Chapter 983 – Blazing Fighting Spirit

Impassable Maritime Space.

After one passed this expanse of the sea, one would only have to travel another six hours to arrive at the other side of the Sea of Misery.

“Looks like that’s the final line of defense that King Chu Jiang set up…” In the cabin of the vessel, Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought as he said, “I have a feeling that the Yaksha King, Yan Tu, will probably make an appearance at that final line of defense, and we’ll encounter a fierce battle as well.”

“According to legend, the Impassable Maritime Space was the area of the most intense battle between the Third Netherworld Emperor and the gods and Buddhas of the world all those years ago, and it’s like a bottomless abyss that’s filed with numerous ancient restrictions. It’s called the burial site of the gods.” Bei Ling had a tranquil expression as she sat cross-legged before Chen Xi, and she held a tea jug as she helped Chen Xi pour a cup of tea, then said calmly, “There’s even no lack of temporal magnetic fields and chaotic vortexes that are extremely dangerous within it, and you have to be extra careful if you intend to pass through it.”

“I know all of this.” Chen Xi nodded, and then he went silent for a short moment before he raised his head to look at Bei Ling as he said in a serious tone, “Actually, I’m only worried about a single thing now.” 

Bei Ling was stunned while her expression became solemn, and she said, “What’re you worried about?”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile when he saw her like this, and then he said, “I’m naturally worried that you’ll disregard everything and risk your life.”

“Err…” Bei Ling was caught slightly off guard, and she stared blankly at Chen Xi and was at a loss for what to say.

Because she’d indeed thought of acting in this way. Long ago at the time they’d just entered the Sea of Misery, she’d noticed that she was unable to be of much help while following by Chen Xi’s side, and she was like a burden instead.

Moreover, the deeper they went into the Sea of Misery, the stronger this sort of feeling became, and it caused her to feel rather upset. It was even to the extent that she regretted following by Chen Xi’s side and caused Chen Xi to have to distract himself to take care of her.

It was precisely because of these thoughts that she’d decided to go all out regardless of the price she had to pay if a life threatening incident occurred later on.

But Bei Ling had never imagined that Chen Xi would actually see through the secrets in the depths of her heart, and she couldn’t help but feel slightly uncomfortable.

“Remember, no matter what occurs, you must listen to me. This is my only request.” Chen Xi’s voice revealed an indisputable tone.

Bei Ling couldn’t help but bite her cherry lips as she said, “Why? Are you afraid I’ll distract you?”

Chen Xi laughed bitterly and rubbed his nose. “You know that isn’t my thoughts.”

Bei Ling asked casually, “Then what are your thoughts?”

As soon as she spoke this, she regretted it slightly. She felt that she was like an unreasonable little girl, and such feelings really shouldn’t have appeared on her.

She lowered her head unconsciously.

This icy cold woman was normally calm, graceful, and possessed an elegant bearing. At this moment, she revealed a rare wisp of embarrassment, and it actually carried shocking beauty of its own.

Chen Xi was stunned by these words as well, and then he couldn’t help but chuckle. He pondered deeply for a moment before he said in a serious tone, “I’ve always felt that the value of everything in this world isn’t reflected by strength, nor is there a need to follow a certain set of principles when doing things. Not to mention there’s no space for anything else between friends. Bei Ling, you’ve already helped me a great deal, so don’t think lightly of yourself.”

When he spoke up to here, Chen Xi couldn’t help but recall the scenes of the past. He recalled those good friends of his in the Darchu Dynasty, he thought of Zhen Liuqing, Fan Yunlan, Ling Yu, and the others, and he also thought of his Eldest Senior Brother, Huo Molei, and the others on West Radiance Peak.

In the end, he concluded. “As far as I’m concerned, after benefit, status, origins, and strength are dismissed, friends are people that are still able to speak their minds freely and do as they like while they’re together. Perhaps this sort of view is very immature and extremely laughable. Moreover, it’s extremely difficult to achieve. However, this makes friendship seem even more precious.”

Bei Ling listened silently, and then she glanced at Chen Xi with a complicated expression after a short while and said, “In this way, we’re friends as well?”

“Of course,” said Chen Xi with a smile.

“I’m extremely honored to become friends with a peak sovereign at the Earthly Immortal Realm.” Bei Ling made a harmless joke, and then she started laughing as well. It was like a bud that bloomed after the rain, and it was gorgeous, delicate, dazzling, and resplendent.

No one knew that she sighed faintly in her heart instead, and she felt a sense of loss. Friends, we’re still friends in the end…


A thunderclap suddenly resounded in the sky, and it shook the surrounding clouds and emanated expanse after expanse of dazzling lightning that illuminated the entire gloomy and hazy world to the point of becoming dazzling and gorgeous. 

At the same time, a violent and oppressive fluctuation swept over like a tide.

The treasured vessel started to shake violently as if it was being moved through a dangerous rapid that was filled with stones, and it emanated cracking sounds as if it was unable to bear the burden.

Chen Xi was shocked, and he stood up right away before charging out of the treasured vessel with Bei Ling.

Under the sky, gales whistled while enormous waves howled furiously. Before the forces of nature, the two of them were like two floating pieces of duckweed, and they seemed as if they would be swept away in the next moment.

“That’s the Impassable Maritime Space…” Bei Ling’s cherry lips parted slightly and spat out a few words as she looked towards the distance.

Chen Xi took a deep breath, and his gaze was like a bolt of lightning that shone light upon the heavens and the earth as he said with a smile, “Look, our enemies have been waiting for a long time.”


Gales whistled like the rage of furious gods on this expanse of the sea, and it caused thousands of waves to rage and whistle as they crushed this expanse of space to the point of wailing.

Thunder rumbled like numerous winding silver serpents that densely covered the sky above the sea, and numerous spatial rifts that were in all sorts of strange shapes could be frequently seen flashing in the sky. They were like the bloody mouths of numerous primeval ferocious beasts that were hidden in the darkness.

There were temporal storms, chaotic flows of space, terrifying ancient restrictions, and even numerous shrill shouts that seemed to have come from the primeval times.

This was the Impassable Maritime Space. All those years ago, this was the area of the most violent battle between the Third Netherworld Emperor and the gods and Buddhas of the world all those years ago. When a great figure from the Buddha Dimension saw this scene, he’d once sighed that the Sea of Misery was boundless, and repentance was the only means of salvation.

This place was also called the burial site of the gods in the Netherworld, and the corpses and unyielding spirits of countless gods and Buddhas had sunk here.

At this moment, amidst the raging gales and thunder, a castle was shockingly standing upright there, and it remained unmovable like a landmark in the sea.

The Yaksha King Yan Tu and the warden of the third line of defense, Long Huai, stood side by side on the castle.

Group after group of Jiang Soulguards and yaksha guards surrounded them and formed a wing shape that guarded this area of the sea. When looked at from afar, they formed a dark expanse. All of them wore armor of the best quality, and they were like a powerful army that was ready for combat. They stood solemnly and respectfully while their piercingly cold killing intent shot into the sky.

These were over a thousand Earthly Immortal Realm experts!

This sort of vast scene caused it to seem like one had returned to the battlefield of gods and devils from the ancient times. Yaksha patrolled the surroundings while experts were like trees in the forest, and it was sufficient to cause most experts in the world to feel despair.

Wu~ Wu~ Wu~

The desolate sound of a horn vibrated through the heavens and the earth. No matter how resounding the sound of the thunderclaps in the surrounding was, it was unable to cover the sound of this horn, and it added a murderous aura to this area instead.




Waves of orderly shouts resounded in the air while battle intent was like a tide that whistled through the surroundings, and it drove away all the sea water and caused circle after circle of ripples to undulate in the sky.

When facing such a scene, Bei Ling and Chen Xi were like two ants that accidentally entered into a powerful army, and they seemed to be so small and like they would be torn apart by the piercingly cold killing intent in the next moment.

If it was any other expert here, the expert’s will to fight would probably crumble instantaneously and be terrified to the point of surrendering without fighting.

After all, this scene was too shocking. When the number of Earthly Immortal Realm experts arrived at a number of over a thousand, it was sufficient to sweep through any one of the 10 great immortal sects of the Dark Reverie!

This obviously showed how terrifying the resources and forces of the Second King of Hell was. In the Mortal Dimension, it was absolutely a supreme overlord level existence.

Now, such enormous forces were deployed merely for the sake of dealing with Bei Ling and Chen Xi… Obviously, Chen Xi’s actions of slaughtering Agu Luo, Mo Fu, Hua Ling, and Ye Luozhen had caused King Chu Jiang’s subordinates to not dare take him as an ordinary figure any longer.

Perhaps this could be considered as another form of taking him seriously, and it was a form of acknowledgement towards the strengths of Chen Xi and Bei Ling.

Of course, the enemy might have deployed such an enormous force for the sake of annihilating the two of them swiftly with overwhelming strength!

“My god! Isn’t this too…” On the distant sea, when Wei Lan, Wei Xiaofeng, and the old man on the Wei Clan’s fleet saw such a vast and murderous scene, their entire bodies trembled without end while they were shocked to the point of being unable to find the words to describe their feelings at that moment.

They’d witnessed the scene of Chen Xi annihilating Agu Luo and the hundred plus yaksha guards at the side of the Myriad Star Passageway, and they’d witnessed the scene of him slaughtering the three yaksha commanders and three hundred yaksha guards with his sword.

At that time, the entire Wei Clan fleet was filled with deep respect towards Chen Xi and Bei Ling, and even the most rebellious Seventh Young Master of the Wei Clan, Wei Xiaofeng, acted unlike he usually did and felt extreme veneration towards Chen Xi.

Yet now, when they saw such a scene, all of their bodies went cold because even if they possessed blind confidence towards the strengths of Chen Xi and Bei Ling, they were unable to arouse the confidence that the two of them would be able to be victorious.

They asked themselves that if it was any other Earthly Immortal Realm expert in Chen Xi’s place, the expert would probably feel powerless and despairing when facing the scene before their eyes.

This had already exceeded the scope of a battle, and it was a war!

Even if this enormous force was used in a battle between powers, it would possess the might to sweep through an entire power. Yet now, it was merely utilized to deal with two people.

Not to mention having a chance at winning under such circumstances, even fleeing would probably be impossible to accomplish!

“I never expected that they thought so highly of me, Chen Xi.” Chen Xi stood in midair. When facing over a thousand Earthly Immortal Realm experts that were like a forest by himself, he didn’t feel any fear, nor was he awed by their imposing aura. He instead possessed an indescribable battle intent that surged and blazed in his chest.

“You seem to not be afraid at all?” Bei Ling chuckled while her beautiful hair fluttered and covered her cold and peerlessly beautiful face, and only her eyes blazed with killing intent.

“Aren’t you the same as well?” Chen Xi smiled before he suddenly howled towards the sky with an arrogant bearing, and his howl was like thunder that shook through the nine heavens.

“Come! Kill with me!”

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