Chapter 98 - A Feud Of Blood, Kill! Kill! Kill! (Part 3)

Chapter 98 - A Feud Of Blood, Kill! Kill! Kill! (Part 3)

Grand Collapsing Fist!

Unlike before, the Grand Collapsing Fist at this moment contained Chen Xi’s True Essence cultivation at the 5th star of the Violet Palace Realm, the complete Wind Dao Insight, and the quality of his True Essence had even been tempered by the rare and valuable cultivation technique, the Ice Crane Technique. It could be said that this simple punch had a force that was more than a hundred times more formidable than before!

Whereas although Li Ming had cultivated bitterly to break through to the Violet Palace Realm and could be considered to be one of the top amongst the people of the same age, before the current Chen Xi, his cultivation was even inferior to the Aqua Cavern’s Black Ape King, let alone compare to the Roc King that had comprehended Tidal Dao Insight.

“Impossible! How did a piece of trash like you become so formidable? I don’t believe it!” In midair, Li Ming’s expression was brutal and ferocious. Dense jade flames surged and gushed out from his body with an incomparably dense gloomy aura, and it actually shot all the way into the sky to condense into a jade cloud that was a few kilometers in size. Atop the jade cloud, a jade green wyrm overlooked all living creatures as it opened its mouth and roared. Instantly, the atmosphere changed, and the spirit energy of heaven and earth within an area of 500km had abruptly become chaotic and dispersed.


Li Ming spat out a mouthful of blood essence and his countenance instantly became extremely ghastly pale. Obviously, executing this move with his cultivation brought extremely great injuries to his body.

“Chen Xi, you can die without regrets for being able to force me to execute this Jadeflame Heavenly Dragonforce!” Li Ming roared towards the sky, and his finger fiercely pointed towards Chen Xi.


An enraged roar that seemed like the cry of a dragon accompanied Li Ming’s pointing action, and the myriad of jade flames that were the size of washbowls transformed into a myriad of various weapons. There were flying swords, spears, halberds, and tridents. The jade flames were lustrous and filled with dense evil qi as they whistled down from midair like innumerable jade green meteors that swiftly descended.

“The Jadeflame Wyrm Transformation Technique is the ancestral technique of my Li Clan, and the Jadeflame Heavenly Dragonforce is the most formidable move. I absorbed the essence of Whitebone Jadeflame in the Ancestral House during this past year, and my strength had almost been completely emptied by this move. Any Violet Palace Realm cultivator that is touched by this strand of Whitebone Jadeflame would have his soul corroded and incinerated instantly. I don’t believe it’s unable to kill this damnable trash!” Li Ming stood in midair and endlessly sneered with a ferocious expression as he gazed at Chen Xi who was on the ground.

However, in the next moment, the sneer on his face had frozen abruptly, and his pupils dilated.

A typhoon had suddenly appeared in the originally clear and boundless sky, and the terrifying energy simply seemed like it was formed from a myriad of sharp blades that revolved and surged. Wherever it passed, the limestone slabs on the ground were lifted up and transformed into broken bits of powder, and the houses that were as strong as iron were even shattered and crumbled easily, causing stone and wood debris to spray all over the sky.

Whereas the myriad of weapons transformed from the jade flames that were whistling in the air as they descended were like bubbles that were instantly crushed to nothingness without the slightest resistance under this typhoon that desired to annihilate the heavens and the earth.

Space Shattering Typhoon!

The strongest move of the Windflow Divination Sword combined with a complete Wind Dao Insight was something that even a Golden Hall Realm cultivator had to temporarily avoid, how could it be something that Li Ming was able to go against?

“No!”  When he saw the typhoon’s momentum not reducing in the slightest and sweeping towards him with great might, Li Ming’s had a terrified expression as he emitted a shrill cry. Only at this moment did he realize that there was a gap like a chasm between him and Chen Xi. This was a difference in cultivation, strength, and cultivation in the Martial Dao… It was a difference in every aspect, an immeasurably vast difference that he was incapable of surmounting.

He recalled the Dao Insight Stage that the Grand Elder had mentioned once. At that time, he didn’t understand, but at this moment, as he looked at the typhoon that howled like a dragon, he finally understood the true might of the Dao Insight Stage!

He felt himself to be extremely stupid, like an ant that wanted to shake a giant tree. He’d overrated his ability.

Li Ming’s thoughts were chaotic as various thoughts intertwined together. At this moment, he actually forgot to dodge, as he was obviously completely frightened by the scene before him, overwhelmed with terror.

“Stay your hand!” Right at this moment, an explosive shout suddenly sounded out from afar, and accompanying it was a black shadow that shot into the sky. This black shadow was a middle aged man in a luxurious black robe. His expression was dignified, with eyes that were like lightning. He controlled his sword to fly at an extremely swift speed, soaring a distance of a few tens of kilometers in the blink of an eye. He swung his right hand in midair, and a steaming waterfall with a fiery glow surged out violently to collide with Chen Xi’s typhoon. The two of them instantly collided and vanished into nothingness.


After executing the Space Shattering Typhoon, Chen Xi seemed to have noticed something since long ago. At the instant the middle aged man in a luxurious robe appeared, the Netherezim Flying Sword in his hand had instantly shot out violently with cold air coiled around it, and it was like a dazzling ice crystal dragon. It slashed out high above in the sky with a powerful and piercingly cold aura, and it was swift like a bolt of lightning.

“You’re courting death!” The middle aged man was precisely Li Yizhen, the current Patriarch of the Li Clan, and he couldn’t help but burst into rage and grunt coldly when he saw Chen Xi repeatedly using killing moves, as if Chen Xi wanted to completely annihilate him. He fiercely pressed his right hand downwards and a fiery glow that was like a steaming waterfall gushed out once again.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sword qi that seemed like an ice dragon collided with the surging fiery glow. Water and fire don’t mix, and bangs that were like muffled thunder resounded out. For a time, the entire heaven and earth was filled with the deafening sounds of air currents exploding.

What caused Li Yizhen to be astounded was that his Fieryglow Air Destruction Palm was actually steadily losing ground and dispersing from the collision, whereas the sword qi that seemed like an ice dragon was completely unharmed and steadily gaining ground, and it was fierce and pure to the point it virtually seemed material!

When did this trash cultivate Sword Insight?

Li Yizhen heart jerked, as his eyesight was exceptionally discerning, and in practically an instant, he’d discerned that Chen Xi cultivation in the Dao of the sword had already attained the Dao Insight Stage. Dense killing intent couldn’t help but arise in his heart. If this kid isn’t eliminated, then he’ll surely become a great calamity in the future!


Right at this moment, the sword qi that was like an ice dragon shattered all the fiery glows that were like a waterfall and slashed right towards his head.

However, Li Yizhen’s reaction wasn’t slow, and he’d long since seized the time the two moves collided to stretch his hand out and grab Li Ming, then his figure flashed explosively in retreat for 300 meters, barely dodging the sword qi attack.


Chen Xi executed his Divine Windwing Flight, flashing up till midair to face Li Yizhen from a distance.

“Li Yizhen, you’ve finally appeared.” His icy cold and indifferent voice was so calm, yet when it entered into the ear, it instead seemed to contain monstrous hatred that caused a chill to run down one’s spine.

These were the first words Chen Xi spoke since killing his way into the Li Clan. At this instant, the 600 km that the Li Clan Estate occupied abruptly fell into a period of unprecedented silence, seeming to have been stunned by the killing intent contained within these words.

“A piece of Chen Clan leftover trash like you was actually able to advance to the Violet Palace Realm and comprehend Sword Insight within one year of time has indeed greatly exceeded my expectations.” Li Yizhen’s face was extremely gloomy as he said slowly, “However, do you think you’re able to annihilate my Li Clan by yourself? Truly stupid! If you laid in the shadows and bitterly cultivated for a few hundred years, you might still have a chance at succeeding. But… You’re bound to die today, and your Chen Clan will have no hope of being rebuilt anymore!”

Li Ming stared at Chen Xi resentfully, and he gnashed his teeth as he said, “Father, kill him. This fellow’s hands are tainted with the blood of our clansmen. You must slice him into a thousand pieces today, then burn his bones and scatter his ashes!”

“Clansmen…” Chen Xi muttered, the corners of his mouth curled into an icy cold angle, seeming to be sorrowful yet happy, and numerous bloody scenes roiled and roared in his mind. The ruins of 500km from his home, the ghastly bones, the mottled blood, the Zhang general store and Clear Stream Restaurant that was completely annihilated, and his grandfather’s death!

“Today, I’ll take the blood of your Li Clan to hold a memorial for the souls of the dead!” After Chen Xi finished speaking word for word, the aura surrounding his body rose steadily, skyrocketing with a bang, and a terrifying might that contained monstrous hatred mixed within seemed like a sharp sword that wanted to pierce a hole through the sky.

At this moment, he didn’t conceal his cultivation any longer. He wanted to completely vent all the humiliation, resentment, and hatred he’d been subjected to for all these ten over years.

If it wasn’t for the Li Clan, would I have come to the extent of shouldering the reputation of Jinx and be ridiculed and insulted by others?

If it wasn’t for the Li Clan, would grandfather have died miserably, would Chen Hao have had his right hand crippled?

If it wasn’t for the Li Clan, would those innocent people have fallen to the fate of dying miserably on the streets?

All of this was because of the Li Clan, and today, even if his life were to end, he would still kill all the members of the Li Clan!


What a terrifying aura!

Li Yizhen felt suffocated as the terrifying pressure fiercely pressed over from all directions. It felt as if a large mountain had pressed onto his back and a powerless feeling of being unable to resist had suddenly emerged within his heart. How can this be possible? It has only been a year, how could the cultivation of this trash advance to this extent?

It seems like even the Grand Elder’s aura isn’t as terrifying as his! No! No! No! It can’t be! How could this trash compare to the Grand Elder? The Grand Elder possesses a cultivation at the perfection-stage of the Violet Palace Realm…


Right at the instant when Li Yizhen’s mind shook intensely, a matchlessly cold flying sword shot out explosively towards him!

Li Yizhen was terrified to the point his soul almost came out of his body, and under the stimulation of death, he aroused the True Essence within his entire body to cause a fiery glow to violently surge out from his hands before fiercely slapping it out forward.

At practically the same instant, a large brass bell that was earthen yellow had abruptly soared into the sky, and it revolved as it abruptly became as tall as a person before covering him within the brass bell.

Li Yizhen secretly heaved a sigh of relief when he finished doing all this. This large brass bell was called the Goldblaze Bell and it was a high-grade yellow-rank defensive Magic Treasure with boundless extraordinary effects. Even if it was a cultivator at the perfection-stage of the Violet Palace Realm, if the cultivator didn’t possess a Magic Treasure with extremely strong offensive properties, it would be difficult for the cultivator to break through this defense.


A string of sounds that were like muffled thunder resounded out, shaking the Goldblaze Bell to the point it droned. The vital energy and blood of Li Yizhen who was within it roiled, and he howled as all the True Essence within his body was poured into the Goldblaze Bell.

He couldn’t see everything outside, but he was extremely clear that he would die without a doubt if he left the protection of the Goldblaze Bell. When he thought of this, indescribably astonishment and bitterness couldn’t help but surge out from his heart. It has only been a year, how could this Chen Clan’s leftover trash have grown to this extent? If I knew this would happen, I ought to have exterminated him long ago…

“Father…." It was at this moment, the Li Ming’s sharp and miserable voice sounded out abruptly.

“Ming’er… I actually only cared about myself and forgot that Ming’er was still outside…” Li Yizhen was frightened out of his wits, and he was just about to remove the Goldblaze Bell and rescue Li Ming when he heard a clear cracking sound, like the sound of a neck being twisted. Up to this point, Li Ming’s miserable and shrill cry stopped abruptly as well.

“Ming’er is dead?” Li Yizhen’s heart ached, and he was unable to care about anything else and charged out of the Goldblaze Bell like an insane tiger. When he saw Li Ming’s limp corpse held in Chen Xi’s hand, his expression had already become extremely warped and ferocious.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

At the instant that Li Yizhen charged out, Chen Xi had already commanded his Netherezim Flying Swords to form a large net from a myriad of sword qi, and it covered Li Ming’s corpse, instantly mincing his corpse into bits of flesh and blood that drifted down profusely and disorderly from midair.

It was as if a continuous and dense rain of blood had poured down, the strand of blood drifted down to drip onto the ground, and the scene was awfully terrifying. Li Yizhen’s heart felt like it was sliced by a myriad of swords when he saw this scene, it ached to the point his face went ghastly pale and he roared into the sky. “You killed my child… You killed my child!”

“I forgot to tell you, Li Huai was killed by me as well.” Chen Xi’s expression was extremely icy cold and his voice was indifferent and calm, as if he was talking about a trivial and ordinary thing.

“Huai’er was killed by you as well?” It was as if lightning struck Li Yizhen, he felt his mind drone and the heaven and earth go dim, and the intense fluctuations in his feelings caused him to be unable to refrain from spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Both his sons had died miserably at the hands of Chen Xi, and a blow like this almost caused Li Yizhen’s True Essence to go chaotic and die from his True Essence exploding within his body.

“Yizhen!” It was at this moment that an explosive shout suddenly sounded out from extremely far in the distance, then sharp sounds of the air tearing apart rose and fell, and the sounds grew louder and louder. Chen Xi was able to see the glow of dusk that was like blood seemed as if it was cut by a blade and six roiling waves of air were squeezed out from within.

At practically an instant, six figures had already appeared out of thin air. The one in the lead was a withered old man with greying sideburns, yet the skin on his face was fine and smooth like a baby. Cold lightning seem to shoot out in all directions from his eyes, the True Essence around his body surged like an ocean, and his imposing manner was extremely astonishing.

All the five people nearby the old man had deep auras as well, their imposing manners formidable and they displayed extremely formidable cultivations.

The instant the six of them appeared, the terrifying aura on their bodies swept out towards the surroundings, causing the space in an area of 500 km to seem as if it was restrained, and it was extremely silent without a shred of the sound of the wind.

“Elders, Ming’er is dead… Ming’er is dead!” Li Yizhen noticed the six people and his expression was grieved as he muttered.

Shockingly, these people were the six Violet Palace Realm elders of the Li Clan that had always secluded themselves from society, and all their cultivations were at the 7th star of the Violet Palace Realm or above. The Grand Elder, Li Fengtu in the lead had even attained the perfection-stage of the Violet Palace Realm, he was supposedly going to be able to advance to the Golden Hall Realm within three years, and his strength was unfathomable.

It was precisely because of these six elders presence that the Li Clan was able to become the number one clan in Pine Mist City. They were the greatest reliance of the Li Clan’s existence!

“Rest well for a while.” The Grand Elder, Li Fengtu sighed, then he knocked Li Yizhen out with a palm strike before passing him over to a nearby elder. After that, he turned around and his gaze that was like lightning locked onto Chen Xi, exposing killing intent!

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