Chapter 979 – Foolish Yaksha

Passing through the Myriad Star Passageway was equivalent to entering the Kings of Hell Region.


A treasures vessel flashed towards the distance with extreme speed under the black expanse of clouds. Gales whistled while enormous waves shot into the sky, yet they were unable to disrupt the speed of the vessel.

Its speed was very swift indeed!

The Wei Clan’s fleet had to be driven forward at full speed before barely being able to keep up.

The reason he did this was because Chen Xi had his own plans, and it was for the sake of seizing the opportunity where the forces subordinate to King Chu Jiang hadn’t reacted to catch them off guard.

If King Chu Jiang’s forces found out that he’d annihilated all the Jiang Soulguard around the Myriad Star Passageway, then their defenses and arrangement would surely increase greatly.

In that way, not to mention that the pressure he faced would increase greatly, it would be extremely troublesome.

Because the boundless Sea of Misery was covered with numerous dangers and restricted areas, causing King Chu Jiang to occupy a geographical advantage from having resided here for years. So hurrying forward and forcefully charging through all barriers had become the best choice instead. 


Yaksha Maritime Space.

This was the second line of defense of the King Chu Jiang’s forces that were distributed in the Myriad Star Passageway.

A lone island stood towering amidst the muddy sea water. The island was completely barren and covered with pitch black rocks. When looked at from afar, it was like a halberd that was placed on the sea and pierced the heavens.

The island was cold Bloodbath, and it was a rather bloody name.

At this moment, there was a group of yaksha guarding Bloodbath Island, and they numbered over three hundred. All of them were around 20m in height, had dark green wings on their backs, scarlet red eyes, savage appearance, and black scales that covered their bare blackish green skin. Their appearance was extremely terrifying.

The yaksha in the lead had a pair of blood red wings, and they seemed to be extremely striking. His appearance was no different than an ordinary person, and only his eyes were suffused with a gorgeous and bloody sheen.

He was the King of this group — the Yaksha King, Yan Tu!

He was a Yaksha King that had followed King Chu Jiang, Ji Kang, in battle for three thousand years. He possessed illustrious military achievements, and he was a peak sovereign at the Earthly Immortal Realm that had shocking strength.

According to rumor, the Yaksha King, Yan Tu, possessed the ability to advance into the ninth level of the Earthly Immortal and ascend into the Immortal Dimension since a long time ago. But he’d executed a secret technique and forcefully stayed at the eighth level of the Earthly Immortal Realm.

The reason was to continuously follow by King Chu Jiang’s side and serve King Chu Jiang loyally for his entire lifetime. He could be said to be loyal and devoted to the limit.

Out of his gratefulness towards Yan Tu’s loyalty, King Chu Jiang personally divided this portion of the sea to Yan Tu, and it was to be managed by him. Thus, this expanse of the sea naturally became the renowned ‘Yaksha Maritime Space’ in the Sea of Misery.

“Three hundred valiant yaksha soldiers and four commanders. Coupled with me, Yan Tu, such a force is actually merely for the sake of killing a single Earthly Immortal Realm expert from the Mortal Dimension. I truly wonder what my Lord is thinking.” Yan Tu sat on a throne as he rubbed his chin and pondered deeply without end.

“I think our Lord is making a big deal over nothing. If that little fellow comes over, then just I, Agu Luo, would be sufficient to crush him easily. How could there be any need for you to personally assume command?” A nearby robust yaksha with a savage appearance and dark green scales on his scalp spoke with slight indifference.

“It’s better to be careful.” Yan Tu glanced at him. Agu Luo was one of the four commanders under Yan Tu’s command, and he possessed  possessed a bloodthirsty and ruthless disposition and was peerlessly valiant. Agu Luo was one of Yan Tu’s right hand men.

“Oh, I’m just worried that he wouldn’t even be able to pass through the Myriad Star Passageway. Then we would have waited here for so long for nothing.” Agu Luo shook his head as he stood up and said, “My Lord, I’ll lead the brothers to patrol the surroundings first because I can’t take staying here doing nothing any longer.”

Yan Tu waved his hand and said, “Go on, go on. But I’m warning you that you must not head to the Myriad Star Passageway, otherwise even I wouldn’t be able to save you if you disrupt my Lord’s plans.”

Agu Luo revealed a savage and cruel chuckle. “Don’t worry, my Lord.”

After a short moment, a team of yaksha commanded by Agu Luo charged out of Bloodbath Island, and it vanished in the muddy and dim heavens and the earth.

“My Lord set up three lines of defense. Since the second line of defense is defended by me, Yan Tu, then no matter who the enemy is, that person can dream of passing through. Unless…” Yan Tu muttered while his gorgeous blood red eyes were suffused with a wisp of a ghastly and firm expression. “Unless you step over my dead body!”



On the deck of the vessel, Chen Xi played with the Reversio Disk in his hand.

This treasure was miraculous indeed. There was a large and small bronze ring mounted on it while a gear shaped restriction lay across the two bronze rings. The large bronze ring represented the three thousand large worlds of the Mortal Dimension, whereas the small bronze ring represented the myriad of minor worlds in the Mortal Dimension.

When he moved the bronze rings with his fingers, the names of various worlds would emerge from their surfaces. So long as he selected one and poured his Immortal Energy into the Reversio Disk, then it would activate the restrictions within the disk and open up a passageway that led to the Mortal Dimension.

The only flaw was that this rare treasure could merely be utilized once. After it was utilized, the restrictions within it would collapse and would become completely useless.

But this was already sufficient to Chen Xi.

“I never imagined that letting a little fellow off would return a precious treasure instead. Could it be that this is what it means that an act of good will be rewarded?” The nearby Bei Ling spoke in a light voice.

Chen Xi acutely noticed that Bei Ling seemed to be slightly dispirited, and he was stunned for a moment before he said, “If I return to the Mortal Dimension, then you…”

Bei Ling said with a smile, “I’ll surely be unable to follow.”

Even though she was smiling, yet it was slightly forced. Moreover, even though her voice was calm, it trembled slightly.

Chen Xi was stunned once more, and he knew that since Bei Ling was able to reply without the slightest hesitation, then she’d obviously considered this question in her heart for a very long time.

But when he found out the answer, he still felt a little sense of loss in his heart.

But in next to no time, Chen Xi restrained his thoughts and said with a smile, “Right, the Netherworld is your birthplace, and it you want to rebuild the glory of Ghost Emperor Sheng Lin from all those years ago, then you can only stay here.”

Bei Ling turned around and looked towards the distance as she said, “Yeah. At the bottom of it all, I’m merely a strand of a solitary spirit, and only by staying in the Netherworld would I be able to firmly remember my purpose.”

Even though she spoke like this, she sighed faintly in her heart instead, and she felt an inexplicable sense of loss and sorrow.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be able to meet again one day.” Chen Xi walked forward and stood by her side. His expression was calm, yet his voice carried strong confidence.

“I hope so.” Bei Ling combed the hair behind her ears while her clear eyes became misty as she looked towards the distance, and the surging muddy waves and howling gales just happened to be like her complicated and surging feelings at this moment.

Chen Xi felt the atmosphere was slightly oppressive and distressed. He was just about to say something when he suddenly noticed that a group was flying over in a threatening manner from afar.

“Watch out, there are enemies approaching.” Chen Xi warned while his figure flashed into the sky.


Rumbling like thunder sounded out. In the next moment, a group tore through space and descended like a surging black cloud that carried an extremely shocking imposing aura.

The person in the lead had a robust figure, savage appearance, dark green scales on his scalp, and a pair of pitch black wings on his back. He was exactly one of the four commanders under the Yaksha King’s command, Agu Luo.

Another eighty yaksha guards followed behind him, and all of them possessed scarlet red eyes and surging baleful auras.

“Yaksha?” Bei Ling was surprised.

“Just watch the battle. Leave these bastards to me.” Chen Xi stood upright in midair like a spear, and his long hair fluttered while he emanated an oppressive aura.

“Haha! I presume you’re that little fellow from the Mortal Dimension!” Agu Luo roared with laughter. He held a scarlet red halberd in his hand while his wings flapped and emanated surging black mist, causing him to seem like a devil god.

“Just this little bit of forces is truly insufficient. Could it be that King Chu Jiang didn’t tell you that it’s best to bring more forces when you come to give your life away, so as to avoid dying too quickly?” Chen Xi spoke coldly. He felt a strand of flames was burning in his chest, and he wanted to vent.

“You arrogant human! You’re really blindly confident!” A yaksha walked out from the group and grinned hideously. “I’ll make you transform into a pile of minced meat in three breaths. Remember, I’m the yaksha guard…”


He hadn’t finished speaking when a violent howl caused by the movement of a fist resounded out, and then a flaming path tore through space and unfolded as it whistled towards this yaksha guard.

Flare Godfist!

In the next moment, this yaksha guard’s hideous grin froze on his face. His nose and mouth suddenly sank down while his bones shattered, and the mark of a fist was clearly imprinted on his face.

Subsequently, his entire head exploded into pieces with a bang, and then brain matter and blood sprayed out violently while he was actually blasted to death with a single punch!

Chen Xi withdrew his hand and hadn’t moved a single step. He said indifferently, “I’m not interested to know the name of someone who can’t withstand a single punch of mine.”

At this instant, the expression of all the yaksha guards present here finally turned grim. Never had they imagined that a companion of theirs that was alive and well just moments ago would become an icy cold and headless corpse in the blink of an eye.

A yaksha amongst the group was unable to restrain himself, and he shouted explosively as he charged out towards Chen Xi.

“Despicable human! You truly deserve death for relying on a surprise attack to obtain victory! I’ll tear you apart and eat you up bite by bite! Remember, I’m the yaksha guard…”


He hadn’t finished speaking when another violent punch rumbled out, and it was seemed like a blazing scarlet red carpet that led to hell.

But this yaksha guard was prepared. His entire body surged with jet black Immortal Energy as he raised his right fist and moved to greet Chen Xi’s punch head on. At the same time, he revealed a cold smile as his figure flashed, and he was prepared to receive this punch before instantly seizing the opportunity to execute a follow up attack.

However, his face suddenly turned pale when their fists collided as he felt an enormous force pass through his fist, and it was like an ocean that covered his entire body as it smashed fiercely on his fist.

Instantly, his fingers collapsed and were shattered into pieces, and then his palm split open before fresh blood sprayed out violently from within it.

This yaksha held his right arm as he let out a miserable shrill cry, and he retreated repeatedly while constantly emitting shrill cries. To the astonishment of everyone, a part of his body exploded open with every single step back he took. First it was his right arm, then his left arm, and then his entire chest and head…


When he took his seventh step back, his entire body had transformed into pieces of flesh, and it flowed down into the surging Sea of Misery like a bloody waterfall, and it was terrifying sight.

When they saw this scene, the bodies of those other yaksha stiffened while their pupils constricted. This wasn’t a surprise attack, yet he was still annihilated by a single punch. Exactly how terrifying is the strength of that human kid?

Agu Luo’s face sank while he stared at Chen Xi with a ruthless gaze and said, “Damnable human, I’m one of the four commanders…”

“Could it be that all of you idiots have to announce your names before battle?” Chen Xi shook his head as he interrupted Agu Luo, and he aroused severe doubt towards the intelligence of these yaksha that possessed savage appearances.

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