest rose, and he met Bei Ling’s gaze before both of them tacitly chose to take the initiative to charge into the enemy forces.

Chen Xi charged at the front, and he executed the Flare Godfist. Fist shadows covered the sky and overlapped each other as they smashed out, and they were like numerous paths that were illuminated by fire as they collided with a group of Earthly Immortal Realm experts.

Bei Ling covered the rear. Her fine fingers moved about as they emanated strand after strand of seemingly material dark blue blade lights, and they seemed like numerous crescents that tore through space and swept out.

In the blink of an eye, their figures had already been encircled by enemies from all directions. In the battlefield, blazing glows rumbled, magic treasures soared, Dao Arts sprayed, and miserable shrill cries resounded without end. It was complete chaos.

At the same time, blood frequently sprayed into the sky while corpses fell towards the sea below, and the scene was horrifying to the limit. 


Gradually, Chen Xi’s attacks grew faster and faster. The fist shadows were like waves and surged like a tide, and they faintly showed signs of forming into vortexes that emanated a formidable swallowing force to pull over the bodies of the yaksha guards and Jiang Soulguards.

Subsequently, waves of the sounds of bones breaking and shrill cries resounded out constantly while blood sprayed into the sky. Every single strike of Chen Xi’s took a few lives away, and he was valiant, murderous, and unstoppable.

But there were too many enemies. They formed a dense mass as they swarmed over fearlessly, and no matter how extraordinary Chen Xi was, he was merely able to maintain the safety of himself and Bei Ling, whereas he was unable to annihilate them in a short period of time.


Chen Xi remained indifferent towards this. His figure was like a dragon as he executed various Dao Arts with ease, and it transformed into dense and horrifying talisman markings that wreaked havoc through the surroundings.

It was either the five elements circulating, Yin and Yang alternating, wind and lightning raging, a river of star flowing… Eternal, Creation, Devour, Obliteration…

Various Grand Dao profundities and peak-grade Dao Arts were flawlessly executed under the command of the Dao of Talisman by him, and he was like an emperor of talismans. Even though he was amidst an enormous army, he carried the frightening and majestic imposing aura of a sovereign that had descended to the world.

Fresh blood sprayed into the surroundings!Severed limbs rained down!

The entire heavens and the earth were filled with peerless killing intent, blazing divine radiance, miserable shrill cries, and shouts of rage. It was the aura of war, and it caused the world to be cast into a shade.

In the sky above, the clouds were broken up, the sun and moon were dim, and numerous narrow, long, and warped black holes were crushed in space.

The muddy Sea of Misery below them was dyed red with blood a long time ago, and it emanated a nauseating dense smell of blood.

This scene was like the battlefield between the gods and devils, and it shocked the hearts of all!

Along with the passage of time, more and more enemies of Chen Xi’s fell, whereas Chen Xi’s imposing aura still shot into the sky like a rainbow and didn’t reduce in the slightest. On one hand, it was because of the assistance of the Dark Parasol Sapling that allowed him to not have to worry about his Immortal Energy drying up.

On the other hand, it was because of his formidable cultivation of the Dao Heart. It had already attained the Heart Soul Realm, and it was unparalleled in the world and had exceeded the scope of the Earthly Immortal Realm since a long time ago. Even a Heavenly Immortal was incapable of comparing with his cultivation of the Dao Heart.

The mysterious energy of the Dao Heart was endurance, and it was only able to display its true might in this drawn-out battle.

With these two advantages added together, unless he was assaulted by a force that was absolutely overwhelming, otherwise Chen Xi was in an entirely invincible position, and even fighting for seven days and nights wasn’t a problem!

But comparatively speaking, Bei Ling’s imposing aura had declined greatly. She was gasping for breath while beads of sweat had seeped out of her jade white forehead, and her cold face was slightly pale.

She wasn’t as abnormal as Chen Xi. So even if she repeatedly consumed King Grade Nether Crystals, it was impossible for her to continue. Coupled with her strength being at the 6th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, it was already surprising that she was capable of fighting against this enormous army until now.

Even then, she’d tightly bit her cherry lips as she fought bravely, and her brows didn’t even knit in the slightest because she wasn’t willing to be a burden for Chen Xi, nor was she willing to distract Chen Xi at such a moment.

Most importantly, she stubbornly felt that she was still able to fight! She was still able to use her tiny insignificant strength to share Chen Xi’s burdens!

Yes, even if her strength was exhausted and the Immortal Energy in her body had dried up, so long as she was still breathing, she intended to fight until the end! 


On the Wei Clan’s fleet in the extreme distance, Wei Lan, Wei Xiaofeng, and the old man watched the horrifying battle and the two figures that fought and slaughter amongst the tide of enemies, and they couldn’t help but clench their fists together tightly.

Their figures were tiny like blades of grass, yet their battle intent and slaughter shook the heavens!

Who could have imagined that a mere two people would actually be able to erupt with such terrifying combat strength in such a vast battle that was like a war?

Who could dare imagine that these two people would actually be able to fight until such an extent yet still remain standing?

“If figures like them are lucky enough to escape calamity this time, they’ll surely attain the position of exalts in the future!” The old man muttered while his voice carried indescribable respect and shock. 


“I admit that what you said earlier wasn’t wrong. Even I’m not a match for this kid’s combat strength, and such combat strength is even sufficient to sweep through the Earthly Immortal Realm and remain unmatched.” On the distant castle that stood towering on the Sea of Misery like a rock, Long Huai’s snow white hair fluttered while strands of astonishment flashed through his eyes.

He was very clearly aware of the strength of his subordinates. Every single one of them possessed a cultivation at the fifth level of the Earthly Immortal Realm or above, and they fought all year long on the Sea of Misery. They possessed extremely abundant combat experience.

Now, an entire thousand plus of them were gathered here today, yet they were actually unable to do anything to that man and woman, and they were perishing at all times instead.

He had no choice but to be shocked when facing such a scene!

“Up until this point in the battle, two hours and forty five minutes have passed, and two hundred and seventeen Jiang Soulguards and seventy eight yaksha guards have fallen. If this continues, the enemy will probably obtain victory…” The nearby Yaksha King muttered with an extremely heavy expression. “Why don’t we make a move as well?”

“Wait a while longer.” Long Huai refused without the slightest hesitation and said, “No matter how formidable one’s strength is, there’s a limit in the end. I don’t believe that all the forces of the Second King of Hell combined aren’t capable of exhausting him to death!”

“Aren’t you afraid that our Lord will hold you accountable for sacrificing so many subordinates?” Yan Tu frowned and was slightly displeased with Long Huai’s mercilessness.

After all, these subordinates were the central forces of the Second King of Hell, and if a large number of them were to be lost, it would require an innumerable amount of time to recover.

“Haha! You’re wrong. Even if all of them perish, so long as we’re able to kill these two people, then our Lord won’t blame us. Don’t worry, since I dare act in this way, I naturally have my own arrangements.” Long Huai spoke indifferently while his aged faced revealed a wisp of a secretive smile. “The name Impassable wasn’t something that was given casually.”

“What arrangements have you made? You’re even concealing it from me as well?” Yan Tu brows knit together even more tightly.

“Haha! Calm yourself. You’ll understand in a while.” Long Huai suddenly roared with laughter while his gaze glowed brilliantly, and they faintly flickered with an indescribable expression of fervor and anticipation. 

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