Chapter 982 – Annihilation

Chen Xi stood there silently like a spear while his clothes fluttered with the wind, and he seemed as if he intended to pierce through the heavens.

The might created by the sword strike from before caused every single gaze that shot towards him to become extremely fearful, and it was like they were facing a supreme grandmaster in the Sword Dao!

However, at this moment, he was recovering the Immortal Energy in his body with all his might.

Because the sword strike from before had completely exhausted all his Immortal Energy, and he was unable to replenish his strength completely even with the energy of the Dark Parasol Sapling. If it wasn’t for that, he would have seized the great opportunity created by this sword strike to slaughter his enemies repeatedly.

Fortunately, he possessed the Dark Parasol Sapling, otherwise he would have to consume countless Immortal Stones and medicinal pills to recover his Immortal Energy, and most importantly, it would waste time.

On the other hand, the Dark Parasol Sapling was different. It was rooted within the Blackhole World in Chen Xi’s body and constantly emanated vast and powerful Immortal Energy, so he would absolutely not be tied down by a lack of Immortal Energy while in battle.

This was why the Dark Parasol Sapling was heaven defying. This divine wood of the primeval times was unique in the entire three dimensions, and it was impossible to find another.

“Kill! Attack together and kill this damnable human! Otherwise, no one will be able to survive!” Meanwhile, the first commander of the yaksha, Mo Fu, recovered from his shock, and he roared with a grim voice. He was clearly aware that even though their opponent might be extremely terrifying, allowing their will to fight to collapse was even more terrifying.

If they’d lost their will to fight, then how could they survive?

“Kill! Attack together and annihilate this bastard!” The second commander, Hua Ling, shouted loudly and encouraged the troops.

“Kill! The warriors of my yaksha clan have the blood of slaughter and battle flowing in their veins! Why would we be afraid of a battle?” The fourth commander, Ye Luozhen’s, expression was resolute as he shouted loudly with a stern voice.



The three yaksha commanders shouted and instantly revived the battle intent at the bottom of the other yaksha guard’s hearts, and the terror in their hearts was completely wiped away while their fighting spirits blazed once more.

“Your third commander, Agu Luo, and his subordinates are all dead. Do all of you intend to follow in his footsteps?” Chen Xi spoke indifferently when he saw this.

His voice was calm, yet it clearly entered into the ears of every single yaksha guard.

Instantly, their rekindled fighting spirit suffered a great setback while their expressions were anxious and doubtful.

“Idiots! How can all of you believe the words of that despicable human?”

“Kill! Kill that damnable liar!”

Mo Fu and Hua Ling were furious, and they shouted successively with stern voices.

A wisp of ridicule couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth. They really are a group of simple-minded fellows.


Even though he thought like that in his heart, Chen Xi’s figure had vanished on the spot as he charged into the group of yaksha.

Meanwhile, the Immortal Energy in his body had recovered, so he was like a ferocious tiger that descended from its mountain as soon as he made a move.

Every single step he took caused Immortal Energy to rumble and concentrate towards him at the center. In the sky, numerous shattered black holes appeared while waves that seemed like ripples rose and fell towards the surroundings, and it formed a terrifying force field that warped, revolved, and stretched towards the surroundings.

Under the effect of this strange and terrifying force field, the figures of all the yaksha guards including the three commanders couldn’t help but be twisted fiercely, and every single one of them felt as if they would be torn apart in the next moment.

“He’s actually so formidable!” The hearts of all the yaksha guards trembled, and they unconsciously retreated repeatedly.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

As Chen Xi’s feet stomped on the sky and his figure flickered through space, he was like a god of death that was reaping lives. The sound of every single footstep of his awed the heart and soul, and it was swift to an inconceivable level. Moreover, it carried exuberant and piercingly cold killing intent.

It was the Chaotic Nine-step Annihilation Dao Art, yet it had numerous Grand Dao profundities merged into it at this moment while being commanded by the Dao of Talismans. Its killing intent seemed material, and it seemed like a peerless sharp blade that swept towards the surroundings.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Their hearts and souls were shocked by the sounds of Chen Xi’s footsteps, and the bodies of some yaksha guards that had dodged a bit too late were directly invaded by killing intent. Merely from their outward appearances, they seemed to have not suffered any injuries, yet the meridians in their bodies were severed while their souls had collapsed, causing their vitality to have been cut off silently.

“Dammit!” The face of the first commander, Mo Fu, was warped and savage, and his entire body erupted with intense jet black light. He seemed as if he’d transformed into a great god of devils, black clouds coiled around him while baleful energy shot into the skies, and there was actually various phenomenon like a sea of blood, skeletons, corpses, fierce spirits, and so on and so forth amidst the baleful energy. It seemed as if he’d opened the door to hell.


Within the black clouds and mist of baleful qi, Mo Fu soared into the sky and traversed space with a single step. He actually disregarded Chen Xi and struck a punch towards Bei Ling instead. This punch was like the punch of a devil god, and it was covered in a terrifying aura that seemed to swallow the soul.

Bei Ling was able to sense that if she was struck by Mo Fu’s punch, then her vitality and intent to live would be severed while the blood, Immortal Energy, and flesh in her body would transform into an inanimate form.

This was a terrifying and ruthless fist technique, and it was capable of transforming people into corpses, and corpses into skeletons!

“Hmph!” Right at this moment, Chen Xi grunted coldly while his sword technique varied, and then he slashed along with the profundity of Judgment. It crushed through space and arrived before Mo Fu’s punch could reach Bei Ling.

Mo Fu originally intended to use Bei Ling to save the situation, and a wisp of a sneer couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth when he saw this. His figure flashed and actually vanished on the spot with a bang.

At the same time, two terrifying forces suddenly surged over from both Chen Xi’s sides, and they shot explosively towards him.

One was a blade that was held in Hua Ling’s hand, and the blade was like a scorching sun in midair and emanated a myriad of rays of dazzling light.

The other was a sledgehammer held in Ye Luozhen’s hand. It moved like a mountain that could destroy the heavens and carried a powerful and crushing might.

They assaulted him from both left and right with extreme tacit cooperation, and it was an extremely experienced and ruthless attack.

Chen Xi actually seemed as if he didn’t notice all of this and completely disregarded it. His figure moved back explosively while he slapped the space behind him with a backhanded slap. This slap blazed like flames and formed a path illuminated by fire, and it carried the profound and mysterious energy of Paramita.


It surged into that expanse of space.

“AH!!!” An extremely miserable shrill cry actually sounded out from the originally empty space, and then Mo Fu’s tall figure staggered out from within it.

However, at this moment, his entire body was covered in blood while half his face was crushed and had sunken down. His appearance was rather terrifying.

This sudden scene caused the attacks of Hua Ling and Ye Luozhen to become momentarily sluggish.

Right at this moment, Chen Xi seized this opportunity to spin the Talisman Armament, and it emanated a brilliant sword qi in midair that tore through space with a swish as it slashed down.

Pu! Pu!

Two bloody arms shot into the sky.

Hua Ling and Ye Luozhen cried out with pain and rage, and they both retreated explosively. In an instant, their joint attack had been completely thwarted.

Chen Xi didn’t have much of a sense of accomplishment when he saw this, nor he pursue them. He only raised his eyes and glanced towards the distance, and then he revealed a strange expression.

At the place he glanced towards, a terrifying aura was flashing towards the distance at extreme speed…

The Yaksha King actually fled without fighting? Could it be that he has given up on these subordinates? A though flashed past Chen Xi’s mind. In the next moment, he’d stopped thinking, and he flashed once more into the group of yaksha.

After ten minutes had passed, the curtains to the battle had been drawn.

Three hundred yaksha guards and three yaksha commanders that were peak sovereigns at the Earthly Immortal Realm had been annihilated, and their corpses had sunk into the Sea of Misery.

Actually, the outcome of this battle was predetermined since it began, and it was just as Chen Xi had said in the past. When strength arrived at a certain height, the number of enemies was completely incapable of making up for such a difference.

It was even to the extent that if he didn’t have to take precautions towards a surprise attack from the Yaksha King, Yan Tu, Chen Xi would have been able to kill these yaksha guards in an even easier and more relaxed manner.

This was true strength at the peak that belonged to the Extreme Realm of the Earthly Immortal Realm!

So who amongst those of the same cultivation could go against Chen Xi who possessed such strength?

Blood filled this area of the muddy sea, and it was almost material as it dyed this expanse of the sea dark red, and it was a horrifying sight.

“These fellows are really poor. There’s only a total of six Misery Crystals of Oblivion in their possessions. Unfortunately, that Yaksha King escaped, otherwise, I might have been able to obtain even more if I killed him…” After he cleaned up the battlefield, Chen Xi sized up the six thumb sized crystal in his hand that were suffused with strands of muddy energy, and he couldn’t help but sigh while feeling slightly displeased.

Bei Ling couldn’t help but glare at him as she said, “Be content with what you have. A single one of them is capable of making those experts of the Netherworld fight to the death, yet you’re still displeased after obtaining six in one go. If this was to be know by others, they would surely be angered to the point of spitting blood.”Chen Xi was stunned, and then he tossed three of them to Bei Ling. “Oh, these are yours. Since you’ve said that, then I’ll make them envy you as well.”

“For me?” Bei Ling was astounded and extremely surprised.

“Is there something wrong with that?” Chen Xi spoke as if his actions were only natural.

Bei Ling went silent before directly returning the three Misery Crystals of Oblivion. “I came along with you yet didn’t help much. So I don’t want you to give me any compensation.”

Chen Xi didn’t receive it from her at all, and he directly turned around and leaped up into the treasured vessel as he said with a smile, “Compensation? These are spoils from the battle, so they naturally have to be split equally with you. Don’t be fussy. Get on quickly, it’s time to leave.”


This fellow actually called me fussy!

Bei Ling raised her head with embarrassment yet was stunned in the next moment. She saw the sea breeze whistle and dark clouds cover the sky, and under this gloomy and dark background, the young man’s figure was tall and graceful, his clothes and hair fluttered with the wind while his handsome face was covered in a brilliant smile, and he seemed to be so dazzling.  

This scene caused Bei Ling to feel shock and warmth for no reason or rhyme, and she knew that it would probably be impossible for her to forget this scene for her entire lifetime. 


At an expanse of maritime space with rumbling thunder and raging storms, a castle could be faintly seen standing towering on the Sea of Misery. No matter how the shocking storms struck it, or the furious and enormous waves hit it, the castle didn’t move in the slightest.

Within the castle, the atmosphere was rather tranquil.

An old man with grey hair sat at the side of a furnace, and he seemed to be sleeping.

“Yes, I fled. Because I was very well aware that I wasn’t a match for that human. So I could only rely on your ability. No, the ability of the Ancient Devilslay Formation!” Yan Tu spoke with a low voice from nearby.

“Is he really so formidable?” The old man opened his drowsy eyes and asked slowly.

“Long Huai, there’s no need for you to doubt his strength because you’re not a match for him at all. I even suspect that no one in the Earthly Immortal Realm can go against him.” Yan Tu spoke with an emotionless face.

“Haha, then I really have to witness it.” The old man stretched his body and sighed with comfort before he muttered. “Don’t forget that this expanse of the sea is called Impassable. Didn’t that baldy from the Buddha Dimension from all those years ago say that the Sea of Misery was boundless, and repentance was the only means of salvation? With I, Long Huai, present here, would anyone be able to traverse this sea?” 

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