Chapter 978 – Reversio Disk

The Myriad Star Passageway was in chaos.

Shrill and miserable cries, scarlet red blood, raging streams of Immortal Energy, and blazing and dazzling light surged and roiled like waves and enveloped the heavens and the earth here.

It was like purgatory has descended here!

There was a total of one hundred and twenty nine Jiang Soulguards stationed here, and they were commanded by three great commanders. Every single Jiang Soulguard possessed a strength that wasn’t inferior to the fifth level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, and every single commander was a peak sovereign at the Earthly Immortal Realm.

If such a force was placed in the Dark Reverie, it would be sufficient to cause the ten great immortal sects to be fearful. Yet now, they were slaughtered to the point of being in disarray and falling apart!

The cause of all of this was merely two people!

One was a handsome man with peerless divine might, and the other was a matchlessly beautiful woman with unparalleled ability.

When they saw such a scene, Wei Lan, Wei Xiaofeng, and the old man in an embroidered robe were completely stunned, and they practically forgot to breathe.

Such might could already be described as world shaking!

“King Chu Jiang wouldn’t have sealed off the Myriad Star Passageway and deployed all his forces into the Sea of Misery for the sake of dealing with the two of them, right?” After a short moment, Wei Lan spoke with surprise and bewilderment while her eyes flickered with the glow of wisdom.

Actually, there was no need for anyone else to answer because she was very clear that her guess wasn’t far off from the truth. At least, in the Netherworld, even if the Six Paths of Hell, the Nether Spring Hall, the Granny Meng Hall, and various other similar powers possessed strengths that could compare to the Second King of Hell, King Chu Jiang, but unless they had no other choice, they wouldn’t be willing to directly enter into battle with King Chu Jiang.

On the other hand, these two people directly launched a slaughter as soon as they arrived at the Myriad Star Passageway, and their unbridled and arrogant bearings were something that only enemies of King Chu Jiang could display.

“It’s probably like that. There’s merely two of them yet they dare to forcefully charge through the Myriad Star Passageway. No wonder King Chu Jiang deployed such a battle array.” The old man sighed lightly while a wisp of shock that couldn’t be restrained appeared between his brows.

Wen Xiaofeng couldn’t help but be slightly disgruntled when he saw his own big sister and Uncle Yun reveal such appearances, and he puckered his lips and said, “Hmph! What’s so great about killing some subordinates of King Chu Jiang? I’m very clearly aware that King Chu Jiang is a Golden Immortal, and if he were to make a move, then killing these two would be as easy as killing ants.”

Wei Lan and the old man glanced at each other before sighing in their hearts. They’re naturally nothing when compared with King Chu Jiang. But could anyone compare with them at the Earthly Immortal Realm?

Especially that handsome young man. He can be said to be in control of the entire situation, and he’s sweeping easily through them as if no one is standing before him. Moreover, no one is even capable of withstanding the blunt of his force. How many peak sovereigns at the Earthly Immortal Realm like this can be found in the entire Netherworld?

“Big Sister, I suddenly thought of an excellent plan. Why don’t we help the Jiang Soulguards? In this way, so long as we capture those two people, we’ll be able to smoothly enter the Myriad Star Passageway, and we wouldn’t have to worry about missing the opportunity to become disciples of King Bian Cheng. “ Wen Xiaofeng raised his head and spoke with excitement.


His voice hadn’t finished resounding in the air when Wei Lan was already unable to restrain the flames of rage in her heart, and she slapped Wei Xiaofeng on the face before berating in a low and stern voice. “Shut your mouth! Do you want everyone to be buried along with you!?”

Wei Xiaofeng was stunned, and he held his face that burned as he looked with disbelief at his Big Sister that doted on him the most. “Big Sister, you…you hit me?”

Wei Lan’s heart ached as well from slapping her younger brother, yet she still spoke with an icy cold voice. “I’m saving you! Seventh Brother, you’re not young anymore. When you spoke like this in the past, I only took you to be too young to know what you should and shouldn’t say. But now I’m worried that calamity would arise from what you say!”

Wei Xiaofeng gritted his teeth and glared angrily at Wei Lan before he turned around to look at the old man and said, “Uncle Yun, you think like this as well?”

The old man puckered his lips and could be considered to have approved tacitly.

This caused Wei Xiaofeng to be even more infuriated, and the strong sense of self-respect possessed by youths caused him to be unwilling to admit his mistakes. So he gritted his teeth and said in a loud voice, “Big Sister, isn’t it just two Earthly Immortal Realm experts? Is it anything that our Wei Clan should be afraid of? You hit me just because of a few words, and I refuse to accept this!”

“You…” Wei Lan was angered to the point her entire body trembled. Never had she imagined that her younger brother that was usually extremely intelligent would become so idiotic and stupid.

“Young Miss, calm your anger. It’s the first time the Young Master left the clan, so it’s excusable that he doesn’t know the ways of the world.” The old man consoled with haste.

“Don’t know the ways of the world?” Before Wei Lan could calm her anger, Wei Xiaofeng had straightened his neck and roared loudly. “All of you keep looking down on me! I’ve had enough of the two of you!”

As he spoke, he turned around and shouted in a grim voice. “Where’re my guards? Come with me and assist the Jiang Soulguard to kill those bastards! We’ll let them know the might of my Wei Clan!” 

His voice was immature and carried a sharp tone, and it revealed dense rage as it reverberated through the entire fleet.

However, to his surprise, there was actually no one to replied!

This caused Wei Xiaofeng’s rage to burn even hotter, and he felt that his authority had suffered extreme offense and disregard. It angered him to the point his entire body trembled while he roared loudly. “Where’s everyone? Are all of you dead?!” 

“Enough!” Wen Lan raised her hand and was about to slap him. However, when she saw the furious and unyielding gaze of her younger brother, her resolution couldn’t help but waver, and she was unable to strike him.

“Bastard! All of you are bastards!” Wen Xiaofeng wasn’t grateful at all, and his expression warped.

“Little Fellow, don’t you think you’re really good for nothing because you have to rely on others to kill someone?” Meanwhile, a light voice resounded by his ears.

“Who is it? Which bastard is it!? I’m the dignified Seventh Young Master of the Wei Clan! Do I need you to teach me a lesson? You motherfucking…” Wei Xiaofeng turned around, and he was instantly stunned when he saw the appearance of the person that had spoke clearly, whereas the words he was about to speak became impossible to be spoken.

On the deck, Chen Xi gazed at the youth with an indifferent expression. His figure was tall, his appearance handsome, and his eyes were deep like doors that led to hell. Moreover, his bearing was extraordinary, yet he emanated a frightening imposing aura that caused others to feel as if he was immovable.

“You… You…” Wei Xiaofeng’s entire body trembled when he saw this person’s gaze, and he felt as if he’d fallen into an icy pit. All the rage and disgruntled feelings in his heart transformed into nothingness, and it was replaced by indescribable terror instead.

This person wasn’t a devil, yet caused him to sense an aura that was even more terrifying than a devil, and this sort of feeling caused his knees to go weak and almost fall to the ground.

After the nearby Wei Lan was stunned for a moment, she hurriedly moved forward and protected her younger brother behind her, and then she stared at Chen Xi with a heavy expression as she was deeply afraid that he would suddenly strike ruthlessly.

After all, Wei Xiaofeng’s actions from before had truly gone a bit too far, and those experts with violent tempers would absolutely kill him without the slightest hesitation.

In her eyes, Chen Xi was obviously an extremely terrifying expert. As for how his temper was, it was unknown, and it was precisely because of this that her heart was filled with an extremely perturbed and terrified feeling.

But right after that, Wei Lan suddenly realized something. Wasn’t he in battle, why has he suddenly appeared here? Could it be…

When she thought up to here, she couldn’t refrain from raising her eyes to look towards the distant Myriad Star Passage, and her heart instantly sank to rock bottom because the sea there was dyed red with blood yet there wasn’t a single Jiang Soulguard!

In other words, in this short period of ten minutes, those hundred and twenty nine Jiang Soulguards and three commanders who were peak sovereigns at the Earthly Immortal Realm had been completely annihilated!

Her entire body instantly stiffened while her countenance turned pale, and the gaze she shot at Chen Xi carried a wisp of extreme horror and terror.

“Fellow Daoist, my clan’s Young Master is young, ignorant, and doesn’t understand things. I hope you can calm your anger.” The old man’s expression was similarly covered in astonishment, and he took a deep breath before hastily moving forward and speaking in an apologetic tone.

“He really is very young. I thought that an extraordinary figure had emerged from the Human Path’s Wei Clan, yet not it would seem like it’s only a young and inexperienced little fellow.” Chen Xi shook his head and withdrew his gaze.

Wei Lan and Wei Xiaofeng unconsciously heaved sighs of relief when they saw this, because being gazed at by Chen Xi caused them to feel extreme terror, and it was like they were prisoners that were awaiting judgment.

“You’re letting them go just like that?” Bei Ling asked from the side. As she spoke, her clear eyes were like blades that swept coldly past Wen Xiaofeng, and it terrified him to the point his lips trembled while his soul almost left his body.

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone present became nervous because never had they imagined that this icy cold woman would be even more difficult to deal with that the man.

“Forget it. It’s only an ignorant little fellow. Let’s go.” Chen Xi shook his head and turned around with the intention of leaving.

“Wait!” Wei Lan’s voice sounded out from behind.

Chen Xi frowned and asked without even turning around. “Is there something else?”

Wei Lan took a deep breath before she bowed and said apologetically, “Earlier, it was indeed my younger brother that had spoken carelessly, arrogantly, and ignorantly. Thank you, Senior, for the kindness of sparing our lives.”

“There’s no need for thanks. Just teach your younger brother properly.” Chen Xi waved his hand.

“May I ask Senior if you’re from the Mortal Dimension?” Wei Lan spoke abruptly.

This caused Chen Xi that intended to leave to stop immediately, and then he turned around to look at the beautiful and elegant young woman. “Oh? How did you know?”

Wei Lan heaved a sigh of relief, and then her expression returned to calm as she said, “I heard that Senior intends to challenge King Chu Jiang to rescue a woman from the Mortal Dimension, so I guessed that Senior is probably from the Mortal Dimension.”

She paused for a moment before she took out a bowl sized and completely round pitch black object that was densely inscribed with countless talisman markings that twisted together, and she held it up with both hands as she said, “After Senior rescues your friend, I presume Senior will intend to return to the Mortal Dimension. This object is a tool created by my Human Path, and it’s called the Reversio Disk. It’s capable of opening a path to the Mortal Dimension. I hope Senior can accept it and take it as repayment for Senior’s kindness.” 

Chen Xi was stunned and seemed to have never expected he would actually obtain this treasure by chance.

Truthfully speaking, he was worried about how he would return to the Mortal Dimension, and if he possessed this Reversio Disk, then it would just happen to deal with his most urgent need.

The Human Path was the path amongst the Six Paths of Hell that managed reincarnation into the Mortal Dimension, so it was within reason that the Human Path possessed such a miraculous tool like the Reversio Disk.

“Thank you. This treasure is really of great use to me. Hmm, I heard that all of you desire to head to the other side of the Sea of Misery. If you don’t mind, then follow behind me.” Chen Xi pondered briefly before he received the Reversio Disk, and then he spoke casually before turning around and leaving with Bei Ling.

As soon as they left, Wei Lan and the others heaved sighs of relief, and only now did they notice that their clothes were completely soaked with cold sweat.

“Big Sister, are we going to follow behind them?” Wei Xiaofeng asked weakly and with a pale countenance, and he didn’t have the slightest trace of arrogance on his face. Obviously, the scene from before had terrified him greatly.

“Of course.” Wei Lan’s gaze was brilliant and flickered with the sheen of wisdom. “If you don’t want to miss the opportunity to take King Bian Cheng as your master, then following that Senior is undoubtedly the best choice.” 

There was one more thing she didn’t say. The reason she’d handed over the Reversio Disk that was rare even in the Human Path was entirely for the sake of obtaining such an opportunity!

She believed that Senior would surely be able to discern her intentions, and that was why she’d spoken those words.

I’m truly curious if he’ll really be able to rescue that woman or not. After all, King Chu Jiang is a Golden Immortal… Wei Lan muttered in her heart.

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