Chapter 977 – Slaughter

Myriad Star Islands.

After they arrived here, the weather in the entire Sea of Misery become much calmer. Even though gales still wreaked havoc and the muddy waves still surged, yet the oppressive aura from before was gone.

At this moment, numerous pitch black buildings actually stood towering on the numerous islands at the frontmost, and Chen Xi was able to frequently notice numerous experts moving through these buildings.

With Chen Xi’s discerning gaze, he noticed the numerous islands formed a fan shape, and they were jointly protecting a passageway behind them. According to what Ren Changfeng said, this was probably Myriad Star Passageway.

Only by entering Myriad Star Passageway would one be able to arrive at the other side of the Sea of Misery, and this was the one and only path in the hands of the various great powers of the Netherworld up until now.

Perhaps there were other passageways that led to the other side of the Sea of Misery in different areas of the sea, but they were mostly unknown areas that were filled with a great deal of danger and temporal storms, so no one dared to risk their lives. 

The Myriad Star Passageway was the only and only path that connected the Six Path Royal Region and the Kings of Hell Region, and it had always been firmly held in the hands of the Second King of Hell, King Chu Jiang.

In the past, if one intended to enter the Myriad Star Passageway, then a large amount of Nether Crystals had to be paid according to the amount of people that were seeking passage. Only in this way would the Jiang Soulguards that guarded the sides of the Myriad Star Passageway let one pass through the passageway.

The Jiang Soulguards were a group of troops under King Chu Jiang’s command. Every single Jiang Soulguard possessed a cultivation comparable to the fifth level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, and some formidable soulguards were even peak sovereigns at the Earthly Immortal Realm.

After all, this was the center of the Sea of Misery, so one’s ability to stand on guard here while remaining safe and sound was a sign of strength because an ordinary figure was absolutely unable to survive here.

“No! No matter if it’s your Wei Clan or any other Clan, no one is allowed to enter!”

“Sir, why is that so? Wasn’t only one hundred Nether Crystal per person required in the past to pass through the passageway?”

“This is the order of my Lord. This place has been sealed off since seven days ago, and no one is allowed to step foot into the passageway. If anyone dares to trespass, then we’ll kill without mercy!”

“King Chu Jiang!?”


A wave of clamorous noise sounded out from afar. It turned out that a fleet of vessels intended to pass through the Myriad Star Passageway, yet they were obstructed by a group of Jiang Soulguards.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed when he saw this, and he stopped the treasured vessel as he said, “The situation seems to be bad. Let’s observe the situation first.”

The fleet of vessels was rather huge, and there were eighteen treasured vessels amongst them. All of these vessels were luxurious, elegant, and suffused with a shocking aura of treasures. They were clearly not something an ordinary power could possess.

However, a fleet from such a great power had been obstructed outside the Myriad Star Passageway now, and this was very unusual.

Bei Ling nodded. She’d heard the conversation between the two parties as well, and it seemed like King Chu Jiang had ordered that the Myriad Star Passageway was completely sealed off and no one was allowed to enter it. This was slightly unusual.

After all, the Myriad Star Passageway was the one and only path that connected the Six Path Royal Region and the Kings of Hell Region, yet King Chu Jiang had actually sealed it off just like that. Could it be that he’s not worried about offending the other great powers?

There’s surely a reason behind this.

“Sir, my Young Master and Young Miss must arrive at the Kings of Hell Region within ten days to participate in the disciple recruitment test of the Sixth King of Hell, King Bian Cheng, that’s held once every one hundred years. This sort of opportunity only occurs once in a blue moon and can’t be missed. I hope you can make an exception, and my Wei Clan will surely repay you generously in the future.” An old man in embroidered robes stood before the fleet as he spoke in a low voice.

As he spoke, he withdrew a storage pouch and passed it over in an imperceptible manner.

Standing opposite the old man was a middle aged man with a ruthless and rough appearance. He wore a scarlet red cape and emanated a ferocious imposing aura that carried an oppressive force.

“What’s the meaning of this?” The ruthless middle aged man frowned as he pushed the old man’s hand aside, and he grunted coldly. “Do you know that my Lord has given an inviolable command this time, and all the guards in the entire second hall have been deployed to set up layer after layer of barriers. No matter how abundant the wealth in your possession is, how many people can it bribe?”

Even though he spoke in a grim voice, he’d warned them secretly through this.

The expression of the old man turned to shock as he said, “May I ask who offended King Chu Jiang to the point of actually deploying such forces?”

As he spoke, he passed over the storage pouch for a second time.

This time, the ruthless middle aged man didn’t refuse, and he received it with a raise of his hand before his expression instantly eased up greatly after he sized up the contents of the storage pouch. “Out of respect for your Wei Clan, it’s fine to tell you that some time ago, my Lord captured a woman from the Mortal Dimension for the sake of helping a friend of his from the Immortal Dimension. But I heard that someone would be coming to rescue that woman soon…”

The old man instantly came to an understanding when he heard such an explanation, and he couldn’t help but speak with surprise. “Could it be that the opponent is extremely formidable? The Myriad Star Passageway actually has to be sealed off to deal with him?”

“I don’t know if he’s formidable or not, my orders are to seal off this place and prohibit anyone from entering.” When he spoke up to here, the ruthless middle aged man waved his hand and said, “All of you can leave. Perhaps you’ll be able to pass through after we’ve captured that enemy. But at this moment, it’s absolutely impossible.”

The old man stared blankly as he fell into deep contemplation for a short period of time, and then he turned around and walked into the vessel. He seemed to intend to report this matter to the Wei Clan’s Young Master and Young Miss.

It wasn’t long before the fleet slowly withdrew from the Myriad Star Passageway, but it didn’t leave and stopped at the side instead. It seemed to intend to wait for a while and find an opportunity to obtain passage.

The ruthless middle aged man couldn’t help but grunt coldly when he saw this, and he shook his head without end. “How unfortunate! These people are members of the Human Path’s Wei Clan and are extremely wealthy, yet I was unable to take a good slice of it. What a pity…”


In the distance, Chen Xi noticed all of this, and he smiled calmly. “Looks like that King Chu Jiang is already clearly aware that I’m coming, and he deployed such a battle array. It truly makes me feel slightly overwhelmed from this sudden favor.”

Bei Ling wasn’t able to bring herself to smile instead, and she said with a frown, “The Myriad Star Passageway has been sealed off. What should we do?”

“Very simple. We’ll charge over directly.” Chen Xi said indifferently, “At this moment, there’s already no need to conceal our tracks, right?”

Bei Ling nodded while her clear eyes were filled with killing intent, and she said, “This is our only choice indeed.”



On the other side, within the Wei Clan’s fleet.

The old man who wore an embroidered robe frowned without end, and he looked at the young man and young woman before him with a slightly anxious expression.

The young man was around the age of fourteen, he had a young appearance, an imposing build, and a heroic bearing. However, his face was covered in rage. Obviously, he still didn’t know how to conceal his feelings.

The young woman was slightly older than the young man, yet she was only around the age of fifteen. She was elegant and graceful while her gaze was deep and flickered with the sheen of wisdom. She was beautiful in appearance and clever in mind.

The young man was called Wei Xiaofeng, and he was a descendant of the Wei Clan that controlled the Human Path. He was the seventh son of the patriarch. The young woman was called Wei Lan, and she was Wen Xiaofeng’s older sister.

The identities of both these people was extremely respected, and it was more or less comparable to Cui Qingning.

“Dammit! Truly damnable! Who does King Chu Jiang think he is to not even give face to our Human Path? He’s simply going too far!” Wen Xiaofeng cried out with rage.

“Seventh Young Master, this is the territory of King Chu Jiang in the end. If he’s determined to seal off the Myriad Star Passageway, then we’re unable to go through forcefully as well.” The old man in embroidered robes laughed bitterly as he consoled. “In my opinion, perhaps a turn for the better will appear if we wait for a few days. After all, it isn’t just our Wei Clan’s group that’s travelling up and down the Myriad Star Passageway every single day. King Chu Jiang’s actions of sealing off this place will surely arouse the anger of the public. Perhaps we’ll be able to take advantage of the situation and pass through.”

“But there are only ten days left before the day I and Big Sister are to take a master. How can we possibly have the time to continue delaying? What if we’re a step too late? What would we do then?” Wen Xiaofeng complained.

“Alright, Seventh Brother, just wait patiently.” Wei Lan spoke from the side, and she stretched out her hand to point outside the window. “Look, hasn’t that vessel stopped as well?”

Wei Xiaofeng raised his eyes to take a look, and then he said with disdain, “It’s only an ordinary treasured vessel. How could it compare with our Wei Clan? Even we’ve stopped, so how could they have the courage to move forward rashly? Big Sister, it’s not that I’m intentionally talking bad about you, but don’t compare our Wei Clan with trash like this so as to avoid elevating their position instead.”

Wei Lan’s beautiful brows knit together, and she couldn’t help but shake her head without end. This little brother of hers had been spoiled and pampered since a young age, causing him to develop some bad habits. But he was extremely good at heart, and he only lacked some tempering.

When he saw Wei Lan keeping quiet, Wen Xiaofeng became more excited the more he spoke instead. “Haha! I blamed them wrongly earlier. Big Sister, look quickly. That treasured vessel is actually charging towards the Myriad Star Passageway. Could it be that the people on the vessel are looking to die?”

The old man in embroidered robed and Wei Lan raised their heads swiftly. Sure enough, they saw that vessel was directly charging towards the Myriad Star Passageway, and they couldn’t help but frown at the same time. Could it be that the person on that vessel is a rash idiot?

What if they infuriate those Jiang Soulguards? Wouldn’t they be annihilated on the spot?

But in the next moment, they actually stared with their eyes wide open and revealed expressions of disbelief while their entire bodies stiffened, and they were flabbergasted.


In the distance, two figures suddenly flashed into appearance. The man was handsome and tall while the woman was cold like ice. They utterly didn’t make any inquiries, nor did they give those Jiang Soulguards the opportunity to obstruct them before they actually started a slaughter!

Are they…mad?

Both of them were surprised and bewildered, and they didn’t hesitate to immediately walk to the stern and watch from afar.

They saw the young man was like a god that had descended into the world. A wave of his hand emanated a myriad of strands of brilliance that illuminated the heavens and the earth, and it instantly annihilated over ten Jiang Soulguards, causing blood to spray into the sky while shrill cries echoed through the heavens.

That was a group of Earthly Immortal Realm experts, and the weakest amongst them was at the fifth level of the Earthly Immortal Realm. However, at the hands of that young man, they were simply killed even more easily than how one would crush a group of ants!

The woman wasn’t much inferior as well. A wave of her hand caused dark blue flames to transform into sharp blades that tore through the heavens and the earth and emanated a peerless sharp glow as they caused strings of scarlet red blood to spray into the air.

Every single string of blood represented the death of a Jiang Soulguard!

At this moment, the old man in an embroidered robe and Wei Lan were stunned, and they were like clay statues because the people that were in that vessel weren’t mad at all. They were clearly two experts with terrifying combat strength!

“Big Sister, Uncle Yun, what’re the two of you doing? It’s only a treasured vessel that’s overestimating its ability and courting death! What’s there to get surprised…?” The young man, Wen Xiaofeng, charged out and muttered with a rather displeased tone. However, he hadn’t finished speaking when he was stunned on the spot, and his eyes were wide open while his jaw almost fell to the ground.

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