Chapter 980 – Misery Crystals Of Oblivion

Chen Xi found out later on that the yaksha clan had always possessed such a mentality, and they would announce their names before every single battle. It was used to frighten their enemies, and to make their enemies live under their ferocious might until death.

This was a tradition of the yaksha clan, and it was branded in the blood of every single one of them.

But in the opinion of most experts, this was a joke, and it was even to the extent some people joked that if one wanted to know if a yaksha intended to make a move against a person, then all the person had to do was to see if the yaksha announced his name.

Obviously, the yaksha clan didn’t think so, and they even felt that interrupting them when they announced their names was simply a form of extreme trampling and sully to their honor.

So after Chen Xi interrupted him when he was announcing his name, Agu Luo was completely infuriated. His eyes opened wide while his appearance became savage and warped, and then he roared loudly while he waved down the crimson red halberd in his hand at Chen Xi.


The halberd soared through the sky as it struck down like a bolt of blood red lightning. His attack was executed in a large sweeping motion, and the might it carried seemed like a mountain as it shattered space and struck down at Chen Xi.

Instantly, the entire heavens and the earth seemed to have been dragged into an expanse of a blood red sea. Shrill cries and wails of ghosts could be heard everywhere, and the blood surged into the sky and swept through the surroundings.

Chen Xi’s figure remained unmoving when facing this. He raised his right arm before his fingers pressed together to form a blade, and then he slashed down with his palm, causing a profound and unfathomable line to cut through the air.

Hmm? Bei Ling’s eyes focused before a wisp of shock surged out onto them. She’d clearly sensed an energy of slaughter that was almost like judgment within this strike of Chen Xi’s. It was like the death penalty being carried out towards a sinner that disrespected the Heaven Dao, and it carried an awe-inspiring, murderous, and merciless aura.

The profundities of Judgment!

Yin Yang Division!


A sharp sound that was like cloth being torn apart sounded out, and then as Chen Xi’s fingers slashed down, the bloody sea, bloody waves, heavens, and earth were all slashed into two. It was like he’d slashed through Yin and Yang, divided black and white, and it was all-powerful as it slashed down without facing any resistance!

Merely a single strike destroyed Agu Luo’s enraged attack.

“The energy of Judgment! This is a secret of the Punishment Bureau that’s never passed down to an outsider. How did you cultivate it?” Agu Luo’s figure flashed to the side while his expression was slightly surprised and bewildered.

He was clearly aware that even in the Punishment Bureau, the true energy of Judgment was something that practically no one was capable of comprehending and grasping.

It was only lately that news of a young lady in the Cui Clan grasping the profundities of Judgment had spread and shocking the entire Netherworld. If it wasn’t for this, would his Lord, King Chu Jiang, return the Netherworld Disk to the Cui Clan?

On one hand he was afraid of the strength of the Cui Clan’s ancestor, and on the other hand, it was because the young girl’s natural endowment was too shocking. Once she grew up, then perhaps she would become another ‘Judge Cui’ that commanded the Netherworld.

Under such circumstances, King Chu Jiang had no choice but to take the initiative to return the Netherworld Disk as he was deeply afraid of completely offending the Cui Clan.

“Cut the crap. I’m not interested in answering any questions of yours, nor am I interested to know your name.” A wisp of a piercingly cold arc appeared on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth as he spoke indifferently. “Don’t waste any more time. All of you come at me together.”

As soon as these were spoken, all the yaksha guards present here glared with their eyes wide open, and they seemed as if they were looking at an idiot.


Isn’t this fellow too arrogant? Does he think we’re all ‘ripe persimmons’ that he can squash at will?

Boundless rage suddenly surged into the hearts of every single yaksha, and it caused their auras to become violent, furious, and on the verge of going berserk.

“You’re courting death! You’re truly courting death! Human! You’ll pay for your arrogance and ignorance!” Agu Luo spoke in a deep voice, and his imposing aura rose explosively like a devil god.

However, Chen Xi seemed as if he hadn’t noticed, and he said calmly, “What? Is fighting me together harming your self-respect? Then allow me.”

A murderous and merciless energy flickered on the tip of Chen Xi’s finger. Instantly, he seemed to have transformed into judgment, and he was cold and indifferent as he lightly swept his finger outwards.


A head was reaped!

Before everyone could react to this, Chen Xi’s thin figure flashed and became blurry and fluttering, and then he transformed into numerous afterimages as he pounced into the group of yaksha.

His shadow flickered and seemed to move through layer upon layer of space.

His figure fluttered and locked down the surroundings.

His fingers were like a blade that transformed into the energy of Judgment. Instantly, it erupted amidst the group of yaksha and surged towards the surroundings.

Yin Yang Division! 

World Judgment! 

Evil Annihilation! 

Good and Evil Judgment! 

Right and Wrong Discernment! 

Laws Exist In Everything!

Besides the seventh move, Blade of Order, the supreme Dao Art, the Seven Moves of Judgment that Chen Xi inherited from the third page in the Netherworld Register were easily executed by him, and he slaughtered through his enemies without meeting any resistance!

Blood sprayed as severed limbs fell, and shrill cries resounded out without end. This expanse of the heavens and the earth seemed to have transformed into an area of judgment, and he was reaping life after life and judging these disrespectful sinners.

Some yaksha were unable to endure this sort of terror, and they intended to flee, yet in the next moment, their heads were severed as they perished on the spot.

Some tried to risk their lives, yet their entire bodies were sliced up into thousands of pieces before they could even approach Chen Xi, causing a rain of blood to spray down explosively.

These scenes were too horrifying, merciless, and cruel, and it caused others to be unable to bear the sight of it.

“So it turns out that treasure the Cui Clan lost was taken by him…” In the distance, Bei Ling gazed at the extremely horrifying scene and gazed at the murderous and merciless tall figure while she thought of the scenes in that gorge outside Violetsilk City instead.

At that time, Chen Xi said he would help her vent her anger.

She thought he was only joking and consoling her, yet he’d really succeeded, and it caused her to be moved and happy.

But no matter what, never had she imagined that he would actually take the mysterious precious treasure that within the secret realm in the Cui Clan’s Ancestral Grounds that was passed down by the first ancestor of the Cui Clan!

If it wasn’t for that treasure, how could he have comprehended the profundities of Judgment?

When she thought up to here, the corners of Bei Ling’s mouth couldn’t help but curl into an arc. This fellow acted on the surface as if he didn’t hate the Cui Clan, yet he was the one that acted the most ruthlessly in secret. But I like it!

Even she herself didn’t notice how dazzling and resplendent the slight smile on her peerlessly beautiful and icy cold face at this moment was, and it seized the brilliance of the world and caused everything to be cast into a shade. 


“It’s the profundities of Judgment!”

“Judgment? Isn’t that a secret of the Punishment Bureau that isn’t passed down to outsiders?”


“How… How could this be possible?”

Even further away from the battlefield, the Wei Clan’s fleet had stopped there, Wei Lan, Wei Xiaofeng, and the old man stood on the stern while they watched the horrifying battlefield in the distance that seemed like bloody purgatory, and their faces were filled with shock.


Besides the Paramita, Oblivion, and Terminus Grand Dao Insights, this was a supreme Grand Dao Insight in the Netherworld that was the most murderous and merciless, and practically no one was capable of comprehending it in the countless years of the past.

Yet now, not only had a young girl in the Cui Clan comprehended it, even this cultivator from the Mortal Dimension had actually grasped it as well. How could they not be shocked?

“Young Miss, do you remember the technique he executed when he killed the first yaksha?” The old man suddenly spoke in a low voice.

This caused Wei Lan to be slightly stunned, and then she pondered with concentration for a short moment before she said with surprise and bewilderment, “It seems to be…to be…”

“Exactly. It was the path illuminated by fire. In other words, this expert from the Mortal Dimension has also grasped the Paramita Dao Insight to the Perfection Realm!” The old man’s eyes sparkled as his voice carried a wisp of surprise and admiration.

“Judgment, Paramita… How could this be possible?” Wei Lan had always felt that she was wise, and at the very least, she’d won the praise of many elders in the clan. However, at this moment, she felt the processing power of her mind wasn’t enough.

It was even to the extent that she didn’t even know how many times she’d repeated the words ‘how could this be possible’ today!

The Punishment Bureau’s profundity of Judgment was the reason that Judge Cui was capable of moving unhindered through the world, controlling the Six Paths of Hell, and standing only beneath the Netherworld Emperor!

The Paramita Dao Insight of the Nether Spring Hall was one of the three supreme Dao Insights of the Netherworld, and up until now, only the current Nether Spring Grand Emperor had attained perfection in it.

Presently, these two supreme Dao Insights were actually grasped by an expert that came from the Mortal Dimension, and this simply destroyed all of Wei Lan’s past perception, causing her mind to suffer an unprecedented assault. 

“Is he really so formidable?” Wei Xiaofeng asked with a weak tone.

“At the very least, there isn’t another existence in the Netherworld that can compare to him, and it wouldn’t be going too far to call him unparalleled in the world.” The old man sighed with emotion.

Yun Lan suddenly muttered. “I heard that when the Third Netherworld Emperor fell all those years ago, he left behind his precious treasures, the Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush in the Mortal Dimension, causing all the gods of Buddhas of the world to be unable to find it. Uncle Yun, do you think these two precious treasures were obtained by this expert from the Mortal Dimension?”

“The Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil Brush?” The old man was stunned.

“Impossible! If he’s the inheritor of the Third Netherworld Emperor, then he would have probably been pursued and killed by the gods and Buddhas of the world. How could he have possibly survived until now?” Before the old man could answer, Wei Lan had already rejected her thoughts because this was a iron rule that was publicly acknowledged by every single living being in the Netherworld — every object or person that was related to the Third Netherworld Emperor would suffer merciless annihilation!

Wei Xiaofeng cried out. “Big Sister, look, quickly! The battle has ended!”

Wei Lan and the old man instantly returned to their senses from their disordered thoughts.


“Your appearance earlier was truly terrifying.” As she gazed at Chen Xi who walked over with clothes that were untainted by blood and had recovered his extraordinary bearing, Bei Ling heaved a sigh of relief because she didn’t hope that Chen Xi would become an icy cold and emotionless person because of the profundities of Judgment.

Chen Xi smiled and said, “I have no choice but to be merciless when dealing with my enemies.”

As he spoke, he flipped his hand as he withdrew an object. It seemed like jade yet wasn’t jade, seemed like iron yet wasn’t iron, and its surface was densely covered in markings. It was only thumb sized, completely crystalline and translucent, and it was suffused with strands of muddy light.

“Do you recognize this thing?” asked Chen Xi. This was something he obtained from the yaksha commander, Agu Luo, and the reason it drew his attention was because this little thing actually contained a trace of the aura of the Oblivion Dao Insight. This aura was stored within it, and it was utterly impossible to notice by merely looking at its outward appearance.

If it wasn’t for him having grasped the Oblivion Dao Insight a long time ago, he would have almost tossed away this object as something useless.

“This seems to be…” Bei Ling’s beautiful brows knit together as she carefully sized it up for a long time, and then she revealed a wisp of shock as she said, “A trace of the profundity of Oblivion is contained within it?”

Chen Xi nodded and said, “So you recognize it?”

Bei Ling had an excited expression as she said, “This is a Misery Crystal of Oblivion that’s renowned in the Netherworld! Even though I haven’t seen one in the past, yet I’ve heard too much about it!”

Misery Crystal of Oblivion?

A bright light flashed in Chen Xi’s eyes as he said in his heart, This wouldn’t be a rare treasure that’s similar to the Paramita Fruits, right? 

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